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This little passion project grew out of my love for the 2 most important things in life: cats, and space.  These are currently available on my inPRNT shop: and they are running a FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING promotion through Sunday.

I also made a repeating pattern of these guys, you can download it here: (please do not repost this pattern without my permission, personal use only)

Flower Breeding Tips

  • Flower breeding works best with this arrangement:

  • The X represents the fertiliser. The red represents where you definitely should plant the flowers to start with, the orange is the next best place for when you have more of them, and then the yellow, and so on.
  • Breeding works best when you use the flower you want to gain more of (e.g. if you want more blue roses, better results will be gained if you use other blue roses). If you don’t have any of those to breed, dedicate alternating columns of the diagram to each flower colour needed to get your desired colour.
  • This doesn’t always work, e.g. to get pink flowers it’s better to use red and white (as seen in the image above) than breed pink ones, Thonky has a great guide for what colours to combine to get the desired product.
  • This arrangement does take up a lot of space, but it doesn’t have to be an exact square to work (just use the checkerboard pattern shown in any space you have available). 
  • Enable the beautiful ordinance in your town and make sure these are the only flowers you water daily. Every day you should gain between 4-5 flowers (maybe more or less depending on how difficult the flower is to breed and how many flowers you are using in the arrangement).

The maximum amount of hybrids I have gained in one day from this method is 6.

Im sure most of my followers on here are at least peripherally aware of a page I help moderate called transhousingnetwork because I reblog posts from there often.

It is a page where trans people who are in need of shelter (most often temporary, emergency shelter) but who are unable to or feel unsafe getting it elsewhere. The way this page works is by way of people who are willing to read, signal boost and respond to “need couch’ posts and hopefully submit "have couch” posts advertising available space.

Demand for emergency shelter for trans people is especially high in all major metro areas but especially those in California (especially the Bay Area and Los Angeles) and the Pacific Northwest (especially Portland, Seattle, and Olympia) which tend to be major centers of refuge for a lot of trans people.

I’m making this post to spread awareness of the blog transhousingnetwork and especially to encourage anyone residing in one of those major metro centers on the west coast to signal boost or respond to some of the recent posts up on there and to submit “have couch” posts if you are able.

A lot of the people who are posting on there are on the street or imminently facing homelessness and in many cases have been turned away from or faced harassment, violence, and sexual assault in shelters and this page is their last resort.

Thanks everyone who reads this and can help

and I know a boy so bright I think the sun has to be jealous of his smile. And I want to turn him into a metaphor but it wouldn’t do him justice. I want to fill up every available space with the way he makes me feel- like he’s the rain on my roof, like he brings peace and safety, like he’s warmth and I’ve been cold for so long, like the way we move together sounds like applause, like how when I feel our fingers intertwine our hands turn into forest and we’re growing fast, planting roots wherever we can.
—  laceerainspoetry, The first kiss was a love poem I didn’t know would become my favorite.

We wish you a merry Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas

And a happy New Year

Orthodox Christmas is yet to come. presents, however, go for the New Year’s.


Hello all! My second artbook, Space Beside, is now open for preorder.

  • Original illustrations only; features work collected over 2014–2016
  • B5 size (roughly 7×10”)
  • Full colour & perfect bound
  • 64 pages

Online preorders will receive a free mystery A5 size print while stocks last (first come, first serve).

Please note that as this is a preorder books will not ship immediately. Orders placed during this period are scheduled to begin shipping from early-mid July. Once orders begin shipping I will make an announcement on my Twitter. If there are unexpected delays, they will of course also be noted.

The preorder period will last from now until June 15th, AEST.

For those attending Sydney SMASH! 2016, Space Beside will be available for purchase on both days (the 20th + 21st of August) at my table in the Artists’ Circle. There will be a post with relevant information closer to the convention dates. Reservations of the book for pick-up & pay at SMASH! are not available this time.

Regular orders for any remaining stock will open later this year.


* There is also a very limited bundle of both this and my first artbook available here for a special price. These are the absolute final copies of my first book and once they are sold they will be gone for good. Gone.


Astronomical Compendia

Ok we need to talk about this. I just now found out about these things and they are literally the coolest things I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

An astronomical compendium (plural = compendia) is an instrument that carry numerous devices for telling the time and performing astronomical calculations. Many compendia were made in the German lands in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. They are often beautifully engraved in gilt brass.

