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Markiplier saying he turned down film/movie/TV roles in his ‘I feel lost pt 1’ video - this could be selfish of me, and he said so himself that it wasn’t what he wanted to do, but I honestly would love, and pay money, to see Mark in the silver/small screen. He’s already entertaining as he is in his videos, I just wonder how he could be like as an actor (his 'Date with Markiplier’ sketch/adventure video was adorable and hilarious, totally worth finding every ending).


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James Corden shows his true colors in a hilarious behind the scenes mockumentary

The friendly, upbeat late night hostJames Corden doesn’t seem difficult to work with, but this video of life behind the scenes of the Late Late Show would suggest otherwise.

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In the video above, Corden takes us through a Hugh Grant pitch meeting and it’s awkward from the get go. After boasting his refined taste in niche British film, Corden challenges his writing staff to come up with a swoon-worthy sketch for Hugh Grant.

The hilarious video escalates quickly after Corden fires a writer for infringing upon his spotlight. Common sense would suggest Corden is nothing like his mockumentary alter-ego, but he does play the diva with surprising facility.

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pls do my smiley girl Vanessa!

I am so so sorry this took me so long to get to!!!! I had a response all ready to post and then my internet went whack and deleted everything I wrote :/ and since then I’ve been crazy busy with school and volunteering and trying to get enough sleep. Anyway:

Hoo boy Vanessa Bayer is a smiley ray of sunshine and she lights up my life

I have to thank my friend Riley for making me a huge fan of Vanessa (and for getting me into SNL in general) because he once told me his favorite cast members are Kate and Vanessa and made me watch the og High School Theatre Show sketch where Vanessa plays the parent in the audience and the Baby Shower/THE CUT sketch where V is one of the moms. I found both of those sketches to be hilarious and we had a bonfire last summer that just became a “let’s quote these two sketches in particular.” She’s so funny in both her low-key satirical humor and her ridiculous over-the-top stuff. She seems like she’d be so fun to work with and also a great friend to get dinner with or drink wine and watch TV. Basically everything she does is wonderful so here are just a few of my favorite sketches she’s done/characters she’s played/Vanessa-isms:

1) Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy: definitely my favorite weekend update character that Vanessa plays. Vanessa said in an interview that Jacob is basically all of the awkward parts of her squished together into a 13-year-old Jewish boy. She embodies the awkward middle school boy SO well that I nearly forget it’s Vanessa, and all of my jewish friends are/were 100% this kid at some point in their youth. I’m not Jewish but I was raised catholic which I would say is kind of like being an orthodox jew in the how we (generally) take our customs very seriously and follow our readings more closely than protestants (no hate on protestants y’all just saying I draw more connections between jews and catholics than jews and any other christian denomination) so I kind of feel like I was Jacob whenever I explained the catholic stuff I had to do to my friends

2) all of her mom/wife characters: Vanessa has a real knack for playing white suburban moms/wives/women in all of their stereotypical glory. My absolute favorite one that she plays is Gene’s Wife (from the Gemma dinner date sketches with Kenan and Cecily and guests The Rock and Benedict Cumberbatch) because she is the epitome of white wives on TV sitcoms. Like have you ever seen a Disney Channel show? All of the mom characters are these cheesy women with weird inflections that make jokes and little jabs at their husbands, but are completely over their husbands’ flaws as soon as the husbands point out why their flaws are a good thing (does that make sense? it’s like the wives are endlessly forgiving and the jabs are just there for comic relief, or possibly to provide some “tension” within the couple). And I just think Vanessa really nails it. I love making fun of the stereotypical white woman because I am, in some ways, a stereotypical white woman and I agree that I do some dumb fake shit now and then and it’s super obvious to everyone around me

3) when she talks about her cancer: this may seem like a weird thing to include  but this is kind of a personal connection so I’m going to talk about it anyway. Vanessa has said in interviews that she got into comedy because she and her friends would make jokes about her cancer when she was a teenager and it helped her get through it. I don’t have cancer but I DO have anxiety and, while I realize these aren’t the same things at all, part of the reason I got into comedy and performing in general is because it has helped with my anxiety, especially when I get validation from people in the form of applause or laughter or even a smile. And even more so, joking about my anxiety with my friends has helped me a lot in that it kind of normalizes it and makes it less weird to talk about panic attacks and therapy and whatever else I’m dealing with. I realized when I was pretty young that my love for performing is related to my anxiety and I think for a long time I believed it was weird for publicizing and joking about my issues to be helpful, hearing vanessa talk about how cancer boosted her love of comedy made me feel better about having this dark part of me connect to one of my brightest parts

