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Hello. What do you think a person can you do as acareer with a passion for plants and buying them? I think in my country there is nothing to do with it only to be a florist (flower designer basicly) :(

okay i would highly recommend reading “Flower Confidential” by Amy Stewart. its a SUPER fascinating deep account of the science and complexity of the retail flower industry, including:

-the dutch flower auction, which is the largest floral action in the world. millions of flowers pass through each day and are bought en-masse by different companies in a matter of seconds. think the world trade center for florists (regardless of if you’re interested in hearing about this or not, i would recommend watching a first-hand account video of this here. the flowers roll in on carts in front of a huge room of commercial buyers, who are buying these flowers for their respective companies to arrange and sell in commercial outlets around the world. a person upfront holds up a sample of each flower as a special timer counts down the seconds above them, and the buyers decide if they want to buy or not as the price per stem ticks down on the computer. this auction is in operation daily, and the complex is 128 square acres. the flowers go directly from the floor onto planes arranged by the buyers. its just…mind blowing.)

-growing and reproducing bulbs and plants for the market en-masse. the perfect flower in a floral arrangement needs to be able to handle a LOT of abuse; you should be able to have it last at least a week in your home after you buy it even if you don’t have a green thumb. there is a HUGE amount of time, effort, and science put into making each flower fit for the market. 

-processing and shipping the flowers. boxes need to be specially designed for optimal shipping as to not damage the stems, but at the same time the name of the game is to ship them quickly and efficiently, usually over long distances. 

-inspecting the flowers; usually this is because they have to be shipped overseas from suppliers in bulk, so there are designated officials in the receiving country that open a box of each shipment to check for diseases and pests. if they find anything, it risks being shipped back or detained for fumigation. 

-scientists working on developing the first blue rose. this has a lot of challenges to it, but the one that struck me the most that she mentions in the book is that florists are afraid that no one would buy a blue rose because there’s no connotation with it. like, and orange rose is for friendship or whatever, red is for love, but theres nothing for blue?? which like. i guess i never really thought about it that way but this book has a LOT of that kind of thing. like, things that you would never consider until it’s brought up by the people she interviews. 

-breeders working on developing new and popular cultivars to keep up with demand

-ROSES. oh god. the commercial time and effort put into roses alone- especially around valentines’ day- is like, a science in and of itself, and generates a TON of revenue for the entire industry each year. 

more than that, seriously it doesn’t take long to read once you get going, its one of those books thats so totally cool you can’t put it down like?? i just never thought about flowers the same way since i read it. its a HUGE industry that operates on a global scale; although flower design is part of it, it’s far from the most important and thoroughly considered aspect. 


Books read in 2017:  Radio Silence by Alice Oseman

I just sort of want to say something before we continue. You probably think that Aled Last and I are going to fall in love or something. Since he is a boy and I am a girl. I just wanted to say – We don’t. That’s all.


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I absolutely adore KoKobop and The War by exo! Im really excited for power, the amount of time invested in these concepts are mindboggling! The whole comic book concept is so cool. Also my fav part of their comebacks are when they change the exo logo to match 😜 just when i think they cant come up with anything im proved wrong again

Speak Now, Part 8 (Jughead x Reader)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

Imagine: As Jughead and Betty’s wedding grows closer, Archie holds a bachelor party in celebration. Tagging along, you see a side of Jughead you never knew existed.

A/N: @jasmineladjevardi beta read this chapter too! She’s amazing!

“Who’s ready for the bachelor party of a lifetime!?” Archie howled, raising a bottle. A chorus of masculine voices cheered in response as Jughead’s friends saluted the future newlywed.

“You really know how to throw a party,” you remarked, ambling up behind Archie with a bottle of your own.

Archie grinned, clinking his bottle with yours. “Not just a party. A party perfect for Jughead.”

A modest group of Jughead’s friends milled around Archie’s kitchen and living room. A playlist Archie had made of Jughead’s favorite songs played on speakers throughout the house. A projector played Rebel Without a Cause onto the entirety of one of Archie’s living room walls. Jughead navigated the familiar crowd with ease and comfort, catching up with friends old and new.

