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The town of Sault Ste Marie, Michigan has always been a very unique town. They call it the mirror city because just on the other side of the Saint Mary’s River  it has a twin city. That is not the only unique thing about this town. Over 12,000 years ago it was the home to Native Americans. The area was sacred to them because it formed a mystical nexus. It was equidistant from all of the natural elements which gave the area great power. The Native Americans believed it was the focal point for good and evil in the world. If the balance tipped then the whole world could fall into chaos. As the Europeans moved into the territory, they tried to protect the balance as best they could. Most took their warnings to heart, feeling the power of the town in their veins but one man did not. He used the power of the town for his own gain and magic. In order to defeat him and regain the balance the elders of the tribe got together and stripped the man of all his magic and powers. What they didn’t know was what would happen many years later.

In the year of 2015 seven kids found themselves standing in the same spot on the anniversary of the Elders plan. The signs had all aligned that night and caused an event that no one could see coming. Each of the kids was gifted with powers beyond their imaginations. They have no idea why or what is happening but they know it’s something bad. They must learn to control their powers and come together as a circle if they hope to defeat the darkness that is coming.

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Okay, I knew this Cuisine fanbook idea was a bad idea:
Now people are sending me their ideas about delicious chosen dishes from around the world and I’M HUNGRY. XD

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More seriously I’m happy if other people are interested, give me a few days fannibals and I will try to set up a form / page for who wants to register and start to make a list of participants/ideas. Thankfully there is no rush, we still have time.
I’ll try to do at least 2 short comics, one with the Wendigo in chibi-style with a french dish, and one with a more realistic style with another country’s dish. Not sure if I’ll be able to but I really want.

I don’t know where this is going, if there are a lot of participations and interest maybe we can think of a crowdfunded printed book in the end, if we’re just a small group it’s OK too, we can make a handmade collective album, either way I think Janice will appreciate the gesture. ^^

The girl thats got me shook

This girl i see her almost evreyday, she is so beautiful thst even looking at her makes my day that much brighter i hardly know her but from the second i layed eyes on her i was totally drawn in she is about 5'6 maybe, big typical “nerd” glasses and bright blue eyes at first I didn’t know what her hair was like as she was wearing a beanie to help keep her from the cold, but then at the end of the day i saw it long light blonde hair trailing past her shoulders down her back. I have never experienced such prue beauty in my life, my stomach fills with butterflys every time i see her even now from the first moment i caught a glimpse i was almost obsessed she has an almost vacant look in her eyes and seems as if she is in her own little world my friend calls it weird looking she is very quiet and does not speak often at first i though this was due to her not speaking english as she moved here from Poland with her family 3 years ago but I didn’t know that then, so i never approached i just smiled when ever she would walk past me and said a simple morning or what not, then oneday we are short staffed and my manager asks a diffrent department for a person to help for the day, im doing my general hobs when i hear “here i got you an extra person” i turn around and my stomach turned, my legs felt weak and i felt my eyes light up, it was her, my friend knowing that i have a thing for her decided to put her with me all day wich was wonderful vutbi try and strike conversation she is very resurved and shy doesn’t really say alot and its hard for me to get any kind of conversation going but intry my best all day while tripping fumbling and just making at utter fool of my self doing almost everything i can to make her day easier the day comes to an end and ive made no real connection but that just makes me want her more, i sae her again today she took 0 notice of me almost as if i didnt exsist atall i need an excuse to talk to her again im praying that time comes very soon, this girl has got me going crazy and i need to know more about her, its gotten so bad that it is haunting my dreams butnat least in those i have looked in to those piercing crystal blue eyes held her by her waist and kissed her so softley

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Does it freak you out to have murder weapons in your house? I've read about objects retaining energies, just like how houses can contain negative vibes and need to be cleansed and all? Just wondering if you've ever had anything paranormal or something occur cause the objects you have come from the darkest souls to walk the world.

Not really, I don’t really think much of it since I’ve had them for a while. Initially I thought it a little creepy. I kind of like how freaked out my mom gets about them though, she’s very superstitious. She got that hammer out once and asked why it was wrapped up and stuff, I was like because it’s a murder weapon…we don’t keep that out 😂. She was like “OMG JESSIKA NOOOO” and threw it and like jumped up and down waving her hands. Hilarious.