this whole sequence was amazing


‘Joong-Ki and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’

Some spoilers from JL

  • First of all, It was GOOD. Which surprised me, because I didn’t really liked the MoS or BvS. 

  • They finally got it right with Superman!!!!! I mean, this Superman put the people first. Save people. That’s my Superman.

  • I didn’t like the whole scene where Clark/Superman is back - BIG SPOILER (I think) he decides to  fight them all? I don’t understand. Even Bruce, because of all that happened during BvS, but at the end of it, they were allies, and then, he comes back and really fights them? I didn’t like, and it didn’t make a lot of sense in the end (for me). Although it was amazing seeing Superman and Wonder Woman go at it.

  • BARRY ALLEN MY SON. i love him. and I loved THIS him. he was funny and he was young and talkative and impressionable and it was amazing. (for people saying that Batman Flash relationship is the DC equivalent of Tony and Peter, just no. Both are amazing, but in no way the same)

  • AQUAMAN, the whole aquaman sequences were amazing, but I just lost it on the Lasso of Truth moment. THE AESTHETIC OF HIM JUST GOING TO THOSE HUGE WAVES. LOVE.

  • SUPERBAT IS A THING. CONFIRMED. They even compared Bruce moping and mourning Clark with Diana mouring Steve Trevor. The biggest ship on the whole movie was superbat. There’s a moment there you think they will go for Bruce and Diana, but that’s just Alfred’s wishful thinking. 

  • Bruce is not just feeling guilty for the part he played in Clark’s death. The way he talks about Clark. I was pleasantly surprised to see it in a movie. (even my brother saw the whole superbat thing)

  • Wonder Woman being the leader and the badass superhero she can be. And she’s in the movie a lot. <3

i could talk about it so much more. I wanna go to the cinema again!!!!


I’m sorry but this whole sequence is absolutely breathtaking. The animation and the music was amazing I still can’t get over it. It’s a scene I find myself rewatching because it was so well done you just can’t watch it once.

Reveling in Richonne

#78: The Eight

Did y'all know we were in “Say Yes”!? We made a quick cameo as the dumpster that Richonne have their cute little banter behind. 😂😋

Lol but for real this scene is so fun and memorable and such a great insight into the adorably lighthearted dynamic of Richonne. 👌🏽 

I told myself I was going to try and stop over reveling in how playful they are in these posts cuz I say it so much but I can’t not mention it in literally their most playful scene to date. This whole little sequence was so playful and amazing. I adore their banter. 😋

So it starts with them behind us the dumpster and I love the framing of the way Michonne is behind Rick. Like they just look so perfect together and so like a unit.

Then they step closer and start strategizing about how to best go about this walker situation. And at first it just seems like business as usual, like this is just the Rick and the Michonne all up close and personal and making a plan and following along with what the other is saying perfectly. The norm.

And if you watch Michonne she’s very intently listening to her man with a plan lol but then she hears something that makes her sort of smile. And we find out that this change in reaction is because of the sort of uneven tasks that Rick has just assigned.

Rick is going to go take out one walker and Michonne realizes “You’re leaving me eight.” I absolutely positively adore this. 😋

Like she’s not asking a question she’s making an amused statement that her man has just suggested she take out eight walkers on her own. You know she has no problems doing this but I love that she says this sort of teasing him about it and just to acknowledge the humor in this situation.

Like I love that she’s so amused by this and probably low key flattered. It’s funny too cuz like walkers are life threatening things (as much as they’ve become more like nuisances) and so for anyone else, taking on eight walkers would be a risky thing but Rick knows that’s a walk in the park for Michonne.

And it’s funny how Rick then proceeds to give an explanation as to how he’s come to this conclusion that it should be eight vs. one.

