this is the final time they say this line in the play

teresadragon  asked:

Mark just playing with his necklace. Reading his name over and over again. Tracing his eyes up and down the lines. Every now and then whispering “Sean” and just beaming because he thinks it just a beautiful name. After saying it a few times the final time he said it came out in a choke. Tears streaming down his face and he grasps the necklace. “I miss you”



you :(( had me at :((( “sean” :(((((((((((((((( 


Here’s the thing, Hot Fuzz is an action/comedy/thriller spoof that also happens to have a love story between two men. As in actual romantic love.

How do I know? Because of Victoria.

Most people who are fans of Hot Fuzz know that Nicolas was supposed to have a female love interest named Victoria. However, when Wright started working on how to film the script he realised the movie would be way too long, so he and Pegg decided to cut out Victoria. She took up way too much time despite not being important to the main mystery plot, but the romantic subplot of Nicolas having to learn to truly love another human being had become too integral to his character development. They fixed this problem by giving the majority of Victoria’s scenes and dialogue to Danny.

In other words, they made Danny the love interest.

All those scenes with Nicolas and Danny that seem romantic ARE romantic. They were written to be explicitly romantic, but because the words are coming out of Danny, a man, instead of Victoria people think it’s supposed to be a joke. Try imagining Danny being played by a woman in those scenes. Are they still funny or just straight up romantic scenes? (Well, except for the obvious jokey jokes)

Wright and Pegg weren’t messing around with this. They spend a fortune on Nicolas and Danny’s romantic theme music because they hired an actual orchestra to give it the right weight and feel (all other music in the movie was made much cheaper on computers). It plays in the background during the scene where they talk about why they became cops, when they sit on the couch and Nicolas talk about his past failings as a boyfriend, and when they make up after fighting.

The whole peace lily plot was lifted directly from Victoria. Nicolas buys her the flower, but doesn’t realise that it’s a romantic gesture until the owner of the shop asks him if it’s “for someone special”. He thinks for a moment before saying “Yes it is”. That was the moment Nicolas realised he was in love. Nothing was changed in the final film except he’s talking about Danny. When Nicolas tells the other police officers that he bought flowers for Danny, the room goes silent for half a second. Doris is seen with a knowing smile.

Nicolas and Danny’s relationships is framed as romantic before they even meet. When Nicolas’ ex girlfriend, Janine, tells him to find someone he can “care more about than work” she clearly means a romantic partner. They are talking about their own failed relationship and she encourages him to find someone he can love more than he loved her. Nicolas later confess to Danny that he kept forgetting Janine’s birthday, and is deeply upset when he finds out he almost missed Danny’s birthday later. A clear connection is made between Nicolas’ past romantic relationships and Danny.

The monkey plushy plot was added to make the romance more true to Danny. Not only is it in line with Danny’s character that he would love a gift that Nicolas won for him by using his superior shooting skills, it’s also a classic romantic gesture. The focus is so heavily on Nicolas picking up a weapon for the first time in years we don’t realise it’s a classic case of “guy winning a plushy for his crush” until later when Danny gives the monkey back and Nicolas gets sad, saying he won it for Danny.

It can feel like they are just spoofing the bromances of past action movies, and no doubt it was part of the motivation for giving the romantic subplot to Danny. But they’re not just going “Look, we can do that too!” They took these odd homoerotic “no homo” relationships and mocked them by making it an actually deep felt, important and serious love between two men. They don’t accidentally touch and have homophobic panic attacks. They snuggle up on the sofa.

Interestingly the big reference to Point Break in Hot Fuzz doesn’t compare Johnny and Bodhi’s infamous platonic love to Nicolas and Danny’s relationship. Instead it compares them to Danny and his dad, keeping it intense but platonic.

After all this you might be thinking “If their relationship is supposed to be romantic, why don’t they kiss?” People don’t kiss in the Cornetto Trilogy. Don’t ask me why, but romantic relationships aren’t sealed with onscreen kisses in this series. Not even Shaun and Liz kissed in Shaun of The Dead despite having dated for three years.

“Both Nicolas and Danny are shown to be straight. Nicolas was about to marry Janine and Danny says he had a crush on a woman in town” All I can say is that if you think this, you don’t know Simon Pegg’s movies. You could say bisexual/biromantic men are a very common occurrence in his works, but in reality his views on sex and romance seem more muddled than that. If you sit down and watch all the movies and shows he had a hand in writing it becomes clear that he considers those things very fluid and blurry. Mike from Spaced slept with Marsha and would have ended up with Dexter if the series had gotten another season. He’s also clearly in love with Tim who doesn’t feel any sexual attraction to Mike, but he loves Mike and they’re seen holding hands (Tim is an insecure fuckboy though. Despite his relationship with Mike he reacts with low-key homophobia to other men having similar relationships, and despite Tim liking to wear women’s clothes when he’s alone he dismissively calls Vulva a tranny). Like I said, sexuality and romance are blurred in Simon Pegg’s works and can either be interconnected or separate and people don’t always fit neatly into straight, gay or even bisexual boxes.

So what I’m saying is that Nicolas and Danny are without a doubt romantically in love, but I won’t make any judgement on wether they’re sexually attracted to each other. The movie doesn’t suggest anything either way, but then again neither did Shaun of The Dead. For all we know Shaun and Liz were asexual.

Wright and Pegg were asked what they thought of all the Hot Fuzz slash fiction and responded that technically they had written their own Hot Fuzz slash fiction: the manuscript for the movie. I’ll leave it at that.

Inside BTS-mania: A Day in the Life of the K-Pop Superstars

The screaming begins just beyond baggage claim, when the first bob of purple-gray hair peeks up over the security wall separating the biggest Korean pop band in the world, in history, from its fans. Amid shrill hysteria, the seven soft-faced men of BTS stride through Los Angeles International Airport flanked by human trains of burly people in yellow “Event Staff” shirts. The boys smile, wave and, with the efficiency of British royals, slip past a few hundred young women and teen girls into black Escalades, their portal to the heart of the American mainstream.

It’s mid-November and BTS have flown here from South Korea, propelled by the fervor of their admirers, a diverse group that calls itself ARMY (short for “Adorable Representative M.C for Youth”). The band is here for a string of high-profile TV appearances: They go from the airport to James Corden; Jimmy Kimmel the next day; then they’ll meet Ellen Degeneres, who’ll compare their U.S. arrival to that of the Beatles in 1964. But BTS are mainly in town to perform their hit song “DNA” at the American Music Awards – a performance that will make them Google’s top trending topic and set a Guinness record for Twitter engagement.

Group leader RM (short for “Rap Monster”), 23 and palpably ambitious, compares the whirlwind trip to being “like surfers on a big wave.” But at 9 a.m. the day after BTS land, the vibe is more like “showing up for work.” We’re at a rehearsal studio when AMA reps arrive to shoot promo photos in the parking lot. Bubbly ham J-Hope, 23, an MC and onetime street-dance champ, walks out with his arms up, shouting, “Hello! AMA! Whoa!” The others trickle out with less ado and take turns getting primped, on the asphalt, by a team of stylists also in from Seoul.

There’s Jimin, 22, the prettiest yet most puckish, a former top modern-dance student who’s currently shaving his chin while a woman holds a mirror. The perpetually wide-eyed singer V, 21, another art-school kid, who made his screen debut in a Korean historical drama last year, gets his purple-gray bob brushed and parted. A man uses a pick to dislodge something from the teeth of Suga, who like RM started his career as an underground rapper. Lead singer Jungkook, 20, a devout Belieber who joined BTS at 15, gets a streak of eyeliner. Meanwhile, singer Jin, 25, an aspiring actor so handsome he was recruited by a boy-band casting agent while walking down the street, shuffles quietly through the flurry. Their entourage is massive; I lose count in the mid-thirties. There are managers, publicists, a choreographer, a masseur, the interpreter, groomers, folks with cameras, unsmiling guards and several drivers with earpieces.

Back home, BTS are pretty much only breaking their own records at this point – for video views, album pre-sales and chart placement – and it’s spilling over to other countries. Their recent EP, Love Yourself: Her, which features a song written with Andrew Taggart of the Chainsmokers, topped iTunes’ album chart in 73 countries, and BTS have become the first Korean-pop group to crack the American mainstream, with a Steve Aoki remix of their “MIC Drop” recently crashing the Top 40.

‪"We are so lucky that we’re living in this time, in 2017,“ says RM, the only one who can carry on a conversation in English. "When we post a tweet, it becomes translated to more than 30 languages.” The group’s lyrics – which are almost entirely Korean but close-captioned on YouTube and translated for sites like Genius – are a big part of its international success. BTS songs tackle issues like depression and anxiety. They promote progressive social ideals like female empowerment and accepting people from different backgrounds. They even address the internal unease of ditching less commercial career paths to become “idols,” as K-pop stars are called.

BTS fans appreciate the band’s empathy, honesty, and independence—themes that are particularly in-demand amongst Western pop audiences these days. Plus, BTS set their message to canny hyper-modern production (frequently done by the members themselves) that devours all manner of EDM- rap- and R&B-leaning pop – think Major Lazer, Justin Bieber, DNCE, Logic, the Chainsmokers, Nick Jonas – and spits out a deeply catchy, slightly askew pastiche.

