this is the ugliest thing i have EVER DONE


“I used to want to save the world. To end war and bring peace to mankind. But then, I glimpsed the darkness that lives within their light. I learned that inside every one of them, there will always be both. The choice each must make for themselves - something no hero will ever defeat. I’ve touched the darkness that lives in between the light. Seen the worst of this world, and the best. Seen the terrible things men do to each other in the name of hatred, and the lengths they’ll go to for love. Now I know. Only love can save this world. So I stay. I fight, and I give… for the world I know can be. This is my mission, now. Forever.”

- Wonder Woman (2017) dir. Patty Jenkins


First look at Love, Simon (2018)


an endless list of claran aus  mormor criminal au 

do you like my boys? this one’s got more stamina but he’s less caring in the afterglow.


figure my heart out.

richie had finally accepted the fact his love for eddie was one sided. his best friend had a boyfriend, so why should he ever think he has a shot with him? but one weekend away with the losers manages to change everything.

ch1 - ch2 - ch3 - ch4 coming soon

Pairing(s): Reddie, mentioned Stanlon and mentioned Bev/Ben/Bill

Words: 4607k

Warnings: Eventual smut, language, drinking, recreational drug use, mentions of STD’s

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Shadowhunters meme
   ∟ [¼] shadowhunters  → Alec Lightwood

I have followed every rule, I have given up everything! Screw the rules. Screw them. Screw all of this.


pairing an abuse survivor/victim up with his abuser is already ugly enough as it is.

but excusing/dismissing all the abuse and actually making the victim marry and expecting a child with his abuser is one of the ugliest things I have ever seen and it’s also a big fucking slap in the face of all (mentally ill) abuse victims bc it’s basicially belittling and mocking us.

but we all know you don’t care about that, right? as long as this shit sells, as long as ableist and/or homophobic/transphobic straights buy this shit right?
well done, ishida. hope you’re happy with your blood money.

Antoine Roussel #1

Requested by Anon:  Since it seems Antoine loves to fight could you write an imagine where Antoine Roussel gets in a bad fight during a game because a player on the other team was making vulgar/rude comments about you. Afterword when you see him he’s all cut up and being adorable but still angry at what the other man had said.

*Here it is!! Aaah, thank you. I hope you like this one. Rouss is my favorite French man. <3 Enjoy!*

Word count: 808

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Minou was nowhere in sight, which is weird because that cat is with Antoine wherever he goes. How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night just to find them cuddling on the couch? Countless times, you couldn’t even remember the last time you cuddled on the couch without Minou sitting by the foot, waiting for his turn.

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Taks: a post

The Tak elements are known as Adlers in the COP. (Why, I’m not sure, so if you have the answer please let me know. Literally no one calls them Adlers.)

Taks are named after Masao Takemoto (frequently misspelled as Takamoto, but I guess it doesn’t really matter since it’s a transliteration) of Japan. Takemoto has 14 World and Olympic medals (team and all events except pommel horse), including a silver medal he won on high bar at the age of 41 at the 1960 Olympic Games. He was inducted into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame in 1997.

Taks are pretty common skills, with the Tak ½ being the most common variation. They’re not particularly flashy or awe-inducing. However, they look really nice when they are well done. When they are poorly done, Tak 1/2s can be one of the ugliest MAG skills (in my opinion). Honestly, they’re like the wolf turns of MAG. Most people are incapable of doing this skill without flexing their feet. Keeping the legs straight is also pretty difficult (sometimes less egregious knee bends are difficult to see since the men wear pants for high bar).

Jeff Crockett did one of the nicest Tak 1/2s I’ve ever seen. He could have done a better toe point, but the biggest things here are straight legs and actually ending the pirouette in handstand (I find the bounce at the end pretty satisfying).

Kohei Uchimura also does a lovely Tak ½ but flexes his feet a bit just to get past the bar.

