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Have you seen that ghostbusters reboot it has a fall out boy song in it and I'm currently watching it

i have seen none ghostbusters movies! 

im usually bad at watching movies, though, so theres a Lot of stuff i have never seen

snail emoji rating

what the fuck is this bullshit the skin texture is horrifying these colors are muddy these eyes are something out of a horror movie 0/5 disgusting

this is okay but its a little wonky something about this bothers me but i cant put my finger on what 3/5 but youre on thin ice bud

hes a cute boy but something is wrong i think its his eyes his freckles are cute though and his shell is nice 3/5

others may say this boy is bad but those eyes have seen and stolen my heart hes a pure boy and id give him some leaves to crunch on 4/5

the flesh tone and soft shading of the skin makes it look like actual human skin 1/5 get out of here

a good simple boy trying real hard to do his best and i love him good colors good snail 5/5

facebook is a shitsmear but this snail is a golden little ray of sunshine and id die for him 5/5

this snail is poorly rendered but he has red eyes like me so ill let him slide 2/5 youre in a good 

this is a good cartoony little snail i love him and support him 4/5 sweet little guy

i have no idea why but i feel a strange paternal feeling for this snail and i want him to succeed 5/5

this is pretty fucking unacceptable but hes got a good spirit 1/10 

get this the fuck out of my face 0/10 bad content

@nxelkreiss tagged me in a get to know meme because she’s awesome!

Rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag blogs you would like to get to know better

  • Nickname: rin, though nowadays very few people use nicknames for me
  • Star Sign: pisces sun, cancer moon, libra rising
  • Height: 5′7ish? I think???
  • Time right now: 2:46pm
  • Last thing i googled: “state abbreviation formatting ap style”
  • Fave music artist: modest mouse, fall out boy, panic! at the disco
  • Song stuck in my head: we are the crystal gems (steven universe theme)
  • Last movie i watched: THIS IS A REALLY GOOD QUESTION ACTUALLY. I think it was Rogue One? we haven’t watched movies in a while
  • Last tv show watched: top chef
  • What are you wearing right now: sweater, skinny jeans, ankle boots, scarf
  • When did you create your blog: ?????????? i think 2013
  • What kind of stuff do i post: fandom shit, gay shit, social justice, idk
  • Do i have any other blogs: i have some urls i’m sitting on but no active blogs
  • Do i get asks regularly: NOPE
  • Why did i choose my url: my name is erin. i hate things
  • Gender: *takes a deep breath. STARTS SCREAMING*
  • Hogwarts house: ravenclaw i think? but i doooon’t do the harry potter thing rly
  • Pokemon team: instinct
  • Favorite color: teal, rainbow
  • Average hours of sleep: lol like 5 at most
  • Favorite character(s): axel (kingdom hearts), cremisius aclassi (dragon age: inquisition), hannibal lecter (hannibal), pepper potts (marvel), pearl (steven universe), dorian pavus (da:i honorable mention), peridot (su honorable mention)
  • How many blankets do i sleep with: 1 in the summer, 2 in the winter
  • Dream job: none tbh i work to live and as long as it pays me a living wage, isn’t literal hell on earth, and provides me a decent hourly load i’m fine
  • Following: 232

gonna tag some of my homebros, @mistystarshine, @yrgonnahaveabadtime, @grumpyfeathers, and some new mutuals i don’t know well @ravingrevolution, @theowlkeeper, @gummishiptardis OBVIOUSLY U DON’T GOTTA DO IT IF U DON’T WANNA

not to be gay & cliche but i wish a boy would bring me a bouquet of roses, even though we’re only going to the movies, bc its our first date and he’s nervous


Quick checklist before I go to sleep alright I got this

- I think Ariana might have created an Obscurus (Sophie doesn’t agree though so I might do some more research tomorrow)

- The Niffler is even more adorable than I thought he’d be

- Newt + Mating Dance

- Two girls and SO MUCH SASS

- It was an emotional rollercoaster tbh

- Prepare for lots of feels at the end

- Dumbledore has a horrible taste in men

- (As a German I can confirm we have better looking actors)