After the photoshoot, the guys go in to practice their AMAs routine. From the opening whistle of “DNA,” they are a single-minded, many-limbed organism. Jin, who normally seems like he’s brooding, deploys pouty looks and precise hand jives. They goof around a bit – Jimin grabs Jungkook’s ass after the latter executes a balletic twirl – but are in the zone. An hour later, at 10:40 a.m., they’re chugging water and getting cooled off by women who use their entire bodies to swing paper fans emblazoned with the boys’ own faces. Jin quickly nods off in a rolling chair but is soon awoken by the masseur, who wants to jam an elbow into his shoulder; Jin winces as he does. Minutes later, V is yowling in pain, mouth wide as a handler treats a canker sore inside his cheek. Later, RM will dance with a bloody tissue in his nose – the wages of jet lag and constant hustle add up. An early lunch of cold burgers and fries seems meager compensation, but they eat with abandon.

BTS, an acronym for Bangtan Boys (“Bulletproof Boy Scouts” in Korean), was built around RM and finalized via auditions. The group was assembled by a small company – Big Hit, run by songwriter “Hitman” Bang Si Hyuk, who co-founded one of the so-called Big Three agencies, JYP, before leaving it behind – which gives them underdog appeal. And while BTS came through the famously rigorous K-pop system, living in dorms together and training constantly, RM says Big Hit offers relative artistic freedom. To wit, in a unique spin on K-pop fan service, BTS build mythologies around their albums, like last year’s Wings, whose theme comes from Hermann Hesse’s 1919 bildungsroman Demian. The concept appears in the lyrics, art and videos. Exactly how these subplots take shape is unclear, but it’s feasible that RM, who reads heady authors like Haruki Murakami and Albert Camus, is involved.

“We try to make our own BTS context,” he says. “Maybe it’s risky to bring some inspiration from novels from so long ago, but I think it paid off more. It comes through like a gift box for our fans. That’s something you can’t find easily from American artists.” Instead, he likens it to Star Wars.

“The big thing about creating our universe is expandability,” adds Suga, the most contemplative of the group, via interpreter. “Because it draws from our personal lives and interests, we can expand it as much as we want and it’s not alien for us. Having that allows us more diversity in the stories we can tell and the music we can make.”

Do they feel free enough to write about Korean politics? RM says they’re working on a song that does so subtly, but Suga cautions that the subject “is fraught with danger, not in a literal way, but because of the risk of being misunderstood by young people who may not have fully developed sensibilities.” He’d rather focus on fostering understanding than “inciting conflict.” The rest of the group stays silent for our midday interview except to shout out ARMY and admit they’re eager for more crossover opportunities. As J-Hope puts it, “It’d be an honor for us to work with anyone.”

RM says that, instead of breaking more records, the band’s mission is to promote individuality, which isn’t always encouraged back home. “Especially in Korea, there are all these standards: Get married, go to a nice university.” How will they spread that message? He smiles. “Better music and doper performances.”

After selling out arenas in California, Chicago and New Jersey, BTS are planning a bigger U.S. run in 2018. They’re in unprecedented territory. Unlike PSY, their success here didn’t spring from a novelty hit – their rise up American charts was gradual and shows no sign of slowing. While they’ve brushed off the idea of an English-language album in the past, RM dropped English verses on a Fall Out Boy remix and Wale collab this year.

At 1:30 p.m., it’s time to get ready for Kimmel. I follow BTS from the dance studio into the hall near their dressing room. There’s a folding table covered with silver rings, flashy necklaces and dangly earrings for the choosing. On the floor is an outsize ziplock full of identical Puma slides. After hair is redone and outfits adjusted, they load into the four Escalades with no fuss at all.

As our caravan passes Hollywood Boulevard and turns onto the small street leading to Kimmel’s backlot and outdoor stage, we see them: more than a thousand BTS zealots who explode when they see us. They’d been waiting for hours. Kimmel music producer Mac Burrus later tells me a group of five teens spent two nights out there, on the street, in sleeping bags.

In the green room, there is finally downtime. Suga and RM eat bananas. Jin plays his Nintendo Switch. Jungkook and J-Hope sleepily lean into one another on the couch. V lays on the floor to get his neck adjusted by the masseur’s bone-crunching assassin-twist before settling into a sofa to stream “Carpool Karaoke.” Around 4 p.m., producers bring in a couple ARMY moms for a skit where they taunt their girls, who are still in the line, via FaceTime from BTS’ inner sanctum. The daughters eventually come back and I steal them for a chat. Both discovered BTS on YouTube. Adriana, 24, is teaching herself Korean “slowly but surely” so she can hear the boys in their own tongue. Rosa, 18, insists, “Language isn’t a barrier when it comes to music.”

At 6:20 p.m., BTS head to the stage. From the back, it sounds like there’s a roller coaster full of shrieking riders on the other side. A grizzled staffer walks by with a kooky grin, muttering, “This is nuts.” From the wings I watch the band rip into a six-song set that inspires face-clutching and tears. For “Save Me,” a “Where Are Ü Now” soundalike, the crowd deploys a coordinated K-pop “fanchant,” roaring each member’s birth name in perfect rhythmic succession. I can barely hear the music, so it doesn’t occur to me until the end that BTS don’t seem to be using vocal backing tracks, as a U.S. or U.K. group might – they rap and sing every last part while doing constant choreography.

When it ends just after 7 p.m., an exhausted J-Hope flops onto the asphalt out of view of the crowd and his team, chest heaving, eyes wide. After 30 seconds, he picks himself up and rushes to join the other members of BTS disappearing into the hall leading to the green room. As he turns the last corner, a voice squeals, “Oh, my God! J-Hope looked back at me!”

© Chris Martins @ Rolling Stone

watch my heart burn

hey guys, so i wrote an au type thing and it’s pretty different from anything i’ve written before so i hope you guys like it. here’s the spotify playlist i listened to while writing this.

Y/N is just a uni student trying to get her degree and pay her bills. so when she finds a man willing to pay her bills and give her good sex, it’s an offer she can’t refuse. but she might’ve gotten a little more than she bargained for.


questions, comments, concerns

He’s wearing a suit that is worth more than a year of your rent as you watch him walk around the room, never giving anyone more than a small smile. When he swallows his drink, you’re hypnotized by the muscles in his neck, the way his Adam’s apple bobs. You find yourself licking your lips as you watch him run a hand through his hair.

“I want him.” You say.

“What?” Your friend follows your gaze, “Oh… No you don’t.”

“Yes I do. He looks like he could pay off my student loans and give me good dick while doing it.”

She rolls her eyes, “I don’t know much about how he is in bed, but I can tell you that he’s a demon trapped in a man’s body.”

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pushing buttons (m)

When your boyfriend puts off your date plans in favor of a 24-hour livestream with his gaming friends, you decide to take matters into your own hands. 

pairing: jungkook x reader

genre: gamingboyfriend!au, smut, oneshot

wordcount: 6.6k


warnings: sub!jungkook, oral, dirty talk, toys, edging, thigh riding, overstimulation, slight dubcon

Your boyfriend was driving you crazy. Or maybe it was really that you were crazy for ever encouraging him to pursue his interest in gaming as an actual form of income. But who could say no to that adorable face with the bright smile? Not you and apparently not any of his 263,000 subscribers.

“Damn him and his stupid perfect smile,” you muttered as you walked up the steps to his apartment. “And damn his stupid giant doe eyes,” you continued, stomping harder as your annoyance grew. “And damn his stupid muscles on his stupid body that’s so goddamn attractive,” you finished as you arrived outside his front door. You fished through your purse for your set of keys, knowing that he’d be on his computer like always. After the first few times when you would knock on his door only to be left waiting outside for half a dozen minutes while he finished a level on a game before letting you in, he’d decided to make you your own set of keys to save both of you from the irritation.

Your fingers finally closed around the keys and you tossed your purse back over your shoulder. You struggled to get the lock open only adding to the annoyance you already felt. How many times had you told him that he needed to oil the lock? You made a mental note to just bring some yourself the next time you were here to save yourself the future frustration.

As soon as you swung the door open, you were already screaming, “Jeon Jungkook!”

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A Dancer’s Hips (M) - Request

Summary: You and your best friend Jeongguk head to the new nightclub downtown to get you laid, but things don’t end up the way you imagined

Pairing: Jeongguk x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 8.1k

TW: swearing, dirty talk, teasing, oral, light voyerism, nipple play, fingering, spanking, light dom!Jeongguk themes, multiple orgasms, creampie

“Kook, come on! I’m tired of waiting!” You knock on the bathroom door again.

“I’m coming!” He calls from the other side.

“If you’re not out here in two minutes I’m leaving without you!” You yell before walking back down the hallway and into the living room. You grab your purse to make sure you have everything when you finally hear the bathroom door open and Jeongguk’s footsteps coming down the hallway. “It’s about time!” You scold.

“Damn, you look good Y/N.” Jeongguk comments as he zips up his jacket. “But what’s the rush?”

“I want to get there before the line gets too long.” You whine. “What took you so long, we’re going to be late!”

“Hair.” He states, running his fingers through his dark brown locks.

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Can we talk about what this really means, though?

It means that Wil has been floating through time and space, not actively attempting to murder people but it just happens, and he literally cannot tell. His personal timeline is so confused, that he can’t feel the finality of it. Nothing really dies for him, so he literally cannot comprehend death anymore. People he’s shot come back and talk to him like friends, people he doesn’t remember hate him, and he can’t seem to die. None of that makes any sense.

He can hear what people are thinking, and I imagine he can’t turn that off. Do you know how terrifying that must have been at the very beginning? Hearing billions of voices and thoughts and not knowing what was what? Drowning it out with alcohol and loud music and bombasticness was all that he could do. And he’s perfectly aware that he’s losing things, his memory, his identity, everything he’s ever known. He’s not insane, he’s apathetic. He has nothing to lose because he’s constantly losing everything he’s ever had anyway, and yet he’s still trying desperately to care.

