this is one of them xDxD


Lee Eunhyuk became Lovelyz Manager for practically ONE day…

AND here we have Lee Donghae being a big meanie to the young girls… practically declaring a war against them… lol… Hae jealous much XDXD

Someone please bring Hae’s BF beside him so the boi can chill XD


Small Tales from the Borderlands/Doctor Who crossover! :D

Basically… Yeah, I got inspired by Wikipedia xD

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Slashers Imagine

One forcing you to marry them. Beetlejuice style. I think I might make oneshots for these because they’re so fun to write (:(: XDXD Would anyone apart from me want that? 


Jason, your future… and you almost puke in your mouth at the word but, future husband, has tied you up and you’re standing beside each other in front of a kidnapped preacher. 

You’re seriously freaking out, crazy eyes looking everywhere around for a possible escape, but from what you can see, its forest for miles around and you’re tied up from your knee’s to your shoulders. You aren’t getting away. 

Then, the preacher looks at you and you avoid eye contact. Maybe if you cant see him, he cant ask you the question. 

After a minute of terrified eye tiggy, Jason gets annoyed and holds your head so you’re looking at the man in black and white. 

Oh god. 


The dream reverend skips right through the ‘I do’s, or, in your case, ‘I damn well don’t,; to the end. 

“You may now kiss the bride.” 

You turn, having been deadpanned this whole ordeal, to your ‘Fiancé’, and glare furiously. “Don’t you dare.” 


You’ve tried to run 6 times now, and all 6 times Michael has caught you. You’re a little impressed, actually. Those long, long legs of his can take him far, even when he’s only walking! 

Of course, you’re still pissed though. 

You refuse to marry a serial killer!! 


So here you are, dressed in some trashy white dress, in the middle of desert hot Texas, tied up surrounded by a whole family of trashy Texans, about to fucking marry one. 

This isn’t how you expected your day to go. 


Completely frozen with terror, you could only nod timidly whenever you were asked a question. When the famed criminal, Charles Lee Ray, leans over and gives you a big kiss on your frozen lips, you barely react. When he pulls back, a popping sound is made. 

After that, he leans down, and horrifyingly, he squeezes your ass. “Just you wait for the wedding night, babe.” 

Stu and Billy(Yup, both of them.): 

A beautiful white dress, a beautiful big church, a boy for each arm, and here you are, 


For the dress is stolen, the church sits smack bang in the middle of a cemetery, the guests are all dead, and the boys are crazy

In real life, Okamoto Nobuhiko (Nishinoya Yuu’s VA), is a really good friend of

Fukurodani! Bokuto Koutarou’s VA (Kimura Ryouhei)

Both of them are close friends of Hosoya Yoshimasa (Azumane Asahi’s seiyuu)

yet he still so awkward around them XDXD 

Nobu and Ryouhei LOVE that side of him, though <3


A/N: Kimura Ryouhei also received the email! And they laughed together after that. This one is the prequel of [the Moon & the Owl] story about this two:

Edward Nigma (Arkham) x Reader - Oneshot Request -  Distraction

Ok, this was a request from the lovely @arckimonder :

‘I have always had this idea in mind xD: an Arkham Riddler (you can choose which one, I love them all) who is working on the computer (like made the next trap for batman and things like that lol) and it’s very late (like 2/3 am). and it’s like a week that’s working all day (including the night) So the reader (female pls) tries to convince him (in a sweet way) to go to bed (cause she is quite worried about him). I imagined it like a very sweet and fluff thing ahaha xDxD thx!!! :D’

Ok, so I have no idea if I did this right - I kind of based the description off the Arkham Knight version of the Riddler - but I’ve never written his character before and I only watched a couple of video clips as reference so I apologise if he’s a bit ooc - I wasn’t really 100% sure how he’d react to things!

Let me know if you want to be tagged in anything!



