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I just wanna say that I want my blog to be a safe space for everybody, but because I’m pretty privileged in many areas (white, thin, able-bodied,etc) I recognize that my idea of a safe space might not always be accurate. So if I do, say, or share something that hurts you, you have every right to let me know (anonymously or not), and I will do my best to fix it and keep it in mind for the future

seachick I LOVE the Salmon of Doubt comic. I haven’t found through January one yet though. I really hope they find a way in the future to maybe bring Comic/Book Dirk into TV Dirk (Oh God two Dirks). Do you know, is Salmon of Doubt also a published book? It sort of seems like a posthumous collection of stories including Dirk Gently…? But I haven’t found it at any book stores yet.

The husband and I started scripting the Dirk Gently sections of The Salmon of Doubt back in high school (so a decade ago?) but we made the really common mistake of trying to convert the text to screen exactly rather than taking what made the story pop and using that as a spring-board (which is what Max Landis has done so well, I think). But it was a fun experience, anyway.

From what I remember, the book has a lot of miniature essays and what was going to be a third Dirk Gently book (which I think Max must’ve used as a basis for season one, there was a bifurcated cat and hints of time travel and he ends up going to America after receiving large payments from a mysterious client).

And apparently Samuel Barnett was super-keen for the Comic Book!Dirk hair which is honestly so charming and would’ve been glorious.


• You have colored my life with something I didn’t think I could ever deserve •

I really hate how I only see Phichit as the goofy side character/”Captain of the V*ctuuri ship”. Like the dude made literal history for his home country and has a dream and has worked so hard to reach the Grand Prix. He skated to two songs that changed his life+set him on the path to skating. He learned advanced jumps using videos and copying them frame by frame. He’s an amazing skater and I swear to god he better medal again next season.

While watching all the performances I felt that all of them are talented and they deserve to be here, but there are teams who are also just as talented but because of certain circumstances they are unable to be here/to be known. I would like/wish you guys would notice them first and appreciate them
—  zico’s award accepting speech at the Seoul music awards 2017. ( )