this is seriously important to me guys

Seriously though, at the end of The Winter Soldier, Steve has just made a sacrifice play he doesn’t expect to survive again. He lives and wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings again. But, instead of a stranger and an uncanny setup, when he turns, he sees Sam Wilson. 

Sam Wilson, who also has to be exhausted and hurting from that Triskelion battle, but has probably been there for who knows how long, just so Steve won’t have to wake up freaked out and alone and wondering if he’s lost everything and everyone all over again.

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I just want you to know that your voltron shitposts are a gift to our species

honestly?? where’s my nobel prize

  • shiro: “I need an adult” pidge: “…you… are an adult?” shiro: “yes but I need a better one”
  • hunk’s hairstyle is definitely inspired by young han solo
  • *paladin sneezes* allura and coran, horrified: “what the fuck was that”
  • pidge is too short for her head to be a good armrest for anyone, but does that stop lance from trying?? no
  • allura is the living embodiment of bringing a gun to a knife fight
  • sometimes lance will go to the training deck while keith is training for the express purpose of making lightsaber noises whenever keith swings his sword to piss him off
  • coran is scandalized by hunk and pidge’s lab etiquette
    • pidge’s approach to science is “safety goggles are for squares” and hunk’s is “eyeballing it is a valid method of measurement right”
    • i mean pidge is 14 and hunk is an engineering student what was he expecting
    • he gets hunk a god damn ruler for his birthday
  • lance: “- so the most important thing is that we get in and out without being seen at all. any ideas?” keith: “okay, so what I’m thinking is that i’ll bust into the main chamber and go for zarkon-” lance: “alright, I’m gonna explain again, and you’re gonna tell me where I lost you”

Of finding, and losing. And finding again.


“You make me a believer”

I listened to “Believer” by Imagine Dragons while doodling and well I ended up drawing this, because the lyrics kinda reminded me of Keith and his relationship with Shiro (even if you don’t ship them, they’re still closer than the rest and Shiro is a big part of Keith’s life). And it really hurts me that Keith loses Shiro time and again, only to get him back more broken than before.

I’m really excited to see if Keith will find him in the next season, too. If there’s something left of the old Shiro to be found anyway. I guess my all-time worst case scenario would be the Paladins finding Shiro, but he got brainwashed and is now the enemy, fighting the team for a few seasons, while Keith stubbornly believes that there’s still something of his good old Shiro left in there. All he has to do is get him back and he’ll remember. He’ll remember that he’s one of the good guys and most important: he’ll remember that he belongs to Keith. Not the Galra. So a heartbreaking chase across the universe starts in order to get a hold of their black Paladin.

This would be the worst they can do to me. Seriously. I don’t want to see how that’d affect Keith - and the rest of the team. I’d simply die.

But I like to believe that their fates (again, even if you don’t ship them) are somehow woven together and they’d find eachother no matter what. I still believe in a happy end!! :3

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Hey Cole, I saw you watched Coco and I had a question, if you don't mind. I'd heard nonstop that Coco was just a blatant Book of Life ripoff while it was being made, and how it was bad for stealing from an actually Hispanic film. But now that its out everyone's been really excited about it? I was wondering if you had seen Book of Life as well, and if you had any thoughts?

Yeah I had heard about that stuff too, and I too became skeptical and worried that Coco would be some form of a ripoff (this was back when Coco was first announced and nobody knew anything)

But further news came up showing how Coco had been in development for a long time, it had so much research done for it, a lot of the cast and crew that made the movie are Latino, Mexican and or Mexican American, and the movie even has the support of The Book of Life director Jorge R. Gutierrez!

I’ve seen both films, and I love them both dearly (I am not Hispanic, but I’ve found the Day of the Dead celebration to be so heart-warming ever since I was young and saw childhood friends celebrate it)

People asked me if I’d even be going to see Coco and I was very “shrug” about it because of school finals weighing heavy on me and I wasn’t super crazy bout the skeleton designs-

BUT OH MY GOD YOU GUYS I adore this film, it’s right up there with my favorites alongside Inside Out.

This movie in no way is a ripoff, there is no romance plot, no bull fighting, none of the central things that Book of Life was centered on aside from the music playing, and even THAT is on a different path. 

Coco is about FAMILY. And that’s all I’m gonna say. Seriously guys, please support this movie, the representation is important and was executed SO WELL, there was so much love put into this, and I cried like 3 times so that’s how I know this movie really struck a chord with my emotional bones.

