this is why !! but tbh

“i’m assumed dead for 7 years and suddenly you’re allowed to have pets in the hq?? what the hell chen"

“at least he’s cleaner than you”

sometimes I remember the todorokis were watching cooking programme before endeavour came..


I’m absolutely LOVING all the fusion designs going around right now, and I’ve had my own interpretations of them sitting in a notes doc for a while, so i thought I might as well jump on the bandwagon. I went for a more “canon compliant” style (i.e. no extra body parts – tho those are cool as heck!!) and tried to base their fusions on a combination of concepts rather than characters.

Deceit fusions are HERE!!!

Matt: fuck Lorenzo wasn’t supposed to die yet

The cast, the characters, me, every critter on the earth, mollymauk, god:

In light of a recent trailer– 

I’m still not over the fact this man is Froppy gr e e n

ive never watched the sniper rooftop scene but this is how it went right?

enjolras? a put-together individual??? i doubt it