this sketch was hilarious!

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"every time I tried to draw a different character, they’d still look like Sherlock" This sounds like something straight out of a comedy sketch ffdsf hilarious

It’s not that funny tbh. Those first few days of training were extremely frustrating. Same face syndrome is a thing most artists don’t like and I spent a few weeks trying to get rid of that. I still do it occasionally if I don’t do the basic structures of the face first.
Conan O’Brien-Produced Animated Comedy ‘Final Space’ Set At TBS | Deadline

This, everyone, is Olan Rogers! YouTuber and Entrepenuer extraordinaire! I love his work so much. He’s been putting hilarious anecdotes and sketches on his YouTube channel for several years now. Ive been following him since i was in 6TH GRADE! And now, hes making a cartoon for TBS, and I’m so excited it’s not even funny. Its been one of his dreams for so long, and just like everyone who loves a youtuber, i feel like we’re friends and the joy i have for him his so boundless. Guys, check this out for me, i promise it will be worth it. And then go check out his channel on Youtube. You won’t be dissapointed. ;)


best dad 2k16 goes to Craig Tucker

This is based off a post from just-shower-thoughts which was like “One mans trash is another mans treasure, is a great way to tell your child their adopted.freakING HILARIOUS

+my great first sketch of this comic:


When you watch all of the rest of the Black Jeopardy sketches, you’ll understand just how fucking hilarious this one is. Hands down the best one there is. 

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Did you ever watch the Hilarious House Frightenstein a sketch comedy horror show produced in Canada which starred Vincent Price?

I actually haven’t, but everything about it sounds pretty incredible, so I’m definitely going to rectify that.

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Ha ha... I just saw your hilarious Love Never Dies sketches. I really think that you would like Darthxerik's three sketch dumps lampooning that musical. In which: the music box monkey insults the organ-playing gorilla, Erik and Raoul have a hotdog eating contest, and Erik's three lackeys are named Snap, Crackle, and Pop.

Ahaha omg…yes, long, long ago I drew that. Thanks! Those sound pretty hilarious hah!


Charlie Chaplin’s Hilarious Barber Scene! #artist

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Idk if it's standard practice, but for color guard we had like three guys who sketched out makeup designs to go with the costumes and it was hilarious because these guys would argue for hours over color schemes and shit I remember two of them didn't speak for three weeks because they couldn't agree on what teal's complimentary colors would be

im sure that’s a thing with big guards!

my guard was underfunded and the school wouldnt pay our coach so she did everything in her free time between like 2 jobs and she was just a blessing to this earth im honored she still keeps in touch with me years later

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What were all the design changes Kotaru went through because I've seen him in at least three different outfits in your main blog 0: and any progresson the other characters because I wanna see them too :D

Oh lord here we go

Technically, the full version of Revamp 2 was never released past this shitty little concept sketch (also it looks hilarious that the other three are completed except for that one.

Don’t ask me how I managed to stick with the eyesore on the far left for so long.

Revamp 1 looks fat there….

This doesn’t include other versions of him in other series that I once messed around (cuz then that would add like another….10+ outfits and not all of them have existing documents to this day)

Needless to say, while the other designs weren’t too god awful, the one I have now is the one I feel most connected with. and not just because he’s blue head to toe

EDIT: oh shit I forgot about the second part of your question. All of the basic concepts for the characters are done, I just need a day where I can start fleshing them out :D