He said it’s about doing it quiet with the sword and for some reason I really like that he says “with the sword” cuz it just reminds you that Michonne has a dang sword. And not just that, she’s also a pro at using it and low key you know that’s super cool to Rick lol. 😋

Like literally who else has a sword, but his wife? And then I love the way that Michonne is looking at him while he’s trying to explain. Like it’s so cute and hilarious cuz she’s doing that subtle head nod that says “Okay riiight, keep talking”

Originally posted by thewdead

It’s just so playful and you can’t help but smile at seeing this side of their dynamic. It’s cute cuz they’ve been doing this flirty teasing long before canon and now they’re pretty much pros at it.☺️ 

And then as Michonne listens to see how many words Rick is going to use to try and explain himself he eventually realizes there’s actually a much simpler explanation. So as Michonne starts walking he tells her, “You can handle eight.“ 

That moment is such comedic gold. 😂Also, it’s literally him acknowledging that she’s a pretty impressive warrior in this apocalypse so I’m here for it.

And the way he says it is just so hilarious, like he knows she had no issue with this and was just trying to see how he’d justify it and so now he’s just telling it like it is.

I also love that he knows his woman can handle this. Like it makes me realize there must have been plenty of times throughout the seasons where Rick had taken note of and been impressed by Michonne’s fighting ability.

And when he says this Michonne looks back at him sort of like "Duh. That’s all I was waiting for you to say” lol. 😂

And then I love that it’s then her turn to call shots when she whispers to let him know that she’ll go first and then he can go. And then she’s off to swat these flies real quick cuz that’s what killing walkers has become to them. 😋

It’s funny cuz not only is Homegirl going to take out more walkers but she wants to go first to give him time. Rick’s got himself the realest, y'all. 🙌🏾👸🏾

What makes this scene so great is that it had all the Richonne elements in one. There was the playfulness, the strategy, and the adoration, hence why I love this scene so much. 👌🏽

wonder woman thoughts *spoilers*

-Little diana is so fucking cute omg!!
-this scenery and everything is so beautiful wow
-Meeting Chris Pine aka steve holy fuck he is so hot i missed him on the big screen
-diana is so badass yes queen
-this fight is so stressful omfg
-Fuck the patriarchy lmao men ruin everything!!!!
-that lasso yes around steve trevor mmm even more yes he’s so cute and funny my sweet american man ugh
-Dr poison can fuck right off
-Look at daddy destroying that german base fuck he’s so hot
-Men are easily corrupted!!!! Bish ur not wrong
-YES BITCH scale that fucking wall and get that sword
-“Who will i b if i stay” QUEEEEN COMING TO SAVE US ALL
-“There are men who can stop him” “Im the man who can” YES SLAY U DONT NEED A MAN
-LOL this interaction on the boat…U dont sleep w women?
-Omg they’re Sleepin together this is cute af
-I was sculpted from Clay… thats neat LMFAO
-I Understand the Pleasures of flesh lmao omg
For Pleasure men are unnecessary… hahaha i love this
-Gal is so fucking mesmerizing wow so gorg
-She’s so cute in the real world
-Etta holding the shield and sword lmfao i love the comedic elements
-She doesnt take any shit from anybody i love her telling those old men off
-YOU WERE LYING??? LmFao they’re so cute i can’t
-“I am bothfrightened n aroused” me fucking too
-May we get what we want may we get what we need but may we never get what we deserve… same
-no mansland… but we got a woman to KILL IT
-I HAVE NO WORDS except yes bitch!!!! That whole fight sequence was amazing omfg what a badass queen i was cheering the whole time i lit up and chris pine helping her yes boo youre doing amazing sweetie
-You know, you did this…. we* did this omg they’re a we and now they’re dancing fuck!!!
-Shes so beautiful when she smiles/in general they’re so relieved and happy rn
-Ugh chris pine is so fuckin sexy, still thinking abt his naked body
-Omg r they gna fuck this is like her first kiss wat
-Chris’ German accent lmfao
-The village being gassed omg im crying
-MY Queen is pissED YES
-ITS not about what you deserve its what about what you believe
-She is shook Af… me too diana
-I knew he was fucking bad omg that old bitch I’m shook this dude is Ares!!! Hes real!!! Damn
-Shes the godliller not some sword!!!queen!!!
-Omfg is steve gonna die??? NOO WHY MY BABY PLS daddy NO
-He gave her his watch IM CRYING FUCK actual tears
-CMON BITCH U GOT THIS!!! I cant believe this old fuck is ares wtf
-HUMANS ARE SO MUCH MORE… ugh i love her
-I cant believe hes fucking dead im not okay this memorial is killing me i’m crying my sweet beautiful good steve trevor that pic is so adorable wtf i love him
-Love trumps hate!!!… yes OKAY THIS MOVIE WAS PHENOMENAL this is definitely what the dc universe needed to bring in back to life holy shit she is a goddess and chris pine is daddy this movie and the action and the premise and the destruction of all patriarchal values
-10/10 recommend… if u read this all lets be friends bc thank u for using ur time to read my thoughts xo until next movie I presume

theladyragnell  asked:

Tell me a favorite story!

