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Okay this might be kind of long but it's something that's been sort of eating at me ever since I started getting into radical feminism so here goes: It feels sometimes like radical feminism/feminists rely very heavily on books and essays and academia, and it makes me wonder if that keeps some women from accessing it. I think about my grandmother, who was victimized by men her entire life. Radical feminism would have helped her immensely, but the one time I bought her a book, [cont]

[cont] (not even about feminism, mind you), she started crying because she didn’t think she’d be able to understand it. And it makes me think that the reliance on literature and academia is making radical feminism inaccessible to women with little to no education, or who can’t read well or at all, or who just otherwise wouldn’t be able to read and comprehend feminist text. I mean, I’m an educated woman and there are still times when I read something a radfem has written and it’ll take me [cont]

[cont] a couple of tries because it’s just so dense. I guess my question is how can we make sure that radical feminism is accessible and comprehensible to every woman, not just the educated ones? It breaks my heart to think of women being left out because they can’t read or understand feminist text and analysis.


It’s up to those of us in the middle to create more user friendly, easy to access and understand texts. This is also why in person community organizing is so important. 

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Mary, i need some advise. One of my fav jewellery piece was sold today as to get money to solve some financial problems at home. I'm ok with it but still hurts a lot. Can't exactly cry in front of my parents as i know what they r going through. My bday is in 5 days and i feel like everything in my life is turning upside down. Tell me ways on how to distract myself so i won't break :'( i feel like crying all the time.

Hey Nonnie,

I’m so sorry you had to do that :( It’s difficult to go through something like this - I’ve been there, unfortunately.

I know you feel awful right now, but things will get better, you need to keep believing that. Be happy for your birthday (P.S. - we’re almost birthday buds, mine is on the 23rd), it’s still something to celebrate :) 

Read the books that make you smile, see some friends, go tell your parents that you love them - it’s not easy for them either and this is a time when you should stick together as a family. And keep hoping that things will get better.

I’m here if you need anything, okay? stay strong <3


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Name: Mayuri

Height: 169 cm

Meaning of url: Crescendo means ‘gradually increasing the volume’ while dolce means 'softly’ I just liked the idea of a soufflet (idk if it’s the same name in english though but it’s what you call when you have a crescendo directly followed by a decrescendo) I learnt music at seven till seventeen it stuck with me

Last thing I googled: 'marasy karakuri pierrot’ on youtube

Birthday: September 15th

Gender: Female

Sexual orientation: Straight

Place that makes me happy: My room

Currently wearing: Tee-shirt and loose jeans

Last book: Le fantôme de l'opéra but I dropped it

Last thing I said to a family member: Je ne peux pas venir, je suis encore en examens. (I won’t be able to go since I still have exams, can you hear me crying because I was)

Fave drink: Green vanilla tea

Fave food: Teppanyaki and sushis

Last movie: Whisper Of The Heart

Dream vacation: Japan and Canada

Dream wedding: I don’t really know but I’d like to play the piano at my own wedding though (A++++++++++++++++++++++ if it’s a duo with da future hubby ;;)

Dream pets: A wolf **

Dream job: Writer maybe

Random fact: I love you little followers for coping with me haha <3

People I tag: yorozuya-ken-chan, blvckluxure, gintocki, plastic-cutness, hee-sassan, kytyngurl2, milkysailor, kawaii-i, ichigoparfaithtt, whennightmarescome, latte-rabbit, tokomeh

So I’ve been tagged by @dynastywarriorsscreenshots to say 5 nice things about me (Fear not! I have not forgetten *A* and trntprenptete  YOU ARE SO NICE! T-T You always say nice things to me omg! <3):

Hum…I’m a good listener. I like to bake desserts <3 (when I am not lazy as fuck XD). I love to read (Anything: book, fanfic, comic, manga, articles on science. If it caught me attention, I read it). I like to make my friends happy (even if sometimes, I don’t know how, but hey, knowing that they are happy is enough to make me happy). I….have soft fluffy hair? XD (Anyone is welcome to pet them really, now that they are short MWAHAHAHA you can’t make them messier than they already are >D aaand no knot! Used to have them really long but damn, that’s a lot of work u-u and they get messy and full of know anyway).

I'm sobbing uncontrollably from this part...

The Patronus turned. It was cantering back towards Harry across the still surface of the water. It wasn’t a horse. It wasn’t a unicorn, either. It was a stag. It was shining brightly as the moon above … it was coming back to him.

It stopped on the bank. It’s hooves made no mark on the soft ground as it stared at Harry with its large, silvery eyes. Slowly, it bowed its antlered head. And Harry realized … “Prongs,” he whispered.

But as his trembling fingertips stretched towards the creature, it vanished.

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Name: Chloe

Nicknames: Coco, by my sister and brother, Clo by Americans.

Birthday: 19 Jul 91

Height: 169cm

Sign: Cancer

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Asexual biromantic

Favourite colour: Green

Time RN: 0016

Average hours of sleep: depends if I’m working at the hospital, because then it’s about 5 hours, and if I’m on a uni block, it’s around 8-9. If it was up to me, I would sleep about 10-12 hours because I do love my bed.

Lucky number: I honestly don’t have one.

Last thing I googled: Miguel Briseno

Celebrity crushes: everyone but Ronaldo.

Favourite book: Teleny, because I love me some gay 1800s men and also, The Butterfly Lion, because it reminds me of being a child and every time I read it it still makes me cry.