You chuckled. “Guess you learned from that awful birthday party in our sophomore year.” When Betty was just getting to know Jughead, she had insisted on throwing him a small get together that quickly escalated into a rager, against your own advice. You recalled the memory with great bitterness. Even when screwing literally everything up, it seemed that Betty was the perfect girl.

“Let me know if you need anything. Gotta play mom tonight and make sure no one dies of alcohol poisoning,” Archie said with a laugh.

You waved him off with a smile. “Go have fun!”

You leaned against the wall, drinking a beer and regarding the mix of familiar and unfamiliar faces. Reggie dominated the party, clapping men on the backs and retelling hilarious and embarrassing stories (it seemed that he and Jughead had made amends since his days as a high school bully). Kevin and his current boyfriend were laughing over drinks in the corner. Men with suntanned faces and strong bodies wandered about, whom you suspected to be Jugheads coworkers from his job at Andrews Construction. Anyone in the vicinity of Jughead made sure to clap him on the back, congratulating him for his big milestone.

You felt sick to your stomach, though you were only buzzed on alcohol. The presence of a bachelor party meant that the wedding was only days away. You were still too chicken to confess your feelings to Jughead. It was too late.

“What is a lovely lady like you doing at a bachelor party?”

A voice shook you from your reverie. You turned to find an attractive young man standing next to you. As you did not recognize him, you figured he must be of the Andrews Construction category of partygoers.

“Best friend of the groom, but no invite to the bachelorette party,” you said, cocking your head in Jughead’s direction. Your best friend was currently going shot-for-shot with Reggie, capturing the attention and cheers of an audience.

“I’m guessing the bride isn’t a huge fan?” He asked with a grin.

“Guilty as charged,” you admitted, an embarrassed smile on your face.

The man laughed, smiling back. “Feisty one, that Betty Cooper. Blake Tucker,” he extended a hand. You shook it.

“(Y/N) (L/N),” you replied, tipping your head politely.

You weren’t well-versed in the secrets of interpersonal communication, but something about Blake’s body language made you feel like he wasn’t just making casual party conversation. To be honest, the only guys you really knew were Jughead and Archie, aside from those in your study groups. You didn’t even know how to flirt with someone, let alone a stranger.

What the hell, you thought. There was an attractive guy standing right in front of you, and Jughead was getting more married by the minute. Might as well try, and after the likely failure you wouldn’t see the man again.

What could go wrong?

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What is Between the Lines? Your art has me hooked!

Between the lines is a musical based off of a novel that premiered in October of this year!! It was at a theatre (KCrep) thats not too far of a drive from where I live so I went to see it in person twice!!! It was really fucking good!! This musical means a lot to me asdkf It’s got a special place in my heart

It’s about this high school junior named Delilah who’s dad just left and her mom is busy and she has no friends. Life just kinda sucks you know? She copes by reading, and she becomes obsessed with this fairy tale called ‘Between the lines’ and basically the prince from the fairy tale (Oliver) is also fed up with his life because he’s living the same story over and over and he’s sick of it!! The two end up being able to talk and become friends and maybe more than friends?? 

Uhh there’s an audio boot that somebody grabbed, and I can put some pics of the cast n shit under the cut.

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The Ellimist Chronicles!

Short opinion: Other books in the series make the point that war is not a chess game.  This book emphasizes that idea—through showing us what it takes to view war as a chess game.

Long opinion:

The Ellimist Chronicles might be the novel with the single largest scope of any book I’ve ever read: it tells the story of how a god becomes a god.  Part of what makes this book so cool and also so creepy is the sense of fatalism and foreboding that pervades it throughout.  Between the Ketrans, the Pangabans, the Jallians, and the Capasins, not to mention all the species casually sacrificed in the Ellimist’s games, we see like 8 different sentient species go extinct over the course of this book.  Add to that the fact that it opens and closes on the death of an Animorph—no telling which one at that point in the series—and this book almost appears to be setting up for the fall of humanity to the yeerk empire.  And our narrator is not the most reassuring one: he expresses empathy for Rachel, yes, but he also plays the yeerk-human war like a game, and we know for a fact that he wouldn’t be unduly inconvenienced if the humans were to lose.  Which is pretty goshdarn uncomfortable to read about, because in this particular game we’re the pawns. 

