this is such an awesome photoshoot omg


Okay, so, THIS PHOTOSHOOT WAS ACTUALLY REALLY AWESOME and quite possibly the biggest BNHA meet-up I’ve ever been to in my life. The host was amazing and everyone was respectful.

So, after they did tododeku and kiribaku, my best friend went to the host and requested bakudeku and the host was like YES OF COURSE OMG and even the Bakugous ran up there and were like CMON DEKUS! I literally cried. ALL OF THESE COSPLAYERS WERE PERF.

I LOVE MY BESTIE SO MUCH FOR DOING THAT BEFORE THE SHOOT WAS OVER and I guess we were the first bakudekus to kiss up there because my bestie was like “ALEXIS KISS LAURA GIVE HER A SMOOCH” so I did and the host literally paused, watched, and then was like “… Can you do that again??????” SO WE DID AND apparently we weren’t the only bakudekus that kissed too! A BIG WIN FOR THE OTP TODAY! ✊🏼 Thank you @quillykins for being the greatest friend and supporter ever. 😘

I’ll post more pics of this awesomeness later; these pics are from my phone and not the official website. Enjoy us representing bakudeku! 🧡❤️💚

I was on the quest to try and find other mystic messenger cosplayers today in Melbourne ;>

Holding a pack of Honey Buddha Chips in a determined attempt to summon the elusive Luciel,

I attracted…


A delightful surprise!

Oh! The ZEN has reported sightings of the hacker!



In a graceful demonstration of RFA swag we -



lovingly! HAHAHA


[ miscellaneous V cosplay pics after the con in my backyard! XD ]

AAaahhh I was honestly super happy and surprised that I managed to find these cosplayers!

What was awesome was the fact that my friend and I practically hung out with them for the rest of the day, even though we were complete strangers. I’M SO HAPPY WE GOT TO DO THAT PHOTOSHOOT OMG -


So I ran the Persona shoot Friday night of Colossalcon as Dank Kawakami.

There were so many people omg!! I tried my best to manage it with the help of some awesome people and I feel it went pretty well. I never ran a shoot that large so I was worried but it ended up being alright! The Persona 5 love was real. I ended up meeting some amazing news friends (from around the world too)! People also recognized me and that MADE ME SO HAPPY!!

I had some fun as Kawakami with @vicokun and even did the “massage” during the photoshoot.

Shoutout to @ klcosplay (IG) for making me and sending me the GET SMOKED HAT just in time for the con.

Can’t wait to the run the beach party today! ❤️


OMG!  (*°▽°*)

Already having the first picture of a Photoshoot we went to some weeks ago, before going to an anime con, and I’m so excited with the quality and how cute it looks, omfg! Thank you so much to 3LEMENTS for taking this awesome pictures! 


Was cosplaying Riko Sakurauchi, kimono version. it was such an amazing experience going for a photoshoot with two other lovely girls cosplayed as Mari and Kanan ♡ ♡ Had an amazing time!

I should cosplay more Riko soon, even if is a casual Riko until I have the school uniform version (*´▽`*)

GOT7 REACTION To you being a famous rapper in your country.

Finally done!



“OMG Really? No.. That can’t be true! She has to show me her skills!” he’d say while see your mixtape photoshoot on the internet, with hundreds of comments of your fans.


“How come I lived in so many places and never heard of you? I can’t believe it!” he’d be happy that he had such awesome girlfriend.


“Ok then! Show me some of your jams girl!” you two would start a improvised “rap battle”.


“I don’t believe it”

“But it’s true!”

“No it’s not”


He’d believe in your in the first time, but as a revenge for you not telling him this before, he’d mock you a little bit.


Gif say it all…


“So now we can do a collaboration and make a one of those sexy couple MV’s! You’re the bad ass rapper and I’m the sexy dancer ok?”


“Wait.. You? A famous rapper? Since when? Why haven’t you told me this before?” he’d ask you to show him some of your musics and after that, he’d be like: “ Why you don’t tell me you can do this things you do?!”


Hope you like it! Keep the requests coming!

Gif Credits to Their Original Owners!

~ADM Pandacchi

Soooo like you wanted I’ll tell you everything !

First of all, the autograph with Alfie. I gave him my drawings and he loved it, and I also gave the drawing of my little sista (8 years old) who really likes the song Alfie (he found it really cute). Then he asked my name and I said : “Today Im Kraken Princess ! ” and then he noticed my kraken necklace and said : “Wow you could be my salt wife !” My brain just stops and then I said “I’d love that yeaah ”. (Then autograph with Pilou, he was such a talkative guy ahah xD and sooo funny !)

After it was my individual photoshoot and when he saw me he shouted : “Oh Kraken Princess !!” I asked for a hug but he lifted me up, I nearly cried out xD

Then the meeting with Alfie. We were only two people, without the Staff. So it was a 30 minutes conversation between the three of us. It was awesome. We talked about music (old rock) video-games, families, a little bit about Iwan, he even said at the beginning :“Would you want me to get naked ?” And we were like OMG WTF XD Then I talked about the fact that Theon and Reek really helped dealing with the fears I developed after sexual harrasment at school. And he said that he was really sorry for me, but happy to know he helped and to see me so happy right now. He also asked my real name ! X3 He asked me if I had the photo we made, and everyone watched it xD He even said :“ do you want me to sign it ?” Obviously I said Yes ! (Free autograph !!) But then I started crying a little, because it was unreal and he was drawing hearts on it, so he hugged me. It was perfect!

My bestfriend and I also take these picture with Pilou and Alfie, and they were so cool !!

Well, bittersweet ending ! I waited for him, he smiled and said “Take care !!”

(But my boyfriend was here for Gemma Whelan, and he cried when we learned that she had cancelled. )

Can we talk about this, right? So! SamCait doing a photoshoot for Saks. Awesome! I am dying to see this but…

Anyone else noticed this:

And now SamCait.
I am really the only one here who notice and understand this? REALLY REALLY REALLY?!