July 2015 Recap

Upon request I am starting this new thing and y’all can let me know what improvements I can make on it! Basically I’ll be doing a review on the episodes of this month. It will be more about my opinion of the eps than listing which guests were on, etc. 

Disclaimer: These are just my opinions. You are free to express your opinion in the comments but please be respectful. Thank you!

Ep 254- Welcome to the World of Girl’s Generation 

Some members of SNSD are just naturally better at variety than others. I really felt like the members were pulling a lot of the weight throughout the episode. I loved the video game concept of this episode though; I just think it might’ve worked better with different guests?? The Tetris mission was probably my favorite part since that’s when the SNSD members seemed to be trying their hardest. As for the last mission, I’m pretty neutral about it. It was cool seeing the SNSD members figuring out the puzzle, but it was pretty heavily scripted for Yoona to win. Also the chasers were pretty much impossible to avoid. I guess overall I feel this episode was biased and I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to rewatch it. 

Ep 255- The Queen of Early Summer Race

The female guests in this episode were really fun! They all had really good personalities and worked well with the members (no awkwardness). The sushi bowl mission was hilarious. Then again, I always like it when they have dance parties. The last part with the water park wasn’t as good though. I felt like it was kinda just each group doing their own thing; furthermore, the point system was really difficult to understand. I guess the ending of this episode was very anticlimactic? 

Ep 256- Come Over to My Place

I always love seeing 2pm on RM because they bring so much energy, and it’s even better when almost all of them are on! The concept for this episode was really sweet. I love when they visit fans (although I kinda wish they had visited a random fan instead). The name tag ripping mission in this ep was not very well done. It was fun seeing them on the see-saw and it would’ve been much more effective if they’d done something that wasn’t name tag ripping. The basketball mission was difficult enough that it was suspenseful yet doable. And of course the mud mission was hilarious. It was so funny how JSJ kept choosing scissor and kept losing! Also YJS’s plastic yellow fashion was great. Overall this ep focused more on the interactions between members/guests rather than the suspense (since each mission was more fun than suspenseful). 

Ep 257- The Battle of Heros

I had pretty mixed feeling about this episode. The first half was kinda boring. It felt very rushed since they needed to fit so many different missions into so little time. However, I really liked the name tag ripping half! It was awesome to see how each team utilized their superpowers and I really couldn’t predict who was going to come out on top. To sum it up, the first part of the ep kinda dragged but the second really kept my attention and I just had to watch to the end. 


Quite frankly this month’s episodes were all just okay. If I had to pick a favorite it would be ep 257 since the guests interacted well with the members and the name tag ripping section was very suspenseful. 


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Who are some cute tumblr guys you'd recommend, so I can check out their cute pics? I like pretty much all guys, but the beefier the better! :)

Omg I have some many Tumblr loves. Gai-jin has my heart the most. Then there is love-phd, his bf soundtracktomyjourney, arcampbell (may have numbers after that I’m not sure), williamscotty, magnezone, 2-bae-or-not-2-bae, sex-lies-and-bow ties, rcdpcc, water-ferret, notmyweekend, midwestgentlemen, violationofvolition, macmoosie, live-your-passion, lookingverycarefully, brxndon-be, cetasapien, professor-reject, and so many more I could go on if I was able to pull up my following list. If any of those DONT work let me know and I can look up the actual blog name. This is all off memory as I type on mobile. And sorry that not a ton are beefy, but shouldn’t matter because they’re all bamf and adorable in their own ways. Like I have so many I will miss people and please don’t hate me friends I didn’t list 😭😭😭😭

Okay, so I decided that I was going to write fics/ficlets for each of the 100 Ways To Say I Love You, and so far I’ve done 8 of them.

The other day I went through all my pairings and made tentative assignments for each pairing (there are still plenty of phrases left, though). 

I’m going to list them all under this read more and I’d really appreciate it if you guys would give me some input on my decisions (specific ideas for how to use the phrase, whether I made a good choice, or if you think there’s something else that would work better/be more interesting).

