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Allison/Scott/Stiles - "You’re lucky you’re cute…”

Stiles and Allison are on the bed, kissing and enjoying the touch of each other when Scott comes barging in.

Stiles flops to his back and groans. “Scotty, you’re lucky you’re cute because things were seriously getting interesting.”

“I know, I can smell it,” Scott tells him, sounding breathless like he ran all the way to Stiles’ house. “But I have to tell you guys something.”

“What is it?” Allison asks, sitting up. She looks concerned, so Stiles sits up too, figuring this is something important.

“I’m kind of jealous,” he says.

“Scott, you said you didn’t have a problem with me asking out Ally. I wouldn’t have done it if you still had feelings for her.” Stiles is honest too. He and Scott had a lengthy discussion about it when Stiles first discovered he had feelings for Allison.

“I know I know,” Scott says, holding a hand up to stop Stiles from saying anything else. “But here’s the thing. I think I have feelings for both of you.”

The room is eerily quiet especially considering who’s in it. The three of them are never silent with each other. They’re either laughing or talking or fighting bad guys together. It’s never silent.

“Huh,” Stiles says. “That’s…interesting.”

Allison looks over at Stiles. “You can’t tell me you’ve never thought about dating Scott.”

“Oh, I have, and I’ll fully admit to it,” Stiles says freely. “I just. Never thought about dating you guys at the same time.”

Scott pulls Stiles’ computer chair over to sit in front of the bed. “Maybe we could at least talk about it?”

And talk about it they do. They come to a tentative solution to at least try dating each other and if it doesn’t work out, no hard feelings.

Spoiler alert: it works out.

Guys I’m bawling I washed one of my blankets (one that my grandma used, so it is very important to me) and the metal heater in the back of the dryer melted to it and completely ruined my blanket. I’ve been using it for the last 3.5 years since my grandma passed away this is the worst day ever 😭😭😭 I’m seriously so upset right now and I can’t even do anything about it. What’s done is done 😭😭

Guys I’m seriously a veteran of this site and like let me tell you!!!!! Nothing that happens on this site is important lmao just try to have some fun..

Ahhh I’m seriously so happy I’m getting attention for my art
I love drawing fnaf and batim
And the fact that some of you guys like my art is very important to me
I’m also glad to those who like my tfa art too hhhh ilysm

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I want to echo anon's thoughts. I work at my uni's writing center, and I've seen all types of writing at every level. I've know all about grammar and The Big Fancy Rules of writing. Honestly? Grammar is important, but like anon said, writing is about more than just that. If you grab your reader and draw them in, it doesn't matter! That all said, I think you do a fantastic job! Your grammar and all that little stuff is great! I wouldn't worry :) You excel at the stuff that's harder to learn.

you guys are all so sweet to me. holy crap. you’re gonna turn me into an even bigger narcissist than i already am.

but seriously. this is such a great sentiment. i don’t mean because you’re complimenting me (though, that is a plus). 

to me, it’s far more important that a writer has a compelling story to tell than perfect grammar. i’ve seen writers that have one or the other. i’ve seen a few that have both. i’ve seen a lot that don’t have either… and of these writers, the ones i remember, the ones i go back to, are the ones that have a compelling story and interesting characters. 

i don’t care how perfect your grammar is if your story is a snoozefest and/or your character is a one-dimensional stand-in. i want a story that’s going to grab me and shake me to my core. if you can do that with your words, then i’m not going to notice your grammar. 

of course, i say all this but don’t hold myself to the same standard. i fret about every little grammatical error i may or may not have made. but we are always our own harshest critic. 

my point is that i agree with you, anon. writing, specifically creative writing, is far more than grammar. 

writing is tearing out your own heart, ripping it to shreds, and placing a little piece of it into every word. a good writer is worrying about the placement of their commas. a great writing is worrying about the placement of their heart.

Guys, I’ve just learned about Frozen 2 release date. Seriously, I cannot believe that Disney will let 2 years and a half passing without keeping the attention alive. And this makes me feel a little uncomfortable, because if they decide to deal with something important while the movie is not out yet they may decide to leave it behind in the sequel. Aside from the Broadway musical and the Christmas special, what do you think we will see in the meantime?

