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The Pre-Date (feyrhycien)

This is a part two of this fic - Completely Inappropriate Deliveries

It turned out being 4.5k words…I got a bit carried away…I’m sure u won’t mind

thank u so freakin much for reading, or liking or commenting, I really really super duper appreciate it!

NSFW humour, yet again, though not as much as last time

“It’s 6 pm, you do know you can leave now, right?”

Lucien looked up from his mountain of spreadsheets to find Feyre at the entrance of the office. She was leaning against the door frame, arms crossed in that grey little suit he had been eyeing up all day.

“Tamlin expects me to finish the accounts by tonight,” he said, leaning into his chair, back groaning as he did so. It had been 5:00pm when Lucien had just closed his laptop for the day, ready to go home and make dinner for his boyfriend, until Tamlin turned up at his office and asked him to do overtime. Fucking knob.

“Does he get off on making you suffer?” she scoffed, moving forward and closing the door behind her. 

Running a hand through his hair, he watched as she sat down in one of his chairs before his desk, bracing her arms like she was about to embark on a mission to get him out of the door to his office without use of sheer force.

“Yes, he has a file on his computer called Lucien porn where he records my face after he gives me another spreadsheet.”

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Too much fluff never hurt nobody! ^^ I’m doing okay, thanks for asking! I hope you are as well! It’s so much fun writing the requests people send in! Enjoy this one, too!

RFA + Saeran accidentally tripping and falling onto MC


  • Zen knows he shouldn’t be doing this, especially at midnight when you’re long asleep. It’s bad for his health and now that you’re a part of his life, he wants to be a better man for you.
  • He flicks the filter one last time. With a quiet determination in his steps, he walks into the dark kitchen and heads straight to the trash bin. He’s gonna throw away that pack of cigarettes along with the lighter and his smoking habit. And this time - for good.
  • His eyes haven’t yes adjusted to the darkness of the room, so he’s not exactly surprised when he stubs his toe on what he thinks is one of the chairs. Trying hard not to lose his balance, he bumps into something that is not supposed to be there. A second later he’s on the ground, but it’s surprisingly soft.
  • “Ouch!”
  • “Babe? Babe!” As soon as he realizes what’s happened, he goes into full panic mode. “Are you alright? Did I hurt you? I’m so sorry, babe! I didn’t know you were here!”
  • One of your hands finds his face and you cup his cheek. “Zen, honey. Could you please move your elbow out of my rib cage? It’s kind of uncomfortable.” Your voice is calm. You’re not hurt badly and if it wasn’t for the way his body was situated over yours, you’d actually be laughing at the whole ordeal.
  • “Oh, God. Babe, I’m so sorry. Does it hurt? Where exactly does it hurt? Show me.”
  • A mischievous smile makes its way on your face. “If I show you where it hurts, will you kiss it better?” Zen’s more than happy to comply.


  • He wasn’t sure you’d agree to this, but seeing how you haven’t spent even a second away from the two fluffy balls of happiness in the last couple of hours, he sighs in relief. He wonders why he doubted you’d let them stay with you two in the first place. Your compassion for animals is one of the things he loved about you the most.
  • The winter this year is harsh. Snowstorms have become the usual weather forecast for the next day. It is hard for Yoosung to just get to the clinic, but it is now that his skills are needed the most, and he would never turn his back on anyone in need.
  • Your apartment isn’t very spacious, but you two still managed to squeeze in whatever the two kitties need. With their mother dead, it didn’t seem like they’d survive another day, yet here they are despite all odds.
  • It’s time for the kitties to have their dinner, so Yoosung goes to warm some milk in the kitchen and as soon as he’s done, he heads back to feed them. Distracted by the bright smile plastered on your face, he doesn’t notice one of the toys you got for the kitties and steps on it. Next thing he knows, he’s lost balance and is falling down, the bottle of milk flying out of his hands, up in the air, and heading down to hit you.
  • “MC! Watch out!” He manages to warn you, but it’s too late. He watches helplessly from the floor as the bottle hits your shoulder and you close your eyes tightly in pain.
  • He spends the next 10 minutes apologizing, but you reassure him it doesn’t hurt that much. Still, he feels bad you were hurt because of him.
  • You two spend the night cuddling, Yoosung occasionally giving your shoulder tender kisses. The kitties fall asleep in your lap, and soon, you two follow suit.


