Hey y'all. My boyfriend and I are moving to LA by September 1 and we haven’t found an apartment and we’ve been searching since July. The roommates we met and set up to get an apartment with flaked out on us last minute when we already filled out an application.

So if anyone has a spare room they’re willing to rent out to a couple, please message me since we’d like to move in as soon as possible.

We’re open to any place at this point. Downtown LA, koreatown, westlake, west hollywood, east LA, south LA, long beach, etc.

Please share or message me if you or someone you know has a room for rent and can meet up soon or discuss details. We’re in a time crunch and it’s really stressful since we don’t have a strong support system or family to stay with.

Thanks again.


It turns out I’ve been posting my art on the internet for a DECADE now (wow wow!) so I decided to dig way back in my deviantart for some old art to redraw. It was kind of fun but also a little embarrassing!!!

This is Jacob and Rick from a story I had made when I was 14 called Angelic Resonance. It’s a very long and tragic story, but at the same time I think it’s a little half-baked and needed a lot more research than I was able to put into it at the time haha. Here’s a folder with all of my drawings from 2009-2012 of them, if you care to take a look! U///U

Angel of Darkness- Open Starter

The Angel flew into his apartment, throwing his jacket onto the torn couch. He slumps down next to it, stretching is black wings and sighs. He usually loved being alone, but he missed having people around to mock and…surprisingly be friends with. Right as he thought of who to text there was a knock on the door