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The balloons WERE NOT ORANGE!!!

Nope! But to be fair the leak was low quality so I can see how people might’ve thought they were orange.

Tbh, I was a little worried because Riley letting go of something orange might not exactly bode well for Riarkle…

So I’m glad it turned out they’re actually red balloons. 😂


Do you remember the first time you realised there was something greater than yourself? Some people never experience a state of grace. Not everyone is meant to. But you merely have to ask, and we can show you the face of a god. Or we can wipe your slate clean.

So which one will it be, Sameen?

While the least restful place in the sanctuary, after a nearing 20 hour emergency shift, the Nursery does do in a pinch.

Berk Dragon Sanctuary AU

The Nursery is one of the largest buildings/enclosures in the sanctuary. Unlike many other animal sanctuaries, this sanctuary is at a disadvantage in that the animals it’s protecting have the freedom to just up and fly wherever they want to go. The workers work hard to make the environment one that the dragons will want to stick around in and come back to. They also train (as much as they can) the dragons to not get into trouble when they go off, although sometimes they wonder if it’s a futile task. The babies, however, do not have the luxury of having the size and street cred their adult counterparts do (and unfortunately baby dragons are wildly popular as (illegal) exotic pets, among other dangers, (and doubly unfortunately, most owners realize they don’t want a full grown dragon, which often doesn’t bode well for the dragon itself). So the orphaned/abandoned babies are kept in the Nursery, where they can be monitored and kept until they’re big enough to fend for themselves. They have plenty of space to frolic, and get lots of big-dragon play time to learn social and hunting skills needed to survive in the wild. The humans usually have at least one human supervisor in the Nursery at all times.

I know a lot of people don’t like Infinity but I just really disagree. It’s a good winter song, and they have sounded great when they performed it live. Plus all of my friends I have made listen to the album really liked Infinity so I think that bodes well.

It was absolutely stupid to make it the single after it was an early teaser release but I still think it holds up as a song.

And it gives them a blank slate to market it on there are no pre-existing narratives they can easily force on the song.

Archaeological photographer Bellamy Blake is looking for something that will kick-start his career. Comic book artist Clarke Griffin is in a writing slump for her next series. A chance meeting, two lottery tickets and 80 days spent together traveling around the world might be just the answer they’ve been both searching for. That, and their unexpected partnership.

“Seriously, Griffin? You want to base your next comic book off of my boring life?”

Clarke huffed and rolled her eyes, the fingers of her left hand playing with the hem of the borrowed shirt , betraying her nervousness.

“Not your life exactly, just the archaeological part of it.”

Bellamy shook his head and sat on the edge of the bed, leaning against her shoulder.

“That part of my life has been pretty unsuccessful so far. I don’t think that bodes well for your comic.”

“Oh, please, you’re better than you think. Plus, I’ll add in some mystery, action and magic realism, and make the character a female and my success is guaranteed.”

“Yeah?” His smile was wide and delighted, and Clarke was mentally cursing how distracting his freckles were under the low light of the room.

“Yeah,” she said back, her voice lacking the sharp edge she meant to infuse it with.

He leaned closer until she could feel the heat of his bare arms seeping through the threadbare shirt and sinking into her skin, her face and chest flushing because of his close proximity. “I better stick around then; you’ll need all the help you can get with all the archaeological slang.”

“You better.”

Bellamy glanced at her lips and she licked them instinctively, but then he got up from the bed and grabbed the sweater that was on top of his suitcase.

“We better get going then; out next stop is in Italy and I would hate you to miss all my ramblings about the Roman history there.”

Clarke waited for him to go to bathroom before she released the breath that had been stuck in her lungs, embarrassed and mad at herself for thinking that he was going to kiss her. They were just friends, right? Partners even - Clarke was going to take advantage of all his knowledge, and Bellamy was going to have a lot more exposure due to having her character being based off of him. It was a win-win situation for both of them.

She had lasted these past 40 days, she could last another 40 without complicating things between them. She could deal with some silly physical attraction.

(Problem was, it wasn’t just physical anymore.)


Series: Fairy Tail.
Pairing(s): NaLu, Lucy/Cana.