  • Flour, sugar, chocolate… Check. Vanilla? Arrives tomorrow. Arabica coffee beans? Check. Robusta coffee beans? Ah, just arrived. Jaehee puts down her clipboard. Her mind craves some much-needed rest and her body doesn’t feel any different. She’s pretty much relying on adrenaline and caffeine to do things at the moment, her mantra, “just a little longer”, playing on repeat in her head.
  • The storage room isn’t tiny, but it’s not big either. As much as she doesn’t want to make any last-minute changes, she knows she has to. Don’t leave today’s work for tomorrow!
  • She slides the paperboard box labeled “chocolate” towards her, careful not to bump it into anything and create more work for herself. It’s a bit heavy, but it’s nothing she can’t handle. She picks it up and turns around to exit the room, but misjudges just how tired she is. She loses balance and starts falling forward, the door right in front of her face.
  • You say goodbye to the delivery guy as you hand him a generous tip. His subtle humor and endless optimism have been a nice distraction from everything you and Jaehee have been going through lately. It was opening week for your cafe and you wanted everything to go smoothly.
  • As you head inside, you wonder how Jaehee’s doing. Last time you saw her, she was still in the storage room, so you head to it hoping you could help her wrap things up for today.
  • As you open the door, you hear a loud yelp from the other side of it. Next thing you now, a big box with the label “chocolate” on it is falling towards your head. You move your hands to protect your face just in time, but you still lose balance and fall on the floor.
  • “MC? MC! Are you okay? Can you hear me?” The ringing in your ears quiets down and you feel safe enough to move your hands and let them rest by your side. You open your eyes to the sight of a very worried Jaehee. “Ah, this must be heaven, because I’m definitely seeing an angel right now.”
  • “MC, be serious.” She tries to be serious, too, but you can tell your joke didn’t go unnoticed by the faint smile that appears for a fraction of the second on her face. “I’m worried. Are you okay? I’m so sorry, MC. Do you need to go to the hospital?”
  • You take her hand and squeeze it reassuringly. “I’m okay. Are you? What happened there?” Jaehee is silent, and you’re quick to understand what caused all of this. “You know, now that the chocolate is out of the box anyway, it would be a shame no to have some, don’t you agree?” You spend the next half an hour on the floor - eating chocolate and talking about nothing in particular.

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what are you writing??? :O

theory of liminality!

it’s the first long fic i started for bnha and i took a… hiatus? from it basically because i had to decide if i really  wanted to do what i’m going to do in this chapter (the answer is ‘fuck it, yes, i’m going with my original plan’) and also because this chapter has been incredibly hard to write because i know what i’m gonna half to write for the last ¼ of it and i’ve been really unsure if i can actually pull it off. sorry, i’m being intentionally really vague about it but it’s a huge turning point in the fic and sets up a lot for mic’s point of view and i can’t really talk about it without giving The Big Spoiler away

i just finished the first ¾ of it and now i’m settling in to write the big, sorta climatic part of it. hopefully i can have it done by monday or maybe even tomorrow if i can push myself to write the really hard parts tonight/tomorrow

birdie + jaemin

Request: Person A had to get dental surgery and is now high off their ass on painkillers. Person B is stuck dealing with their antics. im the anon kekeke … but is this alright ? with jaemin pls u pick if hes a or b
Genre: drabbled fluff?
Word count: 1.1k+ (okay not really a drabble I may have gotten carried away)
A/n: this is the first imagine written on my new computer! i’m so excited for the requests and imagines to come, part of the reason i didn’t really write anything outside of requests the last couple weeks was partly because of the computer i had. it was so slow and laggy and just annoying to type on with how many typos i make. anyways, i hope you enjoy, anon!

Recently, your best friend, Na Jaemin, had to get his wisdom teeth pulled out. Or something like that. You didn’t really pay attention when he told you, all you remember was he would be incredibly loopy because of all the painkillers he would be on to numb the pain. You never thought he would be so bad loopy, but here he was, his head in your lap as he mumbled about something. 

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please tell us more about harry and teeny tiny christopher and nick? does nick go into shock when harry tells him? does he freak out or get angry that harry didn't tell him? does he want to offer his support and co-parent? how do the lads react to a somewhat famous radio DJ being harry's baby daddy?

The first time Nick meets Christopher, it’s a Saturday afternoon and he’s wandering through the park near the university. He’s DJing that night, the same party he did last year for the Student Union, the one where he’d met that fucking charming lad he’d taken back to the hotel and spent a single, glorious night with. 

