this time with the jackets feed lmao

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hc that yuri gets otabek to dj at his 16th birthday but otabek just keeps playing ringo starr's "You're Sixteen" in between ever other song

lmao lmao yuri is so angry at himself for getting excited that dj altin was going to play at his birthday party. but yuri’s gonna get his revenge.

otabek’s a huge pretentious nerd tho and he has this really cool, distant bad boy thing going on, and his instagram is just full of aesthetic pics of underground clubs, leather jackets and motorcycles, black and white pictures of him looking at the camera under his lashes. otabek spends a lot of time making his feed look perfect. 

luckily yuri knows his password, and he uploads embarrassing pics to mess up his instagram feed

cat pictures and those really touchy feely memes 

you know the ones 

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uhm, i was just wondering if you had any makki hc's to spare? bc, i absolutely love your hc's and i love makki so ?? idk ?? thank you

*slides anon 30$ and an apology note across the table* thank u for this and also im sorry it took like three days fr me to get to it i dont have an excuse im just rlly lame 

-he has a cat named princess. he is incredibly spoiled and doesn’t let anyone but makki and occasionally iwaizumi pet him. he’s really mean but makki insists he’s just shy.

-(“princess is just shy!” says makki, eyeing the scar running the length of his forearm from the time princess tried to kill him)

-he is, somehow, always cold even in the summer heat. he’s the kind of person who has to wear a jacket in the summer. he feels normal when he’s hugged or touched by other people, though?

-speaking of him being cold, his hands are always freezing and he sticks them on people all the time.

-one time he tried to shove his hands up oikawa’s shirt and oikawa hit him so hard he actually broke his nose lmao rip makki

-animals love makki. he’s weirdly good at getting stray cats to come up to him, dogs always get super excited to see him, birds come to him when he sings, etc, etc. he’s basically a disney princess.

-he feeds the birds that come to his bedroom window almost every day. he tends to sing to them.

-speaking of singing, makki is never silent. ever. even when hes asleep. he’s either humming, singing quietly, or talking. when people tell him to stop, he will for a moment before continuing where he left off. he just likes to make noise. 

-(none of his friends mind bc his voice is rlly pretty and hes usually fucking hilarious when he talks even when he doesnt mean to be)

-he fucked up his sleep schedule by pulling all nighters for years and napping a lot during the day. he tends to nap during half of lunch, on the bus, after practice, etc, etc, etc. sometimes he almost falls asleep walking home (mattsun has carried him home more times than he can count)

-he rocks eyeliner so well and it pisses oikawa off bc their eyeliner never looks that good. fuckign. rude. 

-was The Bitey Kid™ when he was young. he bit people mostly, but he also always had smth in his mouth. usually jacket sleeves or collars, which his moms both got onto him for. 

-he has a cool™ older sister and she legit knew he was trans b4 he even said anything. when he came out to her she just said “yea ive known that 4 like two yrs now, hey do you wanna go get lunch today?” and makki just kinda “what”

-said older sister also has the nickname makki and when her friends come over and yell it out he always thinks they wanna talk to him??? and he gets Confused™  

this is all i could think of??? if u want anything like more specific id be glad to give u them!!! (like,,,trans makki hcs or smth)