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Being Established in God's Present Truth, the up-to-date Truth of God in this Age

Being Established in God’s Present Truth, the up-to-date Truth of God in this Age

The Bible is the word of God, the complete revelation of Himself given to man; nothing can add or take away things from the Bible, since it has been completed and given to us as God’s word for man. However, many truths in the word of God have been lost, and we as believers today do not have a clear view of all the truths in the Bible.

We yearn to be revived and restored, and we desire to have a…

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anonymous asked:

hey, don't get mad at me. i just know the truth that he's a gross old man that only likes you for your pussy. he doesn't actually give a shit about your feelings

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fatima everyone who spreads that shit about mj are just deluded pieces of shit. ppl just ignore the truth bc they love to desecrate a black legend's memory. be confident and secure in that you know the truth and that michael was an amazing man who believed in universal justice. ily girl keep on being strong

omg thank u fuk :( love u thank u for this thank u

One is loving the other but she’s getting away wondering what went wrong why can’t you stay

Us putting in time now turning sour like lime everything was all lined up for us now we’re falling down like dominos

Got me thinking you’re lying like Pinocchio got me questioning about everything was it even real

We were so trill all about us seeing that smile gave me trust Now it’s like I’m out here looking for lust

Last shit I wrote niggas thought it was lit but Ima keep on writing until it rips

Honestly it’s just experiences I went and going through

You guys will know the truth of a young man that’s falling apart and creating it into art.

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You goin deep tonight, man

I know I was blind-sided by the truth that everyone on here is, in fact, human!  it’s probably the booze talking, too.  I don’t like people knowing that I am human.

agentasshole asked:

I got a glimpse of the first end of what you said on that post about the KKK and I thought I was about to tell you not to follow me but were ok. lol sorry idk i thought youd wanna know this but its useless information idk .

Hey man, it’s all good, as long as you know the truth lol no harm done.


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hey there :) just wanted to know the name behind the amazing author writing all these fics :D ((your latest sokkla drabble kILLED ME BY THE WAY WHY WOULD YOU WRITE THAT ABFQLDBELLW ((but no seriously keep writing them even though they are actually heart wrenchingly painful)) thanks for writing all of these! the fandom appreciates it, man

You want to know my name? Truth be told, I have many names, but I suppose in this particular area you could always refer to me as Cael if Sokkaweekly’s too much of a mouthful.

Thank you. Don’t worry, he’s fine, just got a bit banged up. But yeah, seriously, I’m glad you enjoyed it. It always shocks and makes me giddy to hear that people are fond of my work.

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The Other Man

The other man shines with colours from the setting sun. The last rays fill to his rejoicing, with a flat tie on his chest. It hears his heart beat for you, as his shoes, wrinkled by distances, treads the space between you and him; outside your door step with bleeding roses and a cigarette. Your seductive gleam shimmering from the door frame to receive his gifts. The other man knows your smile. Your laughter, his favourite joke, with little greying hair beneath his hat.

love is two people staring, not at each other but in the same direction-at me with piercing eyes like an eagles glare.
At least I know the truth; she loved the other man more.

anonymous asked:

whats ur opinion on gay marriage

Hello there, my fellow late night traveler! First, let me preface my answer by saying that this is a fair representation of who I am in gif form:

So take what I have to say with a grain of salt, and realize that I am just one man seeking God as best I know how. I may not know absolute truth on the matter.

Okay. So here’s my deal. In the political and legalistic sense, I am not against gay marriage. I have several gay friends who I feel deserve equal treatment as humans and citizens. I don’t really see how someone’s sexual orientation has become such a huge platform for gatekeeping, but I don’t agree with treating anyone as less than human. 

In a spiritual sense, I’m not sure. What I mean by that is, I am discovering more and more of Christ every day. I am having a hard time reconciling what the bible says about homosexuality - which isn’t much, and isn’t as clear as some indicate - otherwise people wouldn’t be disagreeing so vehemently - with who I know God to be and how He loves us. 

I read an article today and shared it on my Facebook that I think you might be interested to read. I agree with a lot of his points - that sexuality is overblown in our culture. We have, in a sense, made sexuality our god instead of God by demanding that everyone be able to live out their sexual desires (which can get really bad really quick, mind you). Additionally, it seems to be a major label for people to be gay or asexual or anything but “normal”. I don’t like that.

