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i just want to run from the desi community where i live. I want to be in a place where my sexuality is accepted and not a point of discussion by aunties :(

This actually broke my heart. There’s this girl, in the community where i live, and she’s lesbian, but she hasn’t been able to come out to her parents and she moved away for college and now grad school, and i honestly can’t remember the last time i saw her come back. And, idk it seriously just makes me so incredibly sad that she felt that she had to leave everything to feel accepted. it breaks everything inside me thinking that she’ll never feel complete in her own home. AUNTIES ARE SERIOUSLY THE WORST!! They’re ticks hungry for drama to take attention away from their own corrupt children. 

I just cried in public at Petsmart because I felt so bad for the cats and like… There was this big and older ginger cat who had its front paws declawed and it broke my heart and I’m just

So emotional
Typing this out is making me cry again, but in Big Lots! this time

On the ginger’s little sheet I could only read the first sentence before it was too much ;;



     I know today is probably going to be tough. I wouldn’t personally expect it not to be. I just want you to know, We, collectively, are here for you. Not just as fans, but as caring human beings, and in my part of being so, I wanted to make this as a reminder of all the wonderful things you and Monty have done together. That you are STILL doing together, for there is no doubt in my mind that his will and spirit lives on in you and your constant dedication to keep moving forward.

     I know I don’t know either of you personally, but I’m 100% sure he’s still with you. Every day, and I know he is so proud of you. What you two had was wonderful and amazing, and no one could take that away. You are, and will always be, Mrs. Oum.

     We love you both. ♡

Happy Anniversary, Monty and Sheena Oum.

Everyone: ready for school!?


The thing about Ghostbusters is that how do I go back to watching other films now?!! How can I go back to watching films where the only female lead is there to wear skimpy clothing and be a love interest for the male lead? How can I go back to films where the only “fat” character is there for everyone and themselves to make fat jokes? The thing is straight guys finally got to see what it’s like to have their only representation in the main cast be the less useful only-there-for-supposed-eye-candy a la Kevin (but then Kate McKinnon kinda stole the eye candy part there) and they didn’t like it. Before the film, I was looking forward to it but I didn’t think having an all-female team really mattered that much. I see now why it really does, especially for young girls who are finally able to see themselves in Holtzmann’s creativity and goofiness, or Patty’s love for books and history, Erin’s accomplishments in the particle physics field or Abby’s ability to take no crap (even if it’s about the number of wontons in her wonton soup). Even if people think that the film isn’t great, and everyone’s entitled to their opinions, they can’t deny that it’s important and a definite step in the right direction for Hollywood.  

💔Bury my heart💔

Alright so, my boyfriend broke up with me not too long ago and I’ve been thinking way too much about someone I can’t have, so I made this simple spell to sort of bury my feelings for now.

You’ll need:

•a small jar
•paper and pen
•candle of choice (i used red)
•something with a heart on it (picture, pendant, etc.)
•fire proof bowl

1. Light the candle and as it’s burning, write a letter, releasing everything you feel for that person. It can be angry, sad, whatever just make sure you get everything out that you want to say. Make sure you write their name as well.

2. Take the heart and put your initials on it.

3. Place the paper in the bowl and light it up (I found it easier to tear it apart first). As it burns, visualize yourself moving on from those feelings and healing yourself.

4. Once the letter is nothing but ash, take the dirt and mix it together with the ashes. Fill the jar halfway with the diet mixture and make a little hole to bury the heart. Fill the rest of the jar with more dirt, making sure the heart is covered.

5. Close the jar tightly and take the candle, pouring the melted wax over the top of the jar.

6. Keep the jar in a dark place, hidden from view. You can put a sigil on the jar is you’d like to help keep it hidden and out of your mind for a while. If you want to say a chant go ahead. Mine went like this

“ My feelings will remain buried, undisturbed and secret. There is no jealousy. I have buried it away and moved on. May no harm come to anyone and let happiness come forth.”

7. Afterwards, do something that makes you happy. Read your favourite book, listen to music, or watch a movie and munch on snacks! Hell, take a bath to cleanse yourself if you still feel a little icky.