Go see the movie Coco, enjoy yourself and those you consider family~ ✨💕🏵️💀🏵️💕✨

Cute Bus Stop Guy

Sterek, Teen, 2K words, Meet Cute AU

Stiles groaned and took a very long swig from his travel coffee mug as he hitched his messenger bag up higher on his shoulder. It was barely eight in the morning, and consequently, he could barely keep his eyes open. He was a grad student for fuck’s sake, and it was understood that in order to make up for the shitty stipend and the whole working-around-the-clock thing, he got to sleep in until 10. At least. After all, if he was up until 3 working, it was only fair. But noooo, his advisor—fuck you, Finstock—had insisted on an early meeting today.

He passed the bus stop and realized that at least he was lucky in that he lived close enough to campus that he could walk instead of dealing with public transportation at rush hour. Small condolences, really, though.

He yawned and accidentally bumped into someone walking past him. Stiles tried to apologize, but the word got stuck in his throat when he opened his eyes and caught a glimpse of the person he’d nearly knocked over. He was about Stiles’ height but bigger, all broad shoulders and muscles capped off by really great hair and an unfairly attractive face. “Uh.”

The guy gave him a curt little nod and neatly sidestepped him, continuing on his way. Stiles snuck a look over his shoulder, and yep, the rear view in those tight slacks was pretty good, too. The guy stopped at the bus stop, leaning against the sign, and Stiles sighed. It was a dreamy sigh, even he could admit that.

He had a feeling he was going to become a morning person.

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okay so

i feel like

it’s important to take

the time to 

thank the ppl

who contributed

to the english subs of

miraculous ladybug

season 2 episode 7 (gigantitan)

bc these subs

are the most

precious subs

from all the history of subs ever

seriously you guys

are the best

and you deserve

an award 

for your hard work

thank you very much

best wishes, 

the ml fandom me

Okay guys, about the Net Neutrality thing

I know some of you may not care about it so much, but YOU SHOULD.

Do you think that it wont be that bad? Do you think that it is a joke or something?

Let me tell ya


So please, I dont care who you are or from where you are, YOU NEED TO HELP. PLEASE.

This is not just a silly thing that wont harm anyone. This is serious.

Do you think that because you arent from USA, You arent going to be damaged from it?

You. Will.

This bullshit of ending Net Neutrality means that you wont be able to talk to your friends from USA, that many of them and many artist from there will lose their jobs and money, that students will lose a way of finding information freely and easier than in a book, that schools will lose a way of teaching to the young generations! This thing means letting some have more than others! This means letting people with less behind!!

This CANNOT be ignored. This is a attempt against HUMAN RIGHTS. Its in the fricking ONU the right of having internet, because if they take away that, they are attempting against the right of being informed and connected to the WORLD.


And if it still doesnt matter to you, because it wont affect you for being in another country. Let me tell ya again. IT FUCKING WILL.

Do you think, that which ever country you are in, WONT copy United States if they get able to do it? DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT?





There are multiple ways of help, both from inside and outside United States. Go talk to your senators, go send emails! Go to fight against this! There are webs that are for outsiders to help. GO SEE THEM. THEY NEED AS MUCH HELP AS IT CAN. SO LETS GO.



[Sorry for the bad english btw]

Ahora, en español

Miren chicos, esto que esta tratando de hacer el gobierno de Trump es MUY PELIGROSO. PARA TODOS.

Ya deberian de saber que es o no? Esto de terminar la Neutralidad de Net (internet) Básicamente, consiste en PROHIBIR el acceso a paginas web A MENOS DE QUE PAGUES UNA CIERTA CANTIDAD DE DINERO.

Esto no sólo afecta a las personas, las paginas tambien tendran que pagar GRANDES SUMAS de dinero para estar vivas y no ser eliminadas. ¿Que significa esto?

Muchas paginas van a ser cerradas, no lograran crecer y se extinguiran. Desaparecerán.

Muchas personas y artistas perderan sus empleos y la forma de tanto difundir su nombre como el vender sus productos internacionalmente. ¿Se imaginan no poder comprar algo en ebay y tener que pagar el triple de lo que valia ( en este sitio) en una tienda de su pais? ¿o lo que necesita/ quiere no este en el pais por lo que no exista forma de obtenerlo?

También significa el no poder hablar ni contactarnos con nuestros amigos estadounidenses.

¿Se imaginan tener que pagar por meterse a una pagina web como si de un canal por cable se tratase?

Miren, se que esto AUN puede que no se vea tan malo o PELIGROSO como deberia.

Tal vez todavia no se den cuenta pero piensen en esto, si es que piensan que no lea afectara

Lo que haga el gobierno de EEUU, LO COPIARAN LOS DEMAS GOBIERNOS.

Los que son de paises Latinoamericanos deberían de saberlo. Nuestros gobiernos siempre, SIEMPRE, copian algo de EEUU o de Europa si es que les beneficia a ellos, mas que al pueblo; le ponen una fachada bonita, para ocultar lo que verdaderamente significa.

Esto es un SERIO problema. Uno GLOBAL, si me permiten decirlo.