Also, can we talk about the line “nothing heals like a good apology”? All Mark (as in Asshole Mark from WKM) needed was a sincere apology, and to look at the bigger picture. Because he didn’t get that, because Wil himself didn’t apologize to his best friend for hurting him so deeply, because he blamed him and hated him for years and years, Wil lost everything, and he destroyed everything he had ever loved. So of course, to Wil, an apology is the most important thing he can give someone.

Wil is far, far more sane than any of us gave him credit for, and that hurts so much to know.

Man, one quick disco party video and suddenly I’m sad. Well fucking done, Mark and team. Well done.

(Also can I say I was losing my shit when the WKM music started playing. I love it so much.)


Once I Get You Home 

Summary: The reader is in a secret relationship with both Bucky and Steve…which leads to a lot of secret teasing…especially during debriefings 

Word Count: 3053


       Hearing the familiar noise of a camera you turned around, “Buck what are doing?”. There stood Bucky kneeling on the bed, his phone in his hands and a smirk on his face. While continuing to type on his phone he said, “Just letting the punk know what he’s missing out on it”.

Rolling your eyes you got up from laying on your stomach, moving to sit next to Bucky. Taking the phone from his hands you look at the picture he’d taken, “Really?”. He’d taken a picture of you laying down, which would’ve been fine if you weren’t just a pair of gym shorts.

“Hey you’re the one walking around topless”. You shook your head while laughing at the enormous grin on his face. Smirking yourself you got up from the bed, “Say no more Barnes, I’ll go get fully clothed-”.

Getting up from the bed too Bucky grabbed for your hand. He licked his lips, “No one wants that doll”. You tried not too, but as always when it came to that smile of his you folded. Bucky started to lead you back to the bed.

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Hair and Amen

Warnings: Flustered Steve, Suggestive Loki, fluff, implied smut

Pairing: Loki x reader

This is the first oneshot in my series based on posts by @only-kneel-before-loki Reminder I got permission to use her posts. Please get permission as well and don’t take credit for it. And please don’t copy my works.


Y/N and Loki had a funny relationship. They both harbored major crushes on each other. Yet they were both oblivious. So they resorted to subtle flirting. It was Loki who had started it. Trying out cheesy pickup lines. Oddly enough Y/N didn’t mind it. It was the highlight of her day actually.

And so began the great Flirt Off. A little game they played to see who could get who to crack first. The rest of the Avengers would fake gag at the horribly cheesy pickup lines. They called it the sexual tension apocalypse

In the beginning it was just innocent cheesy one liners.

“Damn did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

“I’m not a photographer, but I can picture me and you together..”

“If I were a cat i’d spend all 9 lives with you.”

“They say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. Well apparently, no one has ever been standing next to you.”

But in recent weeks it had been getting a bit less innocent. Loki had started the more racy flirting.

Y/N was sitting on the couch when Loki plopped down beside her. He took a moment to look her up and down. Whether he was admiring the way her purple tank top and short shorts hugged her body or thinking of a pickup line, she wasn’t sure.

“Damn are you my pinky toe? Because I wanna bang you on every surface in here.”

Y/N raised an eyebrow as she looked at him. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed Steve walk in the room.

“So is banging your pinky toe on things a hobby of yours?” She retorted.

He snorted and shook his head. “No not that I know of.”

“Are you a trampoline because I want to bounce on you.” She said licking her lips.

Loki laughed. “What has four legs and doesn’t have the most beautiful girl on it? My bed. Want to fix that?”

Y/N smirked. “Is there a cellphone in your back pocket? Cause that ass is calling me!”

Loki smirked back. “Baby I’m like a firefighter I find them hot and leave them wet.”

Steve gasped and pulled Y/N off the couch away from Loki. “That is enough for today!”

The next day it got started at breakfast. Loki saw Y/N eating sausage and just couldn’t help himself.

“You must be Medusa because you make me rock hard.”

She smirked. “So what’s your name again? I just need to know what I’ll be screaming tonight.”

Loki nodded in appreciation. “You work at a post office? Cause I saw you checking out my package.”

Y/N giggled. “Is there a mirror in your pocket? Because I swear I can see myself in your pants.”

Loki smirked as Steve walked in with Bucky. “Are you a tortilla? Because I want to flip you over and eat you out!”

Steve gasped and Bucky smirked.

Y/N hummed. “I am quitting smoking and need a new oral fixation to focus on. You will be able to help me out?”

Loki laughed. “You know what I like in a girl? My dick.”

Steve blushed hard.

Y/N smirked. “I can make you melt in my mouth, or in my hands if you’d like.”

Loki opened his mouth but Steve clamped a hand over it and pulled him out of the room.

Throughout the next week Steve refused to let the flirting continue.

Finally it was Friday and Loki got alone time with Y/N.

“Hey Y/N nice hair.” He complimented.

She wasn’t used to the flat out compliments so she blushed. “Oh um thank you.”

Loki smirked wider. “I’ll bet I would look nicer balled up in my fist when we-”

“WHEN WE HOLD YOUR HAIR BACK AND YOU KISS THE GROUND PRAISING THE LORD JESUS AMEN!” Steve yelled cutting him off. He had been walking past and heard Loki start again

Y/N laughed along with Loki before he snapped his fingers and they were in his room.

“I might not go down in history, but I’ll go down on you!”

Y/N giggled and connected their lips in a passionate kiss.

“Prove it.”


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i’ve always wanted to make more content than just pictures, so i’m going to post about how i set up my bullet journal! (disclaimer: there are many ways to set up a bujo, but i hope that you can find some inspiration from this post)

because i use my bullet journal as both a planner and a journal, i basically have it with me EVERY SINGLE SECOND of the day. so basically if i were to lose it i will most likely have a mental breakdown hahah… anyway, here’s just a breakdown of what pages i like to add in preparation for a new month! 

inspirational quote / typography
to start off each month, i find a quote that may appear deep and inspirational, but to be honest, i probably found it in a bts song translation. usually, i opt for one color theme, and then i attempt multiple styles for the words on a separate piece of paper before finalizing the typography in my bujo. sometimes i mess up, sometimes i don’t. really depends on the month, and that is honestly okay; this bujo is meant for mistakes. 

title page of the month 
obviously. you can’t have a new month without a new title (it’s a new start!!!). below the name of the month, i write out the days of the month starting on a sunday. it’s pretty basic but i like it. add some stickers and… voila! you got a brand new beginning. 

this tracker has stuck with me for as long as i’ve used a bullet journal, so i gotta say, it’s been consistent. i track some of the daily tasks i need to do, plus my sleep schedule. i’ll straight up list everything on my tracker. so - eat healthy, save money, workout, read, play instrument, write my research paper, retainers, AP prep, shower, pooping (yes ik), period, post on studyblr/gram.

looking back on all of my moodboards for the past few months, i’ve noticed a pattern. there is always a photo of at least one of the bts members. whelp. i usually go for the light / pastel colors. basically, i print a bunch of aesthetic photos at one go, and store them at the back of my notebook, until the time comes to create another moodboard. i can usually find photos on tumblr that are very aesthetic and minimalist. twitter is a great source of fantaken kpop pictures and these moodboards can also include photos you take yourself! the colors that seem to call to me each time are selected for that specific month. it’s very calming. 

goals + favorites 
i like to set up my goals and favorites with different icons each month. for example, in april, they were bar graphs. previously, each slot for a goal / fave has been in the shape of waves, blocks, polaroids, coffee cups, and leaves. i usually leave three or four spots for each category. i fill out the goals at the beginning and the favorites as the days go by. 

a sentence a day 
i like to record one line of thought for each day. it’s nice looking back on the days, noticing how i felt across the entire month. these sentences are fairly simple, but they are my best bet at summarizing a day.

i track the three meals of my day, plus a snack. because i’m at boarding school, there really aren’t that many choices, but i do think that it’s a nice concept. keeping records of what i eat really keeps me accountable and eating healthy. although it is tedious, this routine motivates me to be more conscious of my body. 

as someone who is essentially SHIT at controlling the amount i spend, i’ve been trying out this page to keep myself accountable. i wish i had more self control and noticed more about what i spend my money on. it’s a problem. i hope to fix it with the help of this expenses tracker. for each item, i have a date, name, and cost. at the end of each month, i calculate the total, and set a goal for the max i can spend the next month.

this is essentially where the journaling part of my bullet journal comes in. i leave the page blank, except for a header. whenever i feel a strong burst of emotion, i flip to this page. i have one at the beginning of my monthly spread and one more at the end, in case i run out of space.

weekly layouts
for each week, i based my spread on the muji layout. because a week in the life can get extremely busy with all the assignments and extracurriculars, i found that a very open spread has helped me structure out my week. with everything that’s going on, this layout stands as a good organizational tool for a busy student. there are pictures of my weekly spreads under my posts!

at the end of each month, i print out four polaroids that highlight the good memories that have passed. this is a recent idea, so i have actually not tried it out yet. i hope it works out though!

whew. now that’s all out, i hope this post helped out anyone who was nervous about starting a bullet journal. to be honest, finding the right set up and pages took a very long time, so don’t feel pressured or anxious about finding the perfect routine straight away. i know i sure as hell did not. i’m currently on my second bullet journal, and i believe there is room for plenty of improvement ahead! 

i guess what i’m trying to say is good luck to all of those that have read this far and are giving bullet journaling a go. my inbox is always open so feel free to send a message!

