The fact that Joyce was the only one to tell El that it was all right to stop if things got too bad while she was using her powers will always kill me. 

More than any other character who met El, Joyce had everything riding on her using her powers to find Will. She had more reason than anyone to look the other way on how it was hurting her. But instead of trying to push her to extremes to find him, she was the only one (besides possibly Mike) who really seemed conflicted about letting El help by using her powers. (And unless I’m mistaken, the only one to actually thank her?)

Joyce is a wonderful mother and a beautiful person and I wanted her to adopt El so bad, and for El and Will to get bunk beds and become friends and for Joyce to buy them a big box of 64 Crayola crayons with a built-in shapener so they could make all the drawings together and bond over their shared trauma.

Jooheon singing BIGBANG - If You

It’s so beautiful… I just (ಥ﹏ಥ)


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I was tagged by @nerdtasticawkwardpenguin thnx even tho this was quite the struggle! im exposing myself as a Sehun trash from today onwards (im lowkey still switching lanes)

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everyone else in marron's family is neurotypical
  • mrs. marron:what am i going to do with my weird, silent husband
  • mrs. marron:i guess i could put him in a quiet room with my weird, silent son
  • marron sr:
  • marron jr:
  • marron sr:
  • marron jr:
  • marron sr:
  • marron jr:
  • marron sr:
  • marron jr:
  • mrs. marron:it's nice to see my boys getting along

Guys, why did no one ever tell me about Saga?


anonymous asked:

Hi just wondering if youre gonna continue your fanfic 'Fathomless'? I absolutely love it! thanks :-)

Oh my gosh, an anon asking about my fic! Thank you, anon, for your interest! *tight hug* I will ABSOLUTELY be continuing Fathomless, (inspired by @camilleflyingrotten‘s art here and here for those who don’t know) but I just posted my #ItsStillBeautiful fic and am currently editing and doing rewrites for my Hannibal Big Bang fic. Those have both delayed Fathomless, but have not cancelled it! Fear not! Octo-Hanni will woo and seduce his surly fisherman in the very near future!


That was probably the wrong answer…

hAhaha im so good at makeup puns,,, anyway Shiro’s eyeliner game is too strong and also i finished this whole entire thing in one day. without photo references. someone give me a hug

also i used this as a layout ref even tho i made a Revlon pun… sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I am not defined by the fact that my parents speak Spanish or that my skin color is brown. I’m defined by my character, and my character is a strong woman that’s independent, that’s following her dreams, that wants love, that wants a family, that wants to succeed just like anybody else in this world.