Because everything about those communication lacrimas bodes well for future fanfiction. Fluffy and otherwise. Hahaha. So here’s the first of many. 

Summary: In which Lucy Heartfilia receives nudes for the first time… 

;The lacrima dropped out of her hands, smacking her clean in the face. Natsu lay frozen beside her, his eyes wide as she then scrambled to erase the message.

“No matter how many times I play around with this,” Lucy tapped the screen of her communications lacrima, sliding the icons back and forth to bring up different apps, “I still can’t get the hang of it. Say, Natsu, why don’t you get one too?”

Natsu rolled across the bed and buried his face against her shoulder. “Mmm. Maybe.”

Lucy rolled her eyes. “You don’t want to? Don’t you think it would be fun to message each other all the time?”

“Lucy,” he said into her sleeve, “We’re together all the time. Besides, can you imagine the messages Erza would send?”

Lucy let out a laugh. “You can melt a stadium, but Erza Scarlet still gives you the chills, huh? Actually, Erza’s messages are really cute.“

“Cute?” Natsu peered over Lucy’s shoulder to look at the screen of her lacrima. “Erza’s? Are you sure?”

“Despite what you think, Natsu, Erza is really cute. Here,” Lucy swiped the screen to bring up her messages, “See, she uses these cute little faces. Look, see, that one’s a kissing face.”

“A… kissing face?” Natsu raised a brow. “Why would she–”

A new message flashed onto the portable lacrima. The sender: Cana Alberona. This should be good. Cana told the best jokes when she was drunk. Well, the ones Lucy could make out over the mess of drunken typing. 

Lucy tapped the screen, thinking very little of the content. That is, until Cana’s breasts appeared in the middle of the device. The lacrima dropped out of her hands, smacking her clean in the face. Natsu lay frozen beside her, his eyes wide as she then scrambled to erase the message. They lay there in silence, flustered and most definitely traumatised by the experience.

“Are… are you going to reply?” Natsu asked suddenly.

The device buzzed. Lucy checked the screen reluctantly. Another message from Cana, this time it read, in drunken language: Sorry, sorry. Not for you. And then another: What did you think?

Lucy could feel the heat of blood gathering in her cheeks. “She said they weren’t for me. I wonder… who she meant to send them to.”

The flustered pair shared a look of mutual confusion and deep-rooted curiosity. Lucy managed a simple “Cana, I’ve seen them before” response before her shaking fingers released the lacrima. It fell to her chest before sliding onto the bed beside her.

“You know what might be fun?” Natsu sat up suddenly. Happy was still sound asleep beside him, exhausted from his endeavours at courting Charle that morning.

“No,” Lucy rose to sit beside him, “What?”

“If you sent one back,” he told her, a brow raised.

Lucy, pillow in hand, cheeks redder than Erza Scarlet’s hair, knocked Natsu straight off the bed. He let out a fit of laughter when he hit the ground.

“Natsu Dragneel!” she scolded. “Don’t just say things like that without warning.”

“You know what?” he grinned from the ground.

“What?” she asked, sceptically. 

“I might get one of those things after all.”

IM SO EXCITED for many reasons but also because this bodes so so so unbelievably well for the kind of post-Glee career Darren is going to have and I’m just having a lot of proud mama feels and basically I LOVE DARREN SO MUCH OMG

I met @kiwisatsuma in Moscow, because we’re just THAT cosmopolitan and international!Honestly you lot in North America don’t know how lucky you are, having tumblr friends in the next city - in Europe we have to go to Russia for work if we want to hang out and get drunk on 1 beer


but also it’s anticlimactic because after such excellent standalones the prospect of an ensemble movie doesnt excite you??? and tony has so many lines in the trailer alone so that it doesn’t bode well for the movie itself??? and thor’s hammer is getting more buzz than thor’s actual character??? and steve looks like he wants to die in literally every clip???


but also im pretty meh like the excitement is so surface level but it isn’t igniting my bones and consuming me like my anxiety and yearning for cap 2 did 

i need other people who feel this way PLEASE TELL ME IM NOT ALONE

Sooo ngl one of the first things I thought of when I heard Book 4 is called Balance is Makorra. They broke up because they couldn’t balance their relationship with their responsibilities. So I think this bodes well for them.

