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phasing/sharding = death of rp/wpvp - World of Warcraft Forums
So after a few weeks of trying to post tickets, poking around on the forums to see if people are going through this, as well as continously tweeted at @BlizzardCS as well as @WarcraftDevs- I decided to post on the forums myself to see if we can get a response or just what their plans are on this situation. But this phasing of entire servers, is getting out of hand, and has taken a heavy, HEAVY toll on both world PVP, RP-PVP and RP, in both cities and out in the world. I cannot speak for others, if this helps them, especially with lag I'm glad! the devs are always working on ways to better the game. but on a server such as Emerald Dream, where PVP and RP is king, the phasing makes it not even worth it. Going to community events that have a massive turn out, that requires more then one raid, people are banished to the nether, even in the same raid group it isn't completely safe. Going out into the world looking for some good ole fashion Wpvp (not even in an invasion zone) becomes a shoot in the dark, because the other fashion's defense group isn't even in the same universe. It doesn't even have to be major things, as WrA and other RP realms are feeling as well: Casual, walk up, and world rp has just been slashed. The cities are ghost towns, and trying to rp in the world just as a guild or a community casually, requires a raid just to see people on our own server It's just not a WORLD anymore, our servers aren't even whole. Perhaps I missed something, or this is just a temporary thing, if so we hunker down and we wait for things to return to normal, but from little I've seen of this subject, it's working "as Intended." If you're from RP/PVP/RP-PVP servers and have any examples please post them so blizzard can see what's going on! the RP and to extent Wpvp community may be a minority to this game, but we're still part of it. The more they know, the more they can help us as a community :) Thanks!, Tare

If you’ve been affected by this either as a rper or pvper. please post! Keep it up so blizzard remembers THIS IS A MMO.

Jessica Jones 1.13

Rosario Dawson.

  • Best episode since 1.9 and a superb finale. Dark and unrelenting. There are no wasted scenes, or pointless b-stories. Instead, the focus is squarely on the final hours of the cat-and-mouse game between our hero and her quarry.
  • The Claire Temple character from the Daredevil series is introduced and given a lot screen time as a means of expanding the show’s world to include other aspects of the Marvel TV Universe and - much more crucially - to provided Jessica with a sounding board during the crisis and also as a gateway to discussions about the nature of heroes.
  • David Tennant goes out on a high. He has several great scenes.
  • The final scenes deftly establish a viable status quo for the series moving forward, with Jessica now having a lawyer who will work with her and, in Malcolm, a secretary. As the camera slowly pulls back down the hallway there is a real sense that the whole season was a ‘pilot’ and now we are on the threshold of a great private eye series. 


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I just don’t understand how people can enjoy drawing. I don’t get how they get satisfaction from it. My sister is drawing right now, and my best friends draw all the time, but I just can’t get into it the way they do. Art makes me feel stressed and stupid.

However, I CAN write like there’s no tomorrow. Every English teacher I’ve had has said I’m one of the best writers they’ve seen, and that I can nail dialogue and plot perfectly. So why can’t I accept that I’m meant to be a writer?

Well, in the art world, and especially in fandoms, nobody gives you respect unless you’re an illustrator. Only animators/visual artists get praised and known by name. If I ever get lucky enough to work for Disney (which I won’t…I’ll never be able to afford to move out of my state), nobody’s going to care about who I am and the work I do, except for the people I’ll work with. It’s unfair.

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what kind of bad thoughts?

The kind of bad thoughts you get when you see the sun rising and you know that one sad day has passed and an even sadder one awaits.

The bad thoughts you get when you know you don’t really have a happy place anymore.

The bad thoughts you get when you realise that you don’t have someone to tell your pains to anymore.

The bad thoughts you get when you can’t breathe anymore because anxiety has moved in with you and you know, she is not leaving anytime soon.

The bad thoughts you get when your last cigarette burns out, like your last friend leaving. Ashes belong with ashes anyway.

The bad thoughts you get when you know you cannot afford to be sad anymore but you still are.

The bad thoughts you get when you realise you struggle to get out of bed because the world is scary and you don’t really have a place in it anyway.

The bad thoughts you get when your therapist tells you that you cannot function without help and you know she is right.

The bad thoughts you get when the most exciting thing in your life is a new patch for your jacket.

The bad thoughts you get when your best friends are a carton of cigarettes and an old pencil that can only write in the form of bad poetry.

The bad thoughts you get when you know you are a tourist in others’ lives but you do nothing to change it. There for only a moment. There but not quite. Just a passerby.

The bad thoughts you get when your camera can only take picture of sad people so now you can only take self portraits.

The bad thoughts you get when you are okay, but not really.


I know you did not ask for teenage drama that does not even rhyme. I apologise.

Cat's Cradle

read it on the AO3 at

by aestover

There’s not much you can do when the guy you hate the most in the world stumbles to your dorm at 2AM with a wet kitten. Except let him in. The cat — not the guy. Because fuck Lance.

Words: 544, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

When I tell you all that watching A Different World changed the way I saw things, I’m serious. I feel like watching it while in college was the best decision too.


ah you guys 800 people follow my stupid blog about these 7 idiots i’m obsessed with . it just means the world for me for you to take your time to follow me. honestly when i got my blog like, two years ago and a half something like that im like i will be happy if i get 20 followers. thank you so much. also i would love to thank you for not sending in hate, and it just means a lot to know i don’t annoying you enough to send shit to me
i would love to thank first every body that follows me (i love you 😊) many more people but here are people in my mind right now @mayolajidebt, @minnieminter, @sidemenn, @realminiminter, @minibaes-n-swegways, @minininiminter, @gabstar123, @jayluxity

I spend too much time realizing that I can’t fucking handle it.
I’m not really sure what “it” is.
I just know it fucking sucks and I can’t feel this ball of led in the center of my brain making everything around me dark and miserable.
People spend so much time telling me that I need to learn to love myself. Or I’m too hard on myself. Etc
My problem isn’t with me. I am fucking awesome. I am beautiful, hilarious, have a secure job, my own place, know how to cook, insightful, trust me, I’m great.
It’s everything in the world that makes me want to kill myself.
And getting someone to understand that is so fucking difficult.

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What is your gender? Ordinary
Describe yourself? Bad Decisi
How do you feel? Something Good Can Work
If you could go anywhere? Je Viens de La
Favourite mode of transportation? Come Back Home
Your best friend? Beacon
Favourite time of day? Next Year
If your life was a TV show? Are We Ready? (Wreck) 
Relationship status? Someday
Your fear? The World is Watching

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