You Don’t Love Me Anymore

Originally posted by softtroublemaker

Warnings: Cheating; Divorce; break ups; Angst; ETC

Pairings: Bucky Barnes X Reader 

Summary: You catch your husband cheating on you and shit happens.

(A/N) this is a one shot i came up with on a whim. I really hope you enjoy it. if you want more let me know. either way i’d love to hear what you think about it. 


You watch as your husband of two years walks out the front door of your shared condo. Today was just another day where your worst fears were slowly becoming true. When the door closes you let out a heavy sigh you hadn’t even known you were holding. He left without so much as a kiss goodbye. Of course, he was only headed to work; but you remember exactly when he stopped showing you any affection.

It had been the night you came home from a business meeting with your friend and longtime business partner Tony Stark. He was sitting on the patio a bright smile on his face while he talked to someone you didn’t know on the other end of the line. You were about to walk out to tell him that you finally able to take that vacation the two of you had been planning when you heard him say it. He told the person on the phone he loved them. When was the last time he had said that to you?

Walking through the condo, you look around at all the things the two of you had collected together over the years and the memories fill your mind. Every fight, every make up, every little thing that at one time made you happy but now it just served as a play to the lie that was now your life. Your stomach churns and you instantly run to the bathroom where you throw up the breakfast that you had made only moments before for both yourself and your husband. Wiping the spit up from your mouth you stand up and look at your reflection in the mirror.

You furrow your brow at the look of what you had become. Shaking your head, you flush the toilet and leaving the bathroom head for the front door where your briefcase was waiting. Grabbing it you call your driver to come pick you up to take you to work. The whole way there you felt sick to your stomach and the pain just wouldn’t go away. Before you make it to the office you decide to have your driver take you to the hospital instead. After what seemed like hours you left the hospital your stomach in knots.

How could this have happened? What would he think when you told him? you didn’t have any hardcore evidence that he had someone else, just what you overheard from his phone conversation. Maybe this would be something that could fix your marriage? Maybe this was exactly what your marriage had been missing? Taking a deep breath, you walk over to your car and climbing inside ask him to take you to your husband’s office.

The whole way there you stared out the window at the people walking down the sidewalk. Some were alone, other with their lovers, and some just in happy groups. You were about to pull your eyes away from the window when a familiar profile caught your eyes making your yell out for your driver to stop the car. As he pulled the car over you stare at the couple walking arms wrapped around each other, bright smiles and happy laughs escaping their lips. You rub your eyes to make sure you weren’t just seeing things, but it couldn’t be that easy.

Pulling out your cell phone you make one last attempt at trying to make what you saw now a lie. You quickly dial his number and as you bring the phone to your ear you watch as the man across the street answers after a couple rings. “Hello (Name), what do you need?” He asks his voice not letting it show that he was annoyed.

“Um, James, I need to talk to you about something. What time are you gonna be home tonight?” You ask trying your best not to let your emotions show through your voice.

“Can it wait, I have to go on a business trip for a couple days and I’m in a meeting right now.” He lies and your heart sinks.

“Yeah… have a safe trip.” You say your heart breaking as he just blatantly lied to you.

“I’ll see you when I get back.” He replies, and you nod.

“Okay.” You reply as you quickly hang up just in time for the tears to fall from your eyes. You look back across the street to take one last look at him to see that he had just shoved his phone in his jacket pocket and wrapping his arm around the new woman and walk away.

“Ma’am?” You hear your driver ask making you quickly collect yourself as answer him.

“Yes Happy?” You reply clearing your throat.

“Are you okay?” He asks and you nod.

“Yeah, um can we make another pit stop before we go to the office?” You ask and he nods.

“Where to ma’am?” He asks and you wipe the tears from your face as you reply, “Nelson and Murdock’s please.”


“(Name), are you sure this is something you wanna do?” Foggy asks and you nod as you try not to break down. “You’re giving him everything?”

“Yeah, I won’t need… no, I don’t want any of it.” You answer as you sign the papers in front of you. “He can have it all.”

“What about you and…” He points to your stomach and you shake your head.

“Tony has a place overseas I can stay at. Plus, I make enough money on my own to support both myself and…” You pause thinking about how in doing this you would deprive both your soon to be ex-husband from his unborn child and vice versa; but you just wouldn’t use your unborn child as a weapon against their father, no matter how much you were mad at him. When your child grew up and wanted to meet Bucky you’d let them; but until then it was better to keep them a secret.

“You sure you don’t wanna tell him about the baby and try to work things out?”

“He… he doesn’t want too, and to be honest I’m tired of trying. No, it’s better for him if I just leave.” You reply pushing away from the table to stand up. “Please deliver these to him for me. Tomorrow, if you can. I’m going to go pack my things. Thank you again Foggy, you and Matt have always been there when I needed you. I’m sorry to have to bring you into this.”

“No problem (Name), I just wish it was under better circumstances.”

“Same here. I’ll let you know when I get settled.” You reply giving your friend a hug before making your way back to the car where Happy stood patiently.

“Where to miss?” He asks causing you to take a deep breath.

“Home, then the airport.” You reply causing him to nod as he opens the door for you.

Now here you were, back in your condo, your bags packed and sitting next to the door. You had kept your emotions together until now. Now you let them go, just like you were letting Bucky and this world the two of you had built together, go. Tears poured from your eyes as you look down at your left hand that held your wedding ring. Choking back sobs you pull the ring from your finger and walking into the kitchen set it on the bar. You wouldn’t be needed it anymore.

Clearing your throat, you walk over to the cabinet drawer and pulling out a piece of paper and a pen write out your goodbye and then set it underneath the ring. This really was goodbye. You wouldn’t be coming back here at all. To you, this place only held bad memories of how the whole thing had been a lie. Had he ever really loved you? Shaking your head free of the emotions you walk over to the door where Happy was grabbing your bags and you offer him a forced smile as he carries your bags out the door and to the elevator.

Taking one last look at the place you let out a silent cry as you say to the empty space, “Be happy.”


Bucky sat at his desk going through some paperwork for a new project when his intercom sounded in his ear. “Yeah?” He asks not looking up from his papers.

“I have a Franklin Nelson, here for you sir. May I send him in?” His secretary asks causing Bucky to furrow his brow.

“Uh yeah, go ahead.” He replies hanging up the intercom. Bucky quickly organizes the papers on his desk before he stands up to greet Foggy. When the doors open Foggy comes in with an indifferent look on his face. “Foggy, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

“I have something for you.” Foggy says pulling his briefcase up to lay it on Bucky’s desk. He pulls a manila envelope out of it and hands it to Bucky. After which he closes his suitcase and pulls it off the desk.

“What’s this?” Bucky asks cocking an eyebrow at his wife’s friend.

“I’m sorry to have to do this; but if you could please look inside the envelope, all your questions will be answered.” Foggy replies his eyes turning slightly sad.

“Okay?” Bucky replies as he opens the envelope to see the little stack of divorce papers staring him back in the face. His eyes widen as a wave of anger rushes through him. “What the fuck is this?”

“My client would like you to sign these as soon as possible.” Foggy replies only adding more fuel to Bucky’s anger.

“Seriously Foggy, what the fuck?!”

“I’m just the lawyer man, if you want to know why I suggest you talk to (Name).”

“I’m not signing these.” Bucky replies as he shoves them into Foggy’s chest. Running a hand through his hair his chest heaves with anger. Reaching for his phone he quickly dials his wife’s number. His heart drops as it goes straight to voicemail. He tries multiple times, but each time leads to the same outcome. As he sets his phone on his desk he turns back to Foggy and says, “If this is a joke, it isn’t funny.”

“I wish it was. (Name), made it quite clear that this is what she wanted. I’ll leave these papers with you. Sign them, or don’t I don’t care; but think about (Name), and what you’ve put her through.”

“What are you talking about?” Bucky asks making Foggy rolls his eyes as he pulls another envelope out and tosses it onto Bucky’s desk.

“I’m not (Name)’s only friend Bucky. One in particular, noticed that her friend was acting a little strange, so she decided to follow you around. That envelope is filled with pictures, videos, and voice recordings of you with another woman. Jessica was going to give these to (Name) but by the time she had collected enough evidence (Name) had already come to my office to ask for divorce papers.”

“So, she never saw the pictures? Then why would she ask for a divorce?”

“Because she saw you with her own eyes.” Foggy replies making Bucky’s face turn pale.

“I…” Bucky starts but finds that no words would come to him.

“Seems she had a feeling for a while that you were cheating on her.” Foggy adds letting out a heavy sigh.

“But still, we could have talked about this!” He yells out making Foggy jump slightly at the sudden outburst.

“Don’t yell at me man, find (Name) and talk to her about it.” Foggy replies before he turns and leaves the office.

Bucky slides down into his desk chair as he stares at all the papers in front of him. His eyes darted back and forth from the divorce papers to the pictures of him with his girlfriend Dot. He knew it was wrong that he was cheating on (Name) but he just couldn’t help himself. His life with (Name) had turned stale and something was missing. He found that something in the young blonde waitress. He never thought that (Name) would find out. No scratch that, he always had a feeling she would find out; but the woman he used to know would have beat the crap out of both of them for cheating. Not just up and vanish with nothing but divorce papers in her wake.

He glances over at his phone and grabbing it he tries again to call her, still no answer. To make matters worse, even the voicemail function was turned off. He looks a picture of him and her on the corner of his desk and his heart clenches. This was his fault. He needed to fix this. Yes, their marriage had issues, but he didn’t want to lose her. He never wanted that. Grabbing his coat and keys he runs from his office to the garage where his car sat waiting.