Do I think having an attraction to the same gender/sex is sinful? No. Do I think acting on that attraction is sinful? Maybe, depending on the circumstances, but I’m probably leaning a bit more on the conservative end on this, if only because sin is a much bigger and more prevalent issue than we realize, and there are many ways we sin daily that are just as dangerous as any other sin. 

As the author of that article mentioned, even his own sexual orientation is, by nature, polygamous (attracted to multiple women despite God’s plan for two to become one), and that in and of itself is sinful to act upon. And yet, that’s how most people are wired. We’re not created to only have feelings for one person ever - that would remove certain elements of free will. 

What I think it comes down to is the heart, and choice. I am very against pornography and sexual self-gratification, and yet I still struggle with it. I am a sinner who needs to repent frequently for this. What matters here is that I am trying to get better - my heart knows it’s wrong, and I’m always moving towards God and relying on His strength to get me through. 

As it boils down to homosexuality, though, I think you need to ask God yourself. He will reveal His heart if you seek Him earnestly (Jeremiah 29:13). I personally do not have any “gay feelings”, but that makes me no less normal, human, respectable, or loved by God than anyone who might be gay. Every great man, woman, king or queen whom God loved and raised up for great things was and is a sinner, incapable of fully redeeming themselves. Do not short-change Christ’s sacrifice, but also do not abuse it. 

TL;DR - my official statement on gay marriage is, I don’t know. Ask God. I am still seeking His heart on the matter myself. 

I’m sorry if this wasn’t quite what you were looking for, but if you have any clarifying questions or comments, feel free to send them my way! I will also gladly pray for you and speak with you privately if you ever wish to discuss things further. Be well, dear friend.

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Man I didn’t believe in everything that X spoke about as in beliefs in the beg of his career but after he was betrayed love love love, but this YES he was an amazing and extremely intelligent man and this is nothing but the truth, and I know I come from a very multiracial/cultural family but I believe this 100 times over.

anonymous asked:

replying to the anon in love with a married man. As a wife who has been dealing with martial problems. how could you do something like that? sending him pictures and what not? what is wrong with your head? how could you do that to another woman?? you do not know the situation at hand. please, as a wife. i'm begging you to stop texting him and text his wife instead. she deseres to know the truth about the man she's sharing a bed with.

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Man I didn’t believe in everything that X spoke about as in beliefs in the beg of his career but after he was betrayed love love love, but this YES he was an amazing and extremely intelligent man and this is nothing but the truth, and I know I come from a very multiracial/cultural family but I believe this 100 times over.

This makes no sense

So what Social media is claiming is that Sandra Bland was suffering from depression, was taking pills, suicidal, and self harming; so there’s a 100% chance she committed suicide. So even if she did, they’re just going to focus on that or the fact that there’s a fake mugshot of her, laying lifelessly on the floor, going around the internet and how she was handled by the cops while she was getting arrested for failing to use a traffic signal?? ALSO, if she did hang herself with a “trash bag (Hefty I guess since they think a trash bag is strong enough to hold a 6ft person),” she could of also suffocated herself with it too. So nobody will know the truth but the man above. The truth will come out, just wait on it.

EXO reaction to the MC saying you would be a perfect wife/mother

So.. I have nothing to do :D So I’m going to spam you probably until I fall asleep <3 Admin A~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/ 

Chanyeol: *Feeling a little bit awkward* “Well.. he haven’t discussed about children… yeah she would be a nice mom…”

Kris: <Are you serious?! I was going to ask her tonight to be my wife and you just ruined it!>

Sehun: *Nervous laugh* “You think so? She is really something… *Imagines his life next to you and your children*

Tao: “Is he being serious? Telling me how to make kids? I already know this stuff man!!”

Kai: “Oh well the truth is that…. We are going to be parents soon!!”

Xiumin: *Approves what the MC said and starts to make a plan to ask you to marry him*

Baekhyun: *Gets clingy with you* “Jaaaaaaagiii~ Imagine… us with seven babies!”

Luhan: *Manly mode* “Well Y/N” *Looks at the camera* “You just heard… we should make some babies tonight”

Chen: *Starts to feel really nervous because he has the ring but not the plan yet and he knows you will start to think about marriage very soon*

Kyungsoo: *Doesn’t let the others see his excitement* “Yes she would be a nice wife”

Lay: *Already in the father unicorn mode* “Our babies will be called Pegasus and Tinkerbell”

Suho: *Looks at you all the week hoping you understand it’s his “Iwantbabies” face*