No podemos dejar que esto se extienda ni afecte a otras personas.

Esto es una directa violación de los derechos humanos, señores. El derecho dictado por la ONU de mantenerse informado y conectado con el mundo.

No nos lo podemos tomar a la ligera.

Por eso, traten de buscar mas informacion sobre esto. Informence y encuentren paginas de votacion para oponerse a esta estupidez. No podemos permitir que esto se realice!! Por favor, traten de hacer algo!! Se que la mayoria de las paginas estan en ingles, pero incluso con una traduccion de google pueden entender el tamaño del asunto!!!

Tenemos que esparcir esta informacion lo mas que podamos!! Aun quedan personas que no saben acerca de esto!!! No es necesario que hagan reblog a esto, pero informen a mas gente!! Necesitamos pararlo!!!

Lo siento mucho pero necesito tambien informar a mis amigos y gente que conozco aqui (que habla español), asi que los voy a mencionar

@not-so-chaotic @classyvoidsinner @softkyandii @yumisaki-san @watomakochan @lizherubones @hidethisbat @flakes-world @8bxo @dandymcgreen @athinachan @oblivion-times @oblivion-chan @luli-productions @downtothebonezone

Lo siento mucho si es que los molesto con esto por cierto ^^’ no es mi intencion molestarlos, sino informarlos o algo asi ;u;

❤ ❤ ❤

everyone who’s commissioned me: thank you SO much! my most immediate bill is taken care of and that’s a huge weight off my shoulders. i have more to take care of as well, but i’m going to stop accepting new commissions until this current batch is done. wait times will be easier this way! after that, i’ll be able to open them up again. i’ll be counting on you all again soon!

thank you to everyone who reblogged my post as well! there were so many nice comments, it was so lovely!

seriously though, in order for there to be any relevant plot in the Kingsman threequel they have to bring back Merlin.

Because without him this organisation consists of a one eyed man who is notoriously late, one Lancelot who is recovering from a missile attack (SHE LIVES FIGHT ME), one hillbilly that thinks wearing a denim suit to a royal wedding is an accaptable thing to do, and a guy who’s side job is being the prince of fucking Sweden.

Bring back Merlin or the world is fucking doomed.

About Patreon’s new, additional fees. PLEASE read.

Guys, I notice that other content creators are posting screenshots of folks leaving and quitting their pledges in droves, out of protest toward’s Patreon’s changes to how they charge you.

Before the most recent changes, Patreon decided to charge Patrons an additional 5% on top of what they give to their favorite creatives, which was apparently changed to 2.9% + 0.35 cents.


I’m FINE being charged processing fees out of my own pocket before I dare suggest my Patrons get charged more.


This change in how Patreon charges you is NOT directly linked to the people you support. I don’t remember getting a survey. I never got a call asking if I was satisfied. 

I need Patreon to go to school, support myself, and buy my medicine.

If you delete your pledge out of protest towards the company, you’re punishing the people you initially came to support, first and foremost before you’re punishing them. 

I charge a BASE FEE per month, not per thing I post, and I like to think my tiers are stuffed with content way above their asking price for you to download and enjoy. I LOVE giving back to those who support me, it seriously means a great deal and I work very hard to do that. 

If you’re upset with these changes, like I am, make your voice heard on Twitter, through emails, surveys, ALL of it. I’m right there with you. ALL of us content creators are there with you. 

Thank you so so so so much for supporting me and what I do. 

Seriously, I love you guys so much and I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.


Y/N has created a chatroom.

Y/N has added Steve, Tony, Thor, Nat, Wanda, T’Challa, Clint, Sam and Bucky.

Y/N: Guys, I have a serious problem.

Y/N: Guys, seriously, this isn’t the right time to ignore me.






Y/N: UP.


Tony: Y/N this better be important, or else you will remember not to wake me up ever again at 2 in the fricking morning.

Steve: Someone got up on the wrong foot. So what’s so urgent?

Tony: Still in my bed, but will gladly get up to kick your ass.

Wanda: Oh just kiss already.

Clint: I so ship it.

Clint: What do you think their ship name is?

Bucky: STONY.

Bucky: I mean I guess it could be that, but I don’t know, I guess it could, I mean maybe it’s not.

Sam: Don’t play innocence now, I know you read a lot of #Stony smut.

Bucky: Do not.

Y/N: Buck honey, even I know you do.

Thor: What’s smut?

Nat: Porn. But written.

T’Challa: Yeah, remember that time when I walked into your room and you-

Bucky: OKEY


T’Challa: Oh did I now?

Tony: No T’Challa continue, I think you were just getting to the good parts and I would hate to miss them.

T’Challa: So as I was saying, I walked in and—

T’Challa has been disconnected.

