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non-offending is literally the thinnest veil of bullshit pedophiles can come up with.

i remember a few summers ago, i was at the square, its usually where the homeless and drunks waiting for the bar to open again go. but it’s got benches and a fountain and a decent sized area of grass, plus McDonald’s is close, so parents usually bring kids there instead of going to an actual park.

this mom brought her kids, a baby and a toddler. she was obviously preoccupied with the baby, and let the little girl run around.

kids make me anxious bc im terrified they’re going to get hurt (the square is surrounded my streets, cars flying by, etc) and the parents never watch the kids so im watching these kids so they don’t get hit by a car or drown in the fountain.

the little girl is just having a damn blast, she’s throwing coins in the fountain, rolling around in the grass, failing to do cartwheels. completely adorable.

and i turn my head, and across the square this old fucker is sitting with his fucking hand down his pants, touching himself while he’s watching this little girl roll around the grass.

im obviously dumbfounded, “look at him! he’s fucking jerking off! hold my bag, i swear to god im going to rip it off, hold this!!”

obviously i fucking flip a dick, i don’t go up to him or anything but im losing my fucking mind to my grandma.

apparently your voice carries in the square, and im heated, i think im whispering to my grandma but im full blown yelling, the mom hears, the dude hears me cussing him out, the mom hears and jerks her kids up and leaves and this fucker is fucking staggering to run the fuck away.

and the funny part is, because it was just a regular kid(nothing nsfw about it) and he didn’t touch her; pedophiles would probably say he’s no-contact.

that’s how ridiculous this ‘anti-contact’ shit they spew is.

fuck your no-contact/non-offending shit.

This is pretty much the NCIS fandom right now…

Princess and The Pea

Summary: Billy is a blanket hog and his girlfriend is DONE. 

Author’s Note: I am a cranky bitch when I’m tired… I don’t know about ya’ll…I wrote an alternative to this where his gf is the blanket hog. Let me know if you want me to post that one too. 

Originally posted by taikka

        “Billy!” I grumbled as the boy rolled himself over for the tenth time that night. Most nights, all it took was my head leaning on his shoulder to keep him from floundering. But this time I was awoken at 3 am by my headrest being ripped out from under me. My head smacked the pillow as he squirmed away, grabbing hold of the bedspread while he was at it.

Winter in Hawkins is not known to be particularly balmy. But with two of us in bed, I managed to get away with sleeping in a tank top and a pair of his basketball shorts. Now I was in the frigid room in my summer clothes with no blankets.

I let out a sigh, grabbing the covers and wrenching them back towards me. Only a few inches of it drew closer, but he nevertheless let out a whine. He’d been lifting too many damn weights lately. With the strength of two men, he tugged it back, leaving me with fewer covers than I started out with.

        “Billy!” I snapped, giving him a whack on his bare shoulder.

        “Wha!?” He questioned, lifting his head up off the pillow. His hair stood on end, tangles forming from all the tossing and turning he was doing.

        “You’re hogging the covers, I’m freezing!”

        “Mmm, sorry.” He muttered, relinquishing the blanket and cuddling up beside me.

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Okay this totally started off with beefy Steeb but?? ANyway everyone jump on board the T’Challa and skinny!Steve train with me ヘ(。□°)ヘ

Nice Guys Finish....Early? {Kim Taehyung}

Prompt:  20 25 and 29 with  Taehyung x girl please :)) thank youuu || Requests Open || Smut Game

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 660

Warning: none

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I Need Yurio to Narrate an Episode

Hello I guess. I’m Yuri Plisetsky record breaking gold winning ice skater at age 15. The YOUNGEST EVER.

I have a fan club called the Yuri Angels I bet none of you have one.

That’s Viktor he thinks he’s so great. There’s the pig ugh can’t they keep their hands off eachother for ONCE???

That’s Mila she’s and old pain but I tolerate her I guess.