The drive back to his condo was short. He may have been speeding, he couldn’t remember, his mind was focused on getting home and talking to his wife. After parking his car, he rushes up the stairs fearing the elevator wouldn’t get him there fast enough. Reaching his front door, he throws it open and starts hollering for his wife; but the house is silent. He runs to the bedroom to see that all her stuff, except the things he bought her, were gone. His heart clenches tighter and he continues to run through the house looking for her.

When he reaches the kitchen, he sees a familiar wedding band setting atop a piece of paper and he chokes back a sob. She was gone. She was really gone. Reaching for the ring he looks at the note and the tears break free.

  “I know you don’t love me anymore, I hope you find the happiness you want with her. I wish you no ill will. I only want you to be happy, even if it’s not with me. Goodbye Bucky, I wish you health and happiness.”

Bucky stares at the tear stained letter and realizes how much he’s fucked up. It’s too late though, she’s gone, she’s not coming back; and the realization crushes him.

Will Continue???


I have wrote more on this and here is the Masterlist 

I’m bugging out man

I had this in tags before but it’s bugging me too much to stay silent over it. 

Zelda’s Prayer Dress in BOTW does not fit her. 

I don’t mean that in a “it clashes with the rest of the costumes” way (it doesn’t) I mean it in a “This dress does not fit her body” way. The length is an awkward one which shows the gown is too short for her, the belt around her waist is too high up (even if it was meant to be an Empire line it’s still too high up), and the gathers create a weird tension around the back of her legs. The dress is too small for her! IT’S TOO SMALL! 

from a fashion point of view (ha as if I know anything about fashion) it’s not my fave look. From a costumers point of view it tells us a few things. 

  1. This dress is old. She’s probably been wearing it for a few years and has grown out of it. 
  2. It’s old fashioned, much like Rhoam’s view or belief that her powers can only be awakened by prayer, it doesn’t fit with other fashions we see worn in Hyrule. 
  3. Zelda doesn’t fit with the rest of Hyrule. She’s trying to be a Priestess but that’s just… not who she is? She’s a researcher (And if you look at her traveling costume it fits her perfectly. She’s comfortable in this roll) 
  4. She is not fit to be in the position that people are forcing her to be in. That’s not to say she’s not a good Princess or that she’s a bad character because she 100% is not. She’s just not suited to spending all day in prayer for nothing when getting out and researching is her passion and her talent. (also fun to note, her powers are only awakened through direct action. Standing in a spring is passive, standing in the way of a guardian’s blast is active)
  5. This dress is only worn in times of despair. The spring of power where we see her beg and cry “what’s wrong with me?!”, the spring of wisdom where she’s unable to unlock her power and Ganon comes back, the forest where she falls into Link’s arms and mourns the loss of her family and friends, Link’s final stand where she unlocks her powers and he DIES IN HER ARMS! Zelda’s never happy in this dress or the roll she’s been made to play. 

Just as the dress doesn’t fit her, she doesn’t fit it. The dress is too small for her, she’s outgrown it and yet she’s still made to wear it. She’s not a priestess, she’ll never be a priestess. 

TL;DR Zelda’s prayer dress represents her struggle to fit into a roll that she is not made for. A roll she was forced into  

anonymous asked:

"I didn't ask to be born" (I'm feeling extra angsty right now) with Lance. Let's Say whatever happens and he screams this in front of the others ahhh (obvs i self project so you can take this however you want)

I hope you like it!

Growing up the youngest of 4 is not really a walk in the park as people tend to make it out to be. Especially when your parents are not really young, they tend of have already knocked themselves out with the whole raising-children-thing way before you were even born.

So you are left with tired glances and the occasional hug and kiss on forehead.

This has been Lance’s reality for as long as he can remember. It’s not that his parents don’t love him; they just have a lot on their minds with his sister’s wedding and his brothers’ universities. So he decided to stay on the side lines and let everyone live their lives while he watched and attempts to live his like everything is normal.

It’s late at night that he starts to have the unwanted intrusive thoughts about how guilty must his parents feel since they just can’t raise another child at their age or how by the time comes they won’t t have enough money to put him through college which basically means they are throwing away his future just because he happens to be the last born.

So to relieve them of all this, he worked himself to the bone trying to get a scholarship to Galaxy Garrison. And he did.

If anyone was to ask him, he would say it was all for the look of pride on his parent’s face when he told them about getting the scholarship. But deep down, he realized it didn’t really fill the void and the emptiness that seemed to reside in him, giving his thoughts the medium to remind him how much he was a burden to his family and how relieved they must feel when the constant reminder, that was Lance, finally left.

But things were going great at Garrison. Sure he didn’t get Fighter pilot, but he was finally his own person. He can do what he wants without the constant fear of saying something that might upset his parents or doing something that might embarrass his siblings. He was Lance McClain now. Just Lance. And for once that was enough.

But then Voltron Happened and his whole dynamic shifted upon his head.

Right from the beginning he could sense the return of the void inside him. Small gestures became a catalyst to his undoing, whether it’s an eye roll or a Shut up Lance. It all had the same effect of bringing back unwanted thoughts.

And before he could help it, Lance McClain was not enough anymore.

It’s not that they were ignoring him.

It’s just that they all had more important shit to do. Whether it being technological breakthroughs or battle strategizing or joining secret Galra alliances. He just didn’t have a purpose anymore. Hell, even being a paladin wasn’t that special anymore.

Shiro is back in Black, Keith could come back to Red anytime and Allura had Blue. Lance could leave at any second and it wouldn’t really matter to… anyone.

He started spending more time alone holed up in his room playing video games or in the training room, as its former resident went off to join the Blade.

No one seemed to notice so he kept pretending. He may laugh too loudly or joke too frequently but it all seemed to be in character as no one noticed.

Then Lotor joined the team and Lance didn’t really mind the guy. He seemed pretty genuine about his attempts and it saddened Lance that he had to used him as a tool to keep his persona going, he would act extra dramatically whenever Lotor would talk to Allura or plainly whenever he would just talk. But even that was becoming harder to keep up.

It was all in the span of a minute.

They were deciding on what to do about one of the Galra ships that seemed to be following them for the past few days. It had put everyone on edge as they just couldn’t shake it.

Pidge and Hunk were huddled together with Matt trying to find a way to hack into the ship’s mainframe from the castle while Lotor and the visiting Blade members discussed the possible identities of their pursuers.

Lance was standing on the side-line watching everything in front of him unfold as he didn’t seem to fit into any of the group’s ‘categories’. It was like his household all over again.

It crossed his mind the idea that they could hide on the alien planet he and Hunk landed on after they crashed from the corrupted wormhole back after their first fight against Zarkon.

He walked up to Shiro, who was planning their course with Allura, and tapped his shoulders. Shiro glanced at Lance with the corner of his eye and said,

“Not now, Lance. We are busy.”

“Yeah I know, Shiro. I actually have an idea about where we could hide.”

“Earth is not an option.”

Lance’s words died in his mouth. Earth is not an option. Lance is not dumb to suggest going to earth to hide. Especially with that crazy Galra following them like a tail.

“No, I was actually going to sugg-“

“I SAID NOT NOW LANCE!” Shiro all but lashed out at Lance.

Lance’s blood ran cold. Everyone on the bridge went silent and stared at Shiro.

Lance remembered all the times his father would come home and yell at him just because he was tired and he still had to deal with a child after a long day’s work at his old age. So Lance was pretty used to this treatment. It’s just that he thought he had left this treatment back on earth with his parents and Iverson. 

He realized he will never truly be enough. Not to anyone.

Shiro stared at Lance. He couldn’t believe he actually yelled at one his paladins, let alone Lance.

Shiro had noticed the toned down shift in Lance’s attitude and, contrary to everyone’s beliefs, he didn’t really like it. He preferred the outgoing Lance that changed the subject when things got too stressful or lightens the mood when a mission doesn’t go as planned. Shiro would rather that guy but sadly he had to admit that he didn’t prefer him in times of strategy. He needed planners and Lance was not a planner. At least that’s the impression he got.

This Galra has been following them for a while and it was driving Shiro insane being in the dark about something like this.He and Allura set up camp on the bridge trying to find a safe haven for the castle.

And truth be told, he hadn’t slept for a couple of days and was basically living off the coffee equivalent Hunk managed to conjure up from ingredients he got from the space mall. So he wasn’t really in the mood for someone to ruin their hard, but fruitless, work.

Shiro had thought that he finally got the location perfected before Lance spoke up the first time and completely cut his train of thoughts.

And before he knew it, he had yelled at Lance in front of everyone. 


Galra and paladin alike. 

And it sickened Shiro. He would never wish this type of humiliation upon anyone.

“Lance. I didn’t-“

“WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!?” Lance yelled. Completely fuming. Shiro went pale, ice filling his veins. “ALL I WANTED TO SAY WAS A SUGGESTON! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO ACT ALL HIGH AND MIGHTY! I KNOW I DOn’t contribute much to the team but you really didn’t have to rub it in. Everyone shuts me up when I talk or rolls their eyes when I do something that isn’t fucking “smart” but I do this to keep all of you from eating each other. But who helps ME? I DIDN’T ASK TO BE FUCKING BORN! FIRST AT HOME AND THEN AT GARRISON AND NOW HERE?! A MILLON LIGHTYEARS FROM EARTH AND I AM STILL TREATED LIKE THIS.”

Shiro knew Lance could probably go on but his throat clogged up from his sobbing. He wanted so desperately to reach Lance and pull him to the tightest hug he could muster but he seems to be frozen. He knew what Lance did to the team but he always assumed someone must’ve been helping Lance go through this.