Bucky has left the chat.

Clint: Oh snap.

Y/N: Oh geez guys. But anyway the story’s not that interesting.

Steve: I was just getting into it.

Thor: Lady Y/N, I have far more important question to ask. Why did you wake us up? I assume it wasn’t for T’Challa to tell his story about Mr. Barns masturbating, was it?

Nat: Haa I told you Stark.

Tony: Whatever. He was always weird.

Steve: Tony you owe us some money. C’mon.

Sam: I always knew there was something wrong about him.

Sam: He never smelt good.

Wanda: I am pretty sure that was you when you hadn’t showered in four days?!


Y/N: GEEZ, how?

Clint: Y/N?

Y/N: Huh, yeah?

Nat: We would all like to know why did you woke us up.

Y/N: Oh yeah

Y/N: oh boi. I almost forgot.

Y/N: I mean I never will but you guys helped me to get my mind out of it for at least little bit.

Steve: Y/N, what happened?

Wanda: You’re scaring us.

Sam: And we all know Mrs. Controlling you mind isn’t easy to be scared.

Y/N: I can’t go with you on a mission this time, because, because…

Y/N: Two of my family members passed away. And while trying to save them, my, my little baby almost lost his left arm.

Steve: Oh my goodness Y/N, that is awful.

Steve: I am truly sorry. Rest in peace.

Thor: Lady Y/N, I am truly sorry about your loss. Do you need anything?

Tony: Wow, I am sorry.

Clint: Really Y/N? Really?

Nat: Clint have some respect.

Wanda: Yeah she just went through a lot.

Sam: She lost two incredible people.

Steve: Y/N take as much time off as you need. No one is going to blame you for not going on a mission.

Tony: Yeah rest kid. Take some time off.

Clint: Oh c’mon guys. She didn’t lose anyone.

Sam: Clint, this isn’t time for your stupid little jokes.

Nat: I swear to God I’m gonna kick your ass.

Thor: Don’t worry of you suddenly feel some weird shaking, hear screaming or see unexpected lightning.

Wanda: you get him Thor.

Clint: HEY, HEY, HEEEEY. No need for violence, okay?

Clint: and besides she didn’t lose anyone.

Clint: At least not in real life.


Clint: Mine too so? I didn’t woke up the whole team and bragged about it.

Tony: What, wait, wait. What the heck is going on here right now?

Steve: Y/N have you been drinking again?

Y/N: No.

Nat: Then what the heck is Clint talking about.

Wanda: Waiiiit, I think I know it.

Sam: Did you just finish the season 3 of Game of Thrones? Because Robbs and Caitlyn’s deaths are kinda an old thing.

Clint: Nope not that.

Tony: Explain yourself Y/N, and don’t make me count.

Wanda: oh I definitely know what it is.

Wanda: and I am out of here before it gets ugly.

Wanda has left the chat.

Clint: Traitor.

Steve: Will someone explain already?

Clint: Do you wanna tell them y/N?


Y/N: R.I.P Glenn and Abraham. You will be missed.


Tony: I woke up for this.

Tony: You’re gonna pay. But tomorrow, I am way to tired now.

Tony has left the chat.

Y/N: oldie.




Sam has left the chat

Thor: Aren’t they from that one show with the dead raising?

Steve: It’s exactly that.

Thor: Oh Loki is watching it. Now I can ruin it for him.

Thor has left the chat.

Steve: So that’s all? That your family?

Y/N: It was stressful and tragically. My little babies

Steve: You know they are just characters, right?

Clint: Oh buddy.

Steve has been disconnected.

Y/N has left the chat.

Clint: Better run big guy.

Clint: Unless you wanna get Lucilled.

Clint has left the chat.

Bucky has joined the chat

Bucky: So T’Challa lied

Bucky: Wait WHAAAAAAT?

Bucky: Am I Dreaming?

Bucky: This is just a nightmare right? Yeah.


Bucky has left the chat.

Nat: I swear to God, they need help. ASAP.

Nat has left the chat.



Shitty i know. sorry.

Replaceable Part 1!!

