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🌻 feelgood spell jar 🌼

aaah i made a lil feelgood spell jar for my best friend for her birthday but i forgot to take a pic TwT anyways here’s the list of ingredients lol (things in brackets are additional ingredient-specific correspondences)

💛 self love ; cinnamon + chips of pink himalayan salt

💛 happiness ; orange peels (emotional peace) + oregano (tranquility) + rosemary (rejuvenation)

💛 protection ; bay leaves (strength) + sage (cleansing)

💛 strength & courage ; thyme

💛 some dried yellow flowers to brighten it up a bit !! i used creeping oxeye

sealed with light pink wax and i painted some glitter varnish on top >W<

Domestic Siremus

The scene he walked in on was one he still allows to linger in his mind. For some reason, there was something so… raw. Something so open about it; Remus couldn’t put his finger on it. 

Even in the safety of their home, Sirius was always self-conscious. It probably stemmed from the whole broken home thing, and even though he was away from all that, he was still rarely ever seen without something altering his natural look. Whether it be that gold eyeliner that drove Remus insane (inspired by that one post you know you know it but i don’t remember where it was) or the copious amounts of faux leather. Something always brought attention to something other than himself and his issues. There was no where safer to hide than in plain sight, as Sirius demonstrated daily. 

So Remus clung to the fleeting times when Sirius was just Sirius; snarky, shy, beautiful Sirius. 

Remus opened the door to the apartment and was immediately met with the sound of music flowing from somewhere. He followed the sound curiously and found his boyfriend. Genuinely, his boyfriend. 

Sirius had his arms raised above his head and was jumping around as Arctic Monkeys, Do I Wanna Know? blared from the kitchen speakers. His dance moves seemed to be for another, more upbeat song, but his mouth moved around the words as they were sang, like he was tracing them with complete accuracy. His eyes were shut, his hair splayed across his face, sticking there in the light sweat that had accumulated. Remus smiled fondly at the thought of Sirius being at this for a while. His original task of making tea, apparent from the pot and the leaves on the counter, seemed to have been abandoned for a dance break. Remus admired the way his pitch black tee shirt, about four sizes too big, hung off his shoulder, and the way his boxers were just barely visible under the hem, which reached about mid thigh when his arms were raised. 

It wasn’t until the song had ended that Remus allowed his gaze to travel back up to Sirius’ eyes, which were now gazing back at him, wide and surprised. His pale cheeks flushed crimson and he lowered his arms quickly. He stared at the floor as I Wanna Be Yours began to play.

Remus smirked at how shy his boyfriend was before walking over, slowly taking his hands, small and delicate against his rough, scarred skin, and beginning to dance. Another wave of color flowed up over his petite cheekbones as he gazed up at Remus. 

And they danced for a while, Sirius feeling vulnerable, but somehow comfortable. Remus felt only heart-twisting affection as he stared at the boy whose face rested against his chest. He kissed the top of the ebony-haired head and pulled him close. 

And it was perfect in a way that couldn’t be described. 

anonymous asked:

I'm trying to collect pendants that represent each of the Olympians to wear on appropriate occasions [e.g. Hera pendant to a wedding]. I already have a Corinthian helmet for Ares and am thinking a Caduceus for Hermes and eagle for Zeus. Do you have any recommendations for the others? Thanks.

Most of the theoi have a pretty well established history of attributes, which is actually how they’re identified a lot in art! So, even if you’re looking for inspiration form the source material, there’s plenty to look at, and that’s without even bringing in more modern associations and symbols, I’m going to though.

I’m going to italicize classic representations and attributes, while leaving modern ones plain. I’m also going to keep this under a read more because it’s super long, and I’m likely to update this over time as I find more stuff. I’m not limiting this to the Olympians, but it is in alphabetical order. Links take you to posts I’ve done on the individual theos and their representations, where I expand on some stuff.

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“would you write nursey/dex or nah?”

These two dorks arguing about tea or coffee?

Bro, did not see this. I’m sorry this took so long! That’s a fun one. Thanks for the prompt!


Dex reached for his mug without looking, too interested in finding an op-ed to argue over with Nursey. He took a sip, and then made a face, pulling back to see Nursey giving him an amused look. He’d grabbed the wrong mug.

“How the hell do you drink tea like this?” Dex muttered, pushing the mug back across the table. Nursey’s black tea was plain, with no sugar or milk. 

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