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Butters: How "pure" do you think you are? and Craig: Have you ever realized something that changed your life?


HM…Is there a scale?? If there’s a scale from 1 to 10, I think I fall in the middle? IT’S PROBABLY NOT FAIR FOR ME TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION BUT…. okay. I think I can almost safely say about a 3 to…9? 10??


I’ve realized that life is hard and life is tough and it’s really not all that easy and sometimes you’ll wish you weren’t born…A LOT OF THE TIME YOU MIGHT WISH YOU WEREN’T BORN, because really, being born wasn’t your choice? But uh. That’s just how it is. I’ve realized that even though life can give you a good hard kick in the nuts sometimes, there are lots of good things that you don’t even know of yet to look forward to. 

i will write this later today after i sleep, but the man that calls himself alex murphy, father to john, happy family dad and the void that spend nine years in the dead zone are two different people and sometimes he himself mixes up who is who and who is truly himself. 


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