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relationship status: in backbreaking pursuit of a girl who will love me
favourite colour: sapphire
last song i listened to: First Love, Min Suga :-)
favourite tv show: do i even have one tbh…..I guess buffy ?
first fandom: harry potter omg im still such a slut for that wizardry shit!
hobbies: singing, writing, guitar, wasting too much time on this hellsite
books i’m currently reading: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Beloved by Toni Morrison
favourite book: I Am The Messenger, Markus Zusak (seriously read this book, it’s unreal)
favourite place: probably Mr. Wander’s art room at school lmao there is no purer bean than he

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Relationship Status: single

Favourite Colour: blue

Last song I listened to: Talk! by The 1975

Favourite TV Show: either Person of Interest or Younger

First Fandom: Good Charlotte #gcfam

Hobbies: reading, binging netflix, blasting music, scrolling my dashboard, pacing endlessly

Books I’m currently reading: In the Afterlight by Alexandra Bracken and Two Summers by Aimee Friedman

Favourite Book: ahhhhh this is too hard. Uglies by Scott Westerfeld is where i got the -wa in my username from and i still use some of the slang in those books in every day life. we’ll go with that.

Worst thing you’ve ever eaten / tasted: i really hate steak and once when i was about 8 my dad forced me to eat some. i took one bite and spent the rest of the night in the bathroom gagging. i swear eating steak is like chewing on gym socks blehhhhhh

Favourite Place: Edinburgh! i love Calton Hill and Princes Street in New Town and Piemaker and Blackwells in Old Town ahhhhhhhhh i can’t wait to go back

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What are you favourite sex toys/which ones do you have? I am thinking of trying some but unsure what! 🙈

Definitely go to sex shop! The variety is endless haha
We have a three butt plugs, rope, dildo, eye masks, this pinwheel thing, gag, hand cuffs and I have restraints attached to my bed that we got off eBay for really cheap!
Experience new things with your partner, the world of sex is beautiful

My favourite pastime…
Worshiping His cock…
Trying to take the whole thing in my mouth.
I got pretty close today but this clip doesn’t show how it made me gag and choke and drool all over my face. It doesn’t show how much I love every second of it…
It also doesn’t show one of my personal favourite parts, when He grabbed my head with two hands and skull fucked me until I cried… And it certainly doesn’t show how He pulled His cock out of my mouth and coated my breasts in a giant, hot sticky load.

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what are your biggest kinks? and what's your favourite thing to write?

biggest kinks r probably bondage (specifically gags), humiliation, gore or violence, sexual torture, boot worship or stepping n like. any level of dangerous setting or activity

fave things to write would be dialogue cus i love dirty talk n exchanges during sex. like even in vanilla setting i’m into just talking and saying how much you love each other n all that gay shit

[This fic was requested by @justcausewereoutlaws a little while ago. Enjoy!]

There is something about ice cream that just makes everything better. [Insert preferred ice cream flavor here] was my favourite, I always made sure to have some in the flat and when we didn’t have any I got Frosty to grab some. However there was that one time when Puddin’ brought me back a tub after evading The Bat, it was completely melted by the time he gave it to me but it’s the thought that counts. 
  The man tied to the chair screamed around his gag but I was so into my cone that I was barely paying attention. Puddin’ was doing a mighty fine number on him but I was in my own little world even though I just love watchin’ Mister J play with his toys.
  “Can you stop that,” I heard him growl, but I ignored it thinking he was talking to the big stupid in the chair.

***Mister J’s P.O.V***

  Y/N didn’t even acknowledge me which was equal parts annoying and arousing. Her eyes were almost always on me, she almost always obeyed me, but she wasn’t tonight. She sat on the edge of the island with her leg extended and her gold pump resting on the back of my old pal’s chair. She was sitting there all oblivious like the brat didn’t know what she was doing. She was leaning back with the straps of her dress hanging off both of her shoulders while that sinful tongue of hers swirled around her ice cream.
  “Oh look, this is all wrong,” I groaned.
  She remained completely oblivious and I kept getting distracted by that pretty little mouth of hers. I wanted to take her over my knee for ruining the moment, John and I were building a relationship here, torturer to the tortured. Does she realise how much progress she has ruined? We’ll have to start completely from the top. Fuck it.

***Y/N’s P.O.V***

  I jumped, narrowly saving my cone and I watched, unable to help the giggle that escaped me when Mister J cut the ropes and the mans body hit the floor with a thud.
  “Look what you did,” he growled.
  I looked up at Mister J innocently, “What do you mean? I wasn’t doing anything!”
  He glared at the ice cream in my hand and a light bulb went off in my head. There was a body in our flat and if I wasn’t careful there would be two, but it was too tempting to pass up. Ever so slowly I trailed my tongue across the icy goodness, never taking my eyes off of him for a second.
  His eyes narrowed, a sound building in his chest as he moved toward me. With a squeal I tried to scramble away but he grabbed my leg and yanked me back across the island to him. He gripped my hair, and I gasped as he pulled my face to his. 
  “This little mouth of yours is gonna’ get you hurt,” he growled, his tongue grazing the corner of my mouth where some ice cream had been and I squirmed. 
  “Not my favourite flavor,” 
  I began to unbutton his shirt, “No? What’s your favourite flavor Mister J?” I whispered.
  His fingers dug into my thighs as he slowly spread my legs. 
  “You’re not mad about him?” I let out a shaky breath.
  “I didn’t say that, Y/N,”
  In an instant he had me bent over the island with one hand around my throat while the other tore my undies. 
  He purred, his hand coming down hard on my rear, “I scream,”
  Another smack, “You scream,”
  I felt him ready himself at my entrance, another smack, “We all scream for-”
  “Ice cream,” I moaned.

I’m really happy about season ten because regardless of what happens on the show, I get to watch my absolute number one favourite cast on my favourite tv show for a whole year more. I’ll get one more gag reel, one more year of silly live tweeting nights, one year of sporadic bts pictures and one more year of cons. I am so, so, so happy about all these things I feel like my tummy is full of butterflies.

the show will end eventually, and when it does I will be sad. but it’s not yet and I’m very thankful for that. :)

One of my absolute favourites, the Eel Pleasure Tail. Constructed with a built-in vibrator and semen collection system, this tail constantly vibrates and sucks Jack off with each movement of the tail he makes, no matter how subtle.

It comes with beads and baubles that dangle and jingle and drape over him because in this tail he is meant to look good and feel his best. It holds a muzzle-ring-gag combo set too, that amplifies his moans but doesn’t let him speak.  

Hiccup loves this tail because it is very graceful and also forces Jack to make the most wonderful sounds and expressions. Genitalia is not accessible- but the collection unit is, a little light over his crotch area turning red when it’s full.