He looked around the room. Allura next to him. Kolivan and Lotor. Pidge next to Hunk and Matt.

And he finally understood their mistake.

They all branched up to smaller groups and that was NOT how a team should be.

He went to look back at Lance but he was already gone.

Shiro could bet his other arm on the fact that this was long overdue and they all deserved it.

Man i self projected this a little more than i would like to admit. I am so sorry this was so shit.

Part 2

Any thoughts would be deeply appreciated.

Got any prompts you’d like me to write? Feel free to drop by and send it ❤

My JIB9 Cockles Auto Story

So I’ve been promising to write this for two weeks and here I finally am. Apologies in advance - this will be long, there will be a lot of swearing, excessive punctuation, and gross fangirling. Also, for the record, I am NOT a Cockles shipper, before anyone wants to go there. I love Misha and Jensen together as friends and I am endlessly fascinated by their relationship. I do NOT think they’re secretly fucking.

So picture this - it’s Saturday at the con. At this point, I don’t think I had actually seen Misha up close and in person yet. So this was my first interaction with him. If you haven’t been to JIB, the autos take place in a big tent off the side of the hotel. It’s hot as hell in there and you’re waiting in line for ages, so there’s plenty of time for anxious sweating. It wasn’t that busy though and there were only a few people behind me. I noticed Jensen was there too, just finishing up.

I finally got up to Misha’s table and I had a piece of TFW art for him to sign, and a bar of Swiss chocolate to give him. The first thing I noticed is that his eyes are like freaking tractor beams. I couldn’t actually tear myself away from them (good to know my fics are accurate). And because of what happened next, I don’t really remember any of my interaction with him. Note to self for next year: pay attention when you’re talking to the handsome man!

I stammered my way through whatever I was saying (Probably: “No I didn’t draw this, I commissioned it from an amazing artist friend, useless blabbering etc”) when I felt a presence on my left. They’re pretty strict about who’s allowed at the auto table during the session so right away that was weird. Then I noticed that everyone around me (the handlers, people waiting behind me) had gotten really quiet, and Misha was no longer looking at me but at whoever was standing next to me, with a twinkle in his eye. So I turned my head to see who it was and stopped breathing.

It was Jensen Fucking Ackles. Standing right next to me. There may have been some other people with him (Cliff? Daniela?) but I was blinded by the absolute perfection of his profile. His face. It’s TOO MUCH. He was wearing a black button down shirt, and folks, he’s surprisingly small in person. Like he’s tall, but super lean. He was holding something out for Misha to sign. (At this point, if I had been able to function, I would’ve said something cheeky about him interrupting my auto, but alas, I didn’t speak the entire time this was happening.)

Each auto table has a piece of A4 paper taped to the front with the actor’s name on it. So Jensen had just finished his autos, apparently wanted to fuck with Misha, and decided to take the paper off his table and ask Misha to sign it. And Jensen also decided to pretend like this was an actual fan interaction, because who isn’t a fan of Misha (DON’T ANSWER THAT QUESTION I DON’T WANT TO KNOW). 

Jensen: “Hi Misha, can you sign this for me?”

Misha plays along, and takes the paper from Jensen. Jensen goes into full fangirl mode, says something like, “Oh wow, Misha”, and puts his hand over his heart while pretending to be super nervous and short of breath (I realize now that Jensen was possibly making fun of me - what a beautiful jerk).

Misha: “It’s great to see you again.” *signs paper*

Jensen: something like “OMG Misha, you’re so great” or “OMG thank you Misha” or something to that effect (If anyone who was there can confirm, please do!)

Jensen: *reaches out to hold Misha’s hand*

Misha: *takes it then remembers they’re role playing* “No I’m not - you’re not allowed to touch me. No touching!”

The handlers joined in at that point - “No touching! No touching!” - while Misha and Jensen were still sort of touching, and I think I giggled hysterically. Then someone, and I have no idea who this hero was, yelled, “No kissing!” Others joined in, “Yeah don’t kiss, you guys!” Everyone dissolved into laughter and Jensen took his paper back. And it was over. And I was somehow supposed to finish talking to Misha, get my stuff, and walk away without passing out. Obviously I had to record my reaction and post it on Twitter for posterity - I regret nothing.

As if that wasn’t enough awesomeness, fast forward to the next day. I was waiting in line for Jared’s auto. Once again, Jensen was finishing up his autos. I noticed the “Jensen” paper was back on his table, complete with Misha’s signature from the day before. I knew it was Jensen’s last auto session of the con. A crazy thought entered my head. What if I could get that piece of paper? (Side note: if you know me at all, this is not me. I am shy, reserved, cautious, hate to stick my neck out or draw attention to myself.) But what the hell. It was a con highlight for me and how cool would it be to have something to remind me of it.

The Jared line wasn’t long so I decided to risk it. I left my place in line and approached Daniela, not without a fair amount of trepidation, I might add. But I figured the worst thing she could do was say no. I went over to Jensen’s table, where Daniela was sitting next to him. Luckily he was talking to one of the other JIB people so I didn’t have the added pressure of having to talk to him. I told Daniela what happened and asked if I could have the paper. I’m surprised she even understood what I said, given how nervous I was and how quickly and quietly I was talking. (Even though Jensen had made the thing happen, for some reason I wasn’t sure I wanted him to know I was asking for it.)

At this point the other handlers figured out what I was asking, and Daniela very kindly said of course I could have it, so they got the paper off the table for me. They folded down the tape, smoothed it out, and gave it to me. I walked off, not quite believing I had gotten away with it. I went back to Jared’s line to wait to be attacked by yet another pair of beautiful eyes. (Edited to say that I thanked Daniela and the JIB staff so profusely that they for sure thought I was unhinged - and in case any of them read this - THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR INDULGING MY WEIRDNESS!!!!)

A few minutes later, Jensen got up to leave the auto room. As he was walking past our line, people were waving and screaming, and I held up the sign. He saw it and gave me the sweetest grin and a thumbs-up (maybe finger guns? I can’t remember). I like to think he remembered having broken me the day before, but let’s face it, he was probably just being a sweetheart to a deranged fan.

And that’s the story of how I got this:

Originally when I found out about the DW thing regarding this new season, and sooner came to discover the tweets from Barlee. I became really upset. I’m still upset.

Keith and Lance and their dynamic, has been one of the best things I loved about Voltron. But I know for a fact it was initially meant t happen. There’s way too much proof, even in season 7. Even if others didn’t see it.

So finding out that it might’ve just been tossed away because DreamWorks didn’t want it… or didn’t give permission… really hit hard.

But as I lay here, with my pillow being soaked with tears… I thought about Barlees tweets again.

Being fair, they couldn’t say all that much, so it’s very much obscure towards what it could mean. But I … might be able to give some hope towards this. Even if I could be wrong.

First off, Barlee acknowledges that the situation isn’t good and that we have a right to be upset. And from OUR POINT OF VIEW it doesn’t look good. But there is more to the story.

Now I feel like some people are maybe taking her words of “they’re allowed to feel upset by the end result…” a little out of context.

I will dive more into this in a second, but I just want to quickly point out Barlee is being very clear in that the people who also work on Voltron, do care about proper rep and did want what was best for us.

This is where the idea of being Queerbaited came from. Overall Marketing and Netflix had minds of their own, and that’s where the “official videos being tagged Klance” and the obscure tweets by Netflix originally came into play, when they weren’t meant to. This is where the posters Netflix(?) made of Shiro with Adam behind him, and the Keith poster with Lance being behind him, came into action. They only watched the show like the rest of us, so assumed that was the direction as well. They probably had minimal insight into what’s going on, so If any queerbait was involved it was ultametly just the marketing team. Not the show runners themselves who didn’t have any say in what gets shown, tagged or previewed.

Now getting back into this, and why “they’re allowed to be upset with the final result” stands out to me.

A lot of people are saying that “patching up” the “incomplete story” is referring to making Allura and Lance endgame. Lance was promised one, so that’s what their doing. But in all honesty that doesn’t line up for me.

DreamWorks is believed to have not been allowing the team to go through with their original rep and storyline in the first place. It’s rumoured that Shadam and Klance were fought for, but were never allowed… until a certain point, that as Barlee says here, she didn’t even know about until right before the sdcc premier.

This here implies, that they were given permission for rep at some point in time, and not everyone who worked on Voltron were given this insight.

Now this could easily just be making Shiro the only rep, but when you consider them “patching up” after finally being allowed to put in rep, implies they are still fixing up a lot to include the rep, but what else would they need to patch up, if Shiro and Adam had nothing happen, nor did Shiro point out there’s more to him then we saw. That’s why so much changed easily just by allowing the rep to happen. That’s probably why Shiro was thrown in so quickly to being gay rep, and why there wasn’t any Adam and Shiro except a new recording.

I would like to remind you all, that there was another few recordings done for Shiro and Adam, and I believe an actual scene that was suppose to happen. (Don’t take my word for it). So they may have had scenes and audio ready, it maybe never got a chance to use them as they had to change things.

This is where the whole improvisation comes in. They had to improvise to make Shiro as gay. It’s not what we wanted nor was hyped up to be. They just fit it in cause they were only allowed to recently.

Coming back to this tweet. Barlee says that because of the improvisation, much of the rest of the creators didnt get to do everything THE WAY they planned. This is where I think Klance might still be happening.

“They did what they could to patch it up.”

Barlee never once in any of the tweets implies that they are pulling through with Allura being Lance’s endgame just cause it was promised he’d get one.

