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This was a very funny collection of Pearls comics from 2014.   Lots of effort has gone into sight and verbal gags based on puns and other word play.   Some of my favourite repetitive themes are: vigilante deer that use insults rather than guns; lemmings about to jump off a cliff; and the interactions between two suburban households, one where a zebra lives and one where crocodiles live.   Occasionally there is political commentary, but mostly it is broad situation and relationship based humour.

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Hi! I was just wondering if you were gonna post house here as well and eventually continue with the story? Because it is one of my favourite stories from you and I really wanted to see how it progressed. I'm terribly sorry this happened, you really didn't deserve this, just know we'll continue to support you here no matter what! Also dishonour Doug from tumblr support and russian satanists! Dishonour on your whole family, dishonour on you and dishonour on your cow!!

Hello sweetheart~ I will definitely upload House sooner or later…and I’ll continue it. I’m working on my gag fic right now and then the final part of undo


one of my favourite achewood gags is this use of “from Circumstances” to vaguely mean “had a horrifying traumatic childhood” and i want to adopt this into my own vernacular. e.g., “i have an anxiety disorder and ptsd because i’m from Circumstances” “oh dude don’t ask him about his parents he’s from Circumstances” “she’s from Circumstances but she managed to survive and build a life for herself she’s so strong” this has been a post

[This fic was requested by @justcausewereoutlaws a little while ago. Enjoy!]

There is something about ice cream that just makes everything better. [Insert preferred ice cream flavor here] was my favourite, I always made sure to have some in the flat and when we didn’t have any I got Frosty to grab some. However there was that one time when Puddin’ brought me back a tub after evading The Bat, it was completely melted by the time he gave it to me but it’s the thought that counts. 
  The man tied to the chair screamed around his gag but I was so into my cone that I was barely paying attention. Puddin’ was doing a mighty fine number on him but I was in my own little world even though I just love watchin’ Mister J play with his toys.
  “Can you stop that,” I heard him growl, but I ignored it thinking he was talking to the big stupid in the chair.

***Mister J’s P.O.V***

  Y/N didn’t even acknowledge me which was equal parts annoying and arousing. Her eyes were almost always on me, she almost always obeyed me, but she wasn’t tonight. She sat on the edge of the island with her leg extended and her gold pump resting on the back of my old pal’s chair. She was sitting there all oblivious like the brat didn’t know what she was doing. She was leaning back with the straps of her dress hanging off both of her shoulders while that sinful tongue of hers swirled around her ice cream.
  “Oh look, this is all wrong,” I groaned.
  She remained completely oblivious and I kept getting distracted by that pretty little mouth of hers. I wanted to take her over my knee for ruining the moment, John and I were building a relationship here, torturer to the tortured. Does she realise how much progress she has ruined? We’ll have to start completely from the top. Fuck it.

***Y/N’s P.O.V***

  I jumped, narrowly saving my cone and I watched, unable to help the giggle that escaped me when Mister J cut the ropes and the mans body hit the floor with a thud.
  “Look what you did,” he growled.
  I looked up at Mister J innocently, “What do you mean? I wasn’t doing anything!”
  He glared at the ice cream in my hand and a light bulb went off in my head. There was a body in our flat and if I wasn’t careful there would be two, but it was too tempting to pass up. Ever so slowly I trailed my tongue across the icy goodness, never taking my eyes off of him for a second.
  His eyes narrowed, a sound building in his chest as he moved toward me. With a squeal I tried to scramble away but he grabbed my leg and yanked me back across the island to him. He gripped my hair, and I gasped as he pulled my face to his. 
  “This little mouth of yours is gonna’ get you hurt,” he growled, his tongue grazing the corner of my mouth where some ice cream had been and I squirmed. 
  “Not my favourite flavor,” 
  I began to unbutton his shirt, “No? What’s your favourite flavor Mister J?” I whispered.
  His fingers dug into my thighs as he slowly spread my legs. 
  “You’re not mad about him?” I let out a shaky breath.
  “I didn’t say that, Y/N,”
  In an instant he had me bent over the island with one hand around my throat while the other tore my undies. 
  He purred, his hand coming down hard on my rear, “I scream,”
  Another smack, “You scream,”
  I felt him ready himself at my entrance, another smack, “We all scream for-”
  “Ice cream,” I moaned.

Tortoise Wins by a Hare

This is one of my all-time favourite Looney Tunes shorts. The short has top-notch direction, animation, timing & gags there’s so much to decipher through. It has received criticism from Chuck Jones-loyalists who say it’s uncharacteristic for Bugs Bunny not to be winning. For me the opposite is true, I think this short shows some of the best understanding of Bugs Bunny’s character. BECAUSE Bugs Bunny is often a winner, if he were to lose, he’d a really sore loser. He’s so used to winning, he becomes really perplexed & furious when someone actually does outsmart him.

