Oh god….I found old art of my old AU fliptale. I am slightly cringing at how cheesy I was lmfao. And then I’m also slightly wanting to redesign the au and draw some art of it but I haven’t a clue if anyone would be interested in that at all. (This art was done in mspaint at an old job I had lol to explain the massive difference from my art now)

Hetalia+Angels vs Demons

Prussia: Demon. Definitely. Bloodlust and a military edge. He’s not an evil demon. He’s a battle field demon. 

America: Hard to say… Demon Alfie is fun but… Angel. I think this fits his hero persona and his good heart. (Even if he doesn’t always do the right thing.)

Canada: Angel. He’s too good. He’s just too good. He’s a bitter angel but he’s still an angel.

England: Demon. Oh, c’mon, that black magic aspect. He’s the most domestic demon though. Very… well read. 

France: Oh, a specific demon. An incubus. Harmless little sex demon. He doesn’t leverage that manipulative magic unless he has to.   

Italy: Angel. He’s too sweet to be a demon.Or just too incompetent.

Germany: Angel. Very rule bound and up and up about all those types of things.   

Spain: Angel. He wants to help people. He likes to make people smile. Also a vicious defender against demons.

Russia: Demon. Sorry buddy. Very dark past, willing to do what it takes to survive. At any cost.

China: A demon. But a super ancient and mellowed out one that is something of a legend now and tries to keep up with the kids.