this sketch was hilarious!

Short Skit , SKUNK !!! , Chara and Mr Last Soul ( As a Nazi Officer ) also sketch

Boy oh boy , havent posted anything for a while , so today folks , i was feeling a little espionage or i guess i was just into doing something funny in the style of retrospective laughter , if any of y’all remember this skit from someplace lemme know , like i said we do stuff in the form of familiar faces and familiar times
but nough jabberin’ so this skit aint completely done but get this
its like this alright ? so chara keeps lookin at MR LS real close , course souls just done playing dum and being a statue of an old antique 1937 nazi officer
so chara gets up real close to smell his torso a.k.a his essence ( i hope non of y’all are fantasizin’ me doing one a them crazy S & M stuff tah kara ( chara ) , cuz i dont do that … , well sometimes )
so right aftah chara could smell his essence he looks down tah her and yells
Angry Skeleton Yiddish at her ( yeah gaster speaks in hands right ? well mr last soul uses the good ole and i mean real old ancient 1930s language ) , and at the end of his sentence he says skunk ! LOL
and chara looks at him and points at herself and says me ? , im a skunk ? XD so it aint much i thought of it it will be done and in the end there will be another guy or a skullfaced skeleton dressed in a Black Nazi Suit ( yous know him donchya ? ) 
if yous dont find this funny well pardon me , my pal


The ‘Stranger Things’ Kids Were Nearly a Motown Super Group

Came up with this little scene sketch during work. The concept amused me.


“Dooku was…obsessed isn’t the right word for it. I don’t know. Maybe it is. But Kenobi is his lineage and Dooku wanted him. I was just a placeholder. Same with Savage.” Ventress cracked her neck. “I never did get the full story, but it irritated the kark out of me when I was still apprenticed to that old bastard.”

“Is that why you always went after Obi-wan?” Ahsoka asked, genuinely curious. “You two…” she faltered, not exactly knowing how to summarize the flirtatious banter between the Jedi and ex-Sith. “…well, you had some interesting conversations while you were trying to kill each other.”

Ventress laughed. “Partially, I suppose. You may not believe it, Tano, but even someone like me can appreciate Kenobi’s level of competence, even if it came with typical Jedi sanctimony.” The corners of her mouth quirked upwards. “The man has a smart mouth…and a nice ass,” she added slyly.

Next to her, Quinlan Vos guffawed, slapping his thigh in amusement. “Gotta agree with you on that, Ventress.” He gave the Dathomirian a wide grin.

The color drained out of Ahsoka’s montrails and into her cheeks. This was going to be one weird mission. 


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