- Also the scenes between Grindelwald and Credence? I wondered if it was supposed to be an abusive slightly gay thing and now that it turned out it was Grindelwald it’s reminding me of Grindelwald using Dumbledore’s feelings

- Newt Newt Newt Newt Newt

- Did I say emotional rollercoaster

roommates!!! bc we don’t get enough of them ever,

  • linn has a really expansive knowledge of movie and tv shows and all that bc watching them is all she ever does, so movie night is almost impoSSIBLE bc someone will suggest something and linn will almost always say “seen it, try again”
  • isak is the grumpy teenager of the flat, which means that everyone hates him and loves at the same time
    • which also means if something goes wrong, the first person to be blamed is alWAYS isak. 
    • dirty dishes in the sink even though its not isak’s job to clean them? “isak you’re so LAZY clean them up!!”
    •  bad smell in the house? “isak you’re such a BOY try and wear some deodorant once in a while" 
    • any bad happens, ever????? ”jesus christ isak get ur life together"
      • saying isak! in an exasperated tone becomes a household meme
      • isak’s always defensive and irritated and doesn’t fix any of the problems out of pure spite (noora always gives in first)
    • being the grumpy teenager of the house also means that whenever isak says something stupid, the Roommates all shake their heads and exchange glances and say something along the lines of, “kids. you’ll understand once you’re older”
      • “wE’RE THE SAME AGE, NOORA.”
  • sometimes eskild will come into isak’s room and sit down even though isak cleARLY wants him to leave, and start talking about something and then linn will wander in and sit down as well, and then noora wants to join this impromptu flatmate meeting and they all sit and down for like an hour and the whole time isak’s just like !!!! get out of my room!!!!!!
  • noora doesn’t cook for anyone else in the house even though they all beg her to, she eats her gluten-free pasta with a pesto sauce, broccoli and chicken with a smile while the rest of the flat glares at her while eating ramen for the fourth time that week
  • eskild is a total slob, he’s the worst, he’s the kind of guy that will leave a half-eaten lunch on the table for days and when noora says, “aren’t you going to clean that up its disgusting??”,  he responds, “well if it bothers you so much maybe you should clean it up, im perfectly fine living my life like this”
    • noora gets so pissed and yells at eskild, but she gives in after like two hours
  • speaking of getting laid
    • whenever eskild brings home a guy its always abrupt and followed by an awkward breakfast the morning after. no one congratulates him for getting laid (no matter how hot the guy is) just because they’re so pissed about how loud it was last night.
    • in contrast, whenever isak brings even over and it getS a little loud, the roommates are all smirks and have a good time last night, huh isak? and isak just wants to. die of embarrassment. its insufferable and whenever even joins them in the kitchen, noora and eskild will noT stop grinning like idiots and even knows eXACTLY whats going on but he plays dumb until isak is embarassed enough to kick them out.
    • the first time noora brings a guy home after william, everyone high fived her and were really proud of her. she was a bit embarassed but she didn’t protest when eskild made pancakes in celebration.
    • linn never brings anyone home mostly bc she rarely leaves home and the first time she did, everyone was so??? confused??? they were reduced to a bewildered silence (isak actually laughed out of disbelief when he saw the person leave linn’s room)
  • they all really love each other a lot and want to help each other but they also canT STAND EACH OTHER, its the worst, they’re the worst
  • they’re that dysfunctional families sitcoms dream of
    • and now even is a part of that family, and he’s constantly taken aback with all the weird interactions that the roommates have with each other and how they have?? a routine?? a system?? where they mostly ignore each other unless its to irritate or help each other?? its weird but even loves every second that he’s there.

Please please please can we normalize platonic affection between boys. Twice in the last 24 hours I have mentioned that one of my favourite things to see - in fics, TV shows, real life, movies, literally ANYWHERE - is platonic affection between males. Platonic hugging. Platonic snuggling. Platonic hairline kisses. Platonic hand holding. Just - all of the platonic affection.