Maybe a D&D story is cheating a bit because you’re in my party, so if you would like another story, lemme know! But this one was too good to pass up.

So, early in our campaign, in the worst fucking city full of assholes, we end up talking to the one wizard in the whole damn place. He was distracted and had trouble identifying reality, and his magic was all over the place. But he’s helpful and periodically friendly and ends up coming along to help us out (for meta reasons, in part, because we were going after some cultists with a party member missing).

He was a little frustrating at times, but he also saves us from being eaten by a beholder, so.

Two of us have some temporal-dimensional travels (and set a dimension on fire, Quil) and run into much younger versions of him who ends up being 850 years old. In our time, he looks like an old man. Dude is Weird.

He tags along with us though, and at his recommendation, we end up tracking down the head of the renowned wizard’s college and master of a magical rift crystal for some information. Head Wizard tells us that our wizard, the grumpy often-incoherent curmudgeon who we are vaguely fond of, is the human embodiment of Paladine, the FUCKING GOD OF PALADINS.

(And then asks us to look after him, because they’re old friends.)

Which, haha, we FUCKED THAT UP, because eventually three of our party members waltz down a mountain of death to find our ship blown to fucking pieces and entire crew (including our wizard-avatar) missing.

We, uh. Panic. A bit.

Eventually, we find out that Lloth, an evil spider-goddess of chaos, has kidnapped our poor wizard and is torturing him. She is, in fact, keeping him on the verge of death without actually letting him die.

There was some painful description about this and we all made very distraught faces. And were feeling guilty about not having been able to protect him.

So. We decide we’re going to Save Our Wizard, come hell or high water.

It’s hinted that we’ll have to do a swap-and-replace with an enemy-who-may-have-been-deep-down-redeemable, which we find super horrifying and are like LET’S NOT SACRIFICE PEOPLE. But, uh, there’s no way we can go up against a goddess as squishy as we are, so there are several months of “Okay, we’ll do this thing, but THEN WE GET BACK TO RESCUING PALADINE AND HIS VESSEL.”

(Our DM forgot our wizard’s name, which. Rude.)

Anyway. We eventually get to the point where we think we won’t immediately die in the void at the edge of the Abyss, and even though we’re still terrified, we are doing to rescue our friend or die trying.

There are plans and careful spell preparations, and we even distribute some locks of hair around for resurrection purposes, and finally. Finally, we descend to Lloth’s domain.

She’s waiting for us, because of course she is, and all of us aaaaaaare panicking quite a bit. Because Lloth presents us with two choices: either we attempt to fight her, or we agree to transport some mystical egg to her handmaiden in exchange for our wizard. We trust the continent sized spider-lady about as far as we can throw her.

So, we’re trying to decide, and @socpuppet​ is missing, so we’re jaegering her cleric between us.

We’re arguing ethics and consequences, and I am desperately thinking, until I remember the cleric feature Divine Intervention. It lets you call on your god for a favor - it’s not a spell or anything, just a prayer.

Kithri, our cleric, prays to her goddess for anything, anything to help us get our wizard back safely without taking this deal.

For Divine Intervention to succeed, you have to roll below your cleric level on a 100-sided die. There’s like a 15% chance of success. This is a Hail fucking Mary. We hold our breaths.

I roll a 7.

Kithri’s goddess can move our entrapped and insensate wizard within range of a Dimension Door (short range teleportation) spell. We have one surprise round.

Our sorcerer jumps over, grabs our wizard, and uses a sorcerer ability that lets her cast a second spell on her turn, and casts the high-level spell that will let her shift back to our home plane. Our druid grabs the other two of us and casts the same spell.