Lance needed to talk to somebody. It was all getting too much. The loneliness, the homesickness, the insecurities. He was often finding himself wandering the halls at night after waking up from a nightmare (they were all about his family thinking Lance had abandoned them, leaving without so much as a goodbye and his place in the team). He always kept it to himself. He would put on a mask everyday and pretend everything was fine. He would put his teammates’ feelings and problems before his own. Oh, you’re feeling sad? Here’s a corny joke/pick-up line for you! You did something incredible? Let me tell you how cool and talented you are. And he was fine with that. It made him happy to know that he was helping his team, even if they didn’t realize it. But he had finally took all he could. The bottle where he tucked away all his insecurities and feelings was about to explode, and if it did, the clean up would be messy. He just needed to talk…but to who? He didn’t want to tell Shiro or Keith or the other paladins; he didn’t want them to view him as weak. And especially not Allura. What if he told her and she started to doubt his position as the Blue Paladin? He did that enough himself. So that left one person.
Lance found Coran messing with their Altean map. Lance smiled softly. Yeah, I can talk to Coran. He won’t judge me or tell anyone. I can trust him. He thought. “Hey, Coran.” “Lance, my boy! What brings you here?” “I uh, was just wondering if I could talk to you for a bit, if you don’t mind.” “Of course not! I’m just recalibrating and updating this map. It is 10,000 years old after all! Go ahead! I’m all ears!” Lance chuckled softly and shook his head. Yeah, Coran was his best (and only) choice. Lance walked over to a window, glancing at the foreign stars passing them, which only made him more homesick. Lance sighed. Where should he start? “Well..I guess I’m not feeling like myself lately. It’s my own fault really. I kept all of this bottled up, thinking I couldn’t talk to anyone, but…it’s a relief I can get it out now.” He took a deep breath. “I don’t think I belong here. I feel like I’m not needed, that I’m just here because you have to have somebody pilot Blue. What do I even contribute to the team? I’m not a computer whiz like Pidge, an amazing engineer like Hunk, nowhere near as talented of a pilot or fighter like Keith, or a strong leader like Shiro. All of them have a thing. It makes them special, an important part of the team. And you and Allura know all about the castle, so you pretty much protect us and give us a home. But what do I do? What if I don’t have a thing. Sure Shiro called me ‘sharpshooter,’ but is that really a talent? With a couple of training sessions, anybody could do that. I don’t provide anything to give to the team, to make us stronger. I-I’m not special. I don’t feel special. I’m just the fifth wheel. Seventh if you count you and Allura. And that’s the worst wheel to be. I hate to ask this, but I have to I important Coran? To the team? To anyone? Am I just here because you had to have an extra pilot to form Voltron? Do you guys even like me, or do you just tolerate me because you have to? Am I just the quirky idiot just here for laughs, who can never take anything seriously?” Lance glanced to the floor, eyes glued to his feet. “Am I…replaceable?” Lance was answered with silence. He turned to face to Altean, whose brows were furrows in concentration at a certain planet. “….Coran?” Coran jumped and turned around quickly. “Oh, I’m sorry my boy! I guess I got a little too distracted with the map. What were you saying? I’m afraid I missed it.” Lance inhaled sharply, and forced a shaky grin. “It’s okay, Coran. It was nothing important anyways.” With that, Lance turned on his heels and headed straight to his room, not bothering to wipe away the hot tears that ran down his flushed cheeks.

SKAM S04E08 Clip 2 - Sorry

NOORA: Yeah, but I’m wondering if someone like planned it or..

NOORA: Yes, I can see that.

VILDE: Of course! With World Web Wide*. What if that happened to one of you? Oh my God, it’d destroy you. Especially you! It’d ruin your whole reputation.

NOORA: Think about just taking a picture..

EVA: It doesn’t mean that! It just means you forgot to take off the tag.

SANA: You guys?

EVA: Everyone! Ingrid answered. Uhm.. (In Oslo accent): We were sure Vilde made saranors2. Again, sorry. We seriously feel so bad. If we have ruined anything between her and Magnus, we’re soooo sorry, but it was Isak who started everything. You should me mad at him, it’s so important that we stand together as a bus.

NOORA: I just thinks it’s so weird that Isak would make a hate account on Sara. Like.. Why?

EVA: He’s probably pissed at her for some reason. I don’t know what’s going on in Isak’s head, but I actually thought he’d changed. Apparently now. I’m really disappointed.

VILDE: What are you writing?

EVA: You can stand together, we’re out. We won’t be on a bus with people who hate.

CHRIS: We’re without a bus again, then.

EVA: She’s saying..

CHRIS: I know about a cheap van we can buy.

VEA: “Hello! We have to talk before you drop out of the bus.” What is there to talk about? If you make a hate account, I don’t want to be friends with you. There’s nothing to talk about! Don’t you agree? People are totally crazy!

VILDE: I think it has something to do with that Trump being the president.

CHRIS: Hey! We thought we’d all chip in for this for Eva’s birthday. Isn’t it cool? It’s six litres! You’re in, right?

SANA: You know that saranors2 account? It was me.


SANA: Do you think Eva will forgive me?

CHRIS: Do you need to tell?

SANA: Of course I have to tell. She can’t go around hating on Isak.

CHRIS: But that’s.. Hate disappears. It’s gone tomorrow.