There’s Bek- Otabek Altin, he’s my best friend…SHUT UP MILA WE ARE NOT DATING. Anyway B- Otabek is cool, he likes my cat so that automatically puts him over everyone else.

Say My Name

Prompt: If you’re still taking requests? Possibly a one-shot where you try to guess what the J means in Daniel’s name? Just having it be playful and him never really telling you.

Pairing: Daniel x Reader

Word  Count: 470

Warning: none

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The nostalgic feeling of the familiar

victor/yuuri, fake/pretend relationship, slow burn

Yuuri’s the one who suggested being fake engaged in the first place, tugging Victor along on such a convoluted plan at the start of cherry blossom season.


“So, I brought him as promised. My boyfriend.”

Victor’s hand jerks. “What?”

“My fiancé, actually,” Yuuri talks swiftly over him.

Victor’s hand jerks again.

–> ao3

Royal Serpent

Chapter 6

Prologue  Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5

Warnings: swearing. Nothing else

Summary:  The daughter of the notorious serpent power couple has returned back to the south side, with some doubts in her mind about her loyalty to her family’s legacy. With her father returning home, will she shed her skin for good or accept her Royal Serpent Blood and let a certain snake in?

A/N: There is a time skip, but its for the story to get all juicy :))))))) kinda short idk

It has been about two month that I have been back in the southside and it hasn’t been the worst. Me and Toni have established an amazing friendship, me and Juggie are still together everyday when he isn’t with Betty, Fangs is a pervert, but i love him and Sweets… well he is still a little bitch but he watches his mouth more. We still fight 50 times a day, but we are cool.

Us five have a pretty set routine that is never broken unless they have serpent business which I leave them to do no matter how much time they push it. Juggie and Toni pick me up, we head to school, me and sweets fight all day while Fangs wraps around me like a snake, when school is over we head to the ravine, then Pops, then either Juggie’s or Toni’s to do work. Well us three to work while the boys jerk each other off. I swear they are secretly in love with one another.

“Kathleen, I can hear your thoughts what are you thinking about?” 

I turn to Toni who is sat beside me in a booth at Pops with a table a food in front of us. I didn’t realize the food came.

“Hm? oh, nothing I was just thinking about how much of a pig Sweet pea is” Sweets looks up at me from his burger and with a mouth full of food he tells me to fuck off.

“Oh god here we go again” Toni shakes her head at me and picks up a fry.

After Sweet pea swallows he goes for his blow.

“Shut the fuck up, killer” 

“Wow, Sweetboy we are getting weak with the comebacks eh? Maybe its because nobody wants your dick after that H.I.V rumor hmmmm”

Sweet pea looks up as everyone starts choking on their food from laughter. Last week Sweet pea pissed me off so i told the girl he was with he caught something from our schools come bucket. It was a little harsh, but he was being an ass.

“That wasn’t fucking funny Kat you know how many times that girl fucking cried and screamed because she thought i give her shit, probably got that shit from the other dudes who hit it” he spat out. Oh i hit a nerve.

“Aw did my sweetboy have feelings for his toy of the week” I reach over and rub his hand, which was warm and softer than i expected. Surprisingly he didn’t snatch his hand away and slap me.

“Stop calling me that”

“Yeah Katty, your gonna get him hard at the table. He loves when you call him that” Fangs, who is way to loud for a public place said with a mouth full of food. I  got used to everyone calling me Kat, but Fangs wanted something only he calls me so now its Katty… ew

Sweet Pea reached over Juggie just to punch him. Jughead is just sitting in the middle shaking his head. Those three are in the biggest bromance sandwhich i have ever seen and its scary.

I feel a foot being place in between mine which are crossed at the ankles, I thought it was Fangs, but he is across from Toni, i was getting ready to yell at him because he is always touching me, but in a consensual annoying but loving way when I feel a finger rub mine.