This helped me a lot earlier as I was doing this. I’ve loved this person for several years but after doing the spell, I feel a bit lighter, like I can finally move forward with my life.


gods, ask me about mortal boys
and i’ll tell you about my favorite
the boy who ate stars for breakfast so he’d burn the rest of the day
he broke his own heart to save a million (1 000 000) souls
gods, he’ll make you wonder, “what use have i for immortality?”
for he’s won wars with courage alone (the kind of brave that only comes with always dying. the deathless cannot understand.)
he is a tragic boy, let me make this clear
(he starts with tragedy, and there’s more in the middle, and there will be more to come)
but he’s a hero with a gun in his hand and his finger on a trigger and his broken heart in his chest and his soul long gone and his mind lost in old greek epics and a promise to save them all 
he is a tragic boy, let me make this clear
but he has saved everyone and
there are GODS who have done less
—  gods, ask me about temporary gods (my bullets are dust #1)


 When I was a kid, I played this game called Whispered World, where
the protagonist realizes that he and the rest of his world are just a
dream that a boy in a coma is having, so he has to destroy the world
to make the boy wake up. That ending broke my heart. I knew it was
the right thing to save that boy, but I’d also grown quite attached to
that make-believe world and seeing it destroyed depressed me.
I still remember that pain and sadness, and now I fear something like
this will happen in DA4.

IchiRuki... I love you.

It’s been 3 days since I’ve read bleach 686. For 3 whole days I’ve been trying to make sense of the ending. I felt sick to my stomach when I saw the first page of the last chapter. When I saw that kid’s hair, thinking that it’s Ichigo’s kid…Aww sweet, I thought happily until I saw his eyes and I knew.

I fucking knew those eyes were Orihime’s. And my heart just fucking broke right there. I swear okay…I puked in my mouth when I was forced to realize in the middle of chapter Ichigo and Orihime got married. I felt sick to my stomach and for 3 whole days I’ve been tormented by the fact that Ichihime is canon. Official. Every day for the past 3 days I woke up thinking, “Fuck! Ichigo married Orihime”. I couldn’t get out of my mind the image/moment of Ichigo looking so normal calling out to Orihime, in his home, wearing an apron, so goddamn obviously a wife. Ichigo’s wife. With a child that obviously has his hair and her eyes. Cut me Kubo. You cut me deep.

Fuuuck that hurts.

That moment replayed in my mind for 3 days and every single time I’d feel sick and I’d puke. I have no words to describe this shitty feeling in me when all these years… for 10 whole years I believed that Ichiruki was the endgame. Ever since the first time I watched Bleach.

I swore I tried to be as objective as I could when I read Bleach because I knew that I could be reading Bleach with Ichiruki colored glasses. I NEVER wanted to be the fan that ignored the author’s intent and only saw what I wanted to believe. And still I was wrong. I thought I saw signs pointing towards an Ichiruki end. Reading Bleach 686 made me feel like I ended up with a visual novel‘s bad ending despite being so careful with the choices. Like where the fuck did I go wrong?

So I spent 3 days looking back from 686 all the way to the beginning. Urrrgh… I could finally see how. Wow… Haha. Hindsight is really 20/20. I just can’t believe how blinded I’ve been. And oh my god! How ironic it is too. I thought they were mental for thinking it will end with Ichihime. I thought they read it wrong. Hahahaha. Turns out I was wrong. I was the mental one. Talk about perception failure. Soo fucking ironic. Realizing I was wrong was a damn hard metallic pill to swallow. Must be all that iron(y). Hah!


It was all my mistake. Bleach was really a just shounen manga. So shounen that it hurts. And it ended just like any other shounen manga when it comes to pairings. Unsatisfying..and pretty lame.

Ahh… I thought Bleach was different because in the beginning it read and felt different. It was so pretty how it started…with the whole destiny thing, matching zanpaktous, plus all the matching symbolisms and parallels plus poems. So grand and epic. I thought it was so freaking romantic even though it’s a shounen manga I’m reading. It filled me with happiness because reading romance novels and shoujo mangas was only mostly about love. Bleach satisfied me in a big way with its grand, massive and vast universe with all the characters and their adventures. Bleach was really damn delicious to read. I was thrilled as a reader to be able to read something so epic. Bleach had many treats to occupy my mind with its story. Discovering little nuggets of information and putting the puzzles together was so fun. It made me squeal with glee, smile all stupidly and warm my heart. It was intense. I love all the connections between the characters. There were so many to enjoy.

