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Listen. I’m gonna say it. I’ve been avoiding saying this since I started this blog because I don’t think people are entitled to know my opinion on this just because I’m jewish but I, a known jew, do not like the Israeli government. There. I fucking said it. Conflating Israel with Jewish people is not only incorrect but it’s antisemitic. I cannot tell you how many times goyim have asked me my opinion on Israel because of this blog. No one asks fucking random teenage bloggers what their opinion on a seriously complex and heavy issue like Israel is unless they’re Jewish. Stop fucking acting like Jews are a pro Israel monolith, we aren’t.

And on the other side of things, it is SO easy for goyim to disguise antisemitism as anti Zionism. Goyim will ask upon meeting me what I think of Israel as a way to tell if I’m a good jew or a bad jew. I see this on the left so often. It’s sickening.

In short, no, I don’t support Israel, but you don’t get to demand that information from me just because I’m jewish.

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Galora concept: Galekh being Tagoras only quadmate means Tagora (being the attention gremlin he is) will get big cravings for more red attention than pitch- Cue Tagora nuzzling Galekh in an incredibly flush way and just Breaking Galekh cause he's just... very confused

he broke galekh alright


idle thoughts about an askblog comic

-I really like the idea of doing an original comic that tells a story in a series of askblog replies.  it combines collaborating with an audience and improvising, both of which I really enjoy!

-concerns!  trying to figure out how to format it.  include the ask as one character addressing another?  try to make the audience’s inclusion in the story seamless?  post as an ask or as a photoset?  do the classic “character addressing camera” format or reply indirectly?

-keep entries short and casual, or try for something more polished?  (let’s be real, keeping things short and casual has never been a strength of mine…)  maybe main story entries are longer, with short sketchy interludes

-trying to figure out how to patreonize this…I’d like to be able to post all related art publicly, but saying that only patrons can send asks (and then not answering every single one) seems a bit like the dreaded Raffle that patreon dislikes so much.  so, eh.

-googles How To Avoid Putting “The Mob” In My Story Again I’m Sick Of It

-alternatives: family that just happens to do crime.  bandit gang.  just plain bank robbers.  old money family that doesn’t do crime but holds some mean grudges. SOMETHING ELSE.

-I should really research crime + criminals if I’m gonna keep bringing em into things

-most importantly, though: is it possible to tell a good, solid story this way?  or am I sacrificing that for spontaneity?  if there are a lot of asks, I’ll just be able to pick and choose, like hussie did once more prompts started coming in for HS.  also, maybe it’ll be hard to turn one ask into an actual part of a narrative?

-maybe I should make certain topics off-limits until they become plot-relevant (not to say I couldn’t just not answer them, but it’d keep the asks down)

-MAYBE the only way to know is to give it a shot.  I’m deffo a discovery writer and I am excited to find out more stuff…

I’m seeing lots of discourse on my dash, and without knowing the full context, I wanted state my opinion that Rey absolutely did the right thing by rejecting Ben’s proposal.

Y’all know how much I love my poor tortured dark prince- and I ache for him so much- but the way he went about trying to get Rey to stay with him was morally wrong. He majorly screwed up with his “You’re nothing” speech.

I feel like I’m always pointing out this same source, but there is a recorded interview that RJ did with Empire in January in which he stated that Kylo tried to make Rey feel alone and like she had to lean on him for her identity.

RJ flat out said that Ben’s proposal was part naked, emotional appeal, and part twisted and manipulative. Those are RJ’s words, not mine.

We can argue all day long about whether Ben should have stopped firing on the Resistance given his conflicting motives (i.e., the concerns of the woman he loves vs. his opposing moral beliefs and being on the other side of the war ).

We can also debate ad nauseum about Ben’s trauma and abuse and how this shaped his botched proposal. I love those conversations, and I am 100% here for them. But at the end of the day, however understandable / explainable, Rey had to respect herself and turn him down.

If Rey had stayed, it would have been like Jane choosing to stay with Rochester after the truth came out about his wife and living with him in a sham marriage (as a glorified mistress), even though it was against her morals.

If Rey has said yes to Ben, she would have accepted a bastardized proposal that had the appearance of an equal partnership, but actually subjugated her to him.

Yes, Ben asked Rey to rule together (just like Rochester said “Be my wife” to Jane). But the offer wasn’t really one of equal partnership. The subtext of Ben’s statement that Rey is “nothing to anyone but him” was to tell Rey that her belonging is under his authority.

Sure, he asks and begs. But the soft part of that proposal was only at the very end. Even in his initial statement (“Rey, I want you to join me,” you can see how domineering and forceful he is being in his tone, the way he aggressively holds out his hand, etc. He’s insisting. Soft Compassionate Ben only kicks in after Bad Boy Possessive Kylo has laid his cards on the table and tried to make Rey feel alone without him.

Ben is a deeply wounded, sympathetic character, and his botched proposal doesn’t change that. But Rey had to say no to him. A key part of the Heroine’s Journey is to discover who she is and avoid the distractions and misdirects along the way. These two will get their HEA, after Rey has finally discovered who she is on her own, and Ben has embraced Rey as his equal in every way, despite her humble beginnings. Just like Rochester with Jane.