Everyone was in there own conversation and enjoying their food, so i look up a sweet pea who was focusing on his food and avoiding eye contact with me. His finger kept rubbing mine until he hooked our index fingers together. Our hands were hidden behind plates and cups.

This isn’t new, since the whole thing happened in the cafe, Sweet pea always does secret little caresses towards me, whether it would be my back, feet, hands, hair. He is always touching me, but never addresses it. It doesn’t get to me its just been a little thing he has done. I think its to remind me that we are somewhat friends after our fights or he is just playing with me, but  have always been a touchy person maybe he is just opening up.

After the bill comes, Sweets pulls his hand away and clears his throat.

“So, are we going to Juggies house or…?” Everyone stops and turns to each other before turning to me.

“What the hell is wrong with you” They all stay silent until juggie wraps an arm around me and we walk outside.

“Leanster, we gotta head to White Wyrm for a bit, its a club meeting” 

“Okay so why are you all being so sketchy?” Okay, something is up and I don’t like it.

“No we aren’t we just know how the conversation will go when we ask you this.”

Jughead is beating around the bush which never happens and the other three are just watching me with little hawk eyes waiting for a reaction.

“Can you hurry up, you are stressing me out.”

Toni steps in, “ We are only going for like 10-20 minutes top, so why don’t you come for a second, your mom will be there is you want to leave.” 


“Please K please please come for a second okay we just want you to be used to the place since your mom is apart of council now please??” She grabs my hands and does the face. The face that gets me in trouble, that goddamn face.

“Toni Topaz-” 

“Katty come on, you can come in have a drink then we will be out and we can all chill, its the weekend Katty” Fangs joins in while throwing himself on me. I swear this boy thinks he is smaller than he is.


“Come on guys, I knew she wouldn’t be game. I told you she is just a pretender she can’t even step foot in the place without wanting to burn it down” Sweet pea says as he turns and heads to his bike.

“Oh hold on bitch, i didnt say no, why the fuck do you always think i’m a pretender.” Dammit.

“I’m just saying what your showin’“

“Fuck you Pea, i’m not showing shit. Lets go you fuckers.”

They rush me to the truck and take off before i can change my mind.

“That was all apart of the plan wasn’t it?” I sit in the back with a frown and my arms crossed.

“Yup, we knew Sweet pea was the only one that could push you”

Fucking Sweet pea, they always do this when it comes to serpent business. They beg and then Pea gets involved and makes me cave in. I can stand down to his bitch ass or he will never let it go.

As we walk into White Wyrm, and look around for my mom. The other four leave me and walk into a room that has curtains with a serpent stitched on the front. Why the fuck are they leaving me standing here. I walk up to the bar and order a coke, i’m not going to drink with my mom in the building.

Everything was quite as everyone was setting for tonight, a party for Friday night i suppose. I try to flag down the bartender to ask, but he doesn’t give me a second glance, wait now that i think of it, nobody has laid eyes on me since i stepped in the place and i am alone with no jacket whatsoever. 

You would think someone would say something, maybe its because im a Venin, but i havent seen any older serpents since i have been back. Maybe it- 

A heavy hand is placed on my shoulder as i whip around to see a face i haven’t seen in forever, oh my god.

“Hi Kitbar” that smile that i missed so much appears as tears roll down my face.


A/N: Little cliff hanger for you guys. sorry about the wait

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Goshiki is bullied sometimes for his looks and how loud he is, and just everything. The team finds out and is Not Happy^tm

admin noya: lmao i feel like i always answer asks but hey these prompts are good warm-ups!!!!  :)

“Good afternoon, Ushijima-san!” Goshiki waved to their ace as he walked down the hallway.  The ace nodded his head and waved back at Goshiki, who was beaming at his senpai.

“Good afternoon, Goshiki,” Ushijima replied.  “I hope your day is going well.”

“It is!” Goshiki bubbled.  “And practice today will be so fun, we’re scrimmaging today, right?”