Most of all, the Ichiruki bond. Ahh, ICHIRUKI was written so perfectly.

I was not wrong about Ichiruki’s bond. Kubo wrote that beautifully. So beautifully that I fell deeply in love with that bond. That hard-to-define…more than friends, less than lovers bond. It felt so otherworldly, most probably because Rukia is a shinigami and Ichigo is a human. They complement each other. Black & White, Yin & Yang, Sun & Moon. That they connected right through from the heavens to earth was beautiful to me. The way they met was the most perfect moment of a fated meeting that became unbreakable bond when Rukia pierce her zanpaktous into Ichigo. That meeting set the chains in motion. Absolutely beautiful and poetic.

That bond between Ichigo and Rukia grew into a bond went beyond love. So I was not wrong in the beginning. Definitely not wrong. I KNOW that Rukia and Ichigo never showed any romantic overtures towards each. I could see it in the manga. It was more than enough for me that they had this connection. From the first instance they met they connected. I know that it wasn’t romantic. It’s precisely that thin line of more than friends, less than lovers connection that they have with each other that I love. I freaking LOVE that connection. To me it was the most beautiful bond every written. Ever. Including all the romance novels, all the shoujo mangas I’ve ever read in all of my life. Their connection felt immense and otherworldly. The fact that it was hard to define was exactly why I LOVE the idea of Ichigo and Rukia together. So I ended up believing and hoping that unbreakable bond, that connection could or would evolve into romantic love.

Except when it didn’t. I see it now. So I realized looking back, Kubo did write me a conclusion to IchiRuki bond. Chapter 423. I should’ve understood in that final page when Ichigo and Rukia face each other with that empty space between them that that was it. When Rukia disappeared from his vision and he couldn’t see her anymore. He was human and she was Shinigami and all they ever were… is more than friends less than lovers. Period. Never mind Ichigo’s future angst after 423…In a nutshell I finally saw how Ichihime was foreshadowed.. Rukia was sidelined. I HATE to admit that then but now it make sense. Back then HOW could I accept that Rukia’s part in the manga was over… I love Rukia. It was unthinkable for me to believe that was it. From the first chapter till chapter 423.. those moments between Ichigo and Rukia were real and NO ONE can deny that. They were never JUST FRIENDS. They were way way way more than that. They connect in a way that is ineffable. That is truth.

Still, I love chapter 423, I thought it was beautiful and painful the way Ichigo and Rukia said goodbye. If only I realize the huge significance of that chapter then. I would have wallowed in that ending more. They were… never meant to belong. Haha. It’s ironic because that was my favorite soundtrack from the SS arc anime. That soundtrack was from the episode where Ichigo and Rukia parted the first time. So dramatic and intense and it gave me feels in my stomach. I played that ‘never meant to belong’ track often enough that when I think about it now…That was a sign from the universe. Hahaha. My stomach is bloated from all the irony right now.

So basically… for shounen mangas… it was enough that Orihime loves Ichigo. For a shounen mangaka… there was no need to develop Ichigo’s feelings for Orihime. I, the reader was supposed to understand that as soon as she confessed in chapter 237…that was the endgame pairing. It was MY mistake that I read it wrong. Like a stupidly naïve little girl in love for the first time, I thought Bleach was more than shounen. I was taken in by all the pretty words and poems and symbolisms. See, Kubo never promised romance. I knew that and yet I hoped and wanted different. Haha. Me so stoopid. Orihime’s role was just that. That girl’s unrequited love was all the romance a shounen manga needs. Haha. That’s all the romance needed to fill in between the lines, the cracks and in between the panels.