And both times I said this I received a weirded out expression in return, and a comment something along the lines of “uhh, weird,” or, “Ugh, no, boys being affectionate means they’re gay.”





Okay but real talk… Kip is actually really under appreciated?? Like okay yes everyone can enjoy Eric and Dylan’s home movies and Tj’s prison boyfriend writing to girls parents and what not. amazing. But people don’t talk about Kip enough?? Like the kid was fucking 15 years old and seriously mentally ill and sentenced to 112 years in prison with no parole request until 2110. That’s fucking insane. He even asked to get moved to a mental hospital back in like 2013 (I think) and that got denied?? He literally told people he had voices in his head that told him to kill people anD PEOPLE BRUSHED IT OFF BASICALLY 

idk you guys. i love kip. i wish more people talked about him and cared. 

Scene from my much better movie
  • Bus Driver: Sorry, everyone. Looks like there's a bomb on the bus that will explode if the bus goes over 100 MPH.
  • Passengers: (Gasp in shock)
  • Bus Driver: It's okay, though. I'll let you off at the next sto-
  • Chad, the douchebag Bus Driver from the rival bus company: (Drives up in his cool new hyper fast bus)
  • Bus Driver: (Internally) Boy, I hate that gosh darn chad!
  • Chad: Oh look, it's the biggest gaybo in town. I see you're still riding around in that old clunker.
  • Bus Driver: Buzz off, Chad. Nobody has time for your mess.
  • Chad: I think they'll have plenty of time if they ride with me. My new bus is so fast that I can get everyone to their stops by hitting a constant speed of 100 MPH.
  • Passengers: (Oooh and aaah and leave the bus to ride on Chad's better bus)
  • Bus Driver: No, don't go! Gosh dang it, Chad! I know these streets better than you ever could. I bet I could beat your stinky new bus to every stop without a sweat.
  • Chad: Oh, really? Then I challenge you to a race. And if you lose... (Dramatic music plays) YOUR GAY!
  • Bomb Technician: (Over the Radio) No, don't do it. It's impossible!
  • Bus Driver: It's fine. I know all of the shortcuts through the city. I can beat him by just going 99 MPH.
  • Bomb Technician: No! I refuse to let you do it. It's too risky. Disengage now!
  • Captain of the Bus Company: Let him go, Dave.
  • Bomb Technician: But!
  • Captain: I said let him go. He knows these streets better than anyone else, he can do it
  • Bus Driver: Thanks for having faith in me, captain... I mean, father.
  • Captain: It's been 20 years since you last called me father. Godspeed, Son.
  • Bomb Technician: This is insane.
  • Captain: Maybe to you who has never driven a bus, but we bus drivers have a great sense of pride. And well, if it's crushed, we might as well be dead. Besides, I can never disparage a man for not wanting to look like a big gaybo.
  • (Bus doors close dramatically)
  • Bus Driver: I gonna make the wheels on this bus go round and round.
  • (Diplo remix of Smack My Bitch Up begins to play as both busses race off)
Insecurities. (M)

Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluffy smut (°◡°♡)

Word Count: 3,133 whoops

Summary: First times in movies always look so perfect and romantic. So when your boyfriend, Min Yoongi, invites you over, you’re overjoyed. Until you start to wonder if he’ll love your body..even though you don’t love it yourself. But then he does something you didn’t expected.

Based off of this request ♡

a/n: this is my first request. thank you to the anon that submitted it, i had so much fun writing yoongi like this :) it’s kind of super innocent since it is the ‘first time’ but i hope you enjoy anyways! (virgin yoongi killed me btw)

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“Yooongiiiiii.“ You pout, kicking your legs in frustration. You’ve been laying in this bed, trying to get your boyfriend’s attention away from the computer for the past 2 hours, but to no avail. 