It’s a huge theme in the Animorphs series that war is NOT a chess game, or even comparable to a chess game (or any other game for that matter) in any meaningful way, not if you’re even a halfway-decent person.  War is about deciding which people from your own side should die horribly in the process of attempting to ensure which people from the other side die horribly, a course of action that should only be undertaken as an absolute last resort after all other choices have been exhausted.  The idea that it’s not even appropriate or good to make that comparison comes up again and again (MM3, #11, #16, Andalite Chronicles). In #53 Jake sums it up: “At the beginning of the American Civil War, both sides thought the war was about taking or holding cities and ports. They thought it was a chess game. By the end of the war, they’d figured out that they weren’t playing chess… The real game was destruction…They burned enemy homes and farms. They burned crops in the field and slaughtered farm animals and wrapped railroad tracks around trees. They starved the enemy. They realized that warfare was no longer about chivalry and honor, but about killing the enemy. Do whatever it takes… Dress it up however you want, that’s what war is about. If there’s glory in there somewhere, I must have missed it.”  

Jake is right, of course, that he’s not playing a chess game.  At that point in the series, he’s deciding whether he’s willing to kill his brother and sacrifice his cousin in order to protect his species.  He’s already made the decision to give up on saving his parents in order to blow up the yeerk pool.  These are his family members and friends on the line, not rooks or bishops… and no matter what he does, some of them are going to die.  Jake’s also a decent human being, enough to realize that the taxxons have families too, that many of them are not there by choice, but that’s the only way he has out of this situation: kill the enemy.  

Anyway, back to the Ellimist.  Who can experience the devastation of losing his own species for decades after the death of the ketrans, but doesn’t spare more than a moment of annoyance for the annihilation of the pangabans. Who exists so far above the lives and concerns of ordinary beings that he can see their entire existence playing out in a matter of seconds.  Who is so far removed from those ordinary lives that he is largely incapable of understanding them at all.  He doesn’t have family members on the line, he doesn’t see the world through the taxxons’ eyes—and he’s therefore just ruthless enough to destroy six children in order to save a species that he considers worth saving.  Jake might be horrified that Crayak uses child-soldiers as his ultimate weapon (#26) but also seems to overlook the fact that the Ellimist uses EXACTLY THE SAME TACTIC when he recruits the Animorphs.  

It’s obvious right from the very first book that the Animorphs universe isn’t run by a benevolent or all-powerful god.  What makes this book so mind-blowing is that it shows that the god of this universe is powerful, he’s well-intentioned… and he’s still not only very limited, but also kind of a jerk a lot of the time.  Toomin does his best to encourage species to thrive and grow as they naturally would, he shows enormous fondness for the infinite variations of life in the universe, and he does what he can to protect life in the universe.  

He also just happens to be condescending as fuck.  

The narration of The Ellimist Chronicles does a really good job of showing why, exactly, Toomin tends to think of ordinary beings as “small” or “helpless,” since he watches the rise and fall of entire civilizations in about one subjective afternoon most of the time—but he also spends a hell of a lot of time describing the hardworking autonomous people whose lives he casually manipulates as “tiny” or some synonym thereof.  There’s no obligation or external stricture which says that he has to care about ordinary beings—and indeed Crayak seems much more comfortable not caring at all—so one can appreciate how much he works at it.  However, he also doesn’t quite get to the level of thinking of humans as (for lack of a better term) fully human: they’re chess pieces, he moves them around, and if he has to sacrifice a few then oh well.  He doesn’t ask whether they’d like to be moved in advance, he doesn’t incessantly turn over possibilities until he finds the one with the least bloodshed, and he certainly doesn’t have a long conversation with Rachel about whether she’s willing to die before it happens.  He sees possibilities and acts on them.  Because he’s a gamer, and they are game pieces.  Who cares what a knight thinks, as long as it’s not in the trajectory of the opposing bishop?  

Toomin tries, to be sure, but he doesn’t think like a human leader and he doesn’t treat his “pieces” like equals or even underlings.  He might even know Cassie’s favorite bands or Jake’s scoring record in basketball (who knows?) but he probably doesn’t consider that information to be particularly important.  Because he’s a gamer, to his core, and he thinks like a gamer.  And Jake and Cassie are just NPCs to him.  