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Petition to turn MysMe into an aNIME ALREADY (with a second season for when V and Uknown's routes come out - CUZ THEY WILL AT SOME POINT OKAY????)

I’m down >_< Did you see that we’re the #1 video game fandom on Tumblr right now? I hope this bodes well for Cheritz so they can make lots more content and games, teehee~ Fingers crossed for those Unknown and V routes!

The one good thing about all this Rumbelle drama

is that the press is paying a lot of attention to them as a result. Even the show runners are putting more emphasis on Rumbelle, for better or worse. That doesn’t make the drama less annoying or contrived, but at least these two characters are in focus. I don’t remember Rumbelle getting this much press before a season premiere, even for S4 (Frozen took up most of the spotlight).

What role for us in this new world?
  • What role for us in this new world?
  • Connor Kenway; Ratonhnhaké:ton
  • Assassin's Creed III

I have been reunited with my father, but do not yet know if this bodes well or ill. Our goals are aligned, at least so far as independence is concerned. But he continues to defend Charles Lee - the man who murdered my mother and burned my village…

Still, he makes a point about Washington and those who back him. I hear much talk of freedom and equality, but it seems one must be a landed white man to benefit. What of someone like me? Or Surry? What role for us in this new world? Is my father right, then? There is so much I must consider and so little time in which to do it.

I know there’s some freaking out about kissing of people in that Autumn trailer, but there’s a reason that Jemma is doing the *November* issue of DIVA. It’s a featured interview, so let’s just say things bode well for the kissing ladies side of things, okay? 

Not a Fan

I believe you were anonymous when you requested this—enjoy! xoxo


Zayn was laughing over his shoulder, gliding along on his skateboard as Louis slid across the park bench on his own skateboard. Louis tossed his head back as he laughed along and then fell onto the ground from laughing so hard.

Zayn wasn’t paying attention, his eyes crinkled shut from the smile that pinched his cheeks. “What are you doing!?” He called at Louis.

Louis was curled in a ball laughing too hard to even make a response. Zayn laughed more and tried to turn around but not paying attention didn’t bode so well for him.

Someone screamed and then he was on the ground too. “Ugh,” he groaned. To which, Louis only laughed some more.

Zayn glanced over to see what he ran into and found you laying there checking your body for cuts and bruises. He gaped when he noted how beautiful you were. Most people had told Zayn that when you meet someone you love that time stops and nothing else exists.

Zayn didn’t feel that way. He felt as if the world was suddenly spinning too fast—you had that dizzying effect—and it was if there wasn’t enough time to be with you. He hadn’t even introduced himself and he already felt that there wasn’t enough time on this Earth to be with you.

“I’m so sorry,” he said quietly.

You blushed and looked up at him. “It’s okay.”

He frowned and looked at you, biting his lip. “Are you hurt?”

You shook your head. “Just a few scrapes. I’ll be fine,” you said with a gentle smile. “Are you okay?”

He nodded. “Fine,” he mumbled.

You picked yourself up and brushed the back of your legs off and nodded at him and introduced yourself. Zayn took your outstretched hand as you offered to help him stand—of course his hand burned when he touched you, that cliché was true. “So…do you have a name or am I just supposed to call you Skater Boy?” You smirked.

He blinked. “You don’t know who I am?” He asked curiously.

You shook your head. “Have we met before? I don’t think we have, I would have remembered you.”

His heart pounded. You didn’t recognize him. You were rare—like some kind of sea violet or an undiscovered animal in the rainforest. “Oh…um…no, never mind…just I thought you might recognize me. I’m Zayn, Zayn Malik,” he said in awe. It wasn’t that he thought you lived under a rock, it’s just he wasn’t quite sure how you didn’t recognize him. He was on lots of magazine covers. It only made sense to him that you might know him…

Louis finally calmed down enough to come over and also introduce himself. “I’m Louis, Louis Tomlinson,” he said.

You nodded. “Nice to meet you.”