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I laughed so much at your tweet to drake but thank god you asked him hahahaha

That’s me, asking all the important questions for you guys, it’s a pleasure to serve you and I take it very seriously.

a very important conversation I overhead on the bus:

Guy 1: Man your eyes look bloodshot. Show me your wrists.

Guy 2: Nah it’s all good dude I was just doing drugs.

Guy 1: Seriously man? Again? Which one?

Guy 2: It’s all good, just weed.

Guy 1: Dude, you have got to stop doing that…

I didn’t hear the rest, but I just wanted to point out how important guys taking care of guys is.



Azazel leaned against the stone banister. The lawn in the background.

“Hey guys! So yes it’s all good. If you don’t believe me, see who is with me!”

“Hey y'all! And no it’s not a publicity stunt as some of you seem to suggest. Mike’s Father is awesome. It’s thanks to him that we’re all cool.”

“Speaking of which, Raphael is here but he and his brothers are setting up. Sir asked us all here for an important announcement. But in more important news that means you guys all get to see them in suits.”

“Seriously they all look amazing. I feel it’s almost unfair for one family to look that good.”

“I know. But hey we’re the ones dating them so it’s all good.”


Raphael watched them both from the table he was suppose to be setting up. He gave a small smile, he was so lucky.

“Hey Raphael?”

Raphael turned and his eyes widened. No he couldn’t be here.

“Ah it is you! Hi Raphael!”

Raphael pulled the man behind a pillar.

“Why are you here Balthazar?”

Balthazar only smiled wider.

“Oh well my mom and your dad are dating. And you all are finding out today. So…”

“You can’t be here.”

Raphael hissed, casting a furtive glance at Azazel and Nicole. They were laughing taking selfies.

“Oh come on Raphi, don’t worry no one needs to know. It’ll be our little secret.”

Balthazar grinned, putting a finger on Raphael’s chin to turn his face back toward him. Raphael glared at him he swatted his hand away. He shook his head.

“No. You can’t say anything.”

Balthazar tutted. Taking a step closer, pulling Raphael closer by his lapels.

They both glanced at Azazel.

“You weren’t wrong, he’s hot.”

Raphael swallowed and pushed him away.

“Not a word Balthazar.”

Balthazar only laughed and winked. Raphael huffed and walked away.

Azazel cast him a concerned look, Raphael tried to take a couple of deep breaths. He couldn’t afford to look nervous, it would only make Azazel more worried and his brothers would worry too. He couldn’t afford his family finding out.

Balthazar leaned against one of the stone pillars. He beamed when he saw Azazel come toward him.

“Hey Azazel. Right? I’m Balthazar.”

“Yup. Hi! So I heard you and Raphi went to med school together.”

“Yeah we did. We were uh close in sophomore year, kind of drifted apart after that.”

“Oh really? Well you guys get to see each other now.”

Balthazar chuckled and nodded. He cast a glance at Raphael. He was laughing at something Michael’s girlfriend was saying.

“He’s hot isn’t he?”

Asked Balthazar almost shyly.

Azazel rose an eyebrow, he turned his eyes lighting up when he saw Raphael. He gave a small love sick smile and nodded.

“He is.”

“You have a boyfriend?”

“Nah, let’s say I had someone, but it turned into nothing.”

Azazel nodded.

“That sucks.”

“Can Raphael dance?”

Azazel rose an eyebrow and shook his head. He gave a slow smile,

“Why? Do you have any wild stories with our favorite doctor?”

Balthazar shrugged.

“Let’s just say I’m acquainted with his wild side, intimately acquainted.”

Azazel’s eyes narrowed. Balthazar gave a sly smile.

“Azazel! Com'ere.”

Azazel turned to see Nicole motioning for him. His eyes settled on Raphael, his eyes were wide flicking between him and Balthazar. It would be comical of it weren’t for the implication.

Azazel swept past Nicole and dragged Raphael away. Balthazar’s quiet laughter echoing behind them.

Azazel pulled them to into an alcove.

Raphael opened his mouth the minute Azazel let go of his hand.

“I was drunk. And it was one time two years ago.”

Azazel just stared at him, trying to process.

“Az please say something.”

“How could you not tell me?”

