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1. Favourite BIGBANG song.2. Favourite BIGBANG MV.3. Favourite era.4. My BIGBANG bias.5. My least favourite BIGBANG song.6. My favourite album from MADE.7. My favourite picture of the five of them together.8. My favourite ship.9. How I got into BIGBANG10. When I got into BIGBANG11. Member I’d most like to date.12. Member I’d most like to be best friends with.13. Favourite and least favourite GD hairstyle.14. Favourite BIGBANG social media post and why.15. Favourite running gag with and 19 8D

1.) Feeling. But it has to be live :3

2.) I still really really like Love Song 8D

3.) Alive or MADE

4.) Seungri and I have no idea why lol

5.) Crazy Dog is one of the songs I usually skip yet I still like it

6.) I guess this thing means song. My favourite song is Sober



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9.) Jiyong’s thighs

10.) Summer 2015

11.) Hmmmmmmmm everyone is really sweet. Either Daesung or Seungri :D

12.) Everyone tbh. But Taeyang the most, or Seungri.

13.) Fave hairstyles:

Least fave:

14.) This one here because it is with TOP after he finished filming in Germany :’) (but yb the hoe is missing urgh)

15.) Ji goat

19.) TV show I’d love to watch with Seungri and why.

Hmmmm, Weekly Idol or Return Of Superman, just because WI is hella hilarious and RoS is hella cute :P

[This fic was requested by @justcausewereoutlaws a little while ago. Enjoy!]

There is something about ice cream that just makes everything better. [Insert preferred ice cream flavor here] was my favourite, I always made sure to have some in the flat and when we didn’t have any I got Frosty to grab some. However there was that one time when Puddin’ brought me back a tub after evading The Bat, it was completely melted by the time he gave it to me but it’s the thought that counts. 
  The man tied to the chair screamed around his gag but I was so into my cone that I was barely paying attention. Puddin’ was doing a mighty fine number on him but I was in my own little world even though I just love watchin’ Mister J play with his toys.
  “Can you stop that,” I heard him growl, but I ignored it thinking he was talking to the big stupid in the chair.

***Mister J’s P.O.V***

  Y/N didn’t even acknowledge me which was equal parts annoying and arousing. Her eyes were almost always on me, she almost always obeyed me, but she wasn’t tonight. She sat on the edge of the island with her leg extended and her gold pump resting on the back of my old pal’s chair. She was sitting there all oblivious like the brat didn’t know what she was doing. She was leaning back with the straps of her dress hanging off both of her shoulders while that sinful tongue of hers swirled around her ice cream.
  “Oh look, this is all wrong,” I groaned.
  She remained completely oblivious and I kept getting distracted by that pretty little mouth of hers. I wanted to take her over my knee for ruining the moment, John and I were building a relationship here, torturer to the tortured. Does she realise how much progress she has ruined? We’ll have to start completely from the top. Fuck it.

***Y/N’s P.O.V***

  I jumped, narrowly saving my cone and I watched, unable to help the giggle that escaped me when Mister J cut the ropes and the mans body hit the floor with a thud.
  “Look what you did,” he growled.
  I looked up at Mister J innocently, “What do you mean? I wasn’t doing anything!”
  He glared at the ice cream in my hand and a light bulb went off in my head. There was a body in our flat and if I wasn’t careful there would be two, but it was too tempting to pass up. Ever so slowly I trailed my tongue across the icy goodness, never taking my eyes off of him for a second.
  His eyes narrowed, a sound building in his chest as he moved toward me. With a squeal I tried to scramble away but he grabbed my leg and yanked me back across the island to him. He gripped my hair, and I gasped as he pulled my face to his. 
  “This little mouth of yours is gonna’ get you hurt,” he growled, his tongue grazing the corner of my mouth where some ice cream had been and I squirmed. 
  “Not my favourite flavor,” 
  I began to unbutton his shirt, “No? What’s your favourite flavor Mister J?” I whispered.
  His fingers dug into my thighs as he slowly spread my legs. 
  “You’re not mad about him?” I let out a shaky breath.
  “I didn’t say that, Y/N,”
  In an instant he had me bent over the island with one hand around my throat while the other tore my undies. 
  He purred, his hand coming down hard on my rear, “I scream,”
  Another smack, “You scream,”
  I felt him ready himself at my entrance, another smack, “We all scream for-”
  “Ice cream,” I moaned.

