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Thank you for tagging me @ismill​ <3

Favorite fandom: The Carry On fandom without a doubt, you guys are THE SWEETEST and also everyone is so talented. (Not that I have much experience with other fandoms but still. The Carry On fandom makes me so happy, I really love it here)

Favorite Film of 2016: I’m pretty sure the only film I’ve seen that came out this year was Finding Dory so it’s gonna have to be that.

Put your music library on shuffle and see the first three songs that come up:

Well they’re all going to be Taylor Swift ‘cause I only have her on my phone at the moment…


I Wish You Would

and Stay Stay Stay

Last thing I bought online: A textbook for uni. (Boring. Sorry.)

Any phobias or fears? Nothing other than the usual I suppose…

How would your friends describe you? Smart, caring? Well hopefully that’s what they would say! My friend once said I have a ‘jubilant’ life and I liked that description

How would your enemies describe you? Strong. Graceful. Fucking ruthless. Ha ha ha just kidding I am none of those things

Who would you take a bullet for? My best friend

If I had money to spare what would I buy first? Books! Yes. I sat here thinking about this last one for a little while but I have found the correct answer.

I tag: anyone who is bored and feels like doing this feel free to tag me I’d love to read yours :)


@demilovatic.ddl I love you more than anything Sara. Your my everything princess and you make me so freaking happy baby girl. you are truly my one and only and I will always love you with all my heart forever and always princess.

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Spotify, SoundCloud, or Pandora? 

apple music actually

is your room messy or clean?

the floor is smothered in clothes and i sleep in a blanket fort

what color are your eyes?

a very bland shade of blue

do you like your name? why?

i never really liked the sound of g-a-b its so gahh blehh but idk its starting to grow on me

what is your relationship status?

im so single it hurts

describe your personality in 3 words or less

i aim for easy going, quirky and honest

what color hair do you have?

naturally blondey-brown but i used to dye it black a lot so i have no idea what colour to call it now

what kind of car do you drive? color?

i hate driving it stresses me out but when i do drive its my mums tiny silver mazda 2

where do you shop?

op shops!!!!!!! i love op shops they make me so happy 

how would you describe your style?

eclectic, strange, art student with traces of goth phase

I don’t know. He’s so lovely and would do such cute things for me when I was down. Like taking me to the arcade or to the museum. Or putting up fairy lights, playing my favourite songs and watching a nice movie together. That time he set up his room with the grey blanket, some origami flowers and cute lights was the cutest thing he’s ever done for me. Gestures like that are why I love him so much I’m hoping he does something like that to make things up to me once I move back down. It would make my heart so happy. It’s that kind of thing, along with letters, that work best in making things up to me. *Hint hint if you’re looking at this 😂😂 it wouldn’t mean any less just because I’ve mentioned it. I’m just saying*
But seriously, if you’re reading this… That would mean a lot to me

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Rott is 1000% my favorite character <3 I love every time you draw him and what you have posted about his story and personality just make me so happy. I adore lots of your other characters and cartoon and game characters, but Rott takes the cake. 10/10 would praise again.

you : (likes my oc)

me: IM LOVE YOU ????

in all seriousness , thank you !!! im so so so glad you like him ,, i love him sm and it means the world to me when anyone so much as mentions him honestly ,, THANKS YOU , MY FRIEND ,,, ,,, ,, its almost 4am , cats kicking me off me comp ,, LATER !!! ✌🐰

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Zaaaaiiiinnn! much love and respect, hope you're doing very well! MAM is still way up there on my faves, i don't think a day goes by where i dont see something that reminds me of it, also, so many people use that motorcycle stiles manip you made, which helps me think of MAM even more, also cant wait for more F&F au, and (eventually) Illuminated. So good.

Billyyyy omg I’m so sorry for the late reply, I suck <3

Aww, it makes me so happy you still carry MAM with you. I do too! There are so many everyday things I see that reminds me of this story. It’s just part of my DNA now, I guess XD And yeah wow that manip is everywhere. I think people think it’s a real photo, haha. Crazy.

Illuminated, oh my god, I am so ashamed to say I forgot all about its sequel… Thanks for reminding me. It’s gonna happen… one day. I really love this verse. And I’m so happy you’re looking forward to more QM. It’s gonna be epic!

Thank you so much, seriously, you are always the sweetest. Hope you’re having a great day. You just made my morning. Love you <3

Odin bless Taika Waititi!

So I’ve been lurking around the Thor: Ragnarok set boundary a bit this week hoping to catch a glimpse of Hemsworth, Hiddles, or even Hopkins - who allegedly snuck onto the set yesterday by dressing up as a hobo to get through the crowd! While so far I’ve been unlucky to see any of the big three (unlike my friend Tony, who met Thor tonight and DIDN’T INVITE ME the bastard!) I have seen something that makes me so very happy:

Taika has made a huge point of hiring locals, and in particular indigenous Australians, to work on the film in a variety of roles. The most important and heart warming thing I saw was that he is keeping that promise. 