“Min Yoongi! Can you at least look at me?“ 

You huffed, tossing the pillow in your hands to the side of you. Yoongi lazily glanced behind him towards you, raised his eyebrows and turned back to the computer. You couldn’t believe him! Was he really going to do this to you? With a long sigh, you let yourself fall back onto the bed. You closed your eyes and continued to pout.

"Why do you have to be so mean to your girlfr-” before you could finish your sentence, you felt the bed at your sides dip down and when you opened your eyes, Yoongi was hovering above you with his hands on either side of your head with his legs straddling you.

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Being the fifth member/only girl in the band would include...
  • wanting to drop out of high school because most of the boys did but luke trying his best not to let that happen by helping you finish on the road so the two of you do math together at 2:00 am in the tour bus
  • all the boys being super protective of you
  • “i’m sad so can i sleep in your bunk tonight? we’ll watch a movie”
  • “calum, you’re over 6 feet tall and this bunk is really tiny and - fine”
  • a different boy carrying you off stage each night
  • “that’s where my shirt went! i’ve been looking for it for a month!”
  • “ashton, it looks better on me anyway”
  • “well…true. you still have to give it back eventually though”
  • being smushed in between calum and luke during an interview and them joking that you’re “in the middle of a cake sandwich”
  • fans coming up with ship names for you and each boy and making edits, youtube videos, gifs, etc. of their favorite ship
  • wearing heels basically 24/7 to be closer in height to your giant band members
  • re-dying michael’s hair for him in a hotel room at midnight when it starts to fade
  • knowing every single thing about all of the boys
  • bonding with lauren and being like the big sister she never had when she comes to visit ashton on tour
  • “um…why would i date someone that she (you) doesn’t like?”
  • luke snapchatting you from the bunk directly above you
  • attending award shows with them and the five of you looking hot af on the red carpet
  • collectively agreeing that you’ll be the one to make the acceptance speech if you win because michael claims that “you sound smarter than us when you talk”
  • constant funny tweets and instagram posts
  • being able to say “i love you” to 4/4 at any given time without it being weird at all
  • them saying it right back
  • always having someone to cuddle and have deep talks with
  • writing songs with calum
  • being completely comfortable in front of the boys and vice versa
  • possibly dating your fav and being the best couple in existence because you literally get to travel the world together


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Netflix and chill with the boys???? What would they be "watching"?

Hmm~ Let me see here…


  • I can see him watching shows Shark Week and maybe some Discovery show related to fishing. He’s excited about fish…
  • Though what he would be “watching” is something he isn’t really interested in such as a chick-flick movie. He’s gonna try to distract you because he really doesn’t care about the story line for that type of genre.
  • You’ll protest a little and eventually gave in because he’s so good at foreplay and knows what spots turn you on.
  • I can see him giving you a little lower back massage and then massaging your butt and you just love how it feels.


  • This chocobro will watch anything! He’s down to watch chick-flick movies with you and he loves comedies.
  • I can definitely see him watching Bob’s Burgers or Archer. He’s seen it before, the entire show and he just watches you giggle at the show.
  • He’ll start trying to be smooth, putting that fake-yawn move on you and then pulling you closer to him.
  • You’ll probably accidentally smack his face when you yawn and he just lets out a small “ow”. You apologize so many times and he just laughs, saying “Don’t worry about it.” And kisses you in the middle of your apology, shutting you up.
  • Initiate make out session and then he’ll probably try to play a game such as letting him eat you out while you try to watch a movie.


  • I can definitely see him watch cooking shows and cooking competitions and such. Taking notes of recipehhhhs
  • You put on a show that’s comedy-romance (basically a chick-flick). He doesn’t protest, but it’s gotta be good to hold his interest.
  • He just cuddles with you while you watch, eventually sneaking in a few kisses here and there. I can see him tickling your neck a little and stopping for a bit, trying to make you want more kisses from him.
  • You finally decide to stop watching and initiate, no longer paying attention to the movie.


