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Imagine all 14 skaters going camping and it gets really cold at nights but they have to stay for a few days for whatever reason and colds get spread around. lol idk just a random thought i wanted to share

Dude…this is perfection. I should be writing up a Phichit request, but now I’m just thinking about this and how amazing it would be. (I’ve been really lazy today, only put one fic up). But I just had to think about this and write some ideas down. If anyone wants to contribute they are welcome to.

-who would sleep where??? Would they have two-man tents? So they’d all have to pair up :D
And be sleeping in little tents all squashed up together…

-you could bet that Yuri and Viktor are gonna be sharing a sleeping bag on those cold nights.

-I always thought Yurio would be the type to get the cold first and spread it around to everybody, but he’d totally try to pin it on JJ

-Yuri would stress himself out trying to nurse everybody and end up making himself even sicker.

-Seung Gil would cook for everybody, but mostly just so he could sit by the fire and avoid them all.

-Yurio would totally be moaning to Otabek about how miserable he was feeling when they went into the tent at night.

(God, I have loads more, but this is just gonna get huge)

the signs at a sleepover
  • aries: "let's go outside and throw eggs at people's houses."
  • taurus: "can we eat first?"
  • gemini: "oh my god aries. we should totally do that."
  • cancer: "can we just watch a scary movie or something?"
  • leo: "SELFIEEE!"
  • virgo: "oh my god, leo. stop with your fucking selfies. i agree with cancer though. let's watch a movie."
  • libra: "shut up, virgo. SELFIE!"
  • scorpio: "anyone wanna have sex with me?"
  • sagittarius: ";)"
  • capricorn: "y'all nasty."
  • aquarius: "can y'all shut up i'M TRYNA SLEEP oVeR HERE."
  • pisces: *is sleeping*