I, the reader didn’t need to see how Ichigo ‘fell’ for Orihime over the course of the story because its not important. It’s a shounen manga. Like every other generic shounen manga there ever was. And that’s why her romantic feelings were the only thing that was clearly stated. And good god! How obvious it was written! Soooo in my face that I can’t get away from it. Her love was pounded into my eyes for every single chapter she‘s in, how much she loves Ichigo… It hurt me you know. That love of hers… to see her loving Ichigo so much and yet but to never see him reciprocate in any way. Still she can’t stop herself and still love him. There was nothing in the moments between them that Ichigo react to Orihime that made me feel or thought that Ah! I think he likes her… or Ah! He’s beginning to care for her in a romantic sense. I never saw that. How could I, the reader fall for kind that ‘love’. For me to support such love. No way. Her admiring, heart-in-her-eyes. Urrgh! I can feel how much she wants to be loved by Ichigo. It defines her existence. It’s in her every being. She wants so badly to have him love her back that she’d curled into herself in pain. I hate feeling the way I feel when I read her part in the manga. Her feelings for Ichigo don’t make me cheer for her or love her. Instead it turns me off and I ended up feeling hatred for her. Weird, right?

Her I-want-to-be-your-reflected-in-your eyes love and yet I never once saw her reflected in Ichigo’s eyes. Never ever saw it. Instead I SAW who is reflected in his eyes. Rukia. But of course now I see that it didn’t mean squat. And yet for Kubo it was enough for Bleach to end with an Ichihime pairing. Because it’s a shounen manga. That sentence answers all my questions about how it ended the way it did.

The very outcome that I didn’t want to happen happened. I have so much to say on how I can’t ever support Ichihime. Since now that my eyes and mind are clear, I can see how he wrote Ichihime moments. It’s definitely not something I want to support and I would have quit Bleach in an instant. MY MISTAKE. I perceived the manga differently. Truth is, it was the opposite of what I perceive. EVERYTHING is the opposite of what I believe. Wow… it really changed my view of Bleach.

I thought Kubo was a progressive male. Turns out he’s just a chauvinist at heart. Because that’s what Ichigo and Orihime’s relationship is. Brrr..I get cold chills of disgust just thinking about such a relationship. Instead of a deep connection from two people. What won was that shallow one-sided love.The kind of love that waits for him to notice her…While he goes off doing manly heroic stuff. Puke. I should have realized much earlier.

Fuck! So that’s why she was always hanging around in the sidelines. She’s always there. I sure as hell noticed that she got a lot of screen time towards the end despite being so goddamn fucking useless. I get so angry reading her in the manga. Don’t care how strong she is.. just when it fucking counts she failed. She always failed. She’s useless in battles as a fighter. She’s useless as an emotional support. Aww that’s right.. but she can heal…aww she has godlike power.. aww what lovely little woman aww tits and ass..aww fat boobs! That princess character type, damsel in distress pretends to be strong do nothing but wants to try her best with all her heart and she got stronger because she wants to be there for him type. That’s what Kubo intended for her character. Putting those words together should have made me want to support her to get her man. But again it doesn’t worked on me. I‘d dumped Bleach in a sec if I had known this was Kubo’s intention all along. I was too enamored with Ichiruki.

I should have realized since Kubo always puts her in the peripherals, the moments Ichigo and Rukia were together she’s just there waiting for her turn. Part of the foreshadowing.That’s why she’s always there. So I, in actual fact, was suppose to understand that at the end of the day Orihime’s patient unwavering love trumps Ichigo & Rukia unbreakable, indefinable bond. Suckballs! I was supposed to swoon with bated breath at her five lifetimes in love quote back in 237. Puke. I hated that 237 chapter. In the end she ended up exactly like the healer princess waiting for her big strong warrior to come back from battles to come home to. Sooth his wounds with tender loving care… Puke. Not my idea of a relationship. Typical generic love.

I get it.Bleach belongs to Kubo. He decides how he wants to end it. I respect that. But with everyone married with children? And happy like some weird utopian end. Did he have to marry them off?! Fuck that was a punch to my face. An ending where everyone becomes sooo human… after all that grand adventure.. all the character growth… All that coming of age stories for each character.. And they all go back to having boringly human lives. It was the complete opposite of how they started. I wished it was an open-ended end. Or all the humans lost all memories of soul society. An ending where Ywaach in fact won. Wipe everything out. Any other ending but Ichigo married to Orihime! Urgh! It’s boringly human. When all of his characters are so far from being human. Instead of choosing the otherworldly bond that goes beyond love that he himself created. This to my thinking fits the supernatural, powerful character and world settings of Bleach. Bleach heroes and villains were epic. The Bleach universe was so fucking grand and it always made me choke with excitement. All the intrigue and mystery. And I hope what little romance I can get would be epic.I wanted Epic. Ichiruki is EPIC.

