this world..

It’s honestly so tiring trying to follow blogs in a side fandom of mine, because it’s like “….do you start ship wars?” “…do you post hate about my faves?” “do you actively stan and woobify villains?” “do you act like a prat if your ship doesn’t get much screentime?”

I mean….I really hate this fandom sometimes.

Honestly, after being BLESSED with not one but two episodes where Ellie was team leader, I really want to see her getting point on a case, and calling “Floor time” and McGee/Gibbs are both like “What?” and they see Torres sitting down, and they’re both realizing that some of Ellie’s quirks don’t change, but they sit down on the floor.

Gibbs takes a few minutes to realize why he’s smiling to himself.

McGee just grins at his little sister, doing the Lord’s Work (by being boss i Mean)

Sorry that got rambly but basically, Ellie being boss, and Gibbs and McGee both supporting her.

sapphire  hues  pull  away  from  the  mirror  sitting  on  the  counter ,    to  the  girl  standing  beside  her ,    an  expression  of      utter      seriousness  etched  across  her  features .

‘     you  have  to  be  honest  with  me  ——  do  these  make  me  look      WEIRD  ?     ’

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