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hey bby ! Could you maybe possibly write some fluff with Jimin, school themed, where he like motivates you for studying, the basic school stuff ? Pretty please, school is killing me ugh

Word Count: 786

A/N: idk what the word vomit below is but it’s damn short and not really my thing im so sorry i might have let you down ;;

Registering your phone ringing, you look away from your textbook to see who it was. Jimin. Again. Letting out a sigh, you send a quick text saying you’re unavailable at the moment and go back to your book, trying to finish that one problem you’ve been stuck on for almost an hour. Math was not your forte, and you knew it.

You expected to fall asleep soon, head on table and that question still unfinished, but what you didn’t expect was Jimin at the doorstep.

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UMMM?? OF COURSE IT'S OK IDK WHY DO U EVEN NEED TO ASK OMG ILYSM JDNKJNSJDFVN sorry im freaking out so bad rn- omfg- h e lp


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Could you translate some of the tweets from the Syake account for those of us who aren't great at Japanese, if it's not too much to ask?Xx

i’m sorry i saw this late, but during the 30 April event, shuu (as syake) basically said that 

- she uses clinique and hacci as her skincare products (i asked this qns!!! im so glad she answered me :)

- uses anna sui makeup, would like to try blue eyeshadow this year

- addicted to games

- owns an annual pass to the aquarium and collects the limited edt stuff from there (sayaka liked this tweet, idk why? harumichi perhaps?)

- okay at cooking but bad at baking bread

- likes cinnamon ice cream in america

- when shuu isn’t working, she enjoys taking a stroll in the park.. with some tea and cookies

- plays beyer on the piano and plays the bass. started playing piano again recently (i would love to see shuu haruka playing the piano for lmf!!)

- doesn’t really watch disney programs but watched moana as she heard it was an action film. sayaka (or shayaka-san as syake calls her) commented that she looked like maui when she wore a bun hairstyle in the houston hotel room (lol so impt shuu)

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Okay so. I have my notifs on for your art blog but I don't rlly come on here much and I was just wondering. Are you okay dear?? Like. I've been seeing a lot more, idk, angst in your art and it seems to me like most of it has been vent art lately and I'm very worried darling. (Sorry if there is stuff going on and I just don't know bc I don't visit your main often)

ive been really stressed out lately to a really bad extent but i tried to purge some of that out of my life. still livin in a bad place but im gunna be gettin out of here soon so it should be cool my dude, i appreciate u checkin up on me

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is it some sort of assault if when i was a little kid a worker at the grocery store me and my mom used to shop at would spank me? just when i was getting in the cart so nothing too bad but idk it scared me quite a bit when he did. he wasn't even my moms friend they just had short encounters when she would check out our groceries. i hope u don't mind me asking this, thanks (: (answer Privately if anon doesn't work)

idk if theres enough info for me to decide this. i dont think it sounds like it was really assault but its definitely really creepy so i dont blame you for asking about it. id be super weirded out and im sorry your mom just overlooked it.

- sleepy

well that was wild

hello everyone how are you doing

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Hi can you do one where snake catches his S/O trying to talk and make friends with his snake

sorry it’s a bit late….also I have no idea what Snakes are like so I wrote her like I think she might act (I only have a cat so idk if this is accurate)

“Hey” , you whispered as you slowly stretched out your hand toward the snake. Emily, you believed her name was. The snake bobbed her head, as if trying to see if you were deceiving her and quietly hissing. You almost pulled your hand away, but, thinking that it would only scare her more, you stayed.

“You’re doing great, says Emily”, you heard another quiet voice and flinched. Snake stood behind you, a slight smile on his lips at the cute display, you being crouched down, with your hand outstreched towards Emily.

“You scared me.”
“It wasn’t my intention, says myself. But you can touch her, if you want to. She trusts you, says Emily.”

“Really?”, you grinned, and slowly touch the Snake, who pushed her head against your hand.

“She thinks you are a very nice person and that she always wanted you to pet her like this, says Emily. Goethe and Wilde agree, they say.”
“they want me to pet them too?”, you asked, slightly stunned

Smiling, you took his hand and pulled yourself up, Emily curling around your arm.

“Then lets meet them!”