Typically such compendia carry a sundial, various lunar and solar volvelles, a compass, tables of latitude, and a perpetual calendar. Two characteristics are typical of the construction of these instruments: first, they were often made as lavishly as possible; second, they are ingeniously constructed, with as many instruments as possible filling the available space.

Most of the instruments on a compendium are used to simplify astronomical calculations. Many compendia have volvelles - rotating discs that show the phases of the Moon, the positions of planets, and other such phenomena.

Some compendia also carry stereographic projections. These are multi-purpose maps of the heavens, allowing many astronomical calculations to be simplified. Using these, people could determine the time of sunrise and sunset, and the position of the Sun in its annual (apparent) motion through the sky.


What Did Astronaut Scott Kelly Do After a #YearInSpace?

Astronaut Scott Kelly just returned from his One-Year Mission aboard the International Space Station. After spending 340 days on orbit, you can imagine that he started to miss a few Earthly activities. Here are a few things he did after his return home:

Watched a Sunset

While on the International Space Station for his One-Year Mission, astronaut Scott Kelly saw 16 sunrises/sunsets each day…so he definitely didn’t miss out on the beauty. That said, watching a sunset while on Earth is something that he had to wait to see. Tweet available HERE

Ate Fresh Food

After spending a year on the International Space Station, eating precooked food, anyone would be excited to dig into a REAL salad. Astronaut Scott Kelly was no exception, and posted about his first salad on Earth after his one-year mission. Learn more about what astronauts eat while in space HERE. Tweet available HERE.

Jumped into a Pool

Water is a precious resource in space. Unfortunately, that means that there isn’t a pool on the space station. Luckily, astronaut Scott Kelly was able to jump into some water after his return to Earth. Tweet/video available HERE.

Sat at a Dinner Table

While living on the International Space Station, crew members regularly enjoy their meals together, but do so while floating in microgravity. The comfort of pulling up a chair to the dinner table is something they can only experience once they’re back home on Earth. Tweet available HERE.

Enjoyed the Weather

When crew members live on the space station they can’t just step outside for a stroll. The only time they go outside the orbiting laboratory is during a spacewalk. Even then, they are confined inside a bulky spacesuit. Experiencing the cool breeze or drops of rain are Earthly luxuries. Tweet available HERE.

Stopped by the Doctor’s Office

The One-Year Mission doesn’t stop now that astronaut Scott Kelly is back on Earth. Follow-up exams and tests will help scientists understand the impacts of microgravity on the human body during long-duration spaceflight. This research will help us on our journey to Mars. Tweet available HERE

Visited the Denist

When you spend a year in space, you’ll probably need to catch up on certain things when you return to Earth. Astronaut Scott Kelly made sure to include a visit to the dentist on his “return home checklist”. Tweet available HERE.

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A Studio - A Tree House Phillip Lühl + Nina Maritz Architects

From the architect. 

The idea for this tiny studio of about 35 usable square meters was born out of its spectacular setting. The incredibly dense garden is home to everything from porcupines to guinea fowl and slopes down steeply to the dry ravine beyond. The clients’ insistence that no single tree may be cut required an unconventional approach. The only buildable space available was a 3 x 3m storeroom between the garage and the living room of the existing house.

A double storey structure was proposed, transforming the 3 x 3m footprint of the former storeroom into a kitchenette and bathroom. The new first floor accommodates the actual studio, cantilevering over the existing veranda and thus exposing the entire north and east façades to the surrounding treetops. Fully protected from the harsh sunlight, both facades are fully glazed to maximize the feeling of a “tree house” - one of the client’s childhood fantasies. Yet for the balcony the client had wanted there was not enough space. Large sliding-folding windows now create an open corner, transforming the entire first floor into a “balcony” when needed.

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Here are all of the Smash Balls with the new fighters included.

Also for anyone who doesn’t already know there’s currently a vote for the next Smash Bros DLC character. Personally I’d love to have Midna, but since she’s only been in one main series game, she’s already an assist, the Zelda universe already has five characters and Smash 4 doesn’t do transformations, it seems unlikely. My top realistic choice is Ridley, since Metroid is one of Nintendo’s big three classic franchises but it only has two characters (or one, depending on how you look at it). Plus I’d love to play as a big-purple-dragon-alien-genetically enhanced-space pirate… thing. :D

Pendants available at Trinket Geek:

Super Smash Ball pendants