  • I could definitely see him putting on a horror movie or a movie that he knows will make you squirm.
  • He’ll cuddle with you, being the big spoon and holds you close. Once scenes come on that would make you squirm, you turn around and bury your head in his chest, shielding your eyes.
  • He’ll chuckle and hold you tight, turning down the volume and lifting your head to look at him, “don’t worry, nothing will get you.” And proceeds to make out with you.
  • And you decide to just go along with it because you honestly don’t want to keep watching the horror movie and also because GLADIO!
  • Eventually you make him turn it off because you don’t want to look at the TV and see something gross.

No you know what?? I don’t have any sympathy for guys who feel like they can’t like Ghostbusters because the only male characters were portrayed ‘poorly.’ Because I have sat through and even enjoyed plenty of movies where there were no well-written female characters, or female characters that I loved who were treated badly. 

I loved Guardians of the Galaxy even though Nebula and Gamora were unnecessarily pitted against each other and used more as devices than characters. I enjoyed Fight Club even though the only woman present was someone I would never identify with and who seemingly had very few redeeming qualities. I watched and liked the new Star Trek even when women were objectified and had their officer’s ranks stripped from their uniforms. I liked the Matrix even though I can only even vaguely recall there being a woman in it and I have no idea what role she played besides preparing the main male character for his Important Destiny. I liked the Sandlot even though it was a movie completely made for and about boys, because I found it funny and entertaining. I play dozens of video games written to be stories about men (The original Bioshock, Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted) and still loved playing them.

I could go on and on. Women watch and support movies that are male-centered all of the time, because they often don’t have a lot of options and because they find other merits to enjoy about the movies. In fact, note that I explicitly said I LIKED all of these movies, despite their failings when it came to representing women. The difference is apparently that women are able to see men as people with their own stories worth listening to and their own independent merit even if they are a different gender. Clearly, there are a lot of men out there who don’t feel the same about women. The fact that men can’t show up and support a movie where women get to shine because they’re not represented the way they want to be is sexist, childish, self-centered, and disappointing. And you know what? They can afford to be that way, because they have a million movies to turn to that are for them, about them, glorifying them. Women don’t. 

Okay but guys. The mall where my theater is had this cool Halloween festival for the kids. All the stores had bowls of candy to pass out to the kids in costume for “Trick or Treat”. Now I love kids, I think they’re great. They have their annoying moments but I’ve never had a problem with a child. Do you know how excited I was when my GM told me I could pass out candy to the kids? Hint: I was ecstatic. There were so many little Supermans and Iron Mans and Elsas and only one Harley Quinn, but it was Arkham City Harley. It was a lot of fun to participate in.
At the same time though I had so many adults come up and make jokes about how their treat should be a free movie or try to snatch (SNATCH) candy out of my bowl even after I told them it was for the kids. I had three middle school-looking boys come up at one point. They literally just held out their hands, didn’t even say anything. I told them it was for kids in costume and one of them said he was Batman. He was wearing all black but it was basketball clothes, his shirt even had a huge Nike symbol on the front. I was like, seriously?
Later, I had a mom come up with her teen daughter, neither in costume, and say “Trick or Treat” with a sneer, as if daring me to tell her no. I called her bluff and told her it was for the kids in costume. She rolled her eyes, scoffed, and just took two pieces out of the bowl and walked away.

I mean, for real? It’s for little kids. Don’t be a dick.

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Can we have a whole post as to why you hate Broly? I personally love him but I'd also love to hear your look on him


Okay so let’s break this down into some categories for you
1.) Character
2.) Movie
3.) Motivation
4.) Design


What character is there? Honestly the dude is in the title of the damn movie and his most memorable feature is that he screams the name Kakarot repeatedly, trashes the other z warriors in, admittedly, a brutal way, most of his dialogue is just guttural screaming and grunting (props to Vic Mignong though.) and basically is just a less green MUCH less interesting hulk.

His power, while immense, has no real interest to it as it he is just all muscle and power levels (aka some of the worst things in the franchise) and while you can enjoy those things and there’s nothing wrong with that, it doesn’t make an interesting character, much less an interesting villain.