[*World Wide Web]


23.11.17 // Won’t be seeing this view for a while because I’ve finished exams and am done with uni for the semester!!! 🎉🙌🏻  

2 months ago when I was recovering from surgery and falling behind in all of my classes I honestly didn’t think I’d make it this far. I seriously considered deferring. Somehow despite my chronic pain and exacerbating anxiety I managed to drag myself to all my classes and get the work done. It’s no 4.0 this time around, but it feels like an important victory all the same. I can’t thank you guys enough for believing in me, cheering me on and putting up with my stupid complaints. ❤️ I hope that when you look back on a challenging time of your life you’re able to recognise the strength it took you simply to persevere, and how it speaks volumes about your character, whether or not you had good results. ✨ If you’re in one of those times now - keep going. I promise you’ll be so glad you did. We’re all rooting for you.

(taken from my instagram @the_girlygeek)

My Hero Academia as boyfriends (Class 1-A)

Yuga Aoyama

  • Legit all about him
  • wanna talk about your day? Just forget it
  • he would be overly protective of you though
  • any guy come near you?He is right there
  • Would seriously stare that guy down before sassing the hell out of him
  • “Im sorry, but this lady is already taken by this beauty, a.k.a me, 

Tenya Lida

  • oh Jesus Christ, the dates with this man
  • every. single. thing. would be planned out, even your bathroom breaks.
  • but he would be the most loving boyfriend ever
  • if you are ever in ant trouble or a guy is flirting with you, he would be right there, ready to either protect you or drag you away
  • “Im sorry sir, Y/N has other and much more important business to attend to”

Mashirao Ojiro

  • would actually be a very chill boyfriend
  • but would not fancy PDA
  • You go to kiss him in front of people, he would just pounce away
  • However, if anyone messes with his girl? uh uh, they would not be in school the next day
  • he would do absolutely anything to protect you
  • “Come on, lets go eat lunch together”

Denki Kaminari

  • You would definitely be the brains of this relationship
  • but you loved that adorable goof
  • he would always try to romantically surprise you, but would probably ruin the surprise by accidentally talking about it.
  • If he saw another guy talking to you, he would immediately panic and accidentally electrocute the poor guy
  • he did not mean too, he is just absolutely terrified of losing the first girl he has eve cared about
  • “Im sorry Y/N, but he was getting way too close to you”

Eijiro Kirishima

  • Now this guy, would show you off to EVERYONE
  • walking in the park? kisses you bluntly. Middle of class? Makes jokes about the other guys not having girlfriends
  • But he is still incredibly sweet
  • but..his jealously is a bit of problem
  • any guy that ever gets a little too close to yoy for his own comfort, would end up straight in the infirmary
  • “You know what, i am not even sorry. No one messes with my girl”

Fumikage Tokoyami

  • sometimes you forgot that this guy was your boyfriend when in class
  • he was just so cool and mysterious, you always wondered what a guy like him was doing with a girl like you
  • but he never let you think like that for to long
  • he was the type to pull you away from friends to find a quiet place alone for just the two of you
  • and when you were alone, he would be quite ‘affectionate’
  • he would sometimes get self-conscious because of his face, but you would always kiss his beak lightly to chase away his worries
  • “AH, im sorry Y/N , i love you”

Shoto Todoroki

  • Now this would be a very complicated relationship
  • he loves you, like absolutely adores you
  • but has a hard time opening up to you
  • thus leaving many secrets in your relationship which stresses you out so much
  • but he always seems to make it up with sweet gestures
  • especially after arguments you tend to make up quickly because, you know, you dont want the whole place burning down
  • “cuddles would be a massive thing
  • such a tsundere
  • “You know i love you”

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Katsuki Bakugo

  • and another complicated relationship
  • why you ask? because you both were stubborn as fuck
  • he was not gonna admit he liked you, neither were you
  • until the both of you had a screaming match and just ended up yelling at each other
  • now you guys have viscous make out sessions every time you fought
  • and yeah, it would be best if no other guy approached you cause …yeah lets just not
  • he loves you though really
  • “Just shut up and kiss me”

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Izuku Midoriya

  • this would be the cutest relationship ever
  • he would prep himself months before asking you out and would almost faint when you actually say yes
  • he would not be able to do PDA for a very long time
  • but when you were alone, i feel like he would kinda turn into a clingy puppy
  • you are low key jealous of his close relationship with Uraraka 
  • but he would always confirm his love for you whenever you felt like that
  • “Dont worry, i only love you”

Okay, so i am obsessed with this show at the moment so i thought it would be a good idea! Lemme know what you think!