Our cleric, who’d been a “guest” of Lloth’s previously, yells “Yondalla says fuuuuuck yooooooooou” on the way out.

Our DM teases us with the horrible possibility of being insta-killed due to an old optional rule set we weren’t told about, but then decides to just make us trek through a towel embroidery pattern of treacherous giant spiderwebs, which is an entirely different ridiculous story, but damn, that roll and whole sequence was one of the most amazing of the whole campaign.

My Lordt(A Richonne Review 7x9)

First, the whole car sequence was so amazing. I’m a richonner, but I am an AVID Walking Dead Fan and that was some top level riveting stuff.(300+ zombie kill /fast and furious style /tandem style/ clothesline style.)

Second, Gregory was bout to catch them paws from Rick, but Michonne know her man, and intervened. The handhold outside, gah! The way they were smizing at each other. I was like, “yep, absolutely.” If I was there, I would be like “kiss, kiss. Do it. Do it.“

Third, right before they walked into the kingdom, Rick was about to go off again with Richard, but then Michonne spoke up. Then, before they leave to enter the gates,Rick looked at her and paused for just a second until she caught up with him. Then she gave him a quick stare and small, barely there, smile. (Real tears are flowing. Okay, I’m dying).

Fourth, Morgan and Rosita are trying my last patient nerve. Like,Glenn died Morgan. GLENN. And Rosita, girlllllll, Sasha didn’t steal your man. I thought y'all buried that hatchet. (Y'all got bigger fish to fry. Stop being petty).

Fifth, The whole The kingdom, Ezekiel, Carol, Morgan, Daryl side story is exciting to me. (Lots of ships I ship in this. Lol).

Sixth, After the fast and furious slice and dice, Michonne was on the other side of the highway and had to run from her side and across the median to get to that SUV. Rick noticed this and waited for her, almost dying in a herd. He is shook when he gets in the car and in disbelief. He wanted to save Michonne, but she can save herself. (When your wife is more badass than you).

My overall favorite. Seventh, Michonne sees that Rick is shook and smiles y'all. I love me a Michonne smile(she was super cute). Then she tells him that they made it, that he could smile. He still shook, so she got a bit hood and told him, “WE can make it.” (Slight head roll and all, I live).When that doesn’t sway his view, she leans in and whispers, “We’re the ones that live.” Then I get shook, because damnit. Rick got turned on. That-whole-breathing-onto-his-beard-with-her-lips-parted-and-her-locs-obscuring-her-face-so that-is-the-only-image -you -have-of-her-and-Rick looked like-he-wanted-her-to-climb-on -top-of-him-and-let-Carl-Rosita-and-Tara-watch. (And me.That whole sequence was, gah.)

Eight, love that Rick and Michonne have faith in Gabriel. (Cause Gabriel was winning me over for a bit, but next week should explain his side).

Nine, Carl imitating mom and pops with Enid. They had some stares and handholds. (Mini ship it).

Ten, Rick can smile all day everyday. I want this. I need this. Michonne can smile all day. Same want, same need. (This was a great episode for Myself).


Richonne fucking me up y'all.

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My super optimistic full of love cupcake.

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Lucky random Vocal Adrenaline dancer

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Leave it to Blaine to find some furniture in Dalton to dance on.

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Can I help too?  Please?  You have no idea how much I want to help.

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This whole sequence was delightful fun.  And he looks and sounds amazing.

Finally finished Mianite

Oh boy. I finally finished all of season 2 and I have a few things to say about it.

1. I really wanna congratulate X33N and all the other backstage people for their amazing work. Like wow. The whole nightmare sequence with the castle turning to sand was epic.

2. I was extremely frustrated that the main heroes weren’t grasping what was going on and were rushing through everything. Which is why I’m glad they did not go into a Season 3. If they had, they would have probably ended up completely ignoring the plot.

3. You don’t have to yell at me about how hard his life was at the time, I still don’t like Tom. The fact is: he’s not a team player and he has a very small attention span. And that’s fine. He can be a really funny a cool dude, of that I have no doubt. But I still don’t like him.

4. I loved the addition of Wag and I think Tom made a great choice there. I’m glad the Writers tried their best to include him.