Even though SPOILERS! Bugs does lose in the end, I’d say this is still a very fun, happy short. I can’t say the same for some Chuck Jones shorts, even when Bugs wins. I think this is because in Tortoise Wins by a Hare, Bugs isn’t ALWAYS the loser, he leads for most of the race, he has control in the outcome. In a Jones short, if a character is going to lose, the gags are set up so that they’ll always be the butt of the joke (think Wile E. Coyote, 1950′s Daffy, One Froggy Evening etc.). In Clampett shorts, the characters decide where the plot will go. 

TWBAH is actually a sequel of Tex Avery’s short Tortoise beats Hare and the short starts off with a racing announcer commenting on the race from Tortoise beats Hare. Anytime you see used footage from an older short it’s a relief for the animators, because you don’t have to draw any animation. It’s a handy technique, especially when you have a number of other shorts to work on and have deadlines to meet. Sometimes cartoon studios make whole shorts out of used footage but in TWBAH the used footage is relevant in telling the story. 

Then it changes to newer animation done by the Clampett unit and a cool editing transition to Bugs watching the film. Note how it pans out with a silhouette of Bugs and the film projector. The transition is effortless and very readable.

Now we get into a wonderfully animated scene by Rod Scribner of Bugs bewildered why he didn’t beat the tortoise.

This short is a great example of utilising different animators strengths and deliberately being off-model to your advantage so your characters can express themselves better. In TWBAH there are two contrasts in Bugs Bunny’s personality. One where he’s calm and in control (usually animated by Robert McKimson), 

and one is where he’s furious and not in control (usually animated by Rod Scribner).

to be continued…

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as someone who grew up without cable, I watched a lot of Arthur on PBS kids simply because there were no other channels to watch, and I want to say you are doing Gods Work, although I do wonder if there's been anything on this blog about the infamous soccer ball, the one that was signed by a famous soccer player... it shows up in a ton of episodes

thank you! and yes, the soccer ball: El Boomerang!! i haven’t rewatched the season it appears in, but it was one of my favourite background gags. just the ball showing up on the street, in africa, in space. classic el boomerang.

so no, i don’t have anything on it yet but i will! 

What a horrible sad day. Satoru Iwata really was one of a kind. It’s hard to think of any CEO as universally adored. He really was like Willie Wonka, a man who put the fun of children and the young at heart above profits. A man who never lost the sense of innovation, who never bowed to the pressures of the industry. When Nintendo sales slipped, he was the first to take a pay cut, so others didn’t have to.

He began as a programmer, working on the Kirby franchise and helping create Earthbound, one of my all time favourite games. It’s impossible to count the amount of joy his work as given the millions of people who have played games with his name in the credits.

It’s so upsetting to think we’ll never have another one of his Nintendo Directs. The running gags, the Satoru Iwata “please understand” bingo, not knowing if today’s episode would be presented by puppets, clay animation or God knows! I’ve always said it’s a rocky road being a Nintendo fan but the company on the journey was always second to none. Iwata’s delightful, personably humour was always worth the ride. I’m sad he won’t be the one to reveal the NX.

I’m utterly devastated. Thank you, Mr. Iwata.

imagine a pll fandom summer camp though like you have all the mystery loving enthusiasts making theories and pinning photos and red string onto presentation boards and heavily debating with one another, you have the drama/film nerds reenacting their favourite scenes or traipsing through the woods at night roleplaying, you have the die-hard emotional shippers in their pjs rewatching scenes on a projector screen and all hugging one another and crying, you have the creative fanfic writers ignoring everyone around them and sitting alone on their laptops writing more scenes for their hungry readers, you have the artistic fans making collages and sketching their favourite outfits, and everyone’s kinda doing their own thing in their respective groups but each night everyone gathers around together in one big room to marathon pll episodes together because after all that’s the one thing we’re all there for

So I’ve always wanted to do one and someone asked me about it a week or so ago so I decided to do it (I feel like I forgot people and if I did I’m v sorry I probably just 100% forgot, sorry bout it)

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For the first thirty minutes of What We Do In The Shadows(2014), I was worried all the jokes had been put into the trailer. Yet as the mockumentary - about a quartet of centuries-old vampires living together in Wellington, NZ - continues, there are further clever twists to the comic riffing about shared house living and being one of the undead. Infused with the deadpan humour that made Flight of the Conchords such a treat, co-writers and co-directors Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi’s make a good meal out of reviving antiquated vampire bits (Transylvanian accents, mirror gags, etc) against a nonplussed modern world. My favourite was the most recent vampire recruit Nick (Cori Gonzalez-Macuer), a street-wise wannabe DJ type, whose casual attitude is best expressed in the line, “Look, vampire mates don’t eat human mates.”