“She doesn’t know us,” Zayn muttered.

“Hmm…” Louis smirked. “Interesting,” he said. “Well, I can tell you one thing love, Zayn wants to know you,” he said knowingly and then cackled when Zayn went to push him and he started to skate away. Zayn blushed a bit and looked at you shyly.

You bit your lip and Zayn just couldn’t believe it—you had to be one of the only people in the world that didn’t know about One Direction. “Do you know One Direction?”

You blinked and then your eyes lit up in recognition. “Oh, wow, you’re that Zayn. Wow. I do…I’m sorry…I don’t…pay much attention to the media. And my music is more indie than pop,” you said. “Wow, I’m so sorry…and totally embarrassed.”

He smiled brightly and bit his lip. “Don’t be…it’s…refreshing to not have someone know my name,” he stuffed his hands in his pockets and scuffed his foot on the ground. “I happen to like the name “Skater Boy,”” he smirked.

You grinned weakly and looked at the ground. “Well, to me you’ll always be Skater Boy, then,” you giggled. The sound was so sweet and adorable. He couldn’t take it.

“Would you go on a date with me?” He asked. “Because I do want you to know me…but I haven’t had to tell someone who I am in years…I’d love to get to know you and you know me the old-fashioned way.”

You licked your lips and smiled. “I’d like that,” you said and pulled your phone out. You tapped a few keys and handed your phone over to him. The contact name read “Skater Boy.”

Zayn smiled happily and typed in his number.

He had a feeling the two of you would really hit it off.


“Excuse me,” you said softly as Louis stood in the middle of the aisle of the toy store. He was buying a new video game. Something to play on tour with the boys late at night. He smiled apologetically as you walked past him and examined the games.

You pursed your lips as you examined the shelves looking for the one you wanted.

“Which one do you want?” Louis asked.

You tilted your head. “Great question, I have no idea…my little brother wants one for his birthday. But I don’t know…” you shook your head. “What would you suggest for a thirteen year old boy?” You asked.

He smiled. “Um…” he scanned the shelves and found a few sports related ones. “Any of these.”

“Why are these six billion pounds?” You said in shock examining the price tag. “No wonder he told me to buy them,” you grumbled placing them in a basket.

Louis snickered. You were so cute. “I’ll get them for you,” he offered taking the basket from you.

“Um…excuse me, no you won’t. That’s very kind of you, Stranger, but—”

Louis stopped listening a moment as he realized you were serious. You had no idea who he as. That was the coolest thing that had happened to him in a while. He was admiring your body and your smile and the way your voice seemed to giggle with every word you spoke.

“I’m Louis,” he said.

“Louis,” you repeated. “That means famous warrior,” you told him.

He smirked. “Oh? And why would you know that?”

“I don’t know, I’m into names. I know a few.”

“And your name?” He asked. He listened as you quietly told him what your name meant his smile brightened and he bit his lip. “It’s beautiful,” he said softly.

“Thank you, I got it for my birthday,” you smirked proudly. He snorted and then started laughing and you honestly felt victorious because Louis was so pretty. His skin was so tanned and his eyes were so light—he was like an angel.

“You’re hilarious,” he chuckled. “I have to see you again,” he said.

“Oh do you?” You said cheekily. “And why would I agree to that?” You said with a curious smile.

“Because I’m buying you those games!” He rolled his eyes and started toward the register.

You rolled your eyes and followed him as he moved through the toy store. “I don’t understand why you’re doing this…it’s a lot of money…Are you rich? Because that’s not good either, it looks like I’m gold digger,” you said.

Louis’ gaze snapped to your eyes and he grabbed your chin gently, but firmly between his thumb and finger. “You are not a gold digger. I’m doing this from the heart and I will tell anyone that to their face and make sure they repeat it like their new motto,” he promised. “You are not a gold digger, got it?”

You blushed at the intensity of his words. “Um…okay.”

He smiled weakly. “Will you look up something on your phone?” He asked. You held your phone out and listened as he said the name. “Louis Tomlinson net worth,” he said softly. You tapped on your screen and waited as the page loaded. And when it did you nearly dropped your phone and you bit your lip.

