this sketch was hilarious!


The Kids in the Hall - Bank People, Bruce McCulloch (uncensored)


A hilarious sketch with Simon Pegg and Bill Bailey. This might have been where the Nick Angel character came from. 

Drake Brought His A-Game To The NBA Awards And He Was Absolutely Hilarious

Monday night, Drake took the stage to host the inaugural NBA Awards, ready with a slew of jokes up his sleeve.

Drake kicked-off the show with a hilarious sketch that featured Will Ferrell in which they teach a couple NBA players the art of the handshake.

“Guys, we’ve seen a lot plays from you today, but your handshakes…,” Drake tells the players before Ferrell interjects, “Your handshakes aren’t worth dog crap. If you score and your handshake sucks, we will trade you!”

Honestly, a good handshake is super important, you guys.

Drake also poked fun at Steph Curry in a hilarious Get Out parody, which featured the film’s sidekick Lil Rel Howery as Draymond Green.

The sketch sees Curry’s NBA championship victory cut short when he’s sent to the sunken place by a fake Ayesha Curry.

It’s not surprising that Drake would nail his duties as host. He’s hosted the ESPYs and Saturday Night Live, killing it every time. And, we all know Drake’s roots as an actor.

Hopefully, the rapper will get a call soon to host more award shows. Or, maybe he’ll return next year to host the NBA Awards.

Drake and Will Ferrell teach NBA stars some sick handshakes in hilarious sketch

Fans don’t show up to basketball stadiums purely to watch the game. 

They come for the the post-basket handshakes, according to handshake and dexterity coaches Coach Palmer and Coach Murphy a.k.a. Drake and Will Ferrell.

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In a hilarious promotional sketch for TNT’s NBA Awards, Drake and Will team up to teach some of basketball’s finest how to execute next level handshake maneuvers to get the crowd on their feet.

Here’s an overview of the very important coaching session in GIF form:

The Jenga

Image: Twitter/@NBAontnt

The Gossip Queen

Image: twitter/@nbaontnt

The Prom

Image: twitter/@nbaontnt

The Black Dad

Image: TWitter/@nbaontnt

The Obi Wan Kenobi

Image: twitter/@nbaontnt

Mastery of these handshakes is half the battle, so get out there and practice.

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How would the DAI romanceable companions/advisors react to realizing they're not exactly straight?

Hey Anon! I started to write this (and mostly only had a few hilarious reactions from Dorian sketched out) when I realized that most of the companions/advisors are straight? Only Blackwall, Solas, Cassandra and Cullen. So I was wondering if you wanted when they first knew in their personal life?


–Mod Fereldone

Me in Epic Mickey Sketch Dump

Yep. I basically replaced Mickey with me and this happened. These are all genuine reactions from me playing the game, with the exception of the top right XD

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I apologise for how dumb the question is but the first thing that came into my head as an OC ask for Sara from Andy was "who do you think would win out of a fight between Evfra and Reyes and should we try to goad them into doing it" XD

SOOOOOOOOO I got this ask last night, and I decided… why not draw my answer? I brought my sketchbook to work, and what you have is a quick doodle I made during my spare time! (forgive the erasures, at one point I wrote “totemo kakkoii!!!” in hiragana over and over haha)

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Attention Followers~

Hello everyone! So, the admins have been talking and an idea popped up after one of the members recently did a doodle based off of group shenanigans.

If you have a certain post you like, or a quote by a certain character that you find absolutely hilarious, we are encouraging people to do a sketch of it! Even if its just a little doodle on notebook paper, we would love to see artwork from the community! Whether its a little cartoon strip of characters talking/arguing or just one character saying a ridiculous line, anything is fine!

All art done based off of the characters would be posted to the group. That means you can either submit it to the group, or post it and tag us! We’d love to see what the little community we’ve formed can do.

Simple Rules:

  • no NSFW art. (kind of obvious but just saying)
  • If you hand write quotes into the picture, please try to be as legible as possible
  • If you want to submit art and are shy, you can request us to post it anonymously when submitting. 
  • You do not have to put in a quote if the art is just of a scene that’s been referenced in a post and not the actual quote
  • If the picture is of them doing something referenced in a post and not actually the quotes in a post, please link which post its from.
  • There is no time limit! This will just be a new aspect of the group. So any frank in the future will be posted here as well!

But yeah. We really want to encourage our community to express themselves! We love interacting with everyone on here, and we hope to see what you can do! Hope to see some of your work soon!

Admins, peace out!

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favorite character to do?

dora the explorer, probably. they always drag her into really hilarious places for the sketches, like skid row. so i just have to keep a straight face while saying ‘ there !! una prostituta !! can you say una prostituta ?? ‘ “