The Voltron showrunners were given permission for the rep. It may not be how it was originally planned, so that’s what they’re patching up.

That’s why this season doesnt make sense in terms of all the Keith and Lance interactions that demonstrated them being exactly what they were meant to be, a good team, and most importantly, together. There was more scenes of Keith and Lance, (and even one or two scenes heavily implying Lance where he is feeling something towards Keith), compared to the one or two Allura and Lance scenes implying a romance between them.

“They didn’t get to do everything the way THEY PLANNED.” Implying they’re still doing everything they originally wanted… but not in the way that they saw was more fitting. Combine this with the fact they were given permission for rep… I don’t think Shiro is the only rep allowed. Also combine that with the Keith and Lance heavily implied development this season … both original planned reps were probably given…

Bro. I’ve stopped crying.

“I think they tried to patch it up as best they could once they were allowed to.”

This. Tweet. Right here. No where does it sound like Barlee is implying Lance isn’t getting an endgame with Keith. This is starting to look more like :

“Originally, what was planned was Keith and Lance from season 1-3. However it wasn’t allowed after that and they had to improvise. Eventually rep was allowed, and now they had to not only improvize but patch up anything to try and make sense of it again.”

  • I’d also like to include that Seaosn 8 isn’t finished yet, most likely BECAUSE they have to “patch things up.”

It isn’t going to feel satisfying because everything is so rushed, since they only got the okay to do it now. It’s not being made the way it was originally planned. So yes, Keith and Lance are still most likely going to happen. But it won’t be the way they originally wanted for the show or for us. That’s why everything is so quick and bumpy, and why Acxa (a side character who all of a sudden is brought in) and Allura (someone who just had their heart horrifically broken) are probably being implied as Romantic towards the two, Keith and Lance respectively.

I wouldn’t be surprised in Seaosn 8 if they pulled the lame use of Jealousy or pining to bring Keith and Lance together. It initially was meant to be slowburn — These two coming together throughout the story. But they had to, again, IMPROVISE.

Allura and Acxa are mostly likely a part of this “patching up” situation. And the ending won’t be satisfying because not only will these two probably be thrown somewhat under the bus… (hopefully respectfully), they will also make Allura realize feelings for Lance and him coming to realize, no, you’re not the one for me. They’ll also probably use Acxa as a segue to make Lance maybe jealous? Or realize his feelings as he assumes something is happening between her and Keith.

I of course do not like this sort of scenario at all. But that’s the only logical way I can see Acxa being brought into this and being implied to have a crush on Keith, and Allura suddenly has feelings for Lance. If they just wanted to have Lance end up with someone cause it was promised, they would’ve left Acxa out. Keith wasn’t promised an endgame. Throwing her in wouldn’t make sense, unless it was for this purpose.

“It won’t be satisfying to a lot of ppl, and I certainly do not fault them for that.if they had gotten to do what was originally planned, people would feel better about the season.”

So many people were disappointed that not only Lance and Allura being implied to be getting together even after Allura’s heartbreak (besides some of the actual shippers which, y’know, ship them), but also Acxa and Keith out of nowhere, on top of Adam dying without seeing Shiro. This isnt what was suppose to happen. But again, they’re patching up what they can.


“…they’re allowed to feel upset by the end result…”

I’m bringing this back down, to tie all of this together. From everything I’ve gathered. Klance… is still pretty much happening. Or at least, 95% happening as this is sheer speculation on my part.

But to sum up, the showrunners wanted an actual LGBT based plot line, following Keith and Lance. That was initially the slowburn. And it still somewhat counts as slowburn, since they’ve kept the previous development and brought in more interactions and development for them, including the subtleties within Season 4, and end of Season 6 - more than I originally expected to see compared to Allura and Lance. It will feel rushed, but they had to improvise and patchup what they could because they only got permission to go through with it recently, and everything they wanted originally isn’t being done they way they planned.

Allura and Acxa may get thrown under the bus next season, but hopefully it’s not a disservice to their characters. And in terms of Adam and Shiro, people have a right to be upset about it. Ultametly, fans were queerbaited, but not by showrunners, they were baited by the marketing team who exploited not only the LGBT, but also the largest portion of the fandom, the Klance ship.

BUT THAT WAS NOT THE SHOWRUNNERS FAULT. They cared about Rep and they’ve always been advocates. They couldn’t give what they wanted from the beginning because they didn’t have a choice. And now they have permission, and have to do what they can to work back to what they originally planned in a short amount of time, and try to make sense do things again, even though it’ll be rushed and won’t be as satisfying as it should’ve been.

And they know we have a right to be upset with an unsatifying result. Even if it ends with Klance.

So. Did I manage to somehow restore faith for myself? Oh yes. But knowing the posts I make, this will get like 2 notes. But please! BOOST THIS. I think people need to think of this a little better.

And once again be patient. Patience yields focus.

Edit: So I have discovered that these did not refer to Klance. I admit I even took these out of context, HOWEVAH! I still made a post, and gUYS I HAD AN EPIPHANY TODAY AND I REALLY THINK YOU ALL NEED TO READ IT! Please!!! Because, even if it does not happen on canon, which seems like it might not, even though please consider reading!

Keith and Lance have had major roles in each other arcs, even if they weren’t romantic ones! But they have definitely grown into best friends at least, and that’s still a beautiful, beautiful thing! And they’ll be by eachothers sides even after the series ends.

Because that’s what Klance is. Keith and Lance, back to back.

OKAY so today was INCREDIBLE. First of all, the fact that we were all totally cool just handing over our bags and phones and letting them bus us to some random location is frightening but it’s taylor and we would all do literally anything for her. 

So yeah we get there and its amazing! Drinks were being served, snack foods were served, and there were a bunch of games like arcade games to play! And you could win tickets and get prizes. I literally walked out there with like $150 worth of merch for FREE. 

I was on the second bus to arrive (they staggered us) and so we had been there for almost an hour and a half before anything even happened. We were just drinking and playing games. Then my friend and I were in the line for prizes and we heard screaming so we ran to the back and they had opened up a wall to reveal a stage with three guitars and a piano!!!

Taylor finally came out and was SO HAPPY to be there. Like it was so clear that she gets so much joy out of these things. It was the silliest, goofiest little acoustic concert of all time. She played gorgeous, delicate, and shake it off on the guitar and all too well and NYD on the piano. When she intro’d all too well she was like “you guys seem to like this one like a lot” lol and then talked about how when she first wrote the song she always had these hard memories come back when she’d perform but now they’ve been replaced by the happy memories from performing it for fans and the time she’s spent with us. Obviously i cried a bunch. Also when she started playing gorgeous and was like “oh wait I should check that this is in the right key. it’s this thing that keeps happening to me. It used to happen when i was 14 but now it’s back i guess” hahah. 

So then she was wrapping up the set and was like “well I want to play one more song” and someone yelled “play more!!!” and she said “I mean I could but I also wanted to maybe take some pictures with you guys!” At which point we all FREAKED OUT. She also said she was told by her management to not talk to us too much because she can’t lose her voice before louisville.

So the set ends and she leaves and we all get in line for photos. The excitement was UNREAL. When we got to the front of the line, we talked to andrea!! She was so nice and sweet and we talked about the “no it’s debbie” joke and she was like “oh my god we CACKLED the whole way home that night it was just hilarious.” She hugged us twice and we actually didn’t realize it was our turn to see taylor because we were so excited to talk to andrea. 

We finally made it to our turn to see taylor! First of all, she is incredibly stunning in real life. Just absolutely glowing. She gave us huge hugs and we actually talked for a while!! I showed her my necklace from ryan and told her that he says hi. She said “he sounds so amazing tell him i say hi! Except with like tons of exclamation marks and a smiley face!” Then I told her that Ryan and I started dating around the same time and her and joe and she goes “WAIT when” and i said it will be two years in september! And she said “YES That’s right! See the media thinks they’re sooo sneaky and they say ‘oh that’s her NEW boy’ and that we met in May. HA. they don’t know, he’s been around!” Her face literally LIT UP when she talked about him. Also I asked her if she had a great time in the UK and if she got to see joe and his family a lot and she was like “oh i’m there like…all the time. like this was just for work, but I go there literally all the time.” And gosh she was just so genuine and nice! She told my friend Urwa that she is so beautiful and she loved her dimples so of course I’ll never let that go. 

Then it was our time to go and we gave her more hugs and I said I love you and she said I love you! 

I know every time someone meets taylor they say how nice she is, but she is seriously the most genuinely nice person of all time. I can’t even process how kind and sweet she was to us. 

Tonight was so amazing. Thank you so much taylor for the best night ever. @taylorswift

Retribution Voicelines and Lore

I got a LOT of voice lines dumped on me, so I’m going to try and paraphrase/detail what I heard. It’s hard to get them all in order, but I’ll make an attempt. If you have a clip of more, let me know! I’ll keep adding to this list as I play more.


McCree asks Reyes who’s going to fill the void with Antonio’s death. Reyes lists Vitale (murdered in the Doomfist comic), Doomfist in Numbani, and Maximilian with a casino. (This means all three of these people were already players in Talon at the time of the mission.)

McCree asks Reyes why he killed Antonio. He asks if it’s because Antonio made Reyes mad, and absolutely spits ‘is that all it takes?’. Reyes snapped something back, but it was lost on me with an event shift.

After the murder, Genji asks Reyes who Antonio was. Reyes details that Antonio was an arms-dealer with a ‘variety of other interests’. (Genji apparently went on this mission clueless, and just killed/took out men as told.)