Peeking over the heads of the crowd, I saw that the set is a party mix of humans indeed! I saw a melting pot of different cultures, and equal mix of men and women of all ages doing all kinds of jobs, with everyone all still smiling and having fun after 10 hours of filming and counting. 

For those who don’t know much about the situation regarding indigenous Australians, I’ll give you the Reader’s Digest version: they’re stereotyped as lazy, paint huffing, criminals, who do nothing but whinge, steal, burn things, and leech off the Government.

Unfortunately, there are parts of Australia where this stereotype is a harsh reality, but those communities are in the vast minority in the 21st century. Whether he is aware of it or not (though I daresay he very much is), Taika has given indigenous Australians an incredible platform to shatter that perception, and they are taking that opportunity and running with it full pelt.

On top of that, just seeing this happening in my city at all makes me so happy - and not just because of the prospect of seeing me some hot man candy in the flesh. 

Nothing cool ever happens in Brisbane unless it’s a natural disaster - speaking of which, the last few big ones have left the state pretty well broke. But this? Taika going with shooting this in Brisbane has injected so, so, so much money into our city, and our state, money that is very much needed. Money into Government, local businesses, and through the hiring of locals, individual citizens themselves. 

It’s also highlighted to the wider film community that this very much is a viable option for film makers. We’re a friendly, relaxed, and hard working city, and thanks to Taika, Hollywood will now get a chance to see how we handle ourselves with a production of this scale. It truly is one of the most wonderful things anyone could have done for our community, and I think I speak for everyone in Brisbane when I express how grateful we are for that.

So Odin bless you, Taika Waititi, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving our indigenous people a chance to shine, and our little city and all of us in it, a chance to be a part of something incredible. We will not soon forget it.

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I think I’m gonna cry. So many celebrities having been coming out since like last year and I’m so happy. It makes me feel better about my sexuality seeing all the positivity these people are getting.

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What makes you happy?

doesn’t take much to make me happy.
travelling tops all feelings but otherwise my beautiful friends and the place I live.
my house and room in particular make me very happy so I usually wake up happy without anything needing to really happen.
music also makes me feel on top of the world at times.
but overall without sounding weird?! I feel like I won the life lottery.
both my families overseas and amazing family here are also main reasons I smile inside everyday. oh and going through travel photos of me and best friend also make me extremely grateful. waw nice essay Sophia ! n next time don’t ask questions anonymously its dumb

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hello!! i saw your cute klance icons and was wondering if me and my friend could use them for our twitters..? ; v ; we will credit you in our descriptions! ✨

i didn’t think anyone would use them, so this makes me so happy, i am glad that you like them!!


Even though this blog is very inactive (due to the lack of requests and the lack of interest from my side to come up with imagines myself at the moment) I woke up this morning with a message in my inbox concerning the Alec being shipped with a girl discussion I’ve posted about concerning my posts on this blog. 

Instead of posting the asks and reacting on it, I want to create a post about diversity in general. I am aware that I will probably burn my fingers somewhere during this post, but I do hope that people can understand my point of view.

Firstly I want to state that usually I’m an advocate of the live and let live policy. Instead of using my energy to hate on something or someone else, I’d rather promote and focus on the things I love. I will never attack someone for shipping something and I will never hate on anyone because of their likes and dislikes. Usually hate makes me tired and angry and I prefer being happy, so I prefer simply posting about things I love instead of bashing people who like or post things I dislike. To me, personally, it doesn’t matter who you ship with whom. 

However, I do understand that sometimes things are not just a matter of live and let live due to the social context. I think that shipping canonly gay characters with girls and canonly lesbians with males must been seen in such a context. It must been seen related to history, related to the circumstances of LGTB+ people around the world and the huge amount of people who can not accept homosexuality for whatever reason. 

Purely technically we’re all writing fanfic here and let’s be honest, a lot of fanfic is hopelessly out of character and a lot of fanfic has little to nothing to do with canon. Characters are often “disrespected” one way or another in fanfics. They do things they would never do and they say things they would never say. There is nothing we can do about it. Not one writer here owns the characters they’re writing about, which means that we always have a certain point of view which can differ from someone else’s point of view and the point of view of the original writer and creator of the character. The nice thing about fanfic is that your possibilities are endless and as a writer you can simply write whatever you want to write. If a reader doesn’t like it, they can simply stop reading. 

So, pure technically, people can do to characters whatever they want. They can change their sexuality, they can change their species, their gender, their skin color, everything. You can create all the AU’s you want and in an AU everything is possible, because it’s an AU after all.

But, when it comes to discussions about representation and diversity we’re never truly speaking purely technically. We’re also speaking about a certain emotional load. We’re talking about emotions, feelings, we’re talking about social context and we’re talking about a certain lack of respect in general. I’m personally a cis white straight girl, but with a disability. 

I’ve looked up on google some time ago how many characters with a disability there are on television. Shockingly when it comes to series broadcasted on public networks in America there are only about 10 characters with a certain form of a disability in a recurring role (so we’re not even talking about mains here). This includes all mental disabilities and all different forms of physical disabilities. (On top of that 95% of those are played by abled bodied actors.) 