“Oh,” you whispered. “You are rich.”

“I still wanna buy you those games…I just want you to know what you’re getting into. It’s nice you don’t know me…I get to pretend I’m extra normal.”

You smiled gently at him. “Something tells me you’re not normal at all Mr. Tomlinson. And I think that’s how I would prefer it,” you said softly. “So…yes,” you said softly. “I would love to see you again…” you smiled gently at him. “But you’re not buying those games. I don’t want you to think I only want to see you because you’re rich,” you said and put the games on the counter and swiped your credit card before Louis had the chance to protest.

He eyed you suspiciously. “Fine, then dinner is on me,” he said and had the grin of a sly fox. He was definitely up to something.

One eyebrow pitched up as you smiled at him. “And where is dinner that you’re so calm about me buying these instead of your insistence?”

“It might be in Paris, or Rome. Whatever you prefer,” he shrugged with an easy smile and handed you his phone for your number. And then he pressed a kiss to your cheek.

“Rome,” you said softly. “But really, any old Italian restaurant will do,” you said knowingly.

He smiled. “You’re about see how normal I am, my love. And ‘any old Italian restaurant’ is not going to cut it—not if it’s for you,” he said kindly and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “When in Rome, love,” he said as he seemed to float away from you, out into the car lot.

His heart was high up in the clouds…dancing with the thought of you.

When will the Romans meet? You messaged him as he settled into his car. He smiled.

Saturday. 5ish?

I like pizza.

Pizza it is :) he answered with a face-splitting grin.


You were tapping away at the keyboard when the handsome man walked into the office. You were in the middle of doing too many things at once as you tried to organize files and send email reminders to patients. “Hi, one moment please,” you said sweetly to the chocolate eyed, brown haired man.

He smiled gently. “Take your time, I’m in no hurry,” he promised. You let out a breathy giggle as you searched for his file for the next time slot that was opened today. “You must be…?” You read the label over… “Liam Payne?” You asked.

He nodded. “I have an appointment at 3,” he said softly.

You smiled. “Of course, just fill this out,” you said and handed a clipboard to him. “And if you have any questions let me know, I’m happy to help,” you said with a sweet smile. He nodded as he sat down by the desk and watched as you tapped away at the keyboard and then answered the phone while still sending an email, and organized the folders.

She’s better than half of management… he thought to himself. Next walked in a little boy, about five years old, who was almost in tears as he entered the room. At the sight you stopped everything you were doing and came around the desk to kneel in front of the five year old boy. “Hello, sweetheart, what’s the matter?”

He sniffled and tears filled his eyes. “I hafta get a tooth pulled,” he said sadly.

You frowned. “Aw, I’m sorry honey, but it’s not that bad, it’s really quick, you won’t even feel it!” You promised.

He shook his head. “It’s scary,” he sniffled.

You smiled softly at him. “Wanna know a secret?” You whispered.

“What?” He asked.

“I know how to not be scared of getting a tooth pulled,” you said softly and watched as his eyes went wide.

“You do?” He asked.

You nodded. “You just close your eyes and breathe through your nose and squeeze really tight to a teddy bear,” you said knowingly. He pouted.

“But…I don’t have a teddy bear,” he said. You smiled and went back around the desk and grabbed one out of the prize drawer. He smiled brightly as you knelt in front of him again. “This is Patches. And Patches is a really good dentist helper. So he’s going to help you and when you come out Patches holds your tooth right here,” you pointed to his chest. “And then tooth fairy will give you a special present,” you said sweetly with a smile. “So, are you and Patches going to be really brave?”

He nodded proudly puffing out his chest and squeezing the bear. You grinned and squeezed his little arm as you showed him back to the room where he was going to get his tooth pulled. “Don’t suppose you have a teddy bear for me, do you?” Liam asked you with a grin. You smiled.

“No, I don’t,” you said softly. “Are you nervous?” You asked. He nodded hoping to build sympathy with you. You shook your head with a delightful little giggle. “Why are you nervous? Do you brush every day?” You asked. He nodded. “And floss?”

“So-so,” he admitted.