If someone is sensitive to sounds, smells, and sight, if they’re susceptible to having sensory overload; the chances of having a meltdown is substantial when overwhelmed.

Kara’s senses are enhanced, and she keeps an iron hold to keep her powers and emotions under control. And she always feels it slip whenever she’s around Lena.

When Mercy’s people invaded L-corp, Kara wants nothing more than to throw herself out there and protect Lena. She needs an excuse though, anything to get her away to change into Supergirl. “Should we split up? Is there maybe a closet or somewhere I can lay low?” She asks.

She hears multiple footsteps coming, she can sense danger approaching. Her fingers fidget, cold and numb - her legs are shaking in anticipation. Her jaw is locked, teeth grinding, neck straining in tension. She needs to keep Lena safe. She needs to keep Lena safe. She needs to keep Lena safe.

Kara’s anxiety must be showing, as Lena turns and attempts to reassure her with comforting hand gestures. “Kara, the safest place to be right now is with me.”

She tries to focus on her own hitched breathing, but it’s so hard to over the rapid beating of her heart. Is it just her heart though? Is it even her own that she’s listening to. It’s just - It’s SO. HARD to differentiate over the other heart beats. The rapid beating of the mercenaries’ hearts. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. There’s Eve’s, six. Lena’s, seven. Eight. She hears the blending heart beats from outside. Calmer. Some more frantic. Why are there so many people? Have there always been this maybe people? Has the city population grown?

Lena is still staring up at her, waiting for an answer.

Her breathing is calm. Assuring. She’s looking up in firmness, in certainty.

It only helps ground her a little. Allows her to hesitantly nod, breathing shakily out of her nose. “Okay. Okay.”

She needs to stay calm. Stay calm. Stay calm.

She needs to, so she can keep Lena and Eve safe.

She needs to, so she can keep her wits about her to keep her secret identity safe.



Her heart stutters, breath catching in her throat as they see the Mercenaries just behind them.

Is it worth it? Is Supergirl worth it?

She feigns a sneeze. They fall, and she winces.

Why do humans fall so loudly?

She hears Lena and Eve rush up behind her. Why are they running SO. LOUD.

The mercenaries are groaning, before rushing to stand on their feet.

Lena and Eve are safe.

Kara’s hands shake, scrambling for an excuse. Any excuse….

Is Supergirl worth it?

“I forgot to take my allergy meds today.” She feigns. Her chest feels heavy, the weight of her lie suddenly too heavy to bear.

Is Supergirl worth it?

Her breathing gets heavier; a horrible, itchy feeling crawls up her throat as though she had dozens of spiders down her column, desperate to get out. She still can’t tell the differences between the thudding of hearts.

Her eyes flicker over to Lena, running back to her and looking at her in concern.

Is Supergirl worth it?

She’s desperate, eyes welled with tears, “I really think I’m safer here. This door looks so strong.” She tries, near begs Lena to let her go.

Her chest is cold, she can’t stand watching Lena in danger like this.

Light headed, skin lighting up in itchiness… She can’t breath, her clothes feel too tight. Too restrictive.

Please, please just let her go. Let her become Supergirl for Lena.

For Lena.

“Okay, alright, Kara. I promise you, you are safer with me, okay?” Lena reassures once more, quietly, but still ever so firm. “I got you.”

Kara wants to scream. Wants to cry. She has an urge to pull her hair out. She can taste blood in her mouth.

Is Supergirl worth it?

She can’t stand this. She can’t. She can’t. She just…

She can’t.

She just wants Lena safe.

She can’t afford to lose her.

Is Supergirl worth it?

“Kara, get out.”

She looks at Lena, shakily nodding.

Lena is worth it…

wind whispers through the gaps in the tent’s walls, and soft droplets of rain drum against the roof, perfectly in time with the beating of the warden’s heart underneath the skin that alistair’s palm rests on top of.

if he sits up, he can see his breath, but he does not feel the cold. he’s still drenched with sweat - the air is heavy with the smell of it - and the heat of their naked forms pressed together is enough to make him want to get rid of the blanket draped over them. he runs a thumb over her chest, and he smiles at the ease in which he can do so by virtue of the moisture on her body.

he draws back for a moment, but before he can say anything he notices the marks on her shoulder that creep up the back of her neck - little crescents where he clung to her tightly only minutes before. “oh.” blushing, he pulls his hand away from her chest to run his fingers across the marks. “did this… do these hurt?”

she shakes her head, and her hair tickles his nose.

“no,” she answers quietly, and he can hear the exhaustion in her voice mingled with a giggle. 

“oh. good,” he replies, settling back down behind her and slinging his arm around her waist once more. “i… you will tell me if i hurt you in the future, though, right?”

“i did not realize another night like this was promised in our future,” she comments, and he can only recognize the teasing in her voice a moment too late.

“oh, well, i mean - of course - i mean, only if you want to -”

and then he sighs, shaking his head, chuckling.