David Belyavskiy has a Tak ½ similar to Uchimura’s. In my opinion, this is probably the most pointed feet you will see in a Tak. The difference with Uchimura and Belyavskiy compared to everyone else is that they don’t fully flex their feet, and they minimize the time their feet are flexed. A lot of guys flex their feet to get around the bar but then forget to point them again until they are back at handstand.

Now for some bad Taks.

Ferhat Arican has slightly bent knees, feet that are super flexed, and he ends the pirouette late.

Joel Plata Rodriguez has a particularly ugly Tak 1/1. Flexed feet, huge knee bend, and super late finishing the pirouette.

Most of the top high bar workers today don’t necessarily end their pirouettes in handstand, but they aren’t late enough to warrant a deduction. Flexed feet and bent knees are more of an issue for these guys.

Epke Zonderland does a pretty nice Tak ½ but flexes his feet.

Randy Leru also does a fairly well-executed Tak ½ but flexes his feet.

Bart Deurloo clearly ends his pirouette in an appropriate position, but has obvious leg and feet issues.

Regular Taks are currently worth a C, Tak 1/2s are valued at a D, and Tak 1/1s are Es.

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Anti-honesty hour: what do you think about casting Benedict for Sherlock?

How disappointing it is to have to answer another ask about Benedict Cumberbatch. It’s not like I love typing his name or anything.

First of all,

nothing about his physical appearance yells perfection. Sherlock Holmes with full, luscious curly hair? Gross. They should’ve at least made him shave it off!

I know very little about this so-called actor but from the clips I’ve just seen, he’s terrible at it. Sherlock Holmes is a tough character to play and the part should’ve gone to someone with at least a little bit of talent. Benedict is almost like a robot; he only ever shows us one emotion. And even that one alone is mechanical and it sucks! All I hear from him is blah blah blah because he mumbles. He speaks way too slowly. Sherlock Holmes is an intelligent character but we don’t see it in the BBC adaptation because Ben is just soooooo brainless. I often ask myself what the writers and producer ever saw in him to let him continue even after the pilot. He’s not physically attractive so this Sherlock is the ugliest effing thing I’ve ever had to lay eyes on. He is not skilled in pretending to be a consulting detective.

There are only two things he’s accomplished: 1) helping me fall asleep right away and 2) having Sir Arthur Conan Doyle roll over in his grave by how disgusting of a portrayal he’s done. Benedict has ruined Sherlock Holmes for me forever! I actually cannot read the books ever again because of how wrong casting him was. I have nightmares because of this! 

I need to write a serious letter to the casting director and tell them how very upset I am that they made such an appalling choice with Cumberbatch. I don’t know why I bother watching each episode over and over and over…

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NO! For the love of God!!! 

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No range!!!! No talent at all!!!

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Not funny!!! Not entertaining!!!

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It’s torture!!! Why did you put me through this pain, Ele?! I am now yelling at you in Spanish.

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ALL LIES! 😂😂😂😂

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I want the K + Veronica/Archie

17 - Goofy Kiss

“You spelled your name wrong.”

Veronica pulled her eyes from her desk and slowly blinked herself back to reality. She’d been working on her campaign poster for three and a half hours without a break. She was almost working on autopilot by this point–not really seeing what she was shading in with her colored pencils anymore, and instead calculating how early she’d have to get up to get to the school’s copy machine first and coming up with a list of campaign ideas. At some point she wondered if this was what it was like for Betty everyday, and grew an even deeper respect for her best friend. 

“You’re missing the ‘i’ in Veronica,” he explained further after she just continued to stare at her boyfriend in confusion. How long had he been standing in her doorway? She hadn’t even heard him push open the door. Once his words finally sank in, she whipped her gaze back to her poster and felt the tips of her ears turn red from frustration and embarrassment. She’d been so focused on decorating the senior class president part that she hadn’t even checked to make sure she spelled her own name right. 

“I give up. I concede. Josie can have the presidency. I don’t even want it,” she pouted, pulling her glasses off and slumping in her chair. 