You grinned. “I don’t floss either—I’m sure you’ll be fine. Don’t worry darling,” you promised.

He smirked. “How long have you worked here?” Liam asked.

“A few years. Why?”

“You’re really good at that…with children, I mean,” he said softly.

You smiled. “Well, I’ve never really been a fan of the dentist myself. I don’t like when people are scared,” you said softly. He smirked.

“So…does that mean you’ll hold my hand while I get my teeth cleaned?” He asked.

You smiled. “Are you really that scared?” You asked.

“No, but I would like to hold your hand. You’re very sweet,” he said flirtatiously.

You blushed and smiled. “Thank you, Liam, that’s very sweet of you,” you said softly and came over to him to introduce yourself and took hold of his hand. He pressed his lips to your knuckles and looked up at you. You were ethereal. Simply stunning.

“When are you finished here?” He asked.

You sighed and looked up at the clock. “As soon as you’re done,” you smiled gently.

“Can I take you out to eat?”

“Why?” You wondered.

“Why what?” He wondered.

“Why do you wanna go out with me? No one has ever asked me out” you said shyly.

He frowned. “Well…you’re really sweet and pretty and I want to get to know you.”

You sucked your lip into your mouth. “You’re too handsome for me.”

He smirked. “Is that your real answer?”


He pouted and leaned over your desk and watched as you typed. You looked up at him as he started to speak. “Do you know I’m Liam Payne?”

“Yes,” you rolled your eyes pointing to his folder.

“Do you know I’m in a famous boy band and you have not once swooned or so much as acknowledged that fact about me? Not that I’m complaining. Because it’s amazing, and I’m actually delighted by it,” he said softly. “So I want to go out with you. And I don’t want your excuse because you’re wrong. You’re absolutely gorgeous,” he said softly.

“Liam?” The hygienist called.

He stared at you, his gaze staring down into your soul. “Okay,” you whispered. “Dinner.” He smiled triumphantly and kissed your forehead and walked through the door with the hygienist. And you smiled at your computer screen.

Because how could you not?


“Do you want a caddy, Niall?” The woman at the desk asked as he grabbed a few balls, a couple tees, and a score pad.

He shrugged. “Sure,” he said with a smile figuring she would send Niall out with a young teen lad wanting to learn the sport. He did not expect the woman at the desk to call your name—make you laugh a female name and asked if you wanted to caddy instead of take inventory.

“FRESH AIR!” You shouted from the back causing her to laugh. You hurried out front wearing a pair of khaki capris pants with a hot pink polo shirt and a pair of golf shoes. Your hair was pinned back in the front, keeping your bangs out of your face and you wore a silver chain around your neck, the charm tucked into your shirt.

Niall blinked in surprise. He was waiting for the scream, the fainting, the asking for pictures…etc… However it never came; it was as if you had never seen him before in your life. He found it shocking. Totally, completely shocking.

And relieving.

You introduced yourself, shook Niall’s hand, smiled politely and grabbed his bag. He watched as you hooked it up to the golf cart and you took the driver’s seat. Niall hopped in and he made small talk as you drove to the first hole a little ways away.

You grabbed his bag and carried it to the tee. “So…you’re golfing alone today?” You asked.

Most people normally came with one or two other people, so it made sense for you to ask as you plucked his driver from the bag and handed it to him and then stepped back about ten feet. He nodded leaning against the club as he looked at you. “Yeah…I’m supposed to be playing with a friend of mine in a few days and I figured I should practice this course because I’m absolute shit in front of him.”

You smiled softly and nodded as you watched him line up his shot. He practiced his swing and then smacked the ball hard. You watched it sail through the sky, squinting against the sun as you saw it plop down. “Shall we?” You smiled as you took the club from him and hopped back into the cart. And so the two of you played this way. You handing him clubs and showing him around the greens. Simply chatting away. Niall had never had so much fun golfing before. You got him water after each hole and told him how important it was to stay hydrated on the course.

“A wedge?” He asked quietly as he held the club in his hands as he looked at you skeptically.