“you’re a cruel woman, did you know that?”

her hand meets the one of his that rests on her stomach. “you’ve only told me about a thousand times,” she responds as she intertwines their fingers, raises them to her mouth and kisses his knuckles. for all of the anger that rages inside her belly and the sadness that clutches her heart, she kisses him with a softness that he lacks the words to describe, and he can’t help but think that she is genuinely… happy.

“yet still not enough times, i think,” alistair says, nudging her hair out of the way with his nose and pressing his teeth to the nape of her neck. “i think another thousand or so may be fitting. another two if i feel particularly ganged up on.”

“you’d better get started now, then.”

he laughs against her damp skin, running his tongue gently over a notch of her spine.

the two fall into an easy silence, and the easy silence soon drifts into a shared haze that is neither awake nor asleep. what they lose in conversation they make up for in touch - alistair kisses her neck and her shoulders, buries his face into her hair and hums against her skull, and she runs his thumb over the bumps of his knuckles, occasionally raising them to her teeth to gnaw on them playfully. after a while, after he’s sure she’s asleep, he clears his throat, opens his eyes, looks wistfully down at her silhouette.

“i… i hope i did alright. tonight. with you.” he feels like a fool saying it out loud, but he’d feel like more of a fool if it wasn’t true and neither of them said anything about it. “i… really wanted to. for you, i guess. i mean, for me too, of course, but… but mainly for you.”

he’s closed his eyes when he feels the rumble of her voice underneath her skin, and in that moment, he’s scared; scared of what she’s going to say to him, of what he might hear. but the delicacy in which the words leave her mouth washes away all of the fear, so quickly and so cleanly it’s as though it wasn’t even there.

“you did perfectly,” she says quietly, kissing the back of his hand. “better than i ever even dared to imagine.”

“thanks for the vote of confidence,” alistair grumbles teasingly, but she must’ve fallen for it because she untangles herself from his arms and turns around so she’s facing him.

“i didn’t mean it like that,” she murmurs, pushing herself up on her elbow so she’s looking down at him. her hand meets his cheek, gentle fingertips brushing his cheekbone the way he imagines the horizon brushes the sun when it sets. “i meant… i meant i did not think anything could feel like that.”

“like what?” alistair asks, focusing his gaze on her face - her rich black eyes, her thick eyelashes, her pink lips, her nose. 

“like…. like….” her gaze wanders upwards, to an empty space where she tries to picture the words in her head with no avail. “there aren’t any words. it was… it was…”

“perfect?” he offers, and she giggles with a shake of her head, running her finger along the arch of his eyebrow. “no, not perfect?”

“better than perfect,” she tells him.

“i’m not sure what you mean,” he replies, pressing his thumb to her chin and tugging her face closer to him. “perhaps you can show me?”

the amount of time it takes for her lips to reach his is agonizing, and his mouth is already open when she arrives, wide and waiting. her tongue curves down to run along his bottom lip, but before she can pull it away he catches the tip between his teeth. she laughs softly, and he lets it go, but it’s only a second before it’s touching his again, swirling around it in a sinful waltz.

when he breaks away, she lets out a quiet whine that he almost feels the need to reciprocate.

“earlier,” he begins, his gaze flicking back and forth between each of her eyes, his hand pushing back and tangling into her hair, “you said… ‘our’ future.”

she smiles at him, slanting her forehead against his.

“and what about it?” she whispers.

he chuckles, peppering tender kisses around her mouth. “can you say it again, please?”

“our future,” she says. “our future.”

she nudges his mouth open with her nose, captures his lips with her own. when she hitches a leg over his side and presses herself into his lap, a noise rises in the back of his throat that he can’t resist and he’s not quite sure he wants to, not even when he feels it threatening to escape his mouth again. maker have mercy, he thinks, shifting his grip to her waist and, after a few seconds, even lower. he’s never felt more dirty in his life, and the worst about it is he isn’t sure he ever wants to be clean again if it means he loses this.

at one point his mouth ventures lower, away from her face and through the valley of her breasts, and when he reaches her heart, beating wildly in her chest, he realizes that it’s not raining anymore. in fact, it might not have ever been raining at all.

Mega Man and other Smash robot HCs
  • When Mega Man heard about the events of the Subspace Emissary, he immediately assumed that Wily was somehow involved, what with the army of R.O.B.s running rampant.

  • Sometimes, R.O.B. lets Mega Man copy his Gyro and the two essentially play with them like they’re Beyblades.

  • Assuming the “Mega Man has a crush on Samus” headcanon from BifF, R.O.B. acts as his wingman whenever possible. Not fully grasping the concept of romance, he’s naturally a terrible wingman, but he does try.

  • When Bowser Jr. went on vacation one time, caring for his Clown Car was a task that Mega Man happily undertook without being prompted to. Being a lab helper robot in a lab that produces sentient robots, he was very experienced with this and when Bowser Jr. returned, the Clown Car was better than ever. Ever since then, he’s been entrusted with the care of all of the Koopalings’ Clown Cars.

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