this make me so happy!

K: Fuck yes

Eastern Europe at a Sleepover

Russia: I accidentally caught the microwave on fire. I hope you like your popcorn burnt and also we may need to call the firemen

Belarus: Stop talking. Stop moving. Stop b r e a t h i n g

Ukraine: Let’s braid hair and paint nails and put names in the burn book!

Lithuania: Can we not talk about communism at 3 am some of us are trying to sleep without nightmares

Estonia: My phone died. Along with my soul

Latvia: So far I’ve made friends with Russia’s cat. He almost bit my fingers off. I think we’re making progress

Poland: You people are about as exciting as shag carpet and I’m missing The Golden Girls

Hungary: a g g r e s s i v e  p i l l o w  f i g h t

Czech Republic: Cat videos mean so much to this world. Do you even realize how much society as a whole has been helped by cat videos

Slovakia: Dude, let’s watch all the Twilight movies at once


Bulgaria: Alright guys Russia’s asleep let’s sabotage his Facebook and make him look like a total loser

Moldova: I need an adult right now 

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one of my fav things is reblogging my mutuals amazing posts and then getting a ton of people reblogging or liking it from me???? like i feel so proud like yes your post is amazing and i’m so glad that people are seeing it and loving it too i love you so much you deserve all the notes yesssss

Finally caught up on Gotham.

Has anyone made a gifset of Alfred telling Bruce to take up dancing lessons yet? Because that was honestly my favorite part of the episode. 

Bless Alfred for giving Bruce a well-rounded education as a gentleman. (And for basically saying “Since you’re not fighting crime anymore, it’s time you learned how to be a normal teenager and take your delinquent girlfriend out on a proper date.”)

anonymous asked:

So, someone maybe already asked this. If so, please feel free to ignore this ask! Anyway, since I absolutely adore your orchestra AU, and while violinist!Fushimi is my aesthetic, maybe we can also have secret piano prodigy!Fushimi? You can never go wrong with secret (or not so secret) musical prodigies. v.v

I’ve answered at least one with canon Fushimi as a secret musical prodigy, so maybe some a different kind of orchestra AU with this one. Like Fushimi’s parents were both professional musicians and Kisa was adamant that Fushimi learn to play all kinds of instruments. He liked piano best but then maybe Niki saw how much Fushimi was enjoying it so he burned all Fushimi’s sheet music and smashed the piano just because he wanted to traumatize his kid. Kisa didn’t want to be bothered buying a new piano so she simply tried to force Fushimi into another instrument instead. Fushimi never enjoyed any of the other instruments after that, he loved the piano best but he’s afraid to try and play again because he thinks Niki will destroy it again.

So then years later Fushimi goes to some far away college and he has to pay everything himself because he’s totally cut ties with his parents. Maybe he even kinda ran away and he’s always a little terrified that Niki’s going to figure out where he is. He’s basically trying his hardest to be anonymous, just going from class to class and talking to nobody, not even his teachers. The school has a really strong music program and Fushimi always has to cross in front of the music building whenever he’s on his way back to his dorm, he stops for a moment every time and then walks off with his head down. One day he literally runs into cello player Munakata, who’s caught him staring at the building a couple times and is very intrigued wondering what Fushimi’s looking for. Fushimi clicks his tongue and mutters that he’s in a hurry as he slips past Munakata and goes back to his room, curling up on his bed and listening to classical music on his PDA while moving his fingers as if he’s playing the piano.

Finally one day the temptation gets too much and Fushimi slips into the music building early in the morning when he thinks no one will be there. He sneaks onto the darkened stage where there’s a piano and he sits down and just starts playing on his own. Maybe he had a brush with Niki almost finding him and so Fushimi’s just been really stressed and upset and the only thing he could think about to calm himself down was to play. He plays through a couple songs and then when he finishes he suddenly hears someone cheering and in runs trumpet player Yata, who happens to be in a couple of Fushimi’s classes and is always trying to talk to him. Yata’s all amazed because who knew that asshole Fushimi could play the piano and he asks if Fushimi’s in the music program too, Yata’s never seen him here before. Fushimi tries to say that he isn’t but Yata’s just talking right over him, so impressed with Fushimi’s playing. He asks Fushimi to play something else and Fushimi refuses, but Yata’s looking at him with these shining eyes and somehow Fushimi finds himself sighing and turning to play again. This time when he’s finished before Yata can say anything they both hear the sound of someone clapping and here comes Munakata down the auditorium steps, highly impressed with what he heard. Cue Munakata and Yata both trying to get a reluctant Fushimi to join them in the orchestra and let everyone else see how amazing he is.

Today is a really shitty anniversary for me (actually, not quite, but my brain recognizes it as the last Friday in September) and so here’s a list of more things that make me happy.

1. Walker Stalker is four weeks from today! There will be so much hugging!!! I know I’ll be seeing Shana, Lydia, Sady, and Amelia, at the very least, but, if any of my other followers are going, let me know and we can make plans to at least meet and say hi!

2. Books. I’m currently reading Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo (it’s the sequel to a book I fell in love with last year) and I’m trying to force myself not to just binge-read the entire thing in one sitting. I just finished Here on Earth by Alice Hoffman (thanks to Shana’s recommendation), and I cried because the writing was so damn good.

3. Carol and Tara exist. I mean, they just delight me. Also, I am planning on dressing up as Tara again for Halloween (probably not on Halloween, but on one of the days of WSC ATL). Only the Motormouth Mabel shirt and the boots are screen accurate (the rest is as close as I could find without actual IDs), but I am excited.

4. Introvert weekends! I don’t actually have to interact with anyone this weekend (well, until Sunday, anyway). Mango is off playing with friends (aka other people who have dogs) and I miss puppy snuggles, but also am already enjoying the quiet.

5. Last week I mentioned fall TV, so right now I’m going to just say that I’m really enjoying Speechless (and probably you all should watch). I have so many “oh my god, I know that person” moments, Micah Fowler has some of the best reaction expressions I’ve ever seen (he is so good), and Kyla Kenedy is clearly having tons of fun with it.