Ushijima nodded his head, “Yes.  It will also be good experience for the team.” They said their goodbyes and walked away from each other, Goshiki with a bounce in his step and a grin plastered onto his face; he loved seeing Ushijima throughout the day, along with his other senpais, and all the other first years were jealous about how many upperclassmen he knew.

“Goshiki, you’re so popular, aren’t you?” Goshiki turned at the sound of his classmate’s voice.  He was smirking at Goshiki, which confused him, but he shrugged.

“They’re just my teammates and senpais!” Goshiki exclaimed.  “They’re-”

“Yeah, yeah,” one of his other classmates interrupted.  “I don’t even know why they would like you, you’re so weird looking and stupid and annoying anyways.”

“Maybe it’s out of pity,” the original boy snickered.

“Huh?” Goshiki frowned, his throat becoming dry as the two boys began laughing at him.

“Seriously?” the second classmate scoffed.  “Your hair looks ridiculous!  I mean, we’re not five years old anymore!”

The first snorted, “And you’re as obnoxious as a dumb puppy.”

“That’s a great comparison!” the other boy laughed.  The two glared at Goshiki before walking away, still making obvious jests towards the volleyball player.  Goshiki didn’t know why, but his chest felt tight and he wasn’t as upbeat as before, and his melancholic attitude stayed like that for the rest of the day.

“Tsutomu-kun, what’s up?” Tendou slung his arm around the first year’s shoulders.

“Nothing,” Goshiki said, forcing a smile onto his face.  Tendou studied him for a moment before frowning slightly.

“Don’t ‘nothing’ me,” Tendou grabbed Goshiki’s shoulders, putting him in a position where he couldn’t look away from Tendou.  “Did something happen?”

“No!” Goshiki lied.  “…it’s just stupid stuff.”

“Nothing is ever too ‘stupid,’“ Reon joined in.  “What’s the problem?”

“Nothing, I swear,” Goshiki tried to jerk his way out of Tendou’s grip, his eyes welling with tears at the words from earlier.  Stop crying, stop crying-

Goshiki?” Semi walked over and lay a hand on Goshiki’s arm.  Yamagata had walked in as well, a distressed expression covering his face as he saw Goshiki.

“They called me stupid!” the first year whimpered, hiding his head in his hands.

“Who?!” Tendou shrieked.

“What?” Reon, Yamagata, and Semi said, alarm painted in their tones.

“These kids from my class!” The tears were beginning to race down Goshiki’s face as his breaths came out in sharp gasps.  “They said I was stupid, and annoying, and ugly-”


“And maybe they’re right!” Goshiki burst, shouldering Tendou off of him.  “Maybe they are right, and I’m just now realizing.”  The third years looked on in shock before rushing to comfort the first year.

“Those things are not true,” Yamagata hugged Goshiki.  “You’re smart, nice, always optimistic and selfless-”

“You’re fucking adorable, Tsutomu!” Tendou embraced Goshiki as well.  “How could anyone not see that?!”

“Goshiki, I’m sure they’re just jealous,” Semi stated.  “You’re a first year and one of our starting players.  You’re so much better than them and they know that, so they’re just trying to make themselves feel better, which is dumb.”

“Are you okay?  Did they do anything else?” Reon asked.

“No,” Goshiki sniffled.  “I’m just being a baby, I’m sor-”

“Don’t apologize,” Tendou cut him off.  “We’re here for you, you know that, okay?”

“O-okay,” the first year stammered as Tendou wiped his tears away.

“Here, why don’t we get you cleaned up and we’ll start the scrimmage, hm?” Yamagata, gently took Goshiki and led him out of the room, telling him more about the team they were playing to get the bullies out of his mind.  Semi and Tendou traded a glance before their faces darkened.

“I’m going to kick some asses,” Tendou declared.


Tendou cut him off, “I’m serious!  Nobdoy has any right to say that, especially to Tsutomu.  He’s amazing.”  Reon and Semi blinked at Tendou before sighing.

