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Thank you for answering my questions! Though, what about the moms? I know that they weren't nearly as involved in the story as the dads, but they are actually there. For once.

No problem ^^

I loved Yoko from ep. 1  how understanding she is of Yuya’s feelings, how rather that spout the “supportive anime mom” skit (that let’s be honest sound the same no matter from whom it comes) she approached her son in a way that makes clear she understands his feeling, there is no “you just have to work harder” or “stop doubting yourself” there is only full acceptance and an open door for Yuya to take his choice, this was not only cimented in episode 51 but we also got backstory for Yoko, we got to see her personality outside the mom role, we got to see why she feel in love with Yusho, those seem like small thing but I dare anyone to name 10 mom characters that have all of those things in recent years.

For Himika, well like Reiji she is shown less than Yoko, but one thing I really, really dig, is that while is not outright stated, it’s clear that while Reiji might be in the CEO - whether in public image or paper - it’s clear to us that Himika does not take a backseat when it comes to the dealings of the company, heck her introductory scene has her coming back from succesfully closing a deal overseas, and we are shown a  couple of images of her doing her job, again it sounds like such a small thing, but well same challenge as above :P, I like that she’s a morally grey character - we need more female grey characters - I LOVED that we were shown however brief her turmoil over being abandoned by her husband, and that is played as a huge impact to a Young Reiji.

Others have already said before that while the writing of female characters in Arc V is far from perfect it’s definitely a step up for the whole franchise and I agree wholeheartedly.

(Some people find this in hindsight depressing, and maybe it is, but I think it’s a step in the right direction)

To put it simply and IMHO: I do not remember the last time I was as interested for mom characters in anime like I’m interested in Yoko and Himika, because it’s not just that mom are generally non-existant - at best just alluded to - is that when they do exist on-screen, they’re just that: moms.

Their writing could be better, but like what we have so far.

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I just saw the first page of a presentation about American Imperalism in the Middle East on tumblr and under the title it said "How white people fucked up my country" and that's where they lost me. If you are going to talk about American imperalism you can't just talk about white people when you have had a black president for 8 years and I somehow doubt that US army only send white people to the Middle East. If he had written how the US fucked up his country I would have been fine with it. 1/2

But why do people always pretend like it’s only white people in the US when they’re talking about American Imperalism or when they talk about imperalism from other Western countries. I just annoys me so much, escpecially because it’s not about white people vs people of colour (if you can really use that word when it comes to other countries), it’s about western countries vs non-western countries and pretending it’s just white people in the West helps no one. 2/2



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the colour palette thing is annoying me SO MUCH ALSO LIKE i dont think theyre objectively “boring” theyre mainly.. neutral colours w/ One Other Bright Colour & Highlights of another (like.. tracers being orange & blue) but i dont understand what they mean by.. boring? there;s skins for a reason and for a game design lke this where theres skins putting in too many colours would make it so.. incohesive?? it just generall doesnt.. make sense. theyre not like, STELLAR colour

palettes but i dont think theyre like… objectively boring imo. i dont know. they are very much so critiquing it all from the standpoint of something thatd be FAR more cartoony though i do agree they really have a problem with making the (female especially) characters look very… “anime”

im like not articulating this as well as i could BUT imo as someone who has not like, profesionally studying character design i think context of media is very important to take into account so idk. i dont think my opinions here are objective but i dont think theirs should be taken as such either? imo

no this is articulated really well! dont have anything to add just want folks to see it.

i never read these days and it frustrates me cause when i was younger i was always the kid that was into reading and i started reading way before anyone else in my class and it was always my thing but these days its so so hard for me to find interest in any kinds of books nevermind actually sit down and read them

some1: warning the deadpool movie is bad it has violent themes!

me: its rated R

some1: it has rape jokes

me: idek if thats true but its rated R

some1: it has a gross puke scene

me: its rated R

some1: its very sexual stay safe!!


now stop trying to be all fking “PC” over a fking rated R movie , you wet cottonball


Poor reactions to Sherlock’s writings

And one more: