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No wonder Javert is making that face, he’s Judging Valjean in his function as one of the Paris Fashion Cops 

@lesmiserablesfashions , have you seen this?? 

becoming conscious n aware of performative actions n habits it’s lifechanging but can also feel so stifling like. having to take a step back and realize that So Much is what you are used to was just to pose for someone else? makes you feel like you can’t do anything, but really it’s just testing your authenticity. what here are you doing for yourself? the things you say, the things you post, the things you hint at. is it just because you hope They see? be real with yourself. what is the point?

Giorno: Did… did the…

Risotto: The boss. He killed your fathers.

//Welcome to the first day of my weeklong mini event: La Squadra Giorno!

//Giorno will be answering your questions, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of avenging his fathers: Sorbet and Gelato.

so uh i’m entitled for some of the settlement of this lawsuit against target as a former cashier…………

i know slytherin!oikawa/seijoh is kinda fandom default, but potter wikipedia says hufflepuffs value hard work, dedication and loyalty over particular aptitude & are associated w/ herbology+plants so i’m officially converted 

So uh tumblr now showcases your top three popular posts on your blog now, in case y'all don’t want that you can turn it off in settings

Wont fix the pornbots but they’ll remind you of some dumbshit you said in 2014

(**edit:it hasn’t showed up for everybody yet)

One of my best and most favorite Tododeku headcanons is that Deku will mention wanting something or seeing something he likes and Todo will IMMEDIATELY buy it for him. The best part is he uses his dad’s credit card for every purchase out of sheer SPITE

Izuku mentions that his backpack strap broke off? There will be a brand new one on his desk the next day.

Izuku sees a scarf in a shop and goes “Wow it’d be nice to have that for winter!” Todoroki immediately goes in to buy it for him

Izuku realizes he needs a new mouth guard for his hero costume? Todo buys him the most expensive and best-designed one he can find

There’s a limited edition All Might hoodie for $150?? Sold. Todoroki especially enjoys spending that much money on that merch lol

Eventually Izuku catches on and he’s like “Oh god please stop buying me things I can almost feel your wallet lightening” and Todo goes “But I want to spoil you, Midoriya. Also it’s my dad’s credit card” and then Izuku’s like “…….Ah. Well okay then by all means” and Todoroki is bent over wheezing with laughter

In Philippine Mythology, Sidapa was a tall and handsome god of death who wore a crown of golden horns.
He fell in love with the moon god, Bulan, who descended from his heavenly abode, guided by starlight fashioned into fireflies that Sidapa sent to him.

if s8 doesn’t give these two the happy ending they deserve I’m rioting

if your fictional discrimination is predicated on the marginalized community doing something to “deserve” its marginalization, you automatically fail any commentary on, or application of your story to, real-life oppression

“The Xingbarts started a war with us and now we Gurbits all hate them!” FAIL.

“Nurts are a legitimate, powerful threat if they aren’t denied basic rights!” FAIL. 

“In the past, the Snorfals were our oppressors, so now we oppress them!” FAIL.

oppressors will certainly use any means at their disposal  - including logic, science, religion, history, and philosophy - to justify oppression. “women are just physically incapable of learning, that’s why we can’t let them attend university!” “black people are divinely ordained by God to be our slaves!” “the jews control all the banks, that’s why we have to kill them!”

but it’s never real! it’s never actually valid! the whole point of oppression is that it’s completely arbitrary! there is no “reason” no matter how hard you try!

if you try to inject “grey areas” by making your fictional discrimination justified, you have fundamentally failed to understand how it works in real life

of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t have grey areas in your writing. there’s all sorts of actual grey areas in real life you can draw on: intracommunity issues, different ways the oppression is applied to different groups, internalized oppression, different philosophies within the group on the way to combat it

but none of those are “well actually oppression makes sense because reasons!”