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Can you do a josh heyburn imagine. He's one of jacks friends btw just in case you don't know. But anyway he's really cute and he's obsessed with his dog and hes nerdy, and I'm off topic.

Oh yes I am well aware😏
I’m obsessed with him at the moment as well. I would write for him, the only problem/issue I have is I don’t know his personality. So it would be really hard to write for him. It’s easy with the other boys bc I know them and how they might act/behave in different scenarios.

Competition Time!

So the other day I ran the idea past you guys of doing a card design competition, and a large amount of people thought it was an awesome idea. I had to do a bit of thinking about how to run this, as I wanted to make sure it was distinct enough from @magicarasa‘s cards-from-art contest (which you should totally check out as well btw). So this is what I came up with:

  • Each week there will be a new challenge which will be issued by the last week’s winner.
  • Submissions for each challenge will be due Friday, 10pm PST
  • After 10 challenges, the 10 winning cards will be pitched head to head where you guys vote for the season champion.
Each submission should include:
  • The card you are submitting (only one per person each week)
  • A new challenge which will be issued the next week if you win (This is not compulsory, if you leave it out we will come up with one instead).
  • Include the tag “Weekly Design Contest” or “WDC”.

For any enquiries, ask us a question or message me at @conorace.

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Well, I thought last night, they're showing the Even bakka issue through social media because its probable only directed to hard core fans. Won't be a big deal in the show. Holy shit. They are not only using this season to go through the struggles of a multicultural Muslim woman, but alsothe stigma and the struggles faced by a person with mental health issues. I mean. That's what the fandom asked. The fandom should wait and see what happens and chill and learn. I love you btw. Youre chill.

i love you and you’re chill too!!! i’m excited to see where else this season leads us ❤️

Sweater Weather Part 3

@puns-and-fics i legitimately have no idea what the fuck im doing. my fingers are randomly hitting the keys and shit is spewing. enjoy. btw they talk about sex so

Alex is just about near fed up. He knows John likes him too. But the Southern man has attachment issues and won’t let go of his toxic boyfriend. And really, Alex knows that Charles is toxic for John. The guy either dramatically worships Laurens or treats him like shit. Alex can only cope by telling himself what he’d do differently in John were his.

He flops on the couch of his dorm. This whole John thing combined with finals coming up is really stressing out. He feels like a string of frayed yarn, pulled too tight on both sides.

Alex decides he needs to vent to someone. Lafayette will do. He extracts his phone from his back pocket and turns it on, dialing Laf’s number.

“Hello Alexander.”

“Why is John still dating Lee?”

There’s a sigh from the other end. “You know, if you were a good friend, you would start this conversation differently. You would say ‘hello Gilbert! How are you?’ then you’d wait for me to reply and you’d nod like you were listening. Then when I’d ask how you are, you’d say something like ‘fine, but…’ and then state your problem.”

“But I’m not a good friend,” Alex says.

“So it seems. What do you want?”

“John. Badly. But I can’t have him for some stupid ass reason.”

“You want him for sex or actual relationship?”

Alex pauses. “Both. Relationship is more important to me but if I can’t have that I’d settle for sex.”

Lafayette laughs. “My friend, when is the last time you went with someone?”

Alex groans, not wanting to answer. “Let’s not answer that.”

“I’m simply suggesting maybe you just need a good lay. Not with John. Use protection. Okay?”

“Laf that’s great and all but I s-”

The Frenchman hangs up. Alexander huffs and tosses his phone onto the carpeted floor of his apartment. Maybe Laf is right. Maybe he does just need a nice, stress relieving, quickie. He is ashamed to say that he had paid for sex before and would not be opposed to doing it again.

Fuck it. Alex decides he’ll eat dinner and hit the town.

13 Reasons Why Spoiler (don't read if you haven't made it all the way through)!!!!

Is it ever explained why Clay lied to Tony about never having seen a dead body/crime scene when he was the one who found Jeff?

I might’ve missed the explanation but it’s clearly expressed that Clay was there at the crime scene, and found his friend dead. Sooo… any help? Or any thoughts?

Btw I only watched 13RW to form my own opinions about the show. I believe that they could’ve taken a serious topic and really done something amazing with it through this show, but they didn’t hit the mark. It wasn’t close and I felt like the tapes and the way it was portrayed was inaccurate. I wouldn’t use the word “joke” but it felt like the way things unfolded, it wasn’t serious. But as a show, maybe centered around a different issue, the plot and characters were incredible. It just didn’t do any justice for the real purpose of its creation.

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can i just ask, how exactly do you gif from DVDs? like im not sure how to get it onto vlc to actually have in a giffable format (i love your gifs btw!)

Well my method for giffing from DVDs is a tad more complicated but I promise you it gets so much easier and quicker once you get the hang of it! 

