this is stupid and ugly sry

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For the first time in a long time I was finally more confident in the way I looked and was learning to love my natural hair (extremely curly and frizzy) but now I got a haircut and it looks like shit it's so short and ugly and there's nothing I can do and I sound so vain but it's like. After years of hating on myself and bashing how I looked I'd come to hey maybe I'm not so bad. Idk it sounds stupid but if just looks so bad and my hair takes so long to grow back aaargh this is stupid I'm sry

Don’t be sorry! There’s nothing stupid about this.

It takes time to get used to something new. It takes time to get comfortable with a certain look, to bring yourself to see and accept who you are, both inside and out.

Everyone has their own tastes. It isn’t a reflection of your own self esteem or worth to think ‘I don’t look good like this’. There’s a difference between thinking there are certain ways that you don’t appear so visually appealing, and thinking no matter what you will never look visually appealing. One is a matter of aesthetic, the other is a matter of self-worth and confidence.

And there’s nothing wrong or vain with liking how you look; it’s good to take pride in your own image after all. It only becomes vanity when you use your outer reflection to define your inner one, and believing that being attractive on the outside automatically not only makes you attractive on the inside, but superior as well.

I can sympathize with you because I’ve always had issues with my hair. The hair itself is thin, but I have a lot of it, so my total volume of hair is very thick. I also have natural curls, and though my hair isn’t ‘curly’ per se, it is pretty wavy and tangles REALLY easily / quickly. Doesn’t help that my scalp is tender af.

So my entire life has been a battle with this hair of mine, because on the outside (when it’s fully combed through and washed) it looks beautiful, but the maintenance is not only ridiculously hard, it’s painful. I can’t recount the amount of times I’ve cried or screamed as a child when my mom would comb my hair. And I avoid doing it myself because it hurts, so it ends up getting into huge balls and nests on the back of my head (like really really bad), to the point where I’ve cut it out several times instead of combing it all out… which made it look really fucking weird. Despite all this I always liked my hair better with it longer, but it’s hard and painful enough to manage at shoulder length. I also hate the curliness of my hair, so I want to get it straightened. It looks better to me and will be easier to brush.

BUT anyway my point is, with all that, I had to make a concession. I wanted my hair longer, and I thought it looked better, but I found another way that I liked my hair without it needing to be longer. So you may hate your hair now, but if you experimented with it (whether it’s just putting accessories in it, or dying it, or getting it straightened, anything), you might be able to turn it around into a way you like it.

Also there are hair extensions and stuff available, so you can always try that if you still want longer hair without waiting for your hair to grow back!

no offense but what were jensen and misha doing at the season 5 wrap party. why was misha wearing a green plaid tie with a red plaid shirt and a black blazer. why was jensen wearing an ugly white beanie and black sweatshirt. why did they have on faded denim jeans. what the fuck was going on in two thousand ten. was this normal? was /I/ wearing bullshit like th is back in two thousand ten? was evER B YDOY ?/ ?what the f cugk ign fuc k

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is there a reason why people want unknowns route so bad though?? i just finished yoosung good end and i wanna beat him tf up with a stick after what he said to seven Plus he doesnt even know how to correctly wear a jacket

Idk about others but i’m a slut for characters like Saeran. Even if he’s someone ppl wanna beat tf up 8^D

WELL he gotta show his stupid ass mint eye tattoo somehow without exposing too much skin and freezing y’know? Bad Boi dressing code #34

happy kent/snowy headcanons because i love these idiots so much

  • kent is constantly stealing snowy’s clothes and while snowy isn’t that much bigger than him, his clothes still fit different on kent bc snowy is very buff and his torso does the dorito thing so his shirts are a little loose on kent and kent’s hoe ass loves it
  • they can literally make each other laugh with one (1) look. it’s so infuriating and no one ever knows what they’re laughing about it’s terrible
    • they have a lot of inside jokes but they’re all stupid shit like “egg butt” and if one of them says the phrase they’re both doubled over in laughter for at least 10 minutes
  • constantly showing memes to each other
    • when they’re visiting each other they spend hours on their phones with the occasional “haha look at this post” “pft nice”
    • this is what they call “hanging out” and no one else gets it– “interact with each other! talk to each other!!” bitty rants at jack one night after a double date. jack doesn’t get it either. 
  • more hcs under the cut this is way too long aahhahha

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