this kills the man tbh


“She said, ”You can make fun of me, just don’t say that I’m a bitch and that you don’t like me.” I was like “WHOA, THE BAR IS SO MUCH LOWER THAN I EVER IMAGINED, THAT’S IT?!” Also, I wouldn’t say that! What kind of show would that even be?!”

i only started listening to taz three weeks ago and look at me now mom

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  • you: magnus dragged alec into that photobooth
  • me, an intellectual: there was only one man holding back in those photos and that man was NOT alexander lightwood

Unpopular opinion of the day but if it’s ok for dettlaff to unleash an army of vampires on beauclair (leading to hundreds of dead people, including orphans) because syanna betrayed him then it should be ok for syanna to do whatever the fuck for being betrayed by literally everyone she knew as a child

Finn, knowing this is a war and that it’s killed or be killed but at the same time not wanting to kill his once fellow stormtroopers, knowing they were never given the choice of being what they were just like he wasn’t.

Finn, knowing that shooting to incapacitate isn’t as humane or merciful as one might think—that if they’re too injured they might as well be dead ( the medbay doesn’t exist for them like that ) and if they survive only pain in the form of having to treat their own wounds and reconditioning awaits them ( and sometimes he has to wonder if that’s really better than the alternative ).

Finn, walking into the middle of an active battlefield with his hands raised trying to talk to them, blaster shots flying past him and grazing him but showing he is not a threat is louder than telling them.

( Finn, wielding a lightsaber and deflecting shots instead, using the Force to stop it all together, not using the Force as an offensive weapon or an invasive power but as a tool for peace. )

You’re not living in the First Order, he wants to tell them. You’re dead but still breathing. You have a choice. ( “The Resistance?” they ask. “No,” he answers. “A choice to be better.” )

They call it the Stormtrooper Rebellion.

Finn calls it freedom.

People can argue about Jon’s type over hair colour or being warrior/feminine. But the common denominator that really attracts him is…singing/songs as a way of expressing empathy. Bookwise his love interests so far are incompatible with him either because of unfair violence and/or superstition. He frees Ygritte because she tells him about the song of Bael the Bard and the rose of Winterfell and how they’re kin because Starks have some wildling blood. He’s attracted to her partly because of singing and because her reaction to songs helps him understand the freefolk. As for Val, beyond his projections of his desires about his dream life at Winterfell onto her, he’s attracted to her because she acts as a mother figure to Gilly’s child and realises she is attached because she sings to the baby.

If anyone hijacks this post, a number of people have already addressed Jon’s hypocrisy and contradiction regarding uplifting warrior women and putting down feminine women, which have to do with his mommy issues, his issues as a bastard and conflicting desire to be a knight and the limitations of the NW (x, x). The guy has a lot of denial and repression issues. He’s not exactly a reliable narrator.