I was so wrong. I forced my own expectations into this story. Fuck what an amateur mistake. I messed up. I’m angry at myself. Should’ve cut my emotions off the moment I realized I was too emotionally attached to Bleach. Ahh Kubo.. I definitely read your intent wrong. I can see it now. For 10 fucking years Bleach, I read you wrong. Apparently it is logical from early on that Bleach would end in this manner with the pairings. I was too blinded in love with Ichiruki to notice the signs. Not gonna get emotionally attached to shounen characters ever again. I’ll be chill and detached in future. It’s fucking brutal to not get the pairing end that I want. I am so raw with it. It’s like a fucking open wound.

So I want this pain to end now.

I’ve never needed to voice my thoughts online and have it posted so that it becomes a tangible memory that I can look back into be reminded of. It is enough for me to read that there are people with similar views as me. This time though…I’m due. I need to give myself a verbal (and written) closure to 10 years of fanatically loving a story created by a one Japanese man. I had a lot of fun. It was a monstrous rollercoaster ride like I’ve never been on before. It was wild and awesome. I cheered and jeered at the antics of the Bleach characters. I can’t deny that Bleach had a part in my life and hold a piece of my heart. It made me feel alive and lucky that I was born in this day and age. To come across a story that’s in a foreign language and realized what a gem it was. I really felt it was worth to be alive. Bleach has inspired a lot of things in my life so I won’t say that these 10 years was a waste.

I’m amazed that I stuck this long. 10 years is a long time to keep me interested…Of course it is Ichigo and Rukia that kept me going. I think that a part of me will always be angry at how it ends. For the most part Bleach had brought me joy. Ichigo and Rukia will forever be my ideal couple. It’s such a cheesy sentence… “forever be my ideal couple” But I suspect this will be the truth until the day I die even as I move on and read and ship other fictional characters, Kubo you set that ideal couple bar so high that other authors may never be able to surpass it. I thank you for creating that Ichigo and Rukia bond that I love so much even when in the end you made Ichigo and Orihime official. And I would still thank you even if the latter part of that sentence made me hurt and cry.  

Crying a million tears...

When your own bias brings you to tears with his voice T_T

I feel like Jungkook would be so broken after a break up. *cries*

Idk if he ever experienced a real break up in the past, but If he ever does or if it ever gets hard for him, I wish someone is there to hug him  and tell him that he’s an amazing man.

Any Jungkook stan knows that there’s such a sensitive little bean hiding under that muscular Jeon Cena T_T

( I’m feeling all angsty T_T Someone give me a hug please :( , Jungkook just broke my heart with his emotional voice, should I make an angsty imagine? *CRIES* )

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Hi again Hajimama! I got two questions, first, did someone ever tried to bring down your idea? Like saying it looks like x or y... Or your designs or characters? (I've been told that and even if I don't think those people are right I never know what to answer) and two, how did you come up with such amazing design for the uniforms?? Anyways... You broke my heart with 84 btw.... I'm gonna miss Erwin very very very much... Very very much 💔💔💔

Many people tried to get my ideas down. Especially the art was often put down as ‘not being good enough’ for a manga. But here I am. I think it’s hard to find the right answer to comments like that. I guess the best answer to every bad comment is ‘so?’. It makes people think about what the did a bit and maybe they realize it was uncalled for. Please don’t let those comments get you down!

The people that hurt us the most, are usually the same people that we have the most love for.
So I guess that explains why it all hurt so much, because the amount of love I had felt for you turned into the amount of hurt that I felt.
and oh did I ever love you.
I would of done anything for you.
I looked at you, and it was as if everything else was a blur, you were the only thing that mattered.
but now it all hits me, everything that used to be a blur, everything that we were, all the love i had for you, it all just turned into pain.
looking at you didn’t make my whole face light up anymore, it just hurt. It hurt so damn much.
I wish you just broke my heart but for me it was so much more, It changed what love was for me.
When you left, you took it all with you,
you took the smiles and the laughs, and the way I saw people, and the trust and faith I had in every person I met. You took everything.
Its just that, I don’t believe in love anymore, I don’t believe people are good anymore and once I stopped seeing the good, I can’t stop. I can’t stop from seeing everything wrong in a person, in humanity.
because the truth is, people are selfish, they don’t care who they hurt, and no one cares about being a good person for the sake of being a good person, people do good things for their image, no one cares about a damn thing but themselves.
and when i started seeing this and realizing this, I stopped having faith in people.
I can’t trust anymore, and I don’t know how to love anymore.
I wish I could say I’m stuck on how to stop loving you, but I’m not because now I look at you and I feel nothing. and I wish I could feel something again, even if it was pain. But I feel nothing. I am so numb to it all.
—  an excerpt from a book I’ll never write
BTS reaction to you having their lyrics as tattoo

