this make me so happy!

I’m so proud, I even managed to include Sammy boi in my uni portfolio😎


1/ days in the sun

Art context: Help i was dragged into a hole

Universe Context: A few days before the several years anniversary of being on the run and “dead”, Historia ends up in Gotham and after an… altercation let’s say, ends up on Batman’s radar. The first time she tries to talk to her she doesn’t comply and ends up disappearing only to return a month or so later on after being prompted by a friend. Ends up become a “sorta” robin a month or so after 

anonymous asked:

thank you for that ask conversation with trish last night. it hit close to home and it was real nice to see a healthy relationship & how those problems are handled in a healthy relationship. sorry if this is silly. i just appreciated it a lot!

Anon, you are so sweet and this makes me so, so, so happy to read. Thank you for just sticking around and hanging out and being yourself honestly. It’s not silly at all! You’re wonderful and I hope it made you feel something better or nice, regardless of close to home. <3 I know that feeling all too well, to be honest. And I try so hard to be accurate with what I write so this means a lot. Of course I can’t do any of this without @akathehellcat who has suffered my rambling for an age now and continues to be the most wonderful friend and writing partner.


taehyung cooking diligently under yoongi’s gentle guidance