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11 and 14. Honey you know I'm not hiding myself behind a little grey profile pic.

I wouldn’t expect you to. 

  • 11:What does your favourite sexy underwear look like?
    • Um, I have this one pair of Andrew Christian boxer briefs that were supposed to be a gag-gift from my sister since she said it’s the underwear brand made especially for gays and even though I’m not, I guess I feel kind of sexy when I wear them. They’re navy with a brighter blue waistband and have a sort of pocket that’s supposed to help make your bulge stand out.. 

  • 14:Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex?
    • It kind of depends. I like knowing that I’m pleasing the other person when I’m giving but I have a terrible gag reflex so I guess that explains that.. 
Unit 12: Influences 19/09/16

Today we talked about our influences. We watched some videos from the YouTube channel ‘Every Frame A Painting’. We watched ‘Buster Keaton - The Art Of The Gag’. He was a great visual comedy artist and he influenced many film makers. I particularly enjoyed his work. We also watched a video about Edgar Wright and how he uses fast cuts in his films to tell a story, instead of using dialogue or long sequences, which can get boring.

One of my favourite directors is Tim Burton, because I like the style of his films, as they are quite odd and creepy in a way. I like that he used similar themes in his films, and he is famous for his style of films.

What a horrible sad day. Satoru Iwata really was one of a kind. It’s hard to think of any CEO as universally adored. He really was like Willie Wonka, a man who put the fun of children and the young at heart above profits. A man who never lost the sense of innovation, who never bowed to the pressures of the industry. When Nintendo sales slipped, he was the first to take a pay cut, so others didn’t have to.

He began as a programmer, working on the Kirby franchise and helping create Earthbound, one of my all time favourite games. It’s impossible to count the amount of joy his work as given the millions of people who have played games with his name in the credits.

It’s so upsetting to think we’ll never have another one of his Nintendo Directs. The running gags, the Satoru Iwata “please understand” bingo, not knowing if today’s episode would be presented by puppets, clay animation or God knows! I’ve always said it’s a rocky road being a Nintendo fan but the company on the journey was always second to none. Iwata’s delightful, personably humour was always worth the ride. I’m sad he won’t be the one to reveal the NX.

I’m utterly devastated. Thank you, Mr. Iwata.

imagine a pll fandom summer camp though like you have all the mystery loving enthusiasts making theories and pinning photos and red string onto presentation boards and heavily debating with one another, you have the drama/film nerds reenacting their favourite scenes or traipsing through the woods at night roleplaying, you have the die-hard emotional shippers in their pjs rewatching scenes on a projector screen and all hugging one another and crying, you have the creative fanfic writers ignoring everyone around them and sitting alone on their laptops writing more scenes for their hungry readers, you have the artistic fans making collages and sketching their favourite outfits, and everyone’s kinda doing their own thing in their respective groups but each night everyone gathers around together in one big room to marathon pll episodes together because after all that’s the one thing we’re all there for

So I’ve always wanted to do one and someone asked me about it a week or so ago so I decided to do it (I feel like I forgot people and if I did I’m v sorry I probably just 100% forgot, sorry bout it)

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One of my absolute favourites, the Eel Pleasure Tail. Constructed with a built-in vibrator and semen collection system, this tail constantly vibrates and sucks Jack off with each movement of the tail he makes, no matter how subtle.

It comes with beads and baubles that dangle and jingle and drape over him because in this tail he is meant to look good and feel his best. It holds a muzzle-ring-gag combo set too, that amplifies his moans but doesn’t let him speak.  

Hiccup loves this tail because it is very graceful and also forces Jack to make the most wonderful sounds and expressions. Genitalia is not accessible- but the collection unit is, a little light over his crotch area turning red when it’s full. 


Supernatural 30 Day Challenge: Day 19, Favourite gag reel moment?

I was too tired to choose, so I just made a collage of some of my favorites. I just. These weirdo actors are my life.