After Catgoboom’s dating sim I just realized how much I love Bruce x Everyone. Since Bruce is the only one without super powers, the rest of the Justice League plans to help their playboy prince work out. Bruce enjoys the encouragement.

OTP memes used as refs!

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Aw Komaeda! Don't panic! Breathe In... Breathe Out... In... Out... Do you feel better?

A-A bit…

But as I thought…It was a bad idea after all I-

*burts into the room* Nagito-chaaaan !! Ibuki was waiting for you but since you didn’t show up Ibuki came to get you !! Come on, let’s go !

No huh…I’m sorry Mioda-san but I don’t think I’m going to do it after all I-


Well it’s just that I realized that it wasn’t a good idea and…

Ibuki won’t let you give up, Nagito-chan ! You didn’t even try !! If you don’t you will never advance ! So Ibuki is going to make you do it !!


Nooooo ! Thinking about “but” is stupid and useless and only slow you down ! If things don’t work Ibuki will lend you her shoulder but for that Nagito-chan has to try first !!

So let’s go !! *drags Nagito out of his room*

pillow talk - oikage

at the request of a lovely anon, here’s an installation of pillow talk for fluffy oikage :) sorry it took so damn long and it’s so short orz. i hope you likeee 

“Mmf,” Tobio rolled over, pressing his face up against Tooru’s armpit. He curled up closer and felt his bare feet brush against ankles.

“Morning.” Tooru’s voice was heavy and raspy with sleep. He ran his long fingers through Tobio’s jet black hair and pushed matted locks from his forehead. He felt Tobio yawn into his ribs.

“Morning,” the younger replied, clutching Tooru close as he nestled his head into a nook in his shoulder. “So much for heading out to the university games this morning, huh?”

He felt Tooru shrug. “It’s a weekend-long event. We’ll see them tomorrow. Besides,” he rested his head and tousled chestnut hair on Tobio’s head, “I think last night was better than any volleyball tournament.”

“Watch it,” Tobio warned.

“What?” Tooru lifted his head and raised his brow, looking down at Tobio. “You’d really prefer watching college volleyball over me? That’s really hurtful, Tobio-chan,” he mocked.

“Shut up,” Tobio muttered, taking Tooru’s hand and playing with his fingers.

“You know,” Tooru continued, “there’s more to life than just volleyball.”

“I never thought I’d hear you say something like that.”

“What can I say? I’m very worldly Tobio-chan.”

“More like other-worldly what with all your alien crap.”

“It’s not crap!” Tooru retorted, visibly flustered. “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Does Iwaizumi-san know about your alien obsession?”

“Of course, we’ve known each other forever. And it’s not an obsession.”

“We’re laying on alien sheets.”

Tooru didn’t reply.

“Does the rest of Seijou know about your…,” he searched for another word but came up empty.

“Hobby. It’s a hobby.”

“Sure,” Tobio deadpanned. “Your hobby. Do they know about it?”

“Well, there was an incident.”

Tobio perked up. It wasn’t often Tooru opened up like this. “Incident?”

“It’s not important.”

“Oh, it is now. Tell me.”

Tooru frowned, but the younger persisted. “Come on, just tell me. Any moment of weakness for the grand king must be savored by the lowly.”

Tooru raised his brow. “Flair for the dramatics much? Fine. It was in second-year. We were doing diving practices and my shorts snagged onto something and I was wearing my alien underwear and that’s kinda how everyone found out.”

“You have alien underwear? How come I’ve never seen it?”

“Like I’m gonna show you? Besides,” he glanced away, “it’s hard to find them in my size. Oh, maybe we can go the department store after a game. There’s a sale today.”

“You’re ridiculous,” Tobio cupped Tooru’s chin and pulled him back for a kiss. “Tastes like morning.”

“What’s that even mean?” Tooru whispered before kissing him back. He pushed Tobio back down onto the bed and moved his lips down to his neck, eliciting a whimper. “You really like that, don’t you?”

“Mhm. I think – I think we should just stay in all weekend.”

“If you say so, Tobio-chan.”

what pairing should i do next?

Endangered (-0.5/25)

I don’t have a good explanation for this, except that @calidiousglope​ drew me a super cool android!Dirk and then I wrote a small essay in the tags and got ideas, and suddenly the first half of chapter one got re-written with the roles reversed, so yeah, here’s a quick android!Dirk and human!Hal in the Endangered-verse. I ran out of steam before I got to the pesterlog, sorry D:

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I messed up. I messed up so bad.

So I finally beat Conquest and started working on Birthright. Was introduced to my husband and everything was going smoothly. Except for one important thing.

I COMPLETELY FORGOT the kids get their parents hair color! I was given a son that came with, as a friend pointed out, what looks like a bad dye job. 

Please customize responsibly.

In a very bad spot right now

Hey everyone. This is something I didn’t want to write about but I have to for now. Some really bad news has came up for me and my family.
I’ve just found out that my grandfather has cancer. I need to be with my mother during this time.
I will still be posting but it will be slower due to what is happening.
Asks will be answered if I am able to do so.
I’m really sorry about this.

