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Taking a week away from everyone to hibernate and rest.. And now that I’ve had time alone to reflect and feel the difference, I can confidently, consciously, and with a clear head, say that without him, my life wouldn’t be anywhere near this good. All my good days consist of him. I don’t remember having a bad day at all because he has turned them into good ones. I don’t remember being this happy with someone, myself and my life all at once before. We could be doing nothing for hours but I would still be caught off guard at how I am right there, with him. He makes me so happy. I think I needed to meet him in my life, I’d like to think it is fate. Because I can’t imagine how and what I would be had not he came into my life. I wish I knew the words to say to describe how happy I am with him.. Thank you…for you…

my depression’s come back at full force, hit me out of no where. i thought today maybe i was feeling crappy because i didn’t feel like i looked good. there is usually a correlation between i feel like i look and how my day has been. but this isn’t the case. i feel so down and hopeless like nothing can make me happy i hate it. i hate it i hate it

Found on Imgur today. Does that cartoon of Neil deGrasse Tyson look familiar? How freakin cool is that? They hung a piece of my art in a room named after Neil!!! Wowsers, this makes me feel so happy!

You can see the post here:

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I’ve been thinking about how rad it would’ve been to see “Who’s To Say” live so I looked up videos and at least in older shows Vanessa Carlton always starts it off by dedicating it to anyone in relationships that aren’t approved of “by their mothers or by the government” and I’m just so happy & it is Confirmed an LGBT+ anthem

Rant: “You spent all that money on that 😒” Listen, i’m a bit of an impulse spender lol but i don’t do anything that will have me end up with no money to pay the bills. I buy stuff every so often because@ it truly makes me happy. Especially all the yuri on ice merch. That show pulled me out of such a deep depression. So excuse me for overdoing it a little lol 😂. Sorry just feeling bad about spending money. When really its no one’s business but my own. I just get insecure when people judge me for spending my money on things i know i’ll love. None of the stuff i buy is going to waste. I can’t wait for my victuuri figures and i’m gonna damn love them till i die okay. I’m learning how to budget as time goes by. I’ll slip on, i know myself and I definitely will but i’m working more hours and college money is coming along okay. So i bought myself something special.

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💗 What advice would they give a potential partner about making their relationship last if they could with no judgment?

Khyran does have a partner right now, and he usually tends to give her the opposite sort of “advice.”

1) “I’m not worth it.”
2) “There’s probably better people out there for you than me.”
3) “I’m a mess.”
4) “If you wanted to leave me, I won’t stop you.”

If he had any shred of love for himself and respect for his relationship, he would probably instead be saying:

1) “This relationship isn’t about you or me, it’s about what’s best for both of us.”
2) “I want to give up the things that make me happy so that you can be happier.”
3) “I need to respect myself before I can properly respect you and I’m working on it.”
4) “If I make you unhappy I want to change.” 

Unfortunately, he’s not there yet.

my honest to god favorite thing is when i’m just scrolling on here and there’s some fairly innocuous text post but one of you motherfuckers has just tagged it “#………. #sung” or whichever one of the twrp boys it applies to. because it catches me off guard almost every single time and it makes me so happy

I’ve been really happy for awhile, everyday I seem to have a smiling face.

I’ve been buying books with has different poems inside of them thinking how people felt as they wrote out words to describe how they felt that day or in that moment.

I met this guy awhile ago and he’s been making me so happy, he was gone for abit but he’s back now.

I’m trying to become the person i want and need to be.

I’m happy.

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I think I've caught feelings for my FWB. I should cut this off but I honestly don't think I can. He makes me so happy I literally never stop smiling/laughing when we're together. It's just so easy and natural like it's never forced. Sometimes I feel like he feels the same way but other times I'm not so sure...I'm in trouble big big trouble


You should tell him now while you can still catch it.  

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If you feel like it, please respond with five things that make you happy when you get this. Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity! 🌼

Ah!!! Okay!!! Here we go, thank you for the message!!!<3

  1. My qpps, fiance, and friends!! I love them all soooso much, they’re all incredible wonderful people who are just, so fun and they always make me smile!!
  2. Popplio!!! That lil’ pokemon makes me so happy; I literally cry from happiness over popplio sometimes!!!
  3. Hot cocoa or warm tea, especially late at night!!
  4. Penny Polendina, happy and warm, smiling, safe with her loved ones. Honestly. Super happy to see that, even in fanart ; u ;
  5. Rabbits!! God, cute rabbits just, them binkying makes me so happy and excited!!!