You nodded. “Trust me, yeah?” You smirked. “No one has to know you took advice from me. You need to be closer to the putting green, this is for shot control no matter what your golf coach tells you. I caddied for the best of the best, I do know some tricks,” you smiled proudly.

He took your word for it, took the wedge and smacked the ball and was amazed when it landed incredibly close to not just the putting green, but also the hole itself.

He turned to you and tilted his head at you. “Amazing,” he whispered.

You smirked and curtsied proudly with a happy smile. “Good job!” You said sweetly.

On the eighteenth hole, Niall wanted nothing more than to spend another entire round with you. He wanted to play against you, talk to you more.

He wanted to buy you dinner, shower you with love, and wrap you in his arms at the end of the day. You were incredible—an amazing golfer, intelligent, funny, and sweet.

“So,” you said as the two of you sat in the golf cart after Niall’s last shot. “When are you and your friend coming back? I’ll have to request to be your golf caddy,” you said knowingly.

“What makes you think I want you to be my caddy?” He chuckled.

You smirked. “I could caddy for your friend.”

He narrowed his eyes at you and smiled. “I would love for you to be my caddy,” he said softly. “Friday.”

You nodded with a grin and he fell more in love with you. “Do you know who I am?”

“Yes, you’re a shit golfer who needs a lot of work,” you teased.

He chuckled and pushed you gently—flirting like a five year old. “I need a lot of work, do I?” He asked. “Well, I’m Niall Horan, and I have a feeling your manager put you with me because you obviously have no idea I am and I find that utterly amazing and relieving,” he said knowingly.

“Niall…Horan?” You repeated trying to figure out why the name sounded vaguely familiar.

“Of One Direction?” He said.

“Oh! The boy band, right!” You shook your head. “Wow, well this is a pleasant surprise,” you smiled sweetly. “Thank you for my stupidity and I’m so glad you like me enough to hang out again.”

“I had a lot of fun, Princess,” he whispered softly allowing his sweet breath to bathe your cheeks.

You flushed and smiled. “Anytime, Horan,” you said sweetly. “Friday, it is, it seems, yes?” You asked.

He smiled and pressed his lips to your cheek. “Until Friday, princess,” he grinned. And to you that sounded pretty great.


“Your friend Hally?” You questioned Lux as you carefully put her hair up in a ponytail. Apparently Hally was picking her up while Lou spent some more time out with the girls.

She nodded. “He has long hair like me,” she told you as you rubbed her back.

“He,” you repeated.

“He swims with me sometimes,” she continued.

“Oh really? You’re a very lucky little Lux, huh, honey bunch?” You asked as you turned her around and kissed her forehead. “Are you ready for your nap?” You asked. “I’ll nap with you,” you told her.

She sighed. “I don’t like naps,” she said. “I’m free years old now. M’a big girl…I no nap,” she shook her head.

“I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, lady Lux,” you scooped her up in your arms and cuddled he up on the couch in the living room. She sighed and fell asleep in your arms.


Eventually Lux woke up and she petted your face. “Wake up,” she giggled. You sighed and sleepily stretched as you woke up and then you grabbed her and tickled her.

She squealed with giggles and you kissed her cheeks and nose and all over her little face. “You’re my best girl, you know that?” You told her. She giggled more and you kissed her forehead and held her for a few moments. “What do you wanna do now?” You asked the little one.

She smiled and pointed to your hair and you smiled. “Sure, Luxy,” you grinned and gave her the brush and let her brush your hair down.

“Hally has curls too,” she said knowingly.

“Mm…? Does he straighten it like I do?” You asked with a grin.

She shook her head. “He’s nice,” she told you.

“He’s a friend of yours, baby, of course he’s nice.”

She hummed softly as she combed through your hair. The doorbell rang and you followed her little body down to the door. She pulled on the handle and you helped her out. There stood her long haired friend. He grinned brightly at you. “Louise said you were pretty, but she didn’t do you justice,” he smirked and then he crouched down. What a line… you thought. Even though it did exactly what he wanted: got your heart going. “Hello, my love,” he cooed and kissed her as he wrapped her close to his chest. “Did you have a nice time with the pretty lady?”

