this took a long time to get this edit right


Ooook, you have no idea how long it took me to get to this one picture haha. Last time I actually got to this point is almost one year ago. Without the help of my friend (I didn’t even know how to open the freaking cheat window, shame on me haha) it would’ve taken even longer but here it is! Just a quick shoot though, I don’t have the right lights and background (and I also forgot how to edit pictures but I never really edited them anyway so…). I’m talking to much, yeah? Sorry.

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Um what right do you have to stop people on facebook from sharing whatever they like? Our communities exist only to spread the love for Gangsta.- isn't that why we ALL do this? Why would you stop people from spreading that love? Do you own Gangsta. or any of the pictures you post? No. You were asked permission only out of courtesy, but you cannot stop us from posting what we like so lighten up and stop taking yourself so seriously. Thank you!

You are wrong! 

I have the right to say no, because I have edited the pictures, I have coloured them and they are MY work. My courtesy is it to link back to the source I took the pictures from, for the original artist to get back to me in case they wanted it. That is my way of making sure I have credited the original art.

Facebook is a community as awful as WeHeartIt where people upload without permission. I have left Facebook a long time ago because of that. Tumblr isn’t better but they have the LAW to take down reposted material. Try asking someone on FB they will gladly ignore you!

You on the other hand only take from an artist (in that case me) to upload my picture on a different Network than the one I chose out of preference to upload my art on. If I say No to Facebook, you have to respect that and not react insulted like you do now. I have the right to say no when it comes to my colourings, so stop whining!


I’ve been absent from this Blog for many reasons, but mostly it stopped because whilst the film was being edited I lost my Editor, collaborator, and great friend Carl Heurlin Aidt. I wrote this the day after i learned of Carl’s death but It took me a long time to post because it was such an unexpected and sudden loss that I needed time to allow it to sink in, and aside form that I wanted to let his family be the people to share the news. Its now three months since Carl’s passing, and with the film getting close to completion, i feel the time is right to re start this page.

In Memoriam

It is with the greatest sadness and sense of loss that I write this.

My collaborator Carl Heurlin Aidt with whom I worked on Feral Mix for three months died following a tragic accident in his home city of Copenhagen.

I am absolutely and completely devastated that this talented and beautiful human being has been so cruelly taken from us. I had the greatest of respect for Carl’s abilities and I grew over the time i knew him to love him like a brother. He never failed to greet me each day with warmth and generosity, and he always kept his humor and sense of consideration even in the darkest parts of our whole editing process.

Carl was someone I have made a journey with which I will never forget. It was a journey brought to light through his beautiful personality and skill. I was privileged to see his analytical process and to relish the theoretically based way in which he approached the business of story telling. Carl was both bright and perceptive but also someone who deeply understood the language of film, reveling in showing both the obvious and the hidden in the scenes he created.

I truly feel the world is now a far far poorer place without him and his passing leaves a void inside me. Had he lived I have no doubt that Carl would have been one of the rare truly great story tellers. He was  generous to a fault, and someone who was willing to share his talent based on how he felt about the project over the financial rewards. He leaves me both honored and burdened that Feral Mix will be the last opportunity we have to witness his gift.

It’s awful to say at a time like this but there is a big part of me that feels incredibly angry that someone who was just such a simply decent human being has been snatched from my life, and from all of us. If God took the form of a man then I think I’d call him a motherfucker and kick his ass for doing this. I keep hoping its some kind of sick joke that’s being played on me, but in truth I know its not, because no one is that cruel.

When this film is complete it is going to be my honor to know that the radiant soul that I was privileged to work with, and more importantly to call a friend : Carl Heurlin Aidt was an integral part of its creation

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I used to spend hours editing the html to get it just right and because it took so long I haven’t touched it in a few years

some people put so much effort into their themes and the result is just unusable a lot of the time like i understand making stuff look good and i also understand putting in no effort and i understand looking deliberately shit but so many blogs manage to do none of those