Bi vs. Lesbian Representation

I see lots of people on here complaining about a lack of bi representation. While I think this is true for male characters, it seems every single queer female on teen tv is bi, not lesbian. Here is a list of wlw from shows I know who are bi:

  1. - Clarke (The 100)
  2. - Eretria (Shannara Chronicles)
  3. - Lyria (Shannara Chronicles)
  4. - Naomi (Skins) 
  5. - Audrey Jensen (Scream)
  6. - Sarah Lance (Arrow)
  7. - Maya (PLL)
  8. - Alison (PLL)
  9. - Delphine (Orphan Black)
  10. - Brittney (Glee)
  11. - Korra (LoK)
  12. - Asami (LoK)
  13. - Piper (Orange is the New Black)
  14. Kyoshi  (LoK)
  15. Waverly (Winnona Earp)

And lesbian (canonically only ever hv a relationship with a female)

  1. - Carmilla
  2. - Laura (Carmilla) And these two are a youtube webseries.
  3. - Cosima (Orphan Black)
  4. Nicole Haught (Winnona Earp)
  5. (Edit) - Lexa (The 100) (originally placed as bi but I was corrected by @hollstein-knight)

Gradual lesbians (have onscreen relationships with guys but later realise they are gay)

  1. - Santana (Glee) ((still sleeps with many guys))
  2. -  Emily (Skins) ((she does willingly sleep with JJ even after she’s accepted her sexuality… so she’s bi? It is at least disputable. Not sure if this one counts))
  3. - Emily (Pll) ((dates that guy at the beginning)

Of course, Gold star lesbians shouldn’t exist, but it bugs me how we have so few ACTUALLY lesbian characters and then half of them have had relationships with guys. Why can’t we just have stories about girls who know they are gay, as well? And not just old ones in university and above, but girls in high school, knowing they are and and never dating guys? Coming out stories are important and should be told, but not as the ONLY representation.

But anyway… I seriously don’t get how people are judging this ‘bi erasure’? It seems every wlw on tv shows have to have a relationship with men as well, either before they realise their sexuality or even afterwards.

Is this to make them more relatable to audiences? So straight girls still watch the shows? Is it bc masculinity can’t deal with the idea of a woman who doesn’t like men?

Anyway like I said, feel free to list others, I would actually love to be proved wrong and be given a lot of new shows to watch.

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I can’t believe no one is talking about that Galra planet

You know, Zarkon’s HOME PLANET???!!




Idk guys, it seems like some pretty important backstory that maybe hopefully will be explained more in season 3 or something. Im not smart enough to think about these things too seriously beyond half baked theories, so someone smarter should come up with something.

Hurt Me

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Jeff Atkins x Reader
Request: Babes can you do a jeff imagine where him and reader get into a huge fight before jess’ party and don’t even speak to each other in the party but reader goes for a beer run and gets into an accident. No deaths and all tho. Do something about him being jealous xxx
Word Count: 1,465
A/N: Ugh after a tough week, here we go. I have finals next week and then I’m done! Except I’m going to summer school and looking for a job😭 But again, I’ll still have some free time! And I’ll have some free time over the weekend because I don’t have school Monday! WOOOO I’m excited lol. Also, sorry this took so long! :( Oh and, I’m gonna start tagging people in their requests now.😌
Warnings: None?😂
Italics = You, Bold = Jeff, Italicized Bold = Monty
(Y/F/C) = Your favorite color