5. I hope Wag gets the help he needs for his sickness. I can’t believe they are making him wait months at a time for important scans and what not. If he lived in America that would not be happening. Please Britain, get better Health Care. For Wag’s sake.

6. If by some crazy happenstance, there is a Season 3…. I’d watch it but I don’t need it. Especially not if it’s gonna be full of people ignoring the plot. If they’re gonna do that, they should just do a normal survival series. Not Mianite. Either way, I’ve accepted that Season 3 isn’t gonna be happening.

7. The book Ianite gave Jordan was so meta and full of feels. Apart from the technical difficulties, the season finale was great.

Wow, do I have thoughts about that episode of Critical Role. So many thoughts. But it is past midnight and I have to sleep, so here are just a few, probably incoherently phrased and missing bits but oh, well, what the hell:

- The Grey Hunt. Oh, God, the Grey Hunt. We knew it was coming and I’m so glad we got there. It did feel somewhat rushed, and some of that was probably from external factors, but some of it’s from the result of character choices and they will have such interesting ramifications. Vex feeling all conflicted at the end about how things played out makes me sad for her, because I wanted her to come out of it feeling challenged but victorious, and less like there were opportunities missed. But that also means that she’s going to have a lot to mull over about what this means for her and her role, and that could go so many fascinating places. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT YAY

- Vax, meanwhile, still keeps churning over the same few points, and while I’ve been more forgiving about that than some, I will also be relieved to shove him forward a few months and hopefully into a new place before we check in on him again.

- Pike is the best. That comment about brothels / asking what everyone else thinks she does when they’re not around, and the whole bit about imagining conversations with Scanlan, and and and…so many good moments ASHLEY YOU ARE THE BEST NEVER LEAVE US (unless it’s for super cool jobs because I get it but WE LOOOOVE YOOOOOU).

- Grog also remains completely brilliant and a joy forever. Especially when he talks drunkenly in his sleep.

- Speaking of imbibing: Oh, drunken!Kiki. Never change.

- Tary. I just. I mean. Tary.

- I reiterate: holy shit that whole fabulous wonderful terrible amazing sequence with Tary

- I die

- I am also glad about the sensible notes about relationships that he was given amidst all the madness happening there, and what they also revealed about the people giving the advice

- (And as a footnote: Tutors, man. Between Percy and Tary and their respective teachers, it’s one extreme or the other with these guys, apparently.)

- I am utterly delighted that not only did Percy pull that trick with scrying on Scanlan instead of on Tary, because that was evil genius, but that Matt and Taliesin promptly put to use all the lessons they learned from the completely fucking brilliant one-on-one sequence between Tal and Eric during Eric’s TBD RPG last week. I am tickled to death that they brought that back home and gave us the reverse whisper. So cool.

- Percy’s anger issues about Scanlan, and Vex being the only sanity check on it he’ll accept: mmm, interesting potential there too.

- (And, I mean, hey. Those gatestones were a gift from Lillith, after all. Wink, nudge.)

- Cassandra. Every moment we got with Cassandra. She deserves all the cake and all the hugs. And all the help from her brother, which I’m getting to shortly, because Percy was walking right up to that one without hesitation and…

- oh holy fuck the timeskip

- the timeskip

- so much can happen in a year, in so many ways

- I have this dark little hunch that Percy and Vex might not be in the best place in a year, mostly because we’re talking about one actor in particular who likes to fuck with things just to see what’ll happen (ahem), but also because both characters have unresolved issues of their own that could generate enough internal conflict that they might end up with unintended external friction, too. I mean, I ship the hell out of them and I want them to be happy, but there’s the potential for interesting wrinkles that they’d have to work on together, too. We shall see, I suppose. We shall see.

- Meanwhile, Vax and Kiki will probably be noisily happy and insist that everything’s blissful while dodging their own issues that still exist, because, well, Vax and Kiki. But, y’know, again, I’m spitballing. Could be wrong. WE’LL SEE.

- I hope Tary has an awesome boyfriend by this time next year, though. And that Doty shall rise again.


- so, y’know, no pressure

- aaaaaaaaaaaa

(Also: Liam’s running another one-shot next week AND I AM SO GODDAMN EXCITED FOR IT. insert gif here of me doing toddler fists of glee.)