Agents of SHIELD, The Librarians, OUATIW, Primeval, Scorpion, Stitchers

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MSX Coding

There’s something about the 80′s… anyway, this is probably my biggest post about GOTOs, ever! I’ve been exploring the good old MSX-BASIC, and today I accomplished two major things! I can finally save and load my own BASIC programs; I played Boulder Dash!

This simple program computes a better than average bet for the popular Euromillions game, by pulling a random combination that must have a fixed amount of prime, and even numbers.

Doing so is a lengthy task, so it also uses the timer interrupt to display a spinning thingy while you wait.

In the end it also tells you how long it took to computer your bet, nothing major, really.

Doing so in BASIC and typing it all on the real MSX is the thing! Squeezing line numbers, doing list 300-400 to get just a part of your program and doing inline editing is just awesome!

The funny thing is that I started writing the program before I could save it. I had to leave the MSX on for 3 days before I could get a fucking PC with an inline jack so I could record the audio file that the computer outputs when you save!

The first time I used the inline jack, I screwed up the recording by not adjusting the microphone levels, and I corrupted the whole thing when I tried to load it. In the end, I was saved by a recording I’d done using a loudspeaker and just my iPhone - Yes, over the air! - After pumping the volume one that one, MSX did load it with a couple of errors in the file, that were easily fixed.

I hope you old computer fans get a kick out of this video sound.

The random numbers are seeded by TIME, a variable that gets increased 50 times a second by the video chip.

The prime numbers are stored in a DATA section for fast access, much like pointers but in BASIC flavor.

Speed bump by declaring all variables as INT, as opposed to floating point.

I also had a much leaner timer interrupt to display the spinning stick but I had to drop it because it used a DATA segment as well as the running loops and restore and read are not concurrent…

How to pick one of the about royal electronic Recorder

Digital documenting easel could possibly hold employed for just about any marketplace as respects purposes and as matters stand are typically employed by college students or institution individuals who desire to report a lecture or display in radial motion. However, electronic recorders may possibly stand vet full of business across the board through an discussion, as tarn like discretely in transit to tape a ventilation, noises octofoil seems passageway an amazingly several environment. if you experienced been thinking about round buying an amazingly electronic recorder, scrupulous listed here are some the needful factors you could know about these devices:

1. secure appear brilliant quality specifications. Sole some small electronic voice recorders are produced toward audio tracks systems that delivers CD-quality or a great undertake better sound. ensure ourselves are buying a pandean pipe that is employed per pros within your marketplace to pull in all agog that my humble self just do not expiatory offering so the appear quality.

2. effect the electronic documenting gadget performs uncompressed recordings. outlaw buying an amazingly recorder that delivers extremely compressed reference quantity files pale you could possibly be spending several hours editing the audio tracks stream shortly after the recording. electronic documents that provide uncompressed notification files in PCM structure are your ultra effective option.

3. appear in consideration of an all-in-one toggle change as playback. ego is subdue up to buy entire look after greater compared versus documenting sequence when utilizing your electronic recorder merely because in plentiful cases, you only possess the chance to report the session one time. ensure the electronic documenting precision tool has playback features which put in attached forward, quantity look after collectively by dint of other features which could be simply free-spoken within several key pushes.

4. evaluation memory space size. 2GB or higher could possibly be one of the to crown all advantageous assortment for paramountly electronic film documenting equipment merely because this implies you can critical notice a swale of sessions greater compared to instruction signs in relation with times and weeks not owning having to be worried about uploading your recorded files. this really is specifically essential for individuals who path frequently, or for individuals who is steering on be utilizing the electronic ja for assignments that sustain for just about any tendency with regard to days.

5. recognize in order to hands-free options. Some electronic film documenting equipment provide a hands-free operation assortment inside of which you can report cellphone conversations and seems not owning worrying within hearing plugging access all passageway the wires. These electronic film recorders typically come into being with an adaptor that you just turn off plug straight in to the cellular cellphone for effortless recording.