You turned over in bed, pulling the duvet around you liked a cocoon, groaning as you now reached for your phone by the bed, checking the time. 2:23am. You groaned again, louder this time and rolled onto your back again, glancing over for Edward next to you but finding the bed empty and undisturbed apart from where you had pulled the duvet in your sleep - skewing it slightly. You frowned at the empty space, this was the fourth time this week you had gone to bed without him because he had wanted to stay up late to work on the project he’d been busy with for the last week. It was also the fourth time he hadn’t been in bed when you woke up

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anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm just here to say that your art is amazing, I really adore your artstyle. As soon as I saw your art around tumblr, I was like "Wow, the artstyle is really nice", and that's how you became one of my favorite Villainous artists XD. I'm really looking forward to more of your work. By the way, will you do more Gambot comics? I LITERALLY searched the entire Internet just for some Gambot. XDXD

Awww thank you for those kind words! ;v;;;!!

I will do more Gambot comic soon once I finish some thing, (*cough* like finishing 5 puzzles of suduko because it’s addicting) I just have to write mini scripts for them and I can make the lil comic series of Gambot >v<

anonymous asked:

oh boy 74 sanvers fics? share with the class pleaseee!! xDxD for real can you give me some good names, i can't find them a lot

Ha! Okay, I’ll flick through my calibre and pick out a few that have stood out for me. I’m not very up to date so you might have already read them!

Chemistry by CaribouGirl - Nice slow burn with solid Alex x Maggie friendship building to more. 

Worth Your While by InspectorBoxer - Short one shot smutty goodness.

Waste a Moment by unforciablecure - Longer one shot smutty goodness.

dream of you a little longer by likebrightness - Another good slow build while Alex becomes less ‘fresh off the boat’

pull me out from inside by swansaloft - Super cute one shot and i love the form it was written in.

she makes dirty words sound pretty. by lordvoldyfarts - One of the first Sanvers fics I read. Loved the title and execution

Wearing Thin by InspectorBoxer - A well written ‘first time’ fic

wildfire. by lordvoldyfarts - Teacher AU which is still in early stages but really like the character and story choices so far. (WIP)

First Time Jitters by Tanark - Smut with a heart and I love it. (WIP)

lessons in (sex) life by beastie_beauty - Sexy and cute times as Alex works towards sleeping with Maggie (WIP)

Utapri Maji Love Live 5th Stage 2016-01-17 Day 2 Report - Part 2: The Concert! Opening and Quartet Night

Part 1 about the Flower Displays and Drop Boxes here

First of all I’d like to apologise as my memory from this whole Live is really fuzzy, I don’t know why, I just couldn’t absorb everything well when it started, it wasn’t because I was over whelmed. There was a lot I couldn’t catch either. I kept switching from the screen to looking at them and kept missing things because of that >< I really can’t wait for the DVD to see everything that I missed clearly.

*Please do not repost my photos, thank you*

So @maenothanks and I headed to our gate at 12pm or so, there wasn’t much of a queue thankfully.

My ticket and seat allocation.

I kept getting so nervous… “Shoutan is inside that building right this moment!! >< he’s probably nervous too”

They opened the doors just a few minutes after 1pm and they checked the tickets and our IDs, then bags. It was a really fast process, flyers about Utapri and the Seiyuus were handed to us.

(Let me join that fan club already, I want to buy my Budokan tickets!!!)

I then parted from @maenothanks as we both headed to our allocated seats, I was on the 400th level and she was in 500th which was higher up.

The stage is amazing! They extended it! I wasn’t sure if they would have or if it’ll just be the main stage at the top.

My view:

It’s pretty high up

It’s amazing from seeing Saitama Super Arena on the computer screen to actually being here. This is my first concert in Japan.

I thought this was pretty good I’ll actually be able to see them! But the stage is actually so huge so I still couldn’t see much 😔

Just less than 2 hours until it starts!
They played the anime OSTs while we waited, so nostalgic lol XD

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Told ya I will redraw it! XD It’s not the best, but it’s better~ XD

Also bonus under “read more” or whatever it’s called - screenshot I used as a reference and some unnecessary talkin~ XD ^-^ If it works~

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