Like I know that we all like to say ‘WTF’ whenever we see the people who created DHMIS make weird, surreal, scary stuff but we need to talk about how talented they are. Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling are like killing it. Not only are they talented puppeteers but they make all their sets and everything. The whole Gumball sequence took them apparently three months and it was amazing.

Submitted by: Anon

IT’S ANGST TIME! It’s half an hour past midnight, and Lapis, Peridot and Pumpkin are taking a walk alongside the lake, the
moonlight reflecting on the surface of the water enlights the whole scenario giving a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere, the two
are chatting and sharing various new little heart experiences, and in a moment of distraction of Lapis, Peridot playfully splashed
some water behind her back, this started a splashing war between them, a war that Peridot is going obviously to lose, and Pumpkin
just jumping around and barking excitedly. The two are now sitting on the shore, Peridot has her head resting on Lapis shoulder,
with Pumpkin sleeping on Peridots lap, they’re here, content with just being peacefully with each others company, this night seems
peaceful, until…

… from the water emerges a huge, semitransparent, crab-like creature, seemingly made of water, with a light blue gem embedded on
its left pincer. With a strident scream towards the now startled gems and frightened poor pumpkin, the monster rushes to attack
them, Lapis quickly creates a giant fist from the water to punch its face, but… the fist just passed through it! Off course, this
creature is made of water, this means that it is immune to Lapis attacks, now Peridot has to think to something quickly, she looks
around her to find something metallic to smash on the monster, but there is not even a single piece of junk to use here on this
normally beautiful natural landscape, but now only a dangerous place with no weapons to defend themselves, the only thing that they
can do now is… “RUN”! Lapis shouts, and quickly grabs pumpkin with her left arm and Peridot with her right one, and with a quick
motion she spreads out her water wings and flies away, but before she can reaches enough altitude…

… the monster, exending one huge pincher abruptly, manages to catch them midair, grabs Peridot by her head and makes lapis falling
down, she tries to protect pumpkin from the impact shielding him with her arms, and succeeded to take the both of them on the ground
without any significant damage, she goes to stand up when… “AAAHHH!!!” she froze, eyes wide open in fear, hearing Peridots voice
screaming in pain behind her she turns around and gasps seeing the monster pressing its giant pincer around Peridots head, holding her high
off the ground, and even more worrying, she notices that Peridots body is… glitching, this could only mean one thing… “PERI, NOOO”!
Lapis hastily creates another giant fist and tries again to to punch out the monster without thinking twice, she’s driven by pure
instinct and fear, in fact the giant fist passes through the monsters body again, she has to think to something else, and fast, or
else Peridot will be soon shattered… she got it, she have an idea, she creates like a giant water axe and goes to cut a big tree
trunk, once she cut it, she creates a giant water hand again, grabs the trunk with it and, while the monster is too occupied crushing
the poor green gems head…

… “TAKE THIS, YOU MORON”! Lapis tosses the big trunk with the water hand, and hit the monster with it rigth in the middle, causing
its body to fall apart in a huge rain of scattered water and poofs, letting its gem and Peridot fall down in the shore of the lake,
with the trunk that fell down only a couple of meters away of Peridots still glitching limp body. Pumpkin, barking worriedly, runs to
Peridot, Lapis stares from far away with an horrified expression where her companion is lying unconscious, and, snapping out of her
shock, runs over there too. Peridot is lying on the ground, glitching even more than before, with her face turned to the other side of
where Lapis is coming from, so that she can’t see her face from where she is now, plus now Pumpkin is covering her head too, trying
to wake up her with soft whimpers and paw touches, Lapis reaches her, Pumpkin sadly move away a little to make space for her, she kneels
down, gently takes her glitching face and turns it in front of her…

