The Houses as Beautiful Things

Hufflepuff: The sunrise. People smiling. Light drifting through an open window. A half-finished painting. Tulips. Flowers woven into a braid. Hugs. Dandelion seeds drifting in the wind. The world after it rains. Hope.

Gryffindor: Laughter. Friends embracing after a long time apart. A sunset just before it fades to blue. Autumn leaves. Color—each and every shade. Candid photographs. The glow of light through a foggy window. Joy.

Ravenclaw: Poetry. Bells chiming. The soft breeze of early spring. Soft piano music. Snow angels. Eyes lighting up in excitement. Seashells and chips of sea glass. A locket with pictures inside. Art.

Slytherin: Morning dew. Roses climbing up a trellis. Constellations. A dancer lost in the music. Stained glass. Tears of joy. Handwritten letters with smeared ink. Embers glowing in wake of fire. Old forests. Love.

*Every Breath You Take starts playing at the exact moment when Hopper hugs Joyce in the parking lot*


I just can’t get over how Naruto makes Sasuke smile in even the shittiest situations

Sitting by himself, after his beloved brother murdered the entire clan and he had to live alone without even having friends?

Fighting the enemy??

Been training all day and totally exhausted???

In the middle of a war????

Just lost an arm and is slowly bleeding to death?????

Being with Naruto just makes him so happy