FUCK this movie. Seriously fuck it.

It’s plot, while starting off mildly interesting, drags on far too long and is honestly not interesting enough to keep you riveted.

Here’s a little summary for those who haven’t seen it.

This movie takes place roughly about the week given to prepare for the Cell Games. The movie opens up with a party (for which I can’t remember why there’s a party but it’s there)
Vegeta then just ditches his newfound home and “friends” and his CHILD (actually that’s pretty on character for him. Wait for that to be destroyed later.) and goes to this New Vegeta. Roshi, Krillin, oolong, Krillin, Gohan, and future Trunks tag along as well. Also piccolo shows up later so that’s a thing. Anyways the planet is a ploy to get Vegeta on the planet because it’s about to be destroyed by a meteor so Paragas can have some weird watered down version of revenge on his father for trying to kill him and his Gary Stue baby Broly. Then Goku shows up and Broly’s rage gets uncontrollable because OG LOOK IS KAKAROT I REMEMBER HIM FROM WHEN HE WAS A FUCKIN BABY AND HE CRIED(but I’ll get to that later)

Seriously though after that Vegeta eventually joins and Goku saves the day as always yippie

Honestly this movie wouldn’t be awful if it didn’t drag on and it didn’t look so ugly.

The color schemes of New Vegeta are dark and murky and just not very appealing. Not to mention the utter gutting of Vegeta’s character. Even against Freeza Vegeta still was willing to fight to the death (granted he thought he was a Super Saiyan but still he fought.)
Long story short it’s just an ugly, poorly paced movie


right let’s get this out of the way

Kakarot and Broly were both next to each other as babies and Kakarot kept Broly up with his crying.

That’s it. That’s his motivation. You could argue that this could have had a strenuous mental effect on Broly to cause him to hate Goku…BUT HE COULDN’T BECAUSE THEY WERE GODDAMN BABIES SO HE COULDNT POSSIBLY HAVE RECOGNIZED A BABY WHEN A) Couldn’t have retained the memory of his name much less a face to match the name because babies aren’t known for their brilliant memories. B.) HE HASNT SEEN THE MAN IN AT LEAST 30 OR 20 YEARS

So in short: His motivation ranges from weak to laughable and honestly has probably the worst motivation than any character I have seen in any movie or show.


Actually Broly’s design is one of the most appealing things about him. Well until he goes LGSS of course.

His gold jewelry and passive eyes and…loincloth??? Or robes I’m not sure. Either way it’s a very good character design for his base form. And his Super Saiyan design is honestly very interesting. Whether the blue tinge comes from the tiara controlling his rage or just from his Legendary Super Saiyan status, it definitely is a very interesting design choice and a pretty decent one at that. Plus it gives us an idea of what super saiyans with long hair like that look like!

But then there’s Legendary Super Saiyan Broly…

Oh boy…

His hair gets shorter for some reason, and an ugly shade of green yellow that honestly looks like snot.
His muscles get grotesquely huge and hulky and he becomes a goddamn giant….like that’s so dumb. And his pupils where did those go? Are they hiding with Vegeta’s character in this movie? Honestly it’s just so bad.

His energy attacks and and radar like aura is actually pretty cool and I actually enjoy the way they look. But other than that, his character design is boring and dumb.

To surmise: Broly is a character who’s base design is pleasing to look at, but gets really dumb later on. His motivation is straight up pathetic and his Gary Stue power is just annoying. The movie itself, while enjoyable to some, isn’t a good movie and probably is one of the worst movies in the franchise( YES I AM INCLUDING THE GT MOVIE AND I HATE GT THO NOT AS MUCH AS BROLY) not to mention its murky colors are just boring and ugly. He’s just violence for violence’s sake and while that’s not always bad it’s been done before and better.

Let me state this:

There is nothing wrong in liking this movie and liking Broly.

These are my personal opinions and do not prevent you from liking the movie or character.

So there’s my in depth analysis of why I despise Broly and his movie.