Requested by anon - thank you!

Request open


He would surely be happy that you wrote one of his parts on your skin but he still thought about the consequences it could have. Not only if you ever broke up but for your health too. Like: Was the tattoo artist professional? Did he use new, disinfected needle?

“It really suits you”

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He would be touched. Suga would give you one of his warm hearting gummy smiles and trace the tattoo with his index finger.

“Thank your for immortalizing one of my lyrics” 

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Tears would form and fall to. His level of being touched would probably be – next to Suga, who just shows it differently – the highest.

“I hope I can make you not regret this decision.”

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He would surely happy, but also a bit worried. It was – like I already mentioned – something permanent and you should think about it a lot before you actually decorate your skin with it.

After you made clear that you really thought through the whole idea before you actually got it – he would be relieved and show his happiness more.

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I think Jimin would be the one kissing the tattoo.
After all it’s special and it had a big meaning to you but also to him because you wore his song on your body.

“This is one of the most beautiful moments in my life…”

“Are you really making reference to your own albums in this situation..”


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He would smile wide – really wide.

Getting a tattoo is something amazing – it expresses yourself after all – but it got better in his opinion because it was HIS part.

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He would be a bit awkward – yes he loves it in ever single way but the imagination that you had to keep it on your skin for ever got him a bit in the mood for thinking. BUT if you’re happy, why should he complain?

“It’s well done… i like it… it makes you even more beautiful”

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It recently occurred to me that

Rose has only been gone for fourteen years like that’s 10 minutes ago for the Gems and it makes my heart break more for Pearl

Update: it also occurred to me that Rebecca Sugar said in an interview that Pearl would listen to the song “24 hours- sunmi” a song about there not being enough time to spend with the person they love (time goes so fast one day with you is like a minute) (when I’m holding you everything is perfect I want to stay like this forever) So in conclusion: Rebecca Sugar is a genius, My heart broke again
Maybe my heart is part moth, always fluttering after the
faintest sign of light. If you shine like that, I’m going to
fall like this. The body makes a sound even if you’re over
a thousand miles away and aren’t listening for it anymore. 
My voice still breaks and I count my blessings that your
name isn’t common enough to come up in every day
conversation. I don’t have to drown over and over and
over and over. I broke the tide and now there’s all this
goddamn light. It’s eating away at me, picking my bones
clean of things I’m not ready to let go of. I thought I had
a say in the matter but I guess even the sky gets tired of
being bloated with rain all the time. Even the clouds know
how to move on. You know the sun’s always shining,
even if I can’t see it. Somebody else is taking solace in it,
making a sanctuary out of refracted rays. I just abuse it.
I spun the dark something holy so you can understand
why I don’t recognize a halo when I see it. I cradle
rainbows like they’re just going to up and float away.  
I spent too many months with my mouth wide open,
swallowing that rainwater. Now the clouds are parting
and the sun is breaking and I don’t know what to do with
it. You can take the gold at the end, I’m trying to dig through
this dirt until I reach a lesser sky.
—  A LESSER SKY, angelea l.
Not anime related

So this mom and son come to my cafe to get some popcorn and juice well the lil boy who is prob 3 or 4 grabs a juice with a princess head on it and the mom refuses to get it sayin thats a girl juice boys dont drink those and the lil boy starting cryin and it broke my heart so I grabbed my wallet out of my pocket and bought him the girl jucie and even me a boy one(which I let him pick out for me) sayin it was ok for him to have a girl juice and he he walked up to me and said thank you and gave me a highfive and it took me so much not to give the mom a dirty look and she was so lucky I was workin….. Sorry for the rant guys but people like that make me sick