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I’m very happy to be able to announce this officially. I will be in Cleveland on September 24-25 and would love to see you there!

from Matt McGee

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is going to make some space available for our very own Kelly Eddington to exhibit some of her fantastic U2 artwork that’s been featured in Achtoon Baby over the years! We’re very excited she’ll get this well-deserved opportunity.–vol-16-738.html–u240dublin.html


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I thought I’d try and make another skin, as I looked back at my old ones and thought I could do better, and this is what I came up with. :)

The gif shows the difference between the base game skin and this one. I hope you like it :) It uses the forehead crease space, and is available for everyone.

 If you use it in pictures or videos please tag me, I’d love to see! And as always please don’t re-upload anywhere as your own, if you have any problems, suggestions or just want to say hey feel free to message me/ask! ^-^ 

Download | Dropbox 

✧ Voltron: Legendary Defender stickers are now available on my store! I tried making sure that all the paladins showed up the same amount of time but since I sketch everything out in my sketchbooks first, I ran out of room (clenches fist because I didn’t do a Keith and Hunk one…)

✧ Available here ✧


This Space Available

The grassroots movement against visual pollution 

Some of you may Have noticed that I’ve fallen into a bottomless abyss of Tron lately. and, well, I was painting and things got a bit out of hand.

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Wait the ohana thing is with azoff or just at his building. So sorry. I don't know if this is confusing me so much because I haven't studied anything business

It’s registered at the same physical address as Azoff’s other businesses. 

We can consider that it is located on a different floor, I suppose, but office space is available elsewhere in LA. If Jeff wanted to separate his companies from his dad’s, he likely wouldn’t house them in the same place.


This Space Available premiered yesterday at  the Doc NYC Festival.

Love, In Parking Space 3B

read it on the AO3 at

by hwinchester (hdinozzo)

Dean’s plans for a speedy entrance to his office are shattered when he sees an ugly, beat-up Lincoln Continental parked in his space.

His space.

Dean angrily drives the very back of the lot, which contain the only available spaces during this time of day, adding at least another 10 minutes onto his lateness for the day. As he walks by the car, he rips a piece of paper out of his bag, and begins to scrawl a note.

“Next time, find a space that’s not 3B. That’s mine. -Prof. Winchester”

Words: 1859, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

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Perry White has been part of the Superman's supporting cast from nearly the beginning, but seems to fade into the background compared to Lois, Jimmy, and the Kents. What's your take on the character?

The chief problem with Perry White is that J. Jonah Jameson happened, and Jolly Jonah is one of the greatest characters in comics.

JJJ has a personality that expands, like a gaseous state of matter, to fill all available space, always loud and smoking and banging on a desk. He has an instantly iconic look, Hitler crossed with a head that looks like a burnt-out cigarette. He’s the perfect foil for Spider-Man because they will never, ever be rid of each other and will team up only with the greatest of reluctance. And on top of it all, outside of his blind spot for Spider-Man he is actually a pretty good newsman - I recall storylines at length where he would stand up for mutants, for example.

He fits the power fantasy of Spider-Man of “I wish I could tweak my boss’ nose and get away with it” and also the reality of Peter Parker in that Peter has resigned himself to the fact that in the end, JJJ is his boss. JJJ is the iconic newspaper editor. Everyone wants JK Simmons back for a reason.

Perry can’t be a boisterous buffoon without coming off as a JJJ imitation - attempts to try have just rung as exactly that. But if Perry’s going to represent everything that’s good about being a newspaper reporter, well: we have three different characters for that already, one of which is one of the most iconic superheroes in comics, another one of the most iconic female characters, and the third one has a jetpack. Characters in a story need a niche and Perry doesn’t have much of one. In a workplace comedy where everyone’s personality is their role, this is less of a problem, but Superman hasn’t been a workplace comedy in a while now.

There are solutions - my own personal one is to have Perry be the voice of caution and cynicism towards Superman, being the wet blanket on everyone else’s enthusiasm. Not Superman’s nemesis, but more Superman’s principled opposition. Perry sees the most powerful man in the world and thinks that he has to be cynical of that power because otherwise he can’t speak truth to it. Having Perry in this role, giving his opinion on Superman to Clark Kent not knowing Clark is Superman, feels like it has a lot of story potential; having to force Superman to stop and go “wait: am I doing the right thing?” makes him seem like a stronger character since it shows that he is, in fact, considering contrary opinions and is arriving at the right thing to do via reason and care. Supergirl did this to good effect with Cat Grant, setting her up as someone Kara admires even when Cat is telling Kara Danvers things she doesn’t want to hear.

(There’s also far fewer ethical concerns if Perry is the one who regularly interviews Superman, since he’s not Superman’s pal and isn’t sleeping with him either.)

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hi! do you have any rec for a theme that can put a lot of updates or other text inside, or any update tab that can write a lot of things? :)

Yeah i definitely do!!!

From my own themes, Nocturne and Fireheart have the most space available for you to write.

But I think if you’re looking for something with a lot of boxes or update spaces, you should try a fansite theme: 

Or if fansites aren’t your thing, felinum makes wonderful themes and I personally recommend Shortcake and Lunar S, both of which come with space for you to write things.

For updates tabs, the ones I really like are felinum’s Shortcake tab, acuite’s Palace tab, yukoki’s Sticky Notes, qdq’s Updates Tab #1 and cyantists’ Updates Tab #07

Hope this helps you out :^)

That awkward moment when you go to a secluded place to relax by yourself and hella other lonely people are already occupying every available space…I guess it’s comforting to know that some people need their alone time too.

[8/27] Mysterious Notes

Date: August 27th

Time: 6 p.m.

Location: Darkshire

Summary of Activities: In response to a note left on the Twelve Gates’ shop door, and a note sent to Lietta, it was determined by Procrastin that a man - not a ghost - penned the messages. Disturbingly, “corpse juice” was found on the shop note, so we deemed it was prudent to once again attempt communication with the dead. We returned to Darkshire and utilized the cellar in the Scarlet Raven tavern due to available floor space necessary for the procedure.

As no one present had a suggestion for such communication, I volunteered myself to serve as a conduit because of my connection with the Shadow. Though I was able to channel an entity, it did not reveal its name. However, it did yield some information:

  1. It is likely that the owner of the Balderon Estate in Darkshire, our original suspect, is the continued perpetrator of these crimes
  2. Based on the entity’s descriptions, Natharai has suggested the perpetrator has moved to Deadwind Pass, in a location near or underneath Karazhan
  3. It is possible that the perpetrator is a necromancer, but not likely. He is attempting to gain higher favor by sacrificing souls alongside perfecting his botanist’s art
  4. The victims are being held in an underground location that includes caverns
  5. The victims, all women, are being used to grow a deadly flower - a painful process that apparently kills some before the plant can take full bloom

At this point, it is extremely dangerous and unfeasible to move forward without further knowledge of what we are dealing with.

Opportunities: Natharai will be researching mentions of this deadly plant. Mr. Lorthern, along with a few others, have volunteered to scout the pass in an attempt to pinpoint an exact location. Mierette will be reaching out to her contacts for additional support.

Follow Up: This is a perilous time to coincide with the Legion’s invasion. I am proposing to meet again within a week’s time, at the very least, to give everyone ample opportunity to gather information, make contacts, research, etc. Meanwhile, everyone is advised to use caution and to immediately report any suspicious notes or packages.

Signed: Vandrysse Dyce

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