“Fine, but you are not going to physically kick some asses,” Reon said.  “We could get in trouble.”

And,” Semi hinted.  “You have to let us help, too.”

Obey? ( Teaser )


“ You didn’t listen to me. You know what happens when you don’t listen. Clothes off, on your hands and knees on the bed. Don’t make me tell you twice”

“I’m so sorry, sir. I’ve been bad and I’ve disobeyed you. I need to be taught a lesson” You respond as you place yourself on your hands and knees on the bed, waiting for the punishment, you knew was coming.

His eyes locked on yours, with one hand he reaches down and in one quick motion, he unbuckles his belt and slides it from the loops of his slacks. One step after another your heart begins to race, knowing exactly what’s about to happen next. Taking both of your wrists in one hand, he pulls your arms behind your back. Feeling the leather wrap tightly around your wrists sends a heat straight to your already wetting core.

“ One more thing. ” He says, his voice low and rasp.

You watch as he moves to stand in front of you and slowly loosens the knot in his tie, slipping it through his fingers once he’s freed it from around his neck.

“ Just so you know, that I’m the one in control. ”

With every word, he wraps the silk around your neck and tightens the knot so it’s right your throat giving it a little rug which makes your head jerk back to look at him.

“ I swear you disobey me just to have me do this stuff to you. Is this what you like? To be my little whore? ” he whispers into your ear.

The pressure applied to your throat by the thin strip on cloth combined with your tightly secured hands had your pussy dripping on the crumbled sheets.

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Braceface [KiriBaku]

Squealing Santa 2k17 for Wigglywormy

A/N: Thanks to @ticklishraspberries for hosting this! you rock^^ 

@wigglywormy I’m your Santa ಠ◡ಠ I don’t think we ever talked, sorry I’m awkward! I can’t even tag youuu. I’m also feeling highly pressured that I have to do this for you, I’ve seen your name and some fics around and they’re so pro x’D hope this isn’t too disappointing~ /)///(\

Prompts: (only BNHA so was easy choice :”D ) 1) char a gets braces and stops smiling so much so char b tickles them to see them grin; 2) anything involving a character having to stay quiet; 3) ahhHh. anything involving a character’s quirk going wild when tickled too long? 

I couldn’t pick so I tried to combine them all somehow ^^;; wishing a very Merry Christmas, happy holidays and an awesome 2018 to Wormy :3. also to everyone else who reads this ofc<33

Word Count: 1765

Was it ever this hard to find Bakugou Katsuki? Nah, never really. Kirishima continued to wander through the school to find his boyfriend. Not just his boyfriend: his usually easily findable, loud and explosive boyfriend, who had been oddly quiet during class, and who was now even skipping lunch to disappear without any note. Kirishima was so confused.

“Baaaakugouuu,” Kirishima roared. He wasn’t training outside or bullying Deku, nor was he sneaking around the Class 1-B hangout spot to spy on them, and the fact that he was not answering his phone didn’t help either. And Kirishima was definitely sure Bakugou would never skip All Might’s class which was scheduled after lunch break.

“I even brought you mom’s homemade onigiri…” Kirishima muttered to himself after another failed attempt at finding him in the library.

He was glad he continued his search though, because he was about to give up on his quest with hopes of seeing him during class again when he finally found him. Aaaall the way in the back of the library at a table, alone and studying, with his face hiding behind a book and his short spikey hair peeking above it.

“Found ya,” Kirishima sighed, and he sat down next to him and leaned back, tired from his unnecessary search. Bakugou glanced at him but then looked back into his books, merely humming at him as a greeting.

“What’s up today? Since when are you a library person? Don’t you need to eat?” Kirishima placed the onigiri in front of him, but no answer came. Kirishima stared at the ‘silence please’ signs, but he couldn’t remember Bakugou ever caring about such things.

“You’re being weird today. Is something wrong?” Again no answer. Kirishima pouted. Now he was starting to worry a little.