There’s a part of him that vaguely hopes he’ll show up again tonight, that Nick will look out from the DJ booth and Harry’ll be there, grinning up at him like he was last year. He doesn’t expect him to turn up right in front of him now, though, not when he’s having a laugh with Gillian and Collette, the only two people he could get to come up here with him and have a weekend in Leeds. 

He doesn’t expect Harry to have a pushchair. 

“Hello,” Nick says. “Long time, no see.” He’s already grinning, already hoping that this will mean a repeat of last year. He’d had fun. Harry had been lovely and charming and funny and hot. He’d fallen over his own feet trying to get his jeans off after a couple of drinks, and Nick had been happy to wake up next to him. He would have got his number, if he hadn’t slipped out when Nick had been asleep. 

“Hi,” Harry says, and he looks startled, and pink-cheeked, and weirdly caught out. 

“Who’s this, then?” Nick asks, having a peer into the pushchair. He can’t see much because of the rain cover and the fact the baby’s bundled up like it’s the arctic. 

“Um,” Harry says. “This is Christopher.” There’s a pause. “He’s your son.”

Gillian and Collette laugh. “Yeah, right,” one of them says. There’s a weird sort of buzzing noise in Nick’s ears. 

“Sorry,” Harry says. He looks down. He’s not wearing gloves and his knuckles are pink with cold. 

“Are you joking?” Nick asks, because he has to say something. 

Harry shakes his head. “His name’s Christopher,” he says. 

“How old is he?” 

“Three and a half months,” Harry says quickly. “But he was born two weeks early. He was really poorly, actually, like I spent the first few days just, like, crying. But he’s better now.”

“Right,” Nick says. He thinks Gillian and Collette are trying to talk to him. He’s just staring at the pram. “Right.”

“I didn’t think you’d want to know,” Harry says. 

Nick’s hands are shaking. “Right,” he says, and turns around. “Okay.”

He’s walking off, walking in the direction of the university, and he doesn’t wait for the girls. He doesn’t look back at Harry, or at the baby in the pushchair, or think about the fact that maybe it might be his son. 

It’s another minute before Gillian catches him up. “Nick,” she says, catching his sleeve. “Nick.”

“I thought we were going for something to eat?” Nick says, speeding up, brushing her off. “We should go for something to eat. Or, like, maybe we should just go back to the hotel. Get changed for tonight. Yeah, let’s do that.”

They’ve reached the road now, and there’s a taxi going by. Nick flags it down. 

He’ll think about this later. Or never, maybe. Never’s good. 

His hands won’t stop shaking, and he thinks he might throw up. 


last week, i was a part of a really special conversation with @hbo about their latest film, #notesfromthefield, and the roles we play in social change. talking with @annadeaveresmith and watching her bring such important stories to life in this project was inspiring in so many ways, and the experience has me intent on doing more to push positive progress in our world. you can check out a bit of what i had to say right here. 🙇🏽‍♂️
#notesfromthefield is now available on HBO—please do check it out. and thanks to the @theccnyc for letting me be involved. 🙏🏽 (at New York, New York)

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03 three

its 3am. my third post here. idk.

i dont know whats going on with my life rn, i feel kinda lost.

tonight i went through my entire youtube channel, 5 years worth of content and deleted it all. every last bit. (that’s dramatic i privated everything)

i dont know 

i feel very disconnected with my life rn, that doesn’t mean I’m sad because I’m fine i just don’t really feel in touch with everything i have going on?

youtube has been a massive part of my life since i can remember but right now i don’t know if im doing it because i love it or just because im used it.

i dont know 

ive wanted to do youtube and be a ‘youtuber’ for so long now and i feel like if i stop thats all it would ever have been, a dream, something ive always wanted but never got. But then is that the wrong reason to be doing it? I adore you all with every ounce of me and i owe everything i have become to you but i dont know where im at right now, and if im doing things for the correct reasons.

it would be a waste to stop and i know ill get bored and think “i wanna make a video” but, am i thinking that just because thats all i know? imagine if i put as much time and effort into suceeding in a different aspect of life as i do into youtube? who knows what i could do? 

i think thats what it is, i dont know what i could do.

what i should do

what i will do

what i want to do 

what i love to do

i dont know.