4) Office Christmas Party: I saw this with some friends from high school (including the aforementioned Riley) over winter break and I thought it was pretty good, like obviously it wasn’t a cinematic masterpiece because most party movies aren’t (unless we’re talking about Sisters bc that movie is my shit) but I thought it was good overall and funny and had some good subplots. I know a lot of the SNL fandom was really focused on how ridiculous and goofy Kate’s character was and my friends kept pointing at the screen and saying “leah that’s so you” whenever Mary, Head of HR made an appearance, but I was personally more interested in Vanessa’s character and storyline. This is jprobably because every time I go to a party (which is rare and really only in the summer) I always think to myself “tonight could be the night I fall in love!!!!” and I end up flirting hardcore with someone and then it never goes anywhere so I just felt very connected to Allison bc she is me in all large social settings

5) Vanessa’s parts in SNL music videos: to be fair, I love all parts of all snl music videos because I think they are just packed with so much genius, but I really really love Vanessa’s part in Back Home Ballers when she raps: “Once everyone’s in bed I go insane/heroine, marijuana crack cocaine/are not what I want, I want cheese on chips/and to put on some very old crest white strips” because again I just hear it and I’m like ME like I could go out with my friends and party or whatever because my parents would never expect me to do anything like that but of course I just stay home and watch netflix and see what kind of meal I can make myself with whatever is left in the house. Also in Crucible Cast Party and Do It on my Twin Bed when Vanessa tries to be sexy it just cracks me up because you can tell she is seriously trying but I’m just so used to seeing her be a goof or like super virginal that the sexiness doesn’t come through for me

6) her Rachel Green impression: this is probably most people’s favorite Vanessa thing and honestly I can see why. I’ve been watching Friends on and off for years since it’s usually on Nickelodeon from 11 pm to 1 am, so I would just watch it when I could and like a lot of people I was a huge fan of rachel (that has changed in some ways since I watched it more regularly but that’s not the point). Until I saw Vanessa do weekend update, it didn’t even occur to me that Rachel is freaking annoying. Like there are still a lot of things I love about her but her speech pattern is just phrases!!! Lots and lots of brief phrases that rarely form a whole sentence unless she is a doing a dramatic monologue!!!!!! And that is just annoying to listen to!!! However watching Vanessa do that impression along with her other impressions of Friends characters has helped me to pay more attention to speech patterns of characters and real people so that I can improve my own impressions so thank you Vanessa more making that so clear for me

7) the fact that she writes sketches where she can make out with the host: so I don’t actually know how much of this is Vanessa’s idea this is, but Aidy said in an interview that Vanessa would get a mock election award for writing sketches where she gets to kiss a hot host so I’d assume Vanessa does in fact write these. For those of you who don’t know, Vanessa has made out with Ryan Gosling, Chris Pratt, and Kristen Stewart in sketches (Santa Baby, Kissing Video Game Characters, and Totinos, respectively) and it’s always HILARIOUS. All of these sketches bring sexuality to an otherwise non-sexual situation, and it’s so awkward and uncomfortable but at the same time we’re all jealous of her getting to kiss such hot people. The kissing shtick, especially sloppy kissing, always gets me on snl as it’s usually weird and unexpected and as a performer I assume it’s super fun/terrifying for the cast members

I’m going to end this here because it ended up being super long but thank you for the message! I love talking about people I adore and everything that makes them so great :)

If you want me to do this for another SNL cast member, send me an ask here!!

“Chat…? What…are you doing here so late?”

“Ummm…for you, Princess–”

Apparently I can’t stop drawing these two. Have a MariChat sketch inspired by @baneismydragon‘s ridiculously hilarious and adorable fic Cut From The Same Cloth (found here: wherein Adrien collects scraps of fabric from his father’s office to gift to Marinette for her project and shenanigans ensue. Go read it, it’s amazing. 

Also, since I didn’t bother to sketch a background, because backgrounds are my ultimate weakness, pretend they’re on Marinette’s rooftop balcony and Chat interrupted her as she was about to go to bed. (Yes, it was just an excuse to draw her in cute ladybug pj’s, and also maybe torture Adrien a little, okay. I have no regrets.)
I Don't Watch...Game of Thrones
For all the people that will have to deal with their friends talking about Game of Thrones...even when they're at your birthday party. Created by Staff Meeti...

For the better part of two years ago, I was part of sketch group called Staff Meeting along with the hilarious Mike O’Dea and Jenn La Volpe. We didn’t get to produce as many projects as we hoped to make, but seeing Michelle hear talk about Theon’s penis felt like we had won an Oscar. 

I Don’t Watch…Game of Thrones

Created by Staff Meeting (Jenn La Volpe, Mike O'Dea and Andrew Ward)

Directed by Mike O'Dea
Edited by David Serignese

Jenn La Volpe…Birthday Girl
Michelle Luz Nussbaum…Friend
Cat Tosiello…Friend
Andrew Ward…Friend