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Idk why im sending this to you, specifically. Though I'm following a lot of accounts that encourage people to talk to them and tell them anything or whatever, but honestly you're the only one that seems so genuine and down to earth and I would actually feel comfortable telling you things lol sounds weird as if I knew you personally but I don't. I'm just in a really bad mood right now. Nothing ever sounds good enough and i hate it. I hate myself. Sorry this isn't even an ask or anything basically

Thank you. I’m glad you feel comfortable opening up to me! Never be afraid to talk to me. ❤️

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my ldr girlfriend never rly calls me pretty.. idk, she'll call me "cute" or says "ur cute" sometimes. but when i randomly send selfies (idk why i do?? lol) she won't rly answer, 45m or so will pass and my clingy ass will say smth like "what's up?" and then she'll answer that. im just worried that she thinks im ugly and feels bad for me so she forces out a "ur cute". idk lol sorry for rambling.

Tell her how you feel maybe she doesn’t realize only calling you cute makes you upset

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hi im really confused about myself and wanted to see if i would count as a system;; ive always!! had different "personalities" in my mind -- not with appearance, moreso with just?? voices?? and theyre completely separate from each other but. all me, somewhat. like theyre definitely not Me but theyre apart of me so?? idk -- id always thought they were just extreme shifts in mood but now im wondering if anyone else was fronting?? ive been suppressing everything since some. bad things and idk if (1

  • this is what youd call a system since theyre just voices and i havent realized much at all since ive been pushing everything down so heavily;; im sorry if this is too much or offensive or anything!! i want to explore myself more and finally figure out what this part of me is since there are times when i feel like a completely different person. feel free to delete this too, and if you did thank you for reading!! (2

This is a really good question!!!! You’re not doing anything wrong, don’t worry. I think you could potentially be a system, it would make sense - sometimes another system member fronting does just seem like an extreme shift in mood, that’s valid, and systems are very often caused by trauma. Let me know if you need to talk about this more!! We can pm, too, I’d be happy to help you work it out. 

-Mod Enoch

merkitty replied to your post “im on mobile so idk how to put this under readmore but,, i saw another…”

I’m so sorry. Please take all the time you need if that’s what will make you feel better ❤ Those guys went too far. You shouldn’t have had to feel this way at all :(

kkelenca: I’m so sorry, the whole mess is so disgusting and I’m sorry that it’s managed to bring up so many bad memories and feelings for you

feanorions: Omg you don’t deserve any of this, at all. That list is frankly disgusting and you don’t have to apologise for wanting to get away from it all. You’re an excellent writer and you deserve all our love <3

levi-ackerham: People need to stop being so butthurt over a ship. Don’t like it, dont read it. There are tags on ao3 and tumblr for a reason. Don’t read fics tagged with a ship you don’t like.

xoxoarts: *hugs*

I don’t have a lot to add here at this point. Just wanted to thank everyone who responded to that post & save it for the future !!  Yall are the best  <3

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So ive recently been in like family problems and i dont know how to cope anymore because i really dont want to get my datemate and Girlfriend involved (yes im polyamourous) and i feel bad for not having told them abt it

you dont have to tell them anything you dont want to, theyre not entitled to know about your personal life. if you wanna tell them though they might be able to help idk im not v good with advice im sorry pls dont be mad

i feel like ppl who promote​ ~healthy alternative coping mechanisms~ r really optimistic but also a bit deluded and unintentionally condescending like it’s a nice thought but do u rly think snapping an elastic band is going 2 be any help at all when someone is bad enough 2 doing the things that that’s meant to stop? if that helps someone then that’s really great but it just seems so unrealistic and patronising and just gives off the vibe that this advice is coming from someone who has never been in that place or has forgotten how it feels to be there idk idk idk

asking for commissions is honestly hard like i dont know what i want???? pls help me out here i’m a mess i’m like ? hey i’d love art and i will pay you for art but i? ?? ?? ? ideas ????? i don’t know  ??? then i feel bad contacting ppl bc its like? hey so like? i got nothing useful for u,,, thank but yeah? my oc??? i guess. idk what she’s doing,, or rlly. got any visuals to help you out im sorry im the worst 

I feel like I should probably mention something here: I am very dyslexic and sometimes I really can’t tell when I’ve made a really bad typo or anything like that and I’m really, really sorry. I have a program that helps me out, but it doesn’t catch everything, so if my writing seems really off sometimes that’s probably why. 

I also don’t use the program to edit my OOC posts bc eehhh. And it’s also why over skype/discord/IMS I’m a friggen mess lmaooo


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(( everyone ignore this its for @lavendeir ))

i feel so lonely. i have the most depressing life ever. just thinking about how everyone else in my life has someone whether it be a best friend or significant other or whatever and i have never had either of those things. everyone has someone to run to when something good or bad in their life happens, but i don’t and never have. i don’t have anyone and it really sucks.