“Was it something I did?” Oh, Bakugou was veeery quick to shake his head ‘no’, but he still wasn’t talking. 

“That’s not convincing. At least say something or smile at me so I can believe you.” Bakugou turned his head, and Kirishima almost choked on a laugh when a hilarious smile appeared on Bakugou’s face. His lips were pressed together and his cheeks were twitching. He was quick to drop the phony smile too. 

“Okay that’s it. I’ll need more than that.” Having saved this little trick for last, Kirishima couldn’t help but reach out to squeeze both Bakugou’s sides. Even though tickling had been a main sort of affection in their relationship for a while now, Bakugou didn’t seem to have counted on this. His mouth finally opened.

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“They ask you the impossible and expect you to deliver.”

“You act like I’m doing this to be a jerk, but I swear I’m not. I want you to be safe more than anything.”

“I run a safe house for the super-humans who, well, deserve to feel safe, too.”

“What did I say about doing reckless things without me? It’s less fun, isn’t it?”

“Listen, don’t be mad, but I swear I didn’t do this on purpose.”

“Because of you, we’re both on the run now, so you don’t get to pin the blame on me.”

A Bad Sushi Place

TL;DR at the bottom Long Alright long time lurker first time poster sorry in advance for grammar and or spelling.

So There was a really good sushi place that was pretty close to my house (like a 15 minute walk), unfortunately they had to close up. I don’t know why they had plenty of business. They where then replaced by another Sushi place owned by a japanese family (becomes important later). I swear these people where like the most entitled jerks I have ever scene for a long while they refused service to people who were black.

Onward to my story, Me and my friends when over there to get sushi at this point they hadn’t treated me badly so I thought I was just fine to eat here. lo and behold the waitress who was the daughter of the owner goes about being a bitch by insulting everything about us the only catch is she does it in japanese she seemed to hate our guts for no particular reason .

My revenge, I have been learning to speak japanese for about a year at this point and could hold a fairly nuanced conversation. So when she comes back I wait until she goes through her list of colorful insults then I ask quite politely in japanese if she is more comfortable speaking in japanese. Her face fell the moment I started speaking in japanese, like if slowly it dawned on her that I understood everything she has said. following this she became the most polite little angel it was hilarious.

Im sure I changed nothing

TL;DR. Waitress insults me in japanese, so I finish the meal speaking in japanese to her. revenge is sweet

EDIT:  Oh wow this got way more support than i thought it would.   Thanks a tonne

Super Junior, reacting to his S/O insecure because he’s filming a MV with a girl

Plot: You’re insecure and worried because your boyfriend has to film a MV with a beautiful girl. 

Gifs aren’t mine, credits to the owner!

For Kyu, I hope you like it. - M.


“So.. Fighting for Today! " 

Leeteuk hears from the tone of her voice that there is something wrong, then turns towards her to understand what the problem is. Seeing her expression, the wrinkled forehead for concern, he approaches her and raises her from the couch, ties his arms around her hips. 

"What’s going on?" 


"It’s just a music video." 

He knew for days that that idea worried his s/o, but he didn’t think up to that point. Being the leader of such a large group, he learned to immediately understand what is hiding behind looks and whispers. With sweetness, he touches her lips and whispers again not to worry, because no one will ever take her place. 


He’s on the set and the fact that his phone keeps ringing it annoys him a lot. He explained several times that it’s only a music video, that there is nothing true and that she shouldn’t worry. Her insistence begins to take away that little patience that has left him. With angry he throws his cell phone on the table, moving away and leaving the building to take a breath of air. He can’t understand why she should have so little confidence in him. A hand on his shoulder makes him turn and mentions just a salute to his leader, who looks at him with a kind smile. 

"Try to understand her, she loves you and she’s just afraid of losing you.”

Those simple words are able to make him understand how she must feel at that moment, so as soon as he comes back he takes his phone starting to answer to her texts, trying in every way to reassure her. 

