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is there a reason why people want unknowns route so bad though?? i just finished yoosung good end and i wanna beat him tf up with a stick after what he said to seven Plus he doesnt even know how to correctly wear a jacket

Idk about others but i’m a slut for characters like Saeran. Even if he’s someone ppl wanna beat tf up 8^D

WELL he gotta show his stupid ass mint eye tattoo somehow without exposing too much skin and freezing y’know? Bad Boi dressing code #34

happy kent/snowy headcanons because i love these idiots so much

  • kent is constantly stealing snowy’s clothes and while snowy isn’t that much bigger than him, his clothes still fit different on kent bc snowy is very buff and his torso does the dorito thing so his shirts are a little loose on kent and kent’s hoe ass loves it
  • they can literally make each other laugh with one (1) look. it’s so infuriating and no one ever knows what they’re laughing about it’s terrible
    • they have a lot of inside jokes but they’re all stupid shit like “egg butt” and if one of them says the phrase they’re both doubled over in laughter for at least 10 minutes
  • constantly showing memes to each other
    • when they’re visiting each other they spend hours on their phones with the occasional “haha look at this post” “pft nice”
    • this is what they call “hanging out” and no one else gets it– “interact with each other! talk to each other!!” bitty rants at jack one night after a double date. jack doesn’t get it either. 
  • more hcs under the cut this is way too long aahhahha

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no offense but what were jensen and misha doing at the season 5 wrap party. why was misha wearing a green plaid tie with a red plaid shirt and a black blazer. why was jensen wearing an ugly white beanie and black sweatshirt. why did they have on faded denim jeans. what the fuck was going on in two thousand ten. was this normal? was /I/ wearing bullshit like th is back in two thousand ten? was evER B YDOY ?/ ?what the f cugk ign fuc k