One of those characters is Raven Reyes from the 100, broadcasted by the CW. I don’t think I need to explain how important Raven Reyes therefore is to me. Her disability comes close to the one I have (very close) and her struggle is therefore very relatable to me. On top of that, the series shows that she’s far more than her disability: Her brain is all kinds of awesome and people do accept her, love her and respect her. 

Technically there is absolutely no problem with people writing AU’s and fanfics where Raven is abled bodied for the reasons stated above. Emotionally however I feel differently about it. If people write her as abled bodied, it gives me the impression that they only think she’s interesting enough to write about without her disability. It gives me the impression that she’s only interesting enough to read about when she’s healthy and not struggling with her leg. It gives me the idea that people like me are not interesting, don’t deserve to be written about. On top of that, it makes me feel like I can only be happy if I can get rid of that disability (which I can’t). 

I know perfectly well that this is absolutely not what people mean. The fanfic writers probably don’t even realize that this is the sign I get from their writing. They just wanted to write a nice story about a character they love so much because she’s smart and amazing. They just wanted to see her without the pain. They just wanted to explore her character before the accident in another universe. In theory that’s completely fine, but my emotions think differently.

I personally believe that something like this counts for all the minorities on television and in fanfic. It’s only in the last few years that slowly LGTB+ characters are finding their way to the screen. First in very minor roles, slowly also in main roles. Those few mains (and the minor roles too, but especially the mains) are very important to the LGTB+ community, just like Raven is very important to me. They can related to them, they can see that they’re treated like any other character, they can see them happy, they can see them struggling and they recognize themselves in them. 

Technically you can totally write an AU where those characters do have a relationship against their canonly sexual preference. As stated above, it’s a fanfic and in an AU everything is possible and allowed. Emotionally however it doesn’t really work like that. Emotionally those fanfics, where that LGTB+ side is erased from a character, feel like a stump in their face. Because that one part that is so important to them is being erased. An important part of themselves is being erased, disrespected. It’s like that character, and therefore them, are only interesting when they’re not LGTB+, when they fit the standard image. It’s like people like them are not interesting, not worth writing about, not worth caring about and not deserving of happiness. 

Once again, that’s not what the fanfic writer probably meant, it’s just how it’s perceived by the readers who are part of the community. And it’s totally not that weird that they perceive it that way, because in daily life that’s what they face. A lot of LGTB+ people face their sexualities being disrespected on daily basis. A lof of disabled people face their disability being overlooked, disrespected or limiting on a daily basis. A lot of people of color face being treated differently because of their skin color on a daily basis. Whitewashing, erasing disabilities and disrespecting sexualities and gender preferences are the daily life of a lot of people. It’s the default setting of our society. 

Slowly series and movies are working on changing that default setting. More characters with disabilities are being shown, more LGTB+ characters are breaking through on screen, more people of color get main parts in big franchises. The world is slowly, too slowly, changing in a good way. But, every time a minority is in some way turned into the “default setting” it feels like a huge step back again. 

Now I hear you say: But what about all those “straight” characters that are being written as LGTB+ in fanfics? Why is that okay, but the other way round isn’t? 

Technically, both should be okay. You’re writing and reading a fanfic, and it’s an AU and characters are not fully themselves anyway. Your AU, your rules. Emotionally however it’s not. Straight people are in daily life not disrespected for their sexuality. Turning a straight character gay for a fanfic doesn’t have any influence on the confidence of straight people. After all, the default setting of society is still straight and there are tons and tons and tons and tons of characters on television who are straight. Straight people don’t face their sexuality being erased, disrespected and mocked on daily basis. Straight people don’t need to be afraid that they are hurt, harmed, raped or murdered because of their sexuality. If a straight character is written as gay in a fanfic, that is not a reflection of something they’re facing in daily life. Let’s be honest, no parent is throwing their kid out of the house because it’s straight or sends it to fixing programs.

I understand that technically there is a double standard when it comes to minorities and the default setting in fanfics. I understand that from a certain point of view shipping a gay guy with a girl is the same as shipping a straight guy with a boy. Technically it is the same thing. Emotionally however it isn’t. 

Yes, all minorities want equal rights. Equal rights means equal rules and equal treatment. However, as long as there is no equality for minorities in our society, and we’re far from there, I think it’s emotionally very understandable that minorities are treated a little differently in the fanfic world to make sure they don’t get erased. 

It would be amazing if one day we’d reach a point where we don’t have to think like that anymore, where an AU can be an AU and no one has to feel disrespected. Where everyone can ship whatever and whoever they want to ship. Where we can live and let live. 

But we’re not there yet. We’re far from there yet. 

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Wow this is really stalkerish but I read your D18 fic "For All That Once Was" and it's the most beautiful thing I have ever read. I can't describe how amazing it is. Like, I know you wrote that like 2 years ago but it's inhumanly beautiful and made me feel so much. Honestly the best piece of writing I have ever encountered, and I just wanted to say that and thank you for creating such an amazing work.

half a year later, i finally read this. i’m so sorry, anon, for the lateness ;______; but thank you thank you THANK YOU SO MUCH for the kind words, this makes me very very happy ;;;;;;