The relationship between you and Jeff Atkins had been really rough lately. Fortunately you guys had started off really strong, but in these short months it seemed that he was developing trust issues. In your eyes, it wasn’t necessarily that he didn’t trust you, it was that he was skeptical of the guys around you. Especially with Montgomery De La Cruz and Bryce Walker constantly hitting on you, he was worried that he would lose you. Time and time again you tried to assure him that there wasn’t anyone else and there would never be anyone else, but it didn’t seem to convince Jeff at all. His actions were really starting to aggravate you, so you decided to talk to him about it. You left your last period early to wait for Jeff outside of his last class. Whenever you had reached your destination, the bell had rung and the people inside the room started to file out. Jeff, as usual, was the last out of the classroom. Your boyfriend’s tall, lean body made his way over to you, with a small smile plastered on his face. He intertwined his fingers with yours and placed a peck on your cheek. Giving him a weak grin, you pulled him towards the exit of the school. “We need to talk.” The expression on his face fell, as he assumed the worst. When you had reached your car, you turned leaning against the automobile to face him. You sighed before finally saying more, “Do you want to break up?” Jeff’s eyes widened from your question, as he shouted out an immediate response, “No! Of course not. Why would you think that?” It was evident that he was shocked and hurt, but you felt that it was something that needed to be asked, especially with his actions lately. Playing with the hem of your shirt, you stared at the ground underneath you. “You don’t trust me Jeff, it’s so obvious that you don’t.” “So that’s what all of this is about? Seriously?” His tone of voice had angered you. Sure you’ve had this conversation many times, but this time the conversation had become way more strenuous. “This is important Jeff! Our relationship is suffering from this.” Scuffing, he ran a hand through his hair, pacing back and forth a bit. “You do realize that you spend more time with other guys than you do with me right? How am I supposed to feel?” You shook your head, knowing that his complaint was directed towards the fact that you tutor Monty. “For all I know, you could be cheating on me with him.” “Do you really think Monty would do that to you? Do you really think I would do that to you?” The tears that had formed in your eyes skimmed down your smooth skin. His comment had deeply pained you, but it confirmed the fact that Jeff didn’t trust you. Stepping around to the left side, you opened the car door. You gave him no time to respond to your question before saying, “Maybe we should take a break. I’ll see you later Jeff.” Getting in, you inserted the key into the ignition, pulling off towards home. It was evident that Jeff has made you upset, but you brushed it off, encouraging yourself to be happy so you could have a good time at Jessica’s party tonight. As soon as you’d gotten home, you rushed up to your room. Plopping face first onto your bed, you closed your eyes for a much needed nap.
Upon waking up, you hopped out of bed and stretched your limbs. Quickly grabbing an outfit, you laid it out on your bed before going to get in the shower. You let the hot water run over your body for a while before getting out. It had been the most refreshing thing out of your whole day. You applied a little makeup then threw on a pair of jeans, with a (Y/F/C) top. The events from earlier flooded your head as you walked out of the door. You know there was a one hundred percent chance of seeing Jeff at the party, but no matter what you wanted to make sure you had a good time. The ride to Jessica’s was a pretty long one, you’d decided to take a different way to prolong the drive. Once you had gotten there, you strolled up to the door and walked in. You could tell that you had arrived later by the stench of alcohol and the apparent drunks that stumbled around. As you made a beeline to the backyard where the ping pong table was set up, you received a bunch of greetings from pretty much everyone. Being Jeff’s girlfriend definitely involved being around the majority of Liberty High, but you had grown used to knowing a lot of people. When you had gotten near the back area, there were a few individuals around playing beer pong, and you noticed Monty among the few. Giving him a small wave, you went off to sit in a nearby chair. You couldn’t get drunk because you were your own ride home, and you didn’t want to participate in the activities inside the house in fear of spotting Jeff. Being alone had really made you think more about earlier, which was exactly what you wanted to avoid. Seeing all these people around having fun made you want to do something reckless.  Rising from your seat in hopes of finding something daring to do, you started to make your way in but bumped into Monty. “Sorry,” you mumbled, as you tried to move around his figure. “Wait,” Monty slurred and he gained a firm grip on your arm. The alcohol on his breath was very prominent and made your nose wrinkle. “Can you make a bear run for us?” Holding up a can, he shook it, showing you it was empty. “We’re out.” Sighing you agreed, partly because you had nothing else to do. Making your way back to the front door, you spotted Jeff in a game of suck and blow. It shouldn’t have, but it did hurt you, and of course you had only blamed yourself for his actions. Shaking your head, you jogged the rest of the way to your car, not wanting to linger on the scene any longer. Starting it up, you pressed on the gas a little too hard. Oddly enough the speed gave you the rush of adrenaline you’ve been seeking all night. You had arrived at an intersection, which you were almost positive there had been a stop sign there once. However, you Ignored the fact and continued. It was too late when you had failed to notice the other car bolting towards your side. The other vehicle hit you and the impact from the collision turned everything black.
When you woke up, your vision was a bit blurry at first. Holding up an arm to shield your eyes from the harsh lights, you tried to sit up but couldn’t. Your whole body was in pain, and it was a struggle to move. Not to mention you couldn’t even remember what happened. You could make out a few bodies in the room, but couldn’t quite identify who everyone was. Feeling a squeeze on your right hand, you tried to turn your head. Growing frustrated, you tried to sit up again, but a hand on your chest stopped you. “It’s okay baby, stay down.” Easily identifying that voice as Jeff, you relaxed a bit. “W-what happened?“You got in a car accident, you’re gonna be okay. Look I know we weren’t on good terms but if you were drunk then-” He stopped mid sentence and looked at you. “I’m sorry, you know I love you right? And I trust you, I really do. I promise when you get out things will be different.” Your attempt to chuckle sent you into a coughing fit making everyone rush towards your bed, but you waved a handing notifying them that you were okay. “I love you too Jeff.” You took this moment of silence to catch a glimpse around the room. Most of your friends were here, and it made you smile that you had people that cared about you. “So when do I get out?” Intensively staring at your boyfriend, he hesitated to respond. “They said it could be a few months. The doctors are surprised you even made it out alive, your injuries are really bad. I thought I was going to lose you.” You groaned, “That’s too long.” Jeff and a few others laughed, wondering how the time frame was the only thing you were currently worried about. “It’s no worry princess, I’ll be here every step of the way.”