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A Head, A Heart, & A Crown {Biadore} Chapter 15 -C*NT

A/N: I apologize, because this seems like
a much shorter chapter then usual. I feel like it is anyway. But we are definitley near the end of the story now, sadly. Probably only 2, maybe 3
more chapters at the most. Sorry if it is shorter then what you were all expecting, buuut I think this chapter will make some of you happy…at least for a little bit. TW: Smoking weed, um…I don’t think it’s really classified as smut but some intimacy somewhat happens? Anyway enjoy! ❤️✨

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I got tagged by @kxmwoojxn for the bias (wrecker) tag!!! (twice already I’m so sorry I’m slow and rarely look good enough for selfies) 💕✨

So this is the face behind all the sinning. Also look Bunnie with bunny ears lmao I’m so lameee. We all know Felix is my bias but Minho is the biggest bias wrecker ever smh.

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What about giving your coworker Eric head in the back room of blackjack cuz you found out he's a virgin and want to give him real pleasure for the first time? So lameee but shy & embarrased Eric gives me life

-Same ;)

You and Eric knew each other from work. You both chatted in the break room most of the time. Waiting the tables was your job as Eric’s was cashier. He always admired your traits, however he kept that to himself thinking he was too pathetic for you to like him.

Grabbing a rag from the counter, you went to clean off the tables. You slightly smiled at the short memory of the talks you and Eric had. But you also remembered the most recent one you had.

‘Tell me a secret’ you sat in a chair in the break room.

He shook his head at you and smiled back, ‘I’m a boring dude. I have no secrets.’

‘Oh come on Eric! Everyone has secret.’ you added, becoming curious now.

‘If I tell you, you’ll laugh.’ he became red in the face.

‘Eric, i’m not that kind of person.’ you scooted back in you chair, not wanting him to feel pressured.

‘Fine…I’m..I’m a…I’m a virgin…’ he rested his face on the table and groaned deeply.

‘Oh god Eric, that’s it! That’s nothing to be ashamed of!’ you were shocked at his revelation.

He chuckled nervously looking back up at you slightly.

You really thought Eric was so nice and kind. He deserved that kind of pleasure. And you were going to give it to him. Nodding your head with confidence, you placed the rag down and walked towards Eric.

“Hey Eric, can I see you on the back?” you asked him. He gave you a confused look, but quickly shook it off. “Yeah, i’ll be there.” You nodded and walked into the room waiting for him. He walked in and closed the door behind him, almost like he could read your mind.

“So what did you need me for y/n?” he smiled at you a bit. “Come sit,” you motioned him to sit in the chair next to a table in a corner. “So,” you started, “I’ve been thinking about what you said…you know about being a virgin.” His face began to redden again at the topic. “Yeah, I know…” he looked down a bit. “Don’t be embarrassed! I want to help you with that.” 

He jerked his head up surprised at where this was going. You stared deeply into his eyes, giving him a serious look. “Just lay back.” With that, you got on your knees and gave him a reassuring look once more. You worked on his belt buckle and pulled down his pants slowly. He groaned slightly, fidgeting in his seat. You pulled his newly grown hard-on out of his boxers, licking your lips.

His length was intimidating. You hummed as you put your tongue on the base of his cock, making one kitty lick all the way to the tip. You watched him as he bit his lip. He flinched when you put his tip in your mouth, while your hand stroked the rest of his dick. His head flew back and he grabbed your hair, pulling it into a ponytail. You bobbed your head to take as much of him as you could. The moaning and groaning Eric was making only influencing your treatment on him.

With one final hard suck, he twitched inside of your mouth and came with a solid groan. “Fuck, y/n,” he pleaded. You swallowed all of his juices and popped him out of your mouth. “How was that?” you raised an eyebrow at him. “Fucking amazing.”



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