McCree apparently went undercover as an Italian waiter to help get Blackwatch in for the mission. He was so bad at it, he got fired. McCree says ‘that guy was being rude, he had it coming!’ indicating that a scuffle emerged, verbal or otherwise, and that McCree doesn’t care to take shit. Reyes also calls McCree ‘Jesse’ here.

McCree asks Reyes how he’s going to handle the Strike-Commander. Reyes tells him to let Reyes worry about what ‘Jack needs to know’. McCree snarks back ‘you know you can’t shoot him’ and Reyes replies ‘no, but I can shoot you’.


Genji says in the hotel ‘it’s a good day to die’ and in the art museum, how much he enjoys killing. Genji also remarks that it seems like ‘the whole city is out to kill them’, to which McCree replies, amused: ‘just how you like it’.

McCree asks Genji what it’s like being a cyborg. Genji replies, ‘Agony’. McCree then asks why he went through with it - Genji replies ‘I wanted to walk again’.

Reyes pages the pilot, saying ‘Pilot! Where are you?’ indicating the pilot is indeed a throw-away character and not someone of import. She berates Reyes and asks him to stick to the plan next time, to which he replies ‘Now where’s the fun in that?’

Moira laments that it’s not Masquerade. Reyes says he didn’t see her as that kind of person, to which Moira quips ‘You’re not the only person that likes to dress up’.

After the final Art Room phase:

Reyes: Enough art! Let’s get out of here.

McCree: Never had an eye for it anyway.

Moira: Philistines.


Moira comments that ‘we need to talk about your Italian’ (likely related to the undercover waiter bit), which leads to McCree indignantly saying he thought it was pretty good, he watched some old Spaghetti westerns to learn, and then goes on to absolutely butcher an attempt at Italian with Moira tiredly asking him to never do that again.

*Additional Retribution lore:

The Talon soldiers remark that the Blackwatch team is hard to kill.

Reyes 24 SEP skin features his dog tags which list his Religion as none, meaning he is canonly agnostic or atheist even before Reaperfication.

I recently made one of the cardinal mistakes of being a DM...

I allowed one of my players to assist with worldbuilding for our campaign. Now, on it’s surface, this doesn’t seem too bad. It’s as much their story as it is mine. However, it was the Rogue that I asked (the same one who came up with God of Orgasms from one of my other submissions), and then we ended up with this conversation:

Me: What kind of art do they have in the Republic?

Rogue: Art like the one I have? (referencing the painting they stole in a solo side adventure)

Me: Art like go to a museum art

Rogue: Is that the kind of art I have?

Me: Well, it’s a fancy, high-quality painting.

The conversation gets sidetracked for a bit.

Me: So you didn’t answer the question.

Rogue: Porn, I guess.

Me:… Actually…

Rogue: I was half kidding, but okay.

Me: It’s kind of appropriate to their beliefs…

Rogue: So I have a painting of porn in my storage. Nice.

Me: No. You have a painting of two dragonborn.

Rogue: Not even vanilla?

Me: Nope. It’s a portrait.

Back-and-forth along these lines ensues until I finally give in.

Me: Fine, roll for porn.

Rogue: *proceeds to roll exceptionally well on several arbitrary checks in a row, much to my disgust*

Me: Fine. It’s porn. I hope you’re happy, you filthy degenerate.

So anyway, that’s why I’m not letting the players touch the background of the story anymore. Last time it was a goddess of tentacle hentai (and the harvest, too, so I guess there’s that), and this time it was making a country’s main artistic export porn. Next thing you know there’s going to be something ridiculous like an entire religion that believes they’re inside some game played by beings beyond their comprehension.

My Favorite Deadpool 2 Pop-Culture Reference is the One No One Seems to be Talking About

But first…

Remember that scene in the first Deadpool, wherein Wade has just learned he has terminal cancer? “Vanessa’s already working on Plan A, B, all the way through Z. Me? I’m memorizing the details of her face. Like it’s the first time I’m seeing it. Or the last.”

That punched me right in the heart, smack dab in the middle of a movie that I only expected to tickle my funny bone. In one line it sold me on the genuine love these two characters have for each other, and immediately justified whatever hell or high water Wade would raise in her name.

Let’s jump ahead to the sequel (major spoilers to follow)…

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The Box (Steve/Tony)

(For @sirsapling)
(Read it on ao3)

They’re sitting at the table eating breakfast when Tony sets the matte black ring box between them and grins at it like it’s a triumph.

The world slows down, the way it does when Steve has to make a quick decision in battle, and he stares at this new test of his brilliant mind and tries to make sense of it. Tony just waits, smiling, until Steve finally gasps out, “You’re kidding.”

Tony splits into a beautiful grin and starts laughing, that full, deep, true laugh that means it’s not just funny, he’s happy too. And Steve is so happy, and he greedily wants more of that laugh, enough to fill him up and make his nerves sing, never so alive. So he looks back at the box and then Tony and says, “You’re kidding!” again, almost accusatory this time.

Tony has this cheeky, dancing light in his eyes, warm and vivid but not sharp-edged like the morning rays that stab through the windows. He’s laughing even when he stops and god, Steve loves this man so much.

“I bet there’s not even a ring in there,” Steve says tartly, and he reaches out to grab the box. But Tony gets there first, snatching it off the table and spinning up out of his seat. Steve grins; if this is the game they’re playing, he plays to win.

Steve rockets out of his chair and catches Tony halfway across the living room rug with an arm around his waist. He goes to scoop him up, but Tony must be paying more attention in training than it seems like he is, because he braces his weight on his foot, ducks under Steve’s arm, and twists, bringing them both to the floor. In a graceful, and startlingly Natasha-like, maneuver, Tony manages to drop Steve to his back on the rug with Tony on top, straddling his hips.

They’re both laughing now, almost at the end of their breath so it comes out gasping and broken in little skips and starts. Steve settles a hand on each of Tony’s thighs and squeezes. There’s energy built up inside him that he can’t seem to get out any other way.

Miraculously, Tony’s still holding the black box, and once Steve has made it clear he’s given in, Tony sets the box on the centre of Steve’s chest, right over his heart. Steve props himself up on his elbow so he can watch as Tony grips the lid and levers the box open. He turns it to face Steve, then sits back on Steve’s thighs, watching.

The ring is three tones, three bands of metal layered together. It’s heavy and masculine without being clunky, the edges ever so slightly squared off. The bottom band is jet black, almost impossibly black, and perfectly smooth. The upper band is charcoal grey with lines of lighter grey streaked through it. Even the small movement of Steve’s breathing shifts the box enough that he can see the depth of the changes in tone as it catches the light. It’s a thousand slightly different shades, maybe never the same one twice. The middle band is gold, but Steve recognizes the unique sheen of Iron Man’s gold-titanium alloy. He wonders if the whole thing is made out of it, or if Tony has somehow convinced three different metals to work together, bond, and form something stronger than any one of them alone.

Steve knows Tony, and he knows the ring will have a story, a long one, why he designed it the way he did, the options he considered and discarded, what each section means to him. But right now there’s only one thing Steve wants to hear Tony say.

“Marry me.” It’s soft and a little shaky, and it’s so terrifyingly, viscerally right to hear Tony say it, that for a moment - probably a painfully long one for Tony - Steve just breathes the words in and settles them inside his chest.

He never thought he’d get to have this. Sick and broken, doomed to die young, and then the war and then the plane and then waking up in a world where what he wanted never seemed to mesh quite right with what he was offered. Until he found Tony. He used to think about being someone’s husband. How nice that would be. He lay in his twin bed in his mom’s rundown apartment in Brooklyn, waiting up too late, partially because he wanted to hear her come home from her night shift and partially because it was so hot that even with the window open, he couldn’t sleep for the humid heavy weight that squatted on his chest.

And he’d think about being someone’s other half, making twice the eggs in the morning, splitting the paper over coffee, coming home to offer a space at his side to curl into, warm and safe. He’d thought about that, but he’d never thought about what it would mean to have someone be his, in return. And god, he never would have been able to imagine it could be Tony.

But they’ve built this thing together, on sparring in the gym, and quiet conversations after battles with too many bruises. They’ve thrown blue cloth and red metal into enough arguments that it’s an old, well-trodden pathway now. They can sigh and fuss and grip a weakened hand too tight and not have to say a word. They’ve built this thing on stolen moments, hiding from the eyes of the world, of their friends, even, sneaking through a dark sea of pressure and judgement and guilt and fear but finding light at the end of it in each other. They’ve built it on trust, trust broken and repaired, on devotion, freely given and gratefully received, and on love.

At the end of it all, there’s so much love Steve’s not entirely sure how he manages to fit it all inside him. It leaks out sometimes, he thinks, overflows. It wants to do that now.

Steve tugs Tony down into a kiss that’s at least a third laughter and at least a third tears, but they’ll both pretend it isn’t so Steve doesn’t try to hide them. Besides, they’re not all his.

He hears the ring case snap closed again between their chests as Tony leans over him, and he wants the ring, wants it desperately, wants the whole goddamn world to know he belongs to this man, but right now he wants Tony more. Besides, it’s his line now.

He pulls back until he can meet Tony’s eyes, and he tries to pour into his gaze some modicum, some sliver, of what he feels for the man in his arms. There are so many words, so many things he wants to say, things Tony needs to know. But he gets to have him forever now, so those things can wait. He can find pieces of those words every day for the rest of their lives and maybe, just maybe, it’ll be enough time for Steve to tell Tony how he feels about him. But for now there’s only one thing he can say, only one thing he wants to say, and in this moment, it says enough.