“Take My Jacket, It’s Cold Outside” ~

12 + Yuta

“Are you sure you don’t want me to drive you?” Yuta asked as I got ready to leave for University. He asked the same question everyday but today he was more persistent. 

I didn’t blame him though, it was snowing lightly outside and the temperature was just above 0°C. I turned to look at him, if he drove me to school he might be late to practice and SM was very strict about their policies. 

“I’m sure,” I smiled tightly before wearing my jacket over my sweater. Glancing outside and seeing how the snow was beginning to stick on the streets made me shiver. 

“You’re leaving now?” he stopped eating breakfast and walked with me to the front door. I nodded, but he still looked worried. I didn’t have much time left since the bus would be arriving shortly so I reached for the doorknob, ready to leave only to have him place his hand on top of mine. 

I looked at him confusedly, wondering if he was going to ask me if I needed a ride to school again. 

“Before you leave, take my jacket. It’s cold outside,” he ran over to the closet to grab the biggest and warmest jacket he owned before allowing me to slip it on. I had to admit wearing it made me feel safer, warmer.  

“Thank you,” I kissed his cheek lightly before stepping outside, finally ready to leave and realizing that the cold didn’t bother me anymore now that I have a piece of Yuta that protected me from the freezing temperatures. 

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Okay I just binge watched about five episodes of The Flash today and I came out of it deep in snowbert trash! So glad I found your blog and your video you made was adorable!!

[cont]  And sorry I just realized that you credited that video you posted, but I appreciate you posting it! Sorry bout that!

(Oops I did something wrong and published it before actually replying, my bad)

You can join me in the trash can, there’s plenty of room!! We’ll make it cozy and just cry over how beautiful Snowbert is!

And yes!! That video was adorable!! Because of it, I’ve started picturing Caitlin and Julian as Beauty & the Beast…… which is cool! I mean, awful… Dang it, it’s cool and I don’t care!!!

I’m actually making video with a Disney-song for them as well (almost finished with it) and I’m pretty sure I’ll finish it soon because holy crap did you see all that stuff in the new episode!!!!

Thank you for your ask!!

And to everyone else: the Snowbert-trash can is still open!! The more, the merrier!!

Bad boy!Luke leaving sloppy kisses on your neck as you straddle him,his hands traveling to your ass grasping it,he guided you up and down on him.Heavy moans came from Luke,his face turning knew he was about to cum.“give it to me Luke ” you begged him as you forcefully rode him, Luke was about to release. “Fuck” Luke moaned out as he came , “round 2 later babygirl” Luke smirked playfully smacking your ass.

when we go crashing down, we come back every time

Adam/Ronan, 6.4k words, pining/angst + fluff

The official version was that Ronan Lynch did not go out of his way to avoid Adam Parrish when he came to visit; he just happened to be elsewhere, doing things, whenever Adam was in the general vicinity of Henrietta. The official version was that there was no bad blood, they just didn’t have that much in common, anyway. The official version was that Ronan couldn’t remember when, exactly, things had fallen apart between them, mind your own business, Dick.

The unofficial — and truer — version was that, despite what he told Gansey in increasing degrees of frustration and profanity, Ronan knew exactly when things had gone wrong.

It was their first kiss that had ruined them.

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i would like to point out @knightsren​ is to blame for this. “this” being the fact that i ended up writing fic not-so-loosely based on taylor swift lyrics. (i take full responsibility for how angsty it turned out, though.)

who am i kidding, i loved writing this, i’m so damn weak for song lyrics


LOOK WHAT CAME IN TODAY GOOD SHIT 👌👀 nah but seriously? I’m so happy with these. I bought them from two of my my favorite DA artists. go check out dorian-trash for the first two, and brightfallenstars for the last one! sorry for the bad picture of the last one!

Imagine Cas wiping your memories and seeing you again after you've moved on...

You threw back your head and let out a roaring laugh, nearly spilling your drink on your nearby friend in the process. It had been a long time since Cas had seen you laugh that hard, far too long. The worry lines and tear stains were gone from when he’d last seen you, replaced instead with a blissful peace and happiness.

He had sensed your presence in an instant and no matter how much he told himself to not check on you, he simply couldn’t keep walking. He didn’t want to risk undoing the block on your memory, but he had to see your smile once more.

Your guardian angel, that’s what you’d always called him, but there had come a time when he couldn’t protect you anymore, so he did what he said he would never do. He’d left and made sure you could never remember.

Cas swallowed hard and pulled his jacket around him tighter, he wasn’t cold, it just felt comforting somehow. He took a deep breath and stole one final glance.

You looked up in that moment and maintained eye contact, he felt his heart skip and a smile tug at his lips but it dropped when there was no spark of recognition in your eyes. Why would there be anymore? He was simply another stranger now.

You gave him a polite smile and broke it off to carry on with your day, probably only to forget about the blue eyed man in the tattered, beige trench coat.