You blushed and he stood back up with Lux on his hip. She smiled at you. “I’m Harry.”

“Harry,” you repeated. “Makes much more sense than Hally,” you smirked and tapped Lux’s tiny nose. He chuckled.

“Are you still telling people that my name is Hally?” He asked and tickled her tiny sides. “I see she did your hair,” he smiled gently. “Looks cute.” You blushed because Harry was beautiful. With hair to his shoulders, it was soft and shiny. You wanted to run your hands through it for hours. His eyes were mesmerizing—beautiful and sweet. His lips were so pink and you wanted to taste him—see how your tongue would feel against his soft mouth.

Lux smiled and reached out for you. “Please come in,” you gestured.

He stepped inside and Lux took his hand bringing him to the kitchen to show him the finger paints the two of you made earlier today. “We napped too,” Lux told him.

“Napped, really, you got her to nap?” He asked in surprise.

You nodded. “I napped with her.”

“She snores,” Lux giggled.

You blushed. “Lux!”

“Louder than me?” He chuckled

You smiled and Lux shook her head. Harry looked you over. “You’re very pretty. No wonder she talks about you all the time,” he said coming Lux’s loose hairs away from her face. She climbed up so she was sitting on Harry’s lap as he sat on the arm of the couch. You tidied up just a bit and smiled weakly.

“Thank you, you’re pretty too,” you winked. He chuckled. “Lux says you swim with her?”

He smiled. “The first time she went in the water I was there,” he said proudly. “She’s a little mermaid, aren’t you Luxy?” He asked.

She grinned happily as she played with Harry’s necklaces. You thought he was great with Lux. And you absolutely adored Lux. “Alright, what do you say we leave the pretty lady alone?” Harry asked.

“No!” She whined and jumped from Harry and into your arms. You smiled and breathed into her hair. “I no leave,” she shook her head against your shoulder.

“But you’re gonna go have lots of fun with Harry!” You told her.

“Hally leave,” she said sadly. “Hally no play with me,” she mumbled. “You always play.”

Harry frowned as you looked at him curiously. “I’m in a band,” he said. “I go on tour a lot. I don’t have undivided Lux time, you know,” he said sadly. “That’s why she doesn’t want to go…” he explained and kissed her forehead. “If I stay here with you then I don’t have to leave.”

“Well how about we have pizza, Lux?” You asked. “And you can stay for a while longer and play with Harry and me? You smiled. “Sound good?” You asked.

Harry grinned. “Thank you,” he said softly.

“Of course!”


Harry didn’t mean to stay so late. But pizza turned into a movie. A movie turned into a sleeping Lux. And Harry talked to you for hours while he ran his fingers up and down Lux’s tiny frame. He continued talking to you, uncovering truths, discovering who you were.

It was a wonderful night. “So what band are you in?” You asked.

He blinked. “You don’t know?” He questioned.


“One Direction?” He said.

“Are you really? That’s amazing,” you smirked. “I’m not a radio listener really. I listen to indie stuff…usually ballads and that kind of thing. I don’t hear much One Direction. That makes sense Lux was saying early that Mumma worked for you,” you said softly.

“How do you not know who I am?” He questioned.

“Well, a while ago, I realized that celebrities get treated terribly—and I didn’t want to watch people who run charities and make really awesome songs and movies and the poor things just get beaten for it…so I picked Indie—less drama.”

Harry grinned brightly he smiled at you. “That’s really cool. I’m glad you don’t know me…for five years I’ve not had to introduce myself.”

You smiled. “You’ve made a lovely first impression Harry…plus Lux already loves you…so you’re pretty amazing in my book too,” you said softly.

He grinned proudly and scooted closer to you and he pressed his leg against yours. “Pretty amazing to me too,” he mumbled and pressed his lips softly on your cheek. “Thank you for watching her…I’ll get your number from Lou,” he said softly.

You grinned. “I’d really like that,” you said quietly.

His eyes wrinkled at the corners with a sweet grin and he pressed his lips against your forehead and then against Lux’s forehead. He waved to you as he left.

Lux was right.

Hally was nice.

And you couldn’t wait to see more of it.