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Are you actually Sarah J Maas? Because I just read ACOWAS and it put me on the same hell of an emotional roller coaster that ACOMAF put me on. A) You have no right to make me cry like a baby B) You need a better pseudonym Sarah J Maas because your name is still Sarah But really, your writing is amazing and wonderful. It's so good that I have gotten to the point of wondering what was actually in the book and what was in the fanfic. Keep on writing because you're pretty damn good at it.

Hahaha, I promise on the Cauldron that I am not actually Sarah J. Maas, Sarah just happens to be a pretty common first name! lol I used to not like my name, but I’ve grown fond of it and I think I’ll keep it! hahaha

Thanks so much for the compliment! I’m glad you enjoyed ACOWAS

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Do you prefer the TOG books or ACO?

you could offer me a billion dollars to answer this question and I still don’t think I could.

after HP, I’ve never been able to find a series that consumes my heart and soul… and then SJM gave me TWO.

both series have characters that I would honestly sell my soul for with stories that are just so beautifully woven and make me yell, cry, laugh, clutch my heart, etc…. and that’s exactly what I look for in books

they both are different in their own ways but mean SO MUCH TO ME I CANT EVEN HANDLE IT!

so, to answer your question… both.
sorry anon! I can’t choose!

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Hello! So, I need some advice. I'm going to be a senior in high school this year & will be applying to colleges soon. This means I also need to choice a major. At first I thought I should major in something science since I've always been good (1/?)

(2/?) At it and has always been my favorite. Except all science majors have some amount of math in them & I’m not good at math. It makes me cry. So I’m going to major in my 2nd favorite thing which is books/english. I’m just scared cause even though
(3/?) I dont really care about the money or what job I’ll end up with I’m still scared I’m going to ruin my life by majoring in something I actually care about and not something practical and something that will get me a job as soon as I’m finished  
(4/4) With school. How did you know you were sure with your major and what would you say to someone like me? Sorry for so many asks!  

Hi there. It sounds like, above all, you need to be having some conversations with your teachers and guidance counselors to get a better sense of what your strengths are, what your likes are, and what you want to do with them. The people who know you best and who know the college admissions process the best are going to be the people who can best help you.

That said, and contrary to popular belief, you absolutely do not have to choose a major prior to matriculating. Unless you want to study something like pre-med or education or anything else with enough requirements that you need to start them as soon as possible in order to finish in four years, you really do not have to decide now. I know it can relieve a lot of anxiety to go in with a plan (i.e.a chosen major), but plans change; people switch majors all the time, and it’s usually not a big deal. Many schools do not require students to choose a major until after their first or second year. That gives you time to take classes in a variety of disciplines (which will make you a smarter, more well-rounded person) to figure out what you like. You might find yourself falling in love with a subject you hadn’t even encountered in high school.

English is not an impractical degree, and you should know that no type of degree guarantees a job right out of college, particularly if you’re relying on a degree alone to earn a job. Folks who major in biology, chemistry, and physics sometimes go months before they find a viable job opportunity. Conversely, lots of English majors (but obviously not all) land jobs right out of college. Your odds of landing a job right out of college will depend on a variety of factors: the state of the job market and the economy, which field you are trying to enter, what geographical area you are looking for work, how early you start applying for jobs, and what other skills and experience you have on your resume.

That “a-ha! – I’ve discovered what my major should be!” moment looks different for every person, though I recognize that individual stories are totally helpful. I knew since my freshman year of high school that I wanted to be an English major (thought I had my periods of self-doubt). I was able to feel very strong in that decision because my school’s block scheduling system made it so that I only had English classes one half of the year. As a result, I had to go every spring without English (because I always managed to get it in the fall somehow), and it was one of those “absence makes the heart grow fonder” scenarios: I missed my English classes and I was sad that I wasn’t taking them.

I wish you the best of luck as you navigate your college admissions process! In time, you’ll figure out what your calling is.

Welp I'm an idiot

Read about jekyll and hyde on the wiki page to get there chararistics more the same .

Dumb me still hasn’t finish the book

Reads Lans page

Mom walks in
“Dear why are you crying ”

Me"lan da man the cute marshmallow NO OOOOOO god why whhhhyyy

Moms face goes from concerned to you got to be fucking kidding me with this shit look
“Is this about one of your characters in a show dying”.

Me “ no its Robert he can’t die nuuuu not da mans fam best friend he can’t die -reads jekylls - started crying even more like the little bitch I am - noooo and he kills himself sortly after WHY henry why

Mom confused “so um what’s this about then ?”

Me “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and how everyone’s god Damn dying wtf is this shit -gets angry at r.l Stephenson and starts ranting and raving

Mom sighs slapping her hand on her fore head and shakes her head chuckling at me some before she leaves me to yell at my self or to a dead person more like .

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Congratulations on surviving the book-shaped heartbreak that is ‘Code Name Verity’! It’s so devastating and so, so good and I don’t think it’s possible to read it without crying. Are you planning to read ‘Rose Under Fire’? It’s not exactly a sequel but a few of the same characters appear (and it is emotionally gruelling too, I actually found it harder to read than 'Code Name Verity’, but it’s a very powerful story).

Miracle of miracles, I did not actually cry? I think I progressed beyond tears and into shaking and horrified disbelief and also I used up my weekly allotment of Crying Over Media on a Sarah Dessen reread (why does Sarah Dessen always make me cry, side note? Somehow at least once a book even when I’m enjoying things heaps she punches me directly in the feelings), but I was still emotionally wrecked by the everything of it all.

I’m not yet sure if I’m reading “Rose Under Fire.” My local library doesn’t have it, and I have a whole shelf of books less likely to leave me an emotional wreck that I really need to make progress on soon, but I like the thought of reading more from her, so I may interlibrary loan it and give it a shot at some point when I am feeling brave.

There’s a lot of doujinshi up on Yahoo!Japan auctions and there are two BT doujinshi in it…and the rest is X Japan, TM Network, and B’z…all of which I don’t care about.


I WANT THE BT SHIT BUT IS IT WORTH IT…anyone wanna possibly buy random old doujinshi.

Edit: Fuck it, I still have money in my account on remambo and the whole lot is cheaper than I’ve paid for one doujinshi before. Shipping will make me cry but I’ve already got like 22kg of books that need to be sent to me as it is.