“I don’t know, I just— I thought you’d never meet.”

“So you never were going to tell me?”

“Well… It wasn’t important.”

Raphael looked a mix of scared and relived.

Gabriel then came bounding up to them.

“Hey guess what? Luce’s staying at Michael’s tonight. So I get the place to myself!”

“Great you can sleep at Gabe’s tonight.”

Gabriel’s eyes widened,

“Have I missed something?”

Raphael looked at Azazel broken.

“Az please. Just talk to me.”

Raphael’s hand clasped his. Azazel pulled away and shook his head.

“Look I need some time to process this okay, I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Okay?”

Raphael tried to not cry, he only nodded mutely as Azazel turned away and walked out the door.

Azazel turned the video on a few hours later.

“So not sure if I’m posting this but…. I don’t know. I’m no so much mad that he cheated as he didn’t tell me.”

He looked down at his feet.

“I wish he had told me.”

He said softly turning the video off.

He picked up his phone as Raphael called again for the third time.

“Azazel I’m sorry.”

“I know. I just. I need some time Raphael that’s all.”

He hung up.


This sketch of Damien gets too many notes, seriously (to be honest, I am screaming inside my head like a total idiot right now, because I feel like I’m important to someone). I really am grateful to you💖
IF YOU WANT, YOU CAN SEND ME SOME ART REQUESTS! / I will be especially happy if you’ll ask me to draw something related to anime or visual novels /
I hope there are no mistakes in my post, because I’m still bad in English. / I’m so sorry ;~;/

Separation thou art a heartless bitch!

Ok, let me get serious for a moment and let my emotions strike like lightning from Thor’s hammer…Seriously if you guys don’t pay attention to my comic book metaphors what the fuck are you doing with your lives? My talents are being wasted.

So armed with a ticket in hand, my passport, my bag, and all that important shit I had one thing left to do! In my opinion, the hardest thing I had to do…Say goodbye to my friends, acquaintances, and people in general who made the humdrum of life worth living. Who put a spring in my step whenever I felt like a bag of stale bread. Who made me go out for drinks even though I just wanted to stay home and perfect my blanket burrito skillz. WHO ARE JUST TOO PURE FOR THIS WORLD. 

I don’t know what the kids are calling them these days…Crew? Squad? Bunch of weirdos whom I’ve known for at least 8 years and never really been far away from for too long? Well those special people, and other lovable humans I have had the joy of meeting recently before my departure, were no longer going to be a part of my everyday life. 

I took it upon myself to try to meet up with as many people as possible, in a stupid short frame of time, because my time management skills are bad and I should feel bad! Also, my sentence structure is fucking atrocious. Oh the dinners we had! The alcoholic beverages we drank! Oh the hangovers we cured! I had to move quickly, stealthily, and other synonyms. Move over Barry Allen, there was a new queen of speed in town! At the end of this crazy game of cat-must-chase-the-mice-to-smother-them-with-love-and-affection I threw a going-away party where I invited everyone I could think of!

It was a beautiful day and we had a lovely pot luck picnic in Montreal. Everyone brought something yummy to eat. My friends from different cities even managed to come say a quick hello. That night was even better, just hanging outside at my friend’s apartment and drinking. Talking and reminiscing. Telling each other stories about “remember that time we did that thing at that place together?” I was overcome with joy and grief. It was a bitter happiness because I was so afraid of losing these great people. Isn’t that was everyone says happens? When you leave for a moderately long period of time it gets difficult to keep your friendships? This terrified me to my very core. 

Every night before my departure, I would lie awake at night, staring at the ceiling, trying to let the excitement of this adventure wash over me but instead a wave of guilt and sadness slammed into my body and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I had this nagging feeling in my stomach that I was making a huge mistake. I had so many anxiety attacks during this time and if you think I was being over dramatic, you’re wrong. Thankfully, I was living with my best friend at the time, the coolest person I have ever met. We’ve been best friends since high school, have lived together, worked together, spent almost all our time together and still managed to stay really close. She helped me calm down from these random bouts of anxious energy.