- You’re the only woman I ever want - 


Being the maknae of the group has always allowed him to have won on anything and also in his relationships he manages, in some way, to put his s/o on the “wrong” side.
Yet when he reads, by pure chance, the exchange of text between her and her friend feels a pang of pain in the stomach. Guilt, sheer guilt. He had liquidated his s/o’s worries as if it were pure jealousy, teasing her as he used to do. Without realizing that it was something more, she was really scared to lose him
Quickly he comes out of SM building and starts walking towards the shop where she works, fortunately, close to the building. As soon as he enters and her smile welcomes him, the guilt increases considerably. Without even greeting her approaching and ignoring a customer, who had recognized him, makes the turn of the counter and draws her in his arms by going to hide his face between her hair. 

“I’m a jerk, but I swear that I love you and no one will ever replace you;" 


"I love you, I love you." 

"I love you too, Kyuhyun." 


"So you have to kiss her..?" 

"Yes, but you know it’s all fake!" 

Yesung doesn’t notice the subtle line that the lips of his girlfriend have just assumed, absorbed in her thoughts and above all her worries. She doesn’t want him to shoot that video, she doesn’t want anyone approaching the man she loves, but she doesn’t want to be the classic jealous girl. She’s so lost in her thoughts that when Yesung waving his hand over her face she doesn’t notice it and he realizes that something is wrong.
He gently caresses her forehead, moving some bangs, watching her with love and trying to figure out what she’s worried about. He approaches and begins to leave little kisses on her cheek, then descending on her jawline and at that moment she awakens, looking him with a shocked look. 

"Do you care about the music video?" 


"You can talk to me, why are you always afraid to do it?” He whispers, moving a lock of her hair behind her ear. 

“Because I don’t’ want to be a problem.." 

"You have never been a problem and you will never be." 


His girlfriend’s frowns gaze pierces his back for two hours now, making him oddly silent. Hyunkjae is trying to lighten the atmosphere, but he also feels the tension between them two. And he knows the reason, giggling because the person concerned still doesn’t understand it. Donghae didn’t think about the fact that filming a music video with an incredibly beautiful girl could be a problem for his s/o. But it’s, and now she is sitting in a corner of the set that tries not to look at him badly. Her insecurities are eating her alive and even though she’s always been open to talk about it, he doesn’t seem to have figured it out yet. 

"Do you understand that she doesn’t like this idea or are you too much in your world to get the point, my friend?" 


"Idiot.. You, music video, girl. ”
And finally, the comprehension strikes Donghae, which made a small bow to the director asks two minutes of pause, which are immediately granted. Running he sits next to her and hugs her, making her hide her face against his own chest. 

“You can also kiss me, so she’ll understand that I’m not available” he murmurs with innocence, wanting only to reassure her. And it works, because soon after he receives an “idiot” as a response, making him smile like a happy child. 


He knows. He knows very well what worries her, but at that moment is too stressed to really think about it. After the fight of that morning, he didn’t text and didn’t call her, not because he didn’t want but because he was too busy with the new music video and the upcoming comeback. 

“Your girlfriend really looks down, what’s going on??”
Siwon turns to the Maknae, which keeps the phone in his hands as he continues to slide his fingers on the screen. Frowning his forehead he approaches him, but Kyuhyun hides the phone against his chest shaking his head. 

“No, find out for yourself!” He makes a tongue and leaves him even more perplexed, so by taking his phone from his pocket, his eyes open wide in seeing the absence of texts or calls. It’s not from her, not even when she’s more upset.
He immediately dials the number, who knows by heart, and when her voice reverberates in the phone a sense of tranquility invades him. 

“I’m taking you out to dinner tonight." 


"Because I know it’s not your fault if you’ve fears.. I’m often scared when you have to work with your colleagues for endless hours. ”
Both sigh and at the same time whisper “I love you”, finding themselves to smile more relaxed and happy than that very morning.