If you want me to give any more movie analysis please don’t be afraid to ask! I’d love to do more

Imagine...Being Peter And Kurt’s Roomate When You Move Into The Mansion

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*Not my gifs

Being Kurt and Peter’s Roomate would include:

  • Them fighting over you when they both develop crushes on you.
  • Your oblivious to this though.
  • You can control the elements and often set’s Peter’s shirts on fire.
  • You, Peter and Kurt always playing pranks.
  • Peter and Kurt always showering you with your favorite things and flowers.
  • You, Peter and Kurt always hang out together on the weekends with pranks on the others and movie nights.
  • You and the boys always play your music very loudly, causing Charles to complain since it’s punk rock music.
  • “Turn that bloody music down!”
  • “Can’t hear you Professor!”
  • “(Y/N)! Kurt! Peter! I mean it!”
  • You call them ‘your boys.’
  • “How are my boys doing today?”
  • “Fine.” “Fine.”
  • Kurt always makes you tea when you’re upset and Peter always makes you hot chocolate when you sad or have a cold.
  • Peter and Kurt always try to make you comfortable in the dorm room.
  • The boys are willing to watch your romance movies when your upset.
  • They’re always willing to make you happy and cheer you up whenever your down.
Things I’ve Noticed in Stuckony fanfic

1. Bucky and Steve are obsessed with Tony’s ass. (I don’t blame them.)

2. Bucky and Steve shower Tony with old-school pet names. Ex: Darling, Doll, Sugar, etc.

3. Tony refers to Bucky and Steve as his Brooklyn Boys™.

4. Spitroasting. So. Much. Spitroasting.

5. Tony loves to bottom. (Sometimes Steve and Bucky switch though.)

6. All three of them are kinky motherfuckers. Especially Steve.


8. The absence of condoms. Boys, why?

9. The snark is tripled when these three are together.

10. Bucky and Steve love teasing Tony.

11. Tony is super oblivious that these idiots like him oh my god.

12. Natasha is tired of their pining and tries to help them get their shit together.


Dear John (Green),
You wrote an entire essay online about how groundbreaking it is
for a teenage girl
to kiss a teenage boy in a tragic movie about being white and pretty and dying.

Meanwhile, the only times I see girls like me
getting kissed on screen is when they’re being felt up by some old man in a tragic movie about being
colored and poor and abused.

Brown teenage girls do not get love stories like the movies,
even though we are taught straight from the womb that
we are no more than curves and wild fight that still shines in our eyes after the white boy kisses us in secret,
after the white boy does not want to be seen with us in front of his friends.
Because we’ll always bring drama and bitterness,
with our loud voices
and attitude,
until we are finally broken
on the night something is slipped into our drinks,
or we’re evicted from our house,
or we lose the basketball game,
or a family member climbs on top of us,
and wraps the silver screen around our bodies like butcher’s paper
for the meat
that we have been portrayed as
since birth.

No, we do not get Shakespeare quoted to us,
instead we become the bitter narrative,
the comfort to the suburban parent,
thank goodness their little girl is the one with the “nice young man,”
and not the one getting her teeth knocked out by the “thug”,
and why does Hollywood only
find colored girls palatable when they are hardened by the world,
to the point where we see them as grown women?

You want groundbreaking story telling?
Write about a girl with brown skin
who is so filled with joy,
each one of her breaths is like tasting cinnamon,
and she lightens even the darkest moments.
Write about a hijabi girl,
who is so empowered,
that she can convince a generation of young women of every shade
that we don’t need to kiss a boy first
to feel in charge of ourselves.
Write about a Latina girl,
who is so in love with life that she tiptoes on the heads of her problems.

Portray colored girls as soft,
as naive,
as quickly,
as teenage girls in love,
because we deserve a narrative as sweet
as diverse
and as powerful
as we are.

—  Dear John Green, or, How Hollywood Told My Me I Would Never Find Love Like the Movies
Family {35}

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Yelling, Hitting

Words: 1,653

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