Friendship is the most important thing to me in this crazy world. There is nothing greater nor more valuable than being someone’s friend and them acknowledging you as a friend. It is really beautiful knowing someone cares about you because you’re YOU and knowing that you love them because they simply exist around you. You laugh together, you sometimes live together, you fight with each other, you forgive each other, you take care of each other, and stick together through good and bad times. 

So shout out to all my friends, past and present, new and old. I genuinely love you and wish I could spend more time with you. I wish I could show you how much I miss you. How every now and again, I look through pictures and messages just to feel close to you. I wish I could tell you every single thing that happens to me on a daily basis. I wish I could admit how lonely I feel sometimes. I wish I could tell you about the times I have had to hold back the tears because I was on a bus, plane, or train going somewhere. Or simply sitting in a hostel and ruminating over a bad day. 

It gets really intense. I feel so tired, empty, and defeated. I feel like all these new experiences are worthless compared to the warmth of your presence. So…Wherever you are at this moment, wherever you are reading this, whoever you are with, whatever you are doing, know that you are loved and important to me. And if you think this post isn’t about you, you’re wrong. 

One of my first nights my freshman year I was walking back from a frat party with some friends. I was the only one relatively sober and we passed a group of two guys and two girls and one of the girls had blood running down her face. They were all super drunk and it turned out one of the guys was giving her a piggyback ride and dropped her. She had gotten a nose job two days before also and her nose was messed up again and there were cuts all over her face. As the only sober one I was able to call her parents and got her in an uber to go to them since they lived close by. This all happened super late and the guys were just laughing and nobody else was taking it seriously. I would say it’s so important to intervene because you don’t know when someone else will come along. You may not be the best person to handle the situation (aka me because I hate blood) but there is always something you can do to help someone and make sure that they are safe.

Female (19), Student at University of Maryland

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Hey, if you reblog things from me, DON’T DELETE MY CAPTIONS. You’re disrespecting me and whoever requested this by getting rid of what they said they wanted, and I think people have the right to know what was once there. I don’t care if it ‘ruins your aesthetic’, erasing my original caption is extremely rude, and I will not tolerate it. The next time this happens, I will block said person. I’m sorry to get angry like this, but I’m very irritated right now. Thank you, if you took the time to read this.

im still at this battle in my head that I know everyone has at least at some point in their life. they fight so much in my head. polar opposite n what I need to feel or think it seems. its actually pretty annoying I get so frustrated with myself because I literally fight with myself 85% of the day. I fight about anything and everything. do I send the text or not. do I stop for he smoothie or not all these simple tasks just cause chaos in my brain. I wan to go a day without crying. I saw a status on my fb memories the other day and it said I hope to never go a day without laughter its seriously my favorite!… weird how things change over the years right? I sit in my bed and I’m physically hurting in my chest waiting for a text from a guy. not even an important one!!! I’m just so scared everyone is eventually leaving. he doesn’t treat me the same. I know this. my friends know this. but I’m incredibly lonely so I guess ill take the hurt heart over the lonely days and nights right now. I’m just not ready to be completely alone.


    astor had been floating in & out of the main strip through town these last several days. he’d felt first impressions were the most important, & he took his job seriously, no matter what it was. it’d been partly his idea to bring everyone here, & it only felt right to pop in with a hand shake & a welcoming word whenever he had the time. four years could be a long time, & he knew there were probably several that had to entirely uproot their lives to answer their summons. it wouldn’t do if anyone was left feeling under appreciated, or misunderstood.

    today was one of those days, & the main drag was absolutely brimming with supernaturals. a nod was given to those he recognized, he was surprised to see so many that he didn’t. blues finally passed over a pair of warm brown, & here he could spare a small grin. florence had been nothing but kind. ( & he appreciated that much more than he used too. ) he waved a hand to get her attention as he caught up with quickened steps.

    ❝ florence, how nice it is to see you. i’m apologize for not contacting you sooner, we’ve been a little swamped. ❞

A very important birthday u guys

guys its @yukiwrites (in her timezone lol)birthday and I just want to say how grateful I am that you came into my life! You are a very sweet and kindhearted person AND AN AMAZING WRITER (seriously check yuki’s stuff out). I always enjoy when u send me good Saizo content and I always look forward to it!<3

i hope you have a wonderful birthday today and thank you for being an amazing friend!