“Ronnie–” Archie started in his you’re being a drama queen voice– “This is an easy fix. There’s no need to throw in the towel just yet.” The redhead grabbed the black sharpie out of her pencil case and squeezed a skinny, warped ‘i’ in between the ‘n’ and ‘c,’ which had both been done in block letters. It was easily one of the ugliest, most mismatched things she’d ever seen. Turning to look at Archie, who had crouch down next to her chair and was smiling at her like he’d just achieved world peace, she knew this was the poster that was going to bring her victory. That smile could get her through the darkest of days, and it had. 

Veronica cupped his cheeks in her hands and softly pressed her lips against his. 

“I’m going to be the first lady,” he mumbled against her mouth, sending Veronica into a fit of laughter that didn’t stop until Hiram passed by her open door with a glare. 

sooner or later, (later.)

Words: 731

Pairing: Asra/Unspecified Apprentice

Tags: Pining, Depression, Weird Layouts, Slight Blood/Gore Mentions

I’m not gonna lie, I personally think Asra does not have a very high opinion of himself. :)


He is the only one who remembers most. That is his collateral, it seems. If you ruin something, you are the one that is assigned to tell it best. 

(Here, drink this. Drink it, it’s got me in it.

                           Who do you think you are, god?

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    Honestly one of my favorite things to roleplay with Brynhildr, something I notice that has popped up a few times in my threads more so lately. Is the uncertainties many heros have and how when faced with Brynhildr who often loves them for these heroics. And proclaimed they are valued in Valhalla– how some of these characters genuinely are like ‘ What do you mean? I dont belong there? Im not a real hero? Ive done so much wrong? ‘
         This for ME personally is most enjoyable for me  .                                         

          Well why Diana? Just basically that, I really love people for all that its worth. I fell in love with people a really long time ago when I went through the most ugliest things ever in my life. I just was really gifted with this stupid stubbornness that despite these abuses and horrible situations. I put myself out there so much as a kid. As an adult. I learned there really is as much bad as there is good, in such equal value. Just people really hang onto the bad more then they do the good. 
         And I say that to lead up to me saying that, this is something I personally can write. From a perspective that I have. The view points in my life really help me value the discrepancies many hero’s/people have when it comes to their actions. Many people dont, its kind of why the reason you see so many call out posts. A lot of these people who form these and make them havent really had the chance to experience a multitude of human interactions and see them change from them. Or come out of them. Or what those poor actions actually mean, or what they could mean.    Honestly for as much as I got along with groups of people – large ones. Anytime they tried to out someone due to in house drama between their friendships. That was generally always when I got kicked out or just cut out. I just could never value the black and white view point of taking a person and … Committing their actions in a Black or White instance. And I have Border line personality disorder ? Thats literally the whole !! Issue with us and this illness.
         Again I made a tangent but its important to really excitedly paint how happy I get when heros or even my friends – im sure or I think many friends can speak about or for it? I do love reminding people that despite how much bad actions they may have taken. Or what they have done, everything they do til now or ultimately more as a whole despite those small moments. Matter more then the negativity you want to paint it for. Its really fun building that positive relationship with my friends but putting it in a roleplay format for my favorite character who does and stands for someone bestowing wisdom. Helping sigurd find the meaning of what it means to be a Hero. And someone who too, values things in this manner above from how most of human kind does since their long lavishing life helps them value things more lengthy rather then tautly since ppl only live like 100 years at most ( back then like 60 ) .
      Anyway just a little personal tidbit i guess. as im writing stuff .

Re-reading that very long Olympics thread, it reinforces something I’d noticed: that nearly all anti-Zionists fail to comprehend why Zionists support Israel. They really seem to believe that pro-Israel advocates have simply been hypnotized or something and don’t know the REAL STORY. And that if only they complain more about Israel’s ugliest moments - Deir Yassin, the Yemenite children, Depo-Provera - everyone will gasp, blink their eyes a few times in astonishment, then give up and go home.