Time seemed to slow down and crawl making Robin more restless than normal. He decided to call a taxi earlier then planned. The last time he had ventured out on his own he had met several people. A part of him wondered if he would see Phoenix again. He knew he could call him but he didn’t want to appear needy by calling too soon.

The ride into the town was uneventful. He had plenty of time to swell on his decision to hit scientists one at a time. Now that the decision had been made he wondered if he should have decided to hit them all at once. No matter how many pro and con lists he made he kept coming back to the same answer and the same problem. How many scientists would slip through his fingers to start again?

He shoved these disquieting thoughts aside as the taxi came to a stop outside the library. As he walked past the bike rack he frowned at a familiar bike chained to the rack. “How the hell” he grumbled walking up to it.

The chain and lock were new. He hadn’t bothered trying to lock it. He didn’t have the key. Standing up from inspecting the lock he noticed a note wedged into the rubber grips on the handle bars. He carefully removed it. His frowned furrowed deeper into his brow. Glancing up towards the library he wondered what he should do. Caution urged him to walk away. Curiosity propelled him forward.

“What’s the deal” he asked waving the note in front of Nika’s face.

“First Impressions” - [Part 2] (G.D.)

Author’s Note: Part 2 is here!! Enjoyyy

Written by: @dolantwinfanfic @doltishdolans <– go follow my other account!!

Summary: You have just moved to LA for your new job. Not looking for anything or anyone in particular, your luck knocks you over and you meet someone special that you won’t be forgetting about for a long time.

Part 1

Part 3


“So, are you new to LA? I’ve never seen you around here before,” Ethan said, Cameron nodding in agreement. “Actually, I moved here last week from Florida, I’m just renting out an apartment, but I think I’m gonna be here for a while. I have a job here now.” You smiled brightly. “Oh really? What do you do?” Grayson asked, showing interest. “I’m an art designer,” you said, beaming even brighter. “Wow, are you serious?” Ethan asked. “That’s awesome!” Grayson laughed. Oh god. His smile was everything. You felt yourself blush. “We live in an apartment too; well just Ethan and I,” Grayson said. “Cameron’s actually in university, she just came to visit us. We’re originally from New Jersey.” You, Grayson, Cameron and Ethan had been talking for about half an hour and your lunch break was almost over. You glanced at your phone, the time read 12:37pm. “Ugh,” you groaned. “Hey I hate to end things short, but I have to get back to work.” You sighed, even though you really enjoyed your job. There was just something about Grayson you liked even better. You didn’t want to leave. “Oh of course, we don’t want to keep you waiting,” Grayson said. “Do you need a hand?”

“I think I’m okay, but thank you,” you smiled sweetly at him, even though inside you were begging him to insist.

“Can I walk you to your car at least?” Grayson offered. The two of you walked to your car while Cameron and Ethan went back to their own car. Finally, you unlocked your car. You were sad to leave. You probably weren’t going to see this handsome man again. You tried not to show the disappointment in your face but Grayson had already spotted it. “Y/N, what’s wrong? Are you alright?” Seeing you upset made him frown slightly. “Nothing,” you replied, trying to avoid his gaze. “Hey, I know I only met you like an hour ago, but I can tell that you’re upset.” He said gently placing a hand on your shoulder. You leaned against your car and laughed quietly. “I know it seems dumb, but I just don’t want to leave. It was so fun talking to you guys. You guys are the first friends I made in LA.” You whispered, slightly embarrassed.

Grayson laughed. “This isn’t goodbye Y/N. Just give me your number.” He smirked, leaning beside you on your car. You instantly felt your cheeks heat up, because you were so worked up, you hadn’t even thought of that, and, Grayson’s smirk had knocked you off your feet. You bit your bottom lip and smiled, as you typed your number into Grayson’s phone and handed it back to him. “I’ll see you soon, okay? I promise.” Grayson whispered in your ear, leaving shivers creeping down your spine. He pulled you into a hug, and you melted into his chest, wanting to stay there forever. After what seemed like only 2 seconds, you pulled away and looked up into his eyes. He winked and walked slowly away, as you got into your car and drove back to work, sighing deeply and smiling to yourself. You wanted to know so much more about this mysterious human being. You wanted him.


I know it was short but I promise it’s getting better!! Stay tuned to see what happens next!! 

Love you all xoxo

[February 24th, 2018]

roz gets seasick bigtime, doc shows human decency one (1) time


The ocean’s foul machinations pitched the entire ship to the left, and Roz’s stomach went with it.

