this is so lame

a fan: *calls jinyoung jr./junior*

Jinyoung: bitch, come again???

photo (cr.)

Two, three, four

So imagine Jake and Amy’s son (I want them to have a little boy first, sue me) is crying, and they’ve tried everything to get him to stop; there are mashed bananas all over the kitchen, a toy detective badge has been thrown at Jake’s face more times than he can count, and Amy’s pretty sure she’s used up all the parenting methods that she’s picked up from the literal hundreds of books she’s read on parenting until Jake’s face suddenly lights up and he runs off to the other room. Amy stares bemusedly after him with a child threatening to shatter glass with his screams writhing around in her arms. As soon as Jake comes back, with something in his arms, Amy groans. ’Jake, no.’ ‘Jake, yes,’ he smiles back and settles down in front of their anguished toddler. 'Two, three, four…’ followed by the amateur strums of a guitar and Jake’s highpitched screams fills the room. Their toddler, taken aback with his father’s rivalry in screaming, stops yelling and stares blankly at Jake. Two, three, four seconds later, the little family dissolves into laughter, and as Amy holds a bubbling baby in her arms, she gazes at the man who after two, three, four years, still 'makes her laugh’

someone: marve-


theyre rivals