… she gasps in shock as she sees in which state is her face now: her visor is completely gone, not even a single shard of glass
remains, her whole face has evident signs of having been under pressure (any other gem would have been poofed, how on earth she isn’t),
an expression that shows debility and pain, but the worst thing is the large and deep crack in her gem that is causing the continuos
glitch of her body and the risk for her life. Seeing her suffering like this is upsetting, to say the least, but Lapis must focus on
bringing her to Steven as soon as possible to have her gem cured, she bubbles the gem of the damn monster and sends it to the barn, she
immediately takes Peridot in her arms, Pumpkin jumps on her back, then she spreads her water wings and… “L-Lapis…” she hears the
fleeble voice of Peridot,“Peri! Hold on, I’m taking you to Steven, you will be fine” “N-no, I d-don’t have m-much time…” “Peri, no…”
Lapis can’t hold back her tears anymore,“L-Lapis, I-I…” one last rapid sequence of glitches and then her gem… “NO!!!”…

… Lapis tightens her grip on her and suddenly a bright light radiates out, wrapping the both of them, the silhouette of the light gets
bigger and then it fades away until the fusion is fully revealed, Pumpkin watched in amazement the whole sequence and now is wondering
who this tall turquoise colored gem with four arms and huge water wings is, she doesn’t seems in good shape though, she’s glitching
slightly and has a big crack on one of her gems, the one in her forehead, while the one on her back is just fine, she appears to be
struggling to mantain a standing position “I-I just couldn’t let you be g-gone forever…” Pumpkin isn’t sure if he understood what his
owners… owner said to them… herself, but he clearly saw the tenderness in her eyes when she gently picked him up and cradled him in
two of her four arms “c'mon, l-let’s get out of here and find Steven b-before I’ll pass out” she spreads her huge water wings, glitches
a few more times, and flies off, leaving the beautiful but apparently dangerous lake behind, still shimmering in the moonlight.


There’s no need to apologise, Anon :)  Thanks a lot for the submission, I really enjoyed reading it!

A Gintama chapter a day keeps the ending away...Lesson 516

Another beautiful title image; it deserved to be a full-color poster.


1) I just love it when we flashback to the Joui War days…when the days were filled with blood and violence but at least our boys were still together and chummy.

2) Ugh, Takasugi’s request kills me now, knowing what we know. But at that time, I just thought it was sweet. I never would have even guessed at the heart-breaking irony of those words.

3) I just love how these scenes were set up: we went from this…

4) …to this…and at this point we had no idea why but were dying to find out. I mean, I know I was. I just thought Takasugi was pissed at the world and was annoyed at Gintoki for finding some peace and happiness living in it. Aaaah, I was such a summer child.

5) I could have picked every single frame of their fight as a favorite moment, but I didn’t want to go nuts so I’ll just choose this one to represent the whole sequence. And they were JUST getting started. In retrospect, it was truly amazing that we got to witness two amazing fights between two sets of longtime rival/siblings back to back like this. Truly stunning.

6) I just loved the passion/anger/hatred/emotions expressed on their faces; it’s as if they wanted to literally tear at each other with their teeth. Gave me chills.

7) BABY ZURA!!!!


9) That’s definitely a pretty impressive way to introduce oneself for the first time. 

10) I love how this moment totally mirrors the way we are first introduced to Gintoki: he saves people from bullies and  that line he says is the same exact line he uttered when he spoke for the first time. And it’s perfect because this was the beginning of his lifelong bond with Zura and Takasugi (despite its current condition), and that other moment was the beginning of what will undoubtedly be his lifelong bond with Shinpachi. 

11) I love the horrified expressions on those two darling muffins behind him.

12) I thought this was a bit harsh, but I still loved it since it showed how strong Shouyou was.

13) I think this was only the second time we got to see his face at this point and I remember thinking he looked so damn pretty I immediately liked him. Man, I was so innocent back then. 


Gintoki x Takasugi: I never really got on this ship, probably because I prefer them with others, but I do see why they work and I support those who love them.

Takasugi x Zura: part of the reason why I ship them is because of their history together; I thought it was adorable that they essentially grew up together. Although, to be honest, right now, at this moment, my TakaZura shipping days might be over just because too much has happened for me to reasonably imagine them being together, but at the time of this chapter, my flame for this pair was definitely still burning.

Disclaimer: Gintama is not only about shipping. Gintama is hilarious, clever, exciting, poignant, heart-breaking, loving, brilliant, and just so freaking amazing.  It is only due to Sorachi-sama’s generosity that I can enjoy Gintama on yet another level, the shippy level, and I am forever grateful for that. GINTAMA IS LIFE AND LOVE.