If anyone else had felt sick, they hadn’t shown it. Instead, Roz had spent the last twenty six hours alone in a miasma of damp, sickly discomfort, and had come to rest in the lowest part of the ship’s hold in between trips to expel anything left in her stomach. Now that she’d successfully voided anything she’d eaten for the past ten years, her midsection merely gurgled in protest while she curled in on herself, eyes closed against her brain and intestines conspiring to kill her.

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Update on the AMV I’m making for Alien Freak by @komodochords! All the sketches are finally done! (I took an unintentional break but when I came back to it yesterday I was able to look at it with fresh eyes and readjust a few things) The hard part is over! Now just for lining and coloring!

For anyone interested, this is the very last panel:

I had to almost completely redo it after coming back from that break. The only thing I didn’t redo was Dib. The perspective had been straight on and I didn’t like how that looked, so I gave it an intimidating looking up feel, and I like this much much better!

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*well, if he's relaxed, maybe they can relax a little now. -hmm, is that someone moving around in the main part of the center? They wonder if it's an asker or a customer- huh. a quick check on Anya's progress brings a small measure of relief.* ah, looks better already. -i mean, grading on a curve mind you, but still.

“Yeah,” She says, tying the last of the deer’s bandages. “He’s getting better, but its slow going-”

There’s a knock at the door.

Ochi’s ears perk up.

“Hello? Is there anyone in there?”

At All Costs - Part 7: The Issue

A/N: This took me so long to write because I had writer’s block so I hope it’s good and you guys enjoy it. I’d also love to know what you guys think of this series so far. - J

Word Count: 1708

Warnings: none

Catch up with the series here

Originally posted by nlit

It had been weeks since you last saw Sam, Dean, and Bobby. After meeting Castiel, and watching the Winchesters argue over whether or not angels were real, you left.

You were now sitting alone in the cabin you once called home. When your mother and father died, John and Bobby felt it was best to leave. You and the boys packed your things and turned the cabin into a safe house for other hunters.

Everything was just as you remembered it, some of your old things, as well as Sam and Dean’s, were still in your old rooms. Barely anyone came to the cabin unless absolutely necessary so the place had barely been touched since you left as a child. You could even still hear the commotion of a busy morning before John, Bobby, and your father left for a hunt. You could still hear the laughter that filled the void when you and the boys played pranks on one another.

Tears were falling down your cheeks. You were alone. Not just physically, but in all meanings of the word. You wanted your family with you. Hell, you would even take Gabriel at this point. You just didn’t want to be alone, it was suffocating you. All your thoughts about Sam either made you severely angry or severely upset, sometimes both. But there was no getting the younger Winchester out of your mind.

Gabriel… I know I told you to leave me alone… but I need you right now. You’re all I’ve got…

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Added a couple lamps: I just adore how this place looks at night. Still need to add a few more things, but it’s so cozy and comforting.

“The Perky Paissa is going to be the last word in employee stress relief,” insists Jessie. “The best part is that everything in the coffee house is automated, so when the machines break down, you get to relieve even more stress by bustin’ ‘em up. And the Chief? When I told him we loaded up all that grandpa music in the karaoke machine, his face lit up like a pinball machine. Oh! That reminds me. Gotta see about leasing a Mog House cabinet for the basement…”

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

ok WHO ALLOWED chapter 27 of the dream thieves

first of all,,

i’m actually going to combust





The death of Finnick was, devastating…Him screaming in pain and then his last scream were he yells “Katniss” was the end of me.


The Saturday morning cartoon The Fake AH Crew!! 

A friendly gang of criminals set out to have a good time of fun in the nice city of Los Santos. This totally kids-friendly show takes the crew out on heists, things to do’s and simle play time to goof around. No swearing, no killing each other, no mugging, no raging anger and hatred and no one ever fucks up and ruins everything for the 104th time like somekind of asshole. nope. none at all.

Now that Steven Universe #16 has been announced, I can finally reveal the cover I did for it!  It’s been a while since I last made one so it was fun to be able to do it again.

I was inspired by that part in the Digimon Tamer’s opening where you see the Rookie Digimon and all the Digimon they become.  I wanted to do an Amethyst cover and thought it would be fun to take that concept and use it to show all the fusions Amethyst is a component in.  I had a lot of fun making it, especially in figuring out the colors.