Video games (and to a lesser extent tabletop games) represent this odd nebulous space whose meaning tends to defy interpretation.  The questions that everyone from social psychologists to communication researchers to philosophers to television shows to gamers themselves have asked (What, if anything, does one’s in-game behavior say about one’s true personality?  Does performing certain behaviors in-game influence one’s habits in the real world?  How much does shooting a person during a game have to do with one’s actual willingness to shoot a person if put in that situation in real life?) reflect the sheer bizarre extremity of in-game behavior.  Because the fact of the matter is, the vast majority of people engage in utterly reprehensible actions while playing games that they would never engage in during real interactions.  I myself have crashed spaceships into planets, driven cars off the road using my own vehicle, stabbed people in the gut, and shot unarmed prisoners in the head—because it’s all part of the game.  And it’s just a game, right?  Who cares how I win?

If those were real people, they’d sure as hell care.  If I was a general who only thought of a war as like a game, I’d be no better than Visser Three.  (One of the better moments of dark humor in Visser: the Council of Thirteen considers sympathy for humans a crime punishable by death and execution of several thousand underlings a crime punishable by temporary exile.)  In a lot of ways, Toomin’s perspective on humans has more in common with the yeerks’ or even Crayak’s.  He needs people like Jake and Rachel and Elfangor and Arbron to win this war for him.  

So, yeah, Toomin is a gamer—and it’s almost a natural consequence that he throws lives away any time it’s convenient for him.  He’s not human, he’s not an andalite, and he doesn’t appreciate individuals the way he does entire species.  K.A. Applegate achieves a masterwork by not only giving us the realistic-feeling origin story of a god, but doing so in a way that creates rules which genuinely fit with the Animorphs world as we know it.  

I have this tendency to see a ship or a character from a fandom and be like “omg they look like such a badass they must be so fucking cool omfg wow this show/movie/book/game/whatever must be so cool” and like.

Keith and Lance are fucking dorks. Haikyuu is about a bunch of adorable volleyball nerds. Homestuck is on crack.

I always think someone’s super cool and badass and is gonna blow me away and then I get into the fandom and they’re just another character who would complain about their untied shoelace that’s been untied for days because they were too lazy to tie it, who I’ll still end up falling stupidly in love with

Age Difference...

This is just a quick reminder to everyone saying a relationship between Ota and Yuri P would be “paedophilic”: Victor is 4 YEARS older than Yuri Katsuki. Ota is only 3 YEARS older than Yuri P, and is STILL A TEENAGER IN THE SERIES AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP HASN’T EVEN STARTED YET. Literally, by the time Ota hits full adulthood at 21, Yuri P will be a legal adult as well. They’re BOTH babies, okay? Let’s differentiate between paedophilia and just being too young for sex. Not that most people think 15-16 is too young for sex when THEY’RE the ones doing it. You know, when they’re freshmen/sophomores in high school trying to get laid by a senior. Or when they read teen books like that and are so cool with it for whatever reason. But you know, this could just be my opinion. Let’s just try to maintain some perspective, buds. Because accusing a writer of writing paedophilic content is no joke. Have a nice day.

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no but srsly

i am 1000000% sure that any person who’s into fanfiction and memes will make the coolest mum or dad like just imagine when we’ll be telling childhood stories...’i was there when drarry was rising, john’

 ‘timmy, remember the book you saw in the museum yesterday which was The Most Heteronormative Book 2016, yeah that’s harry potter and the cursed child and i was there when it released and wrote fluff to make my pain better’

 ‘i actually had an account on tumblr dot com, bridget’

 ‘that historic Pokemon Go Age in your book, sonny? well, i actually have played the game myself’ 

‘yeah you’re shocked people had to fight for lgbtq+ rights at one point? well so was i but i have seen that darkness and shipped so many couples, euriel’

‘yes, i have waited one year for every percy jackson book, doug’

LIKE IT’D BE SO COOL also btw idk what are these names

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How cool was it to write 2 Wakandan lesbians lesbianing all over the place? And are we gonna see them under your hand again soon? (Also Ayo is part of my name and it was so cool to see that in a comic book)

It was so damn cool. A real career highlight.