Favourite Band/ Artist: This is where I sound exactly like spicybastard. Lord Huron, Mumford and Sons, Laura Marling, Modest Mouse and one that isn’t Tay’s, KT Tunstall.

Last movie I saw in theaters: Jurassic World, with Tay

Dream Trip: I really want to go to Italy. I have been to Spain, didn’t love it, went to the Netherlands, loved it, but I want to go somewhere new. Either Italy (mainly to try and peek at Isola di Poveglia) or Sao Paulo, Brazil.

What I am wearing right now: Blue and orange striped top I got in America, blue and red floral pjs and no socks because who can be comfy in bed with socks.

Tagged: Everyone. But that’s only because people change their urls and I lose them and I forget who people are. Sorry.

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Hey Mari! Please answer 6, 13-16, 29, 43 ^u^

Yay! Thank you, Sara!~

6.  Do you wish to travel a lot?

YES! I’d love to travel a lot more, especially outside of Finland. (fun? fact: I’ve never been abroad) I’m not a very social person but I do love seeing places. :P

13.  Name one movie that made you cry.

There’s a lot of movies that have gotten me excessively emotional. Most of them are animated movies, I have no idea why, but still.

This is the kind of question that makes my brains collapse. :D I go looking for one answer and my brains slam like 50 at me at once and then I can’t decide.

14.  Do you prefer to read poetry, write poetry, or neither?

I like to read poetry, whenever I see it. (I rarely actually go looking for poetry books, however, but if I stumble on poets and bits of poetry on the internet for example, I gladly stop whatever I was doing to read it.) 

I’ve also tried writing poetry every now and then, but the levels of sap and other feelsies it occasionally pulls out of me kind of makes me cringe at myself. :P

15.  Things about someone that you find attractive?

Considerate, intelligent nerd with clever sense of humor. 

…I’m attempting to be kind of vague… :D

16.  What song are you currently listening to?

Some of them: [X] [X] [X]

29.  What is a strange talent that you have?

Well the whole “friend of all animals”-trait is a pretty obvious one. :D Aside from that, I’m pretty good (or at least I get good really fast) with anything that requires quick reflexes. Videogame examples being “Osu!” and “Speedrunners”. :P

43.  How do you start a conversation?

Depends on who I’m talking to. :P If it’s more of a stranger, I wont talk unless I know I could get an answer to something on my mind from them, and then I just sort of awkwardly try to maneuver the conversation from casual talk towards The Thing I’m after.

If it’s a friend, the closer the friend is the more abrubtly I just throw a random thought or topic at them and just go from there. 


kinda-but-not-really-spoilers for the novel looking for alaska

i hate the novel Looking For Alaska for many reasons including, but not limited to:

  • the main character feels incredibly real and three dimensional, and as such, he has a lot of flaws (a lot of relatable flaws), and I hate him because he’s kind of a huge piece of shit and he reminds me of myself in that way
  • The big plot development is very heavy-handedly spoiled by the author
  • I know that sounds ridiculous that an author can spoil his own twist in his own book but he fucking does it and i really think it ruins it (if you’ve read the book I hope you know what I’m talking about)
  • despite what i said above it still almost makes me cry every time i read it

in summation: fuck u jon green

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Fire place and full moon!

Fireplace: Fav story/book/poem?
Last year for our first anniversary, Kroisk gave me a story book titled “Love is You & Me” and it makes me cry every time I read it.
My favorite book- I couldn’t think of any absolute favorites, but right now I’m reading “The Geography of You and Me”, it’s about long distance relationships. It’s such a sweet book and I love it honestly.
I’ve also really always loved “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou.

Full Moon: Something about yourself you feel is unusual?
I’m generally plain, but a lot of people comment on my black eyes.

Even though I’m still in quite a bit of pain I actually want to cry with happiness. I finally got to meet the endometriosis specialist / surgeon this morning after spending all weekend in hospital and he’s booking me in for a laparoscopy hopefully in the next two months, I’ve just been fighting so hard for this and it’s hard to believe it’s finally coming. Wishing so hard that it’s going to make a difference cause I can’t keep going like this

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  • POPPY:What color was your childhood home?

i… uh. I moved a lot??? but i think the majority of the places i lived in were that cheap offwhite color. 

  • HYDRANGEA:Starbucks order?

i got starbucks today?? so this is amusing. i get a mocha frap with extra mocha. xD

  • VIOLET:Do you like where you’re from?

no. I’m from southern USA and I’m a non-passing gay trans man. You do the math.

  • LOCUST:What was your favorite book as a child?

A Child Called It. It still makes me cry and I think it really make me understand what abuse was as a child?

  • RHODODENDRON:What’s the scariest dream you’ve ever had?

ugh. i don’t know. I regularly have nightmares.

  • QUEEN ANNE’S LACE:Would you rather carve pumpkins or wrap presents?

both?????? I love doing both!!

  • MAGNOLIA:Favorite kind of candy?

p much any form of chocolate. x3 and i tried this british candy once and fell in love??? It was made out of honeycomb but i forgot what it was called???? ive only had it once and i miss it alot :c

  • ASTER:Would you rather be cold or hot?


  • MARIGOLD:Do you listen to what’s on the radio?

I don’t??? but i’m much more tolerant to it now that i’m older? I still very much so prefer my hardcore/edm.

  • HELICONIA:Do you like when it rains?

I do as long as I don’t have to be out in it.

  • AZALEA:What’s a movie you cried while watching?


  • DANDELION:Do you think you’re important?

not in the slightest. I’m that npc with the ridiculous optional quest that no one takes.