Name a country, and you’ll be able to find the Worst Things it’s ever done. For any of them. If any of us had the privilege to only interact with other countries as based on the Worst Things they’d ever done, we would have nobody. I wanted Or Sasson to shake that Egyptian competitor’s hand - even when knowing that the Egyptian government uses trained dogs to rape political prisoners. Later that day I’m pretty sure Sasson shook the Cuban competitor’s hand, even though Cuba threw tens of thousands of LGBT people into insane asylums.  Not one Israel critic, not anywhere, not for one second, applies this sort of litmus test of binary moral absolutism to any other country.  And to indulge in such binary moral absolutism solely for the Jewish country is antisemitic.

In a way I am glad to see so many Christians and Muslims accept that a Jewish state should be “a light unto the nations.”  But it’s also got to be “an ingathering of exiles,” and anti-Zionists pretty much by definition view those two ideas as mutually exclusive.  I reject their simultaneous attempts to appeal to one value while disregarding the other; I can actually hold two different thoughts at once.  (SEE ALSO:  “pinkwashing,” the notion that Israel is so incurably evil that anything it does that might be good for anyone is actually a trick.).   

I will always support Israel for many reasons. It is the rightful native land of the Jewish people, and our faith and culture has been oriented around our connection to that land since literally millennia before our current would-be moral arbiters even existed. In a less abstract, more immediate sense, because it is the only option for survival for about 44% of all the Jews left in the world, and potentially more in the future depending on if, say, Russia or Argentina have one bad election. The only home for millions of Jews when they were purged and exterminated and abandoned everywhere else. Time and time again, the goyische world has set up a choice of Israel-or-death, then acts sincerely shocked when the choice could ever be Israel. And so they try to argue on terms that suddenly aren’t about Jewish extinction anymore. “WHATABOUT the rabbinate?!” they demand. “WHATABOUT Sudanese refugees? WHATABOUT the olive trees?!?  Wouldn’t you rather die than live there?  ….what do you mean ‘no’???” 

I can acknowledge all of the wrongs Israel has perpetrated and all of the racism its society currently features. Pretty sure I know more about its wrongs and its racism than most anti-Zionists do. I can endorse many ways to make it better and to seek justice for the abused. But like basically every sane person in the world, I don’t go around declaring it’s time to totally dissolve sovereign states because of the Worst Things they’ve ever done. On this subject, pro-Palestine activists are no different from George Bush neocons. 

boy. do you know how hard it is for me to shine a light on the ugliest parts of me. that i struggle so deeply with the idea that you could love me. that every day i wake up with a pounding fear that today, today is that day that you will leave me. do you know how hard it is to love you like this, so selflessly, so honestly, so givingly. because it is. it is simultaneously the hardest and easiest thing i have ever done.
—  loving you // lily rose.

lunch with littlebittlepies is dangerous tbh. these are the kinds of things we come up with:

ok but Jack and bitty buying their first house together, and when they go meet with the designer both of them show up with notebooks filled with ideas

Jack has been watching hgtv in his spare time for WEEKS so he knows exactly what he wants in the design. (MAYBE he gets a crush on the property brothers and is convinced that he needs them to help him find a fixer upper. because he wants his house to be custom that’s ALL BITTLE HONESTLY)

so they get their fixer upper and are in the design process but it turns out while they both know exactly what they want they both have wildly different ideas of the Perfect House

Jack wants everything sleek and modern: all chrome, black and white, a surprisingly trendy feel to it

meanwhile bitty wants it cozy and homey, lots of natural light and warm woods and room for their future family

the entire episode is them fighting with each other. Jack looks bitty deep in the eyes and grabs his hand “Bittle. I need this backsplash.” Bitty looks directly into the camera (“sir, it’s not the interview section you’re really not supposed to-”) “Honey. That is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. I love you but I’m done. Give this boy back to Montreal.”