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Ahh I want to tell my friend that I'm kin with someone, but they're kin with the person I dated in my canon and I know they dated me too in their canon, but even though it's possible we're not canonmates, I'm still embarrassed to say anything bc we only just met recently so I feel like it'd be weird to suddenly be like "btw we might've dated back then" especially since I discovered my kinship after we had met ahh

Smoke Rising

a/n: hey look another 4/20 drabble, this time about my favorite (canon) pothead. Sidenote I find it easier to write for connor if I’m blasting Pinegrove. (10/10 would recommend this band btw)
summary: Connor smokes to cope. Sometimes it doesn’t help, sometimes it does. Most of the time it just numbs.
Warning: mental health issues, cannabis mention, drug use/abuse, it’s not happy, also another uneditted-raw draft

‘He’s high again….’ 

‘Just leave him be. He’s not hurting anyone…’
‘Right, let him do drugs under our roof, do you hear yourself?!’
‘What else can we do? He’ll only do it behind our backs, outside of the house where he’ll get caught?’
‘Can you two just not– ‘
‘Cynthia, weed is not how we treat this.’
‘Then HOW do we treat this!?’

‘I don’t know.’

They don’t know.

They don’t know anything. They don’t know when this became their lives. When the black haired, bubbly, rosy cheeked infant they held in their arms. Their first born who tested all of their rules had suddenly veered so far off their family map he was nowhere to be seen. Nowhere to be found. Their son was lost under heavy clouds of strange, unexplained outbursts. He was muted under throat searing screams. Under hoarse threats and maddening, hair pulling cries, somewhere under all that Connor was there. Laying on his back, watching the world watch him deteriorate.

He was the mad man made of glass.

One day he was going to cut someone.
Or break apart.

No one dared stop him. No one dared tell him the weed didn’t help. Like he didn’t know that pot didn’t help. Most of the time pot was just made him tired enough to sleep. Most of the time pot just hung over his senses and made it easier. Easier to scream without feeling guilt. Easier to lash out without wondering why. Easier to make them cry without trying to figure out the words to apologize.

Weed didn’t help. Weed made him blind. Blind enough so he couldn’t see their terror filled eyes looking back at him.

Weed made him Deaf. Deaf enough so he couldn’t hear them try to reason and pull what was left of his sanity out.

Weed made him numb. Numb enough so nothing hurt. Zoe crying in her bedroom about how toxic these walls were before running off to a friend’s house for solace and sanctuary. Nope, that didn’t hurt. Not how he was tearing her world apart. Slowly, ripping the idea of ‘family’ right out of her heart. He was numb enough so he didn’t feel a thing listening to his parents fight and strain at their once loving marriage.

He was numb enough to pretend he wasn’t the catalyst of pain.

Connor sat up realizing he had been laying on his carpeted floor this whole time. He looked over at the clock, it was only four in the afternoon. “Shit…” He hissed, his mouth dry. His tongue felt like sandpaper against the roof of his mouth as he struggled to swallow. He tried to coax saliva out of his mouth but he was dry, like a desert. With one loud groan he rolled himself to his feet, Connor didn’t weight much in reality, but his body slumped, he hung his limbs like they were weighted down. He felt the weight of his world on his shoulders. Sluggishly he went to grab a cup of water on his night stand when someone knocked on his door.

“Connor…?” His mother’s voice was soft but to Connor she was loud enough to make his ears ring. “We’re going to have dinner soon, did you want to join us…today?”

Yes…No…his brain was like a wrecking ball in his skull.He felt it hurt from all sides, like it was trying to bust out. “No…” he mumbled through chapped, parched lips. He wanted peace…he wanted nothing.

“Connor…? Did you hear me?”
“Why do you bother, he never joins us for dinner”
“So, it doesn’t hurt to ask–”
“You’re wasting time–”

They were doing it again, Connor didn’t even have to speak and it was happening. Him just being there did this. Like an evil aura was seeping out of his pores, he couldn’t stop it. Even when he didn’t do a thing he couldn’t stop from upsetting the household. He couldn’t help it…he couldn’t stop it, he wanted to stop feeling so…


“SHUT THE FUCK UP” Connor roared, silencing the rambling of his parents anger spiked voices. “I don’t WANT fucking dinner, go to fucking hell! ALL OF YOU” He walked over to the door, stomping so they knew he was approaching. He could hear his mother’s soft gasp of terror as Connor kicked his door so hard his shoe went through it and got caught at the door. He yanked his foot back, whispers and sniffles were all that remained. He continued to steam in anger by the door until he head the pitter patter of their retreating footsteps.

He didn’t mean that.
He did it again.
He felt the thoughts rush down on him, they hated him. They hated him, he hated them? No he didn’t hate them. He wanted them to shut up. He wanted them to just live normally. He wanted them to stop looking at him like he was some feral animal. He wanted them to stop tiptoeing around, whispering, waiting, waiting for what?
What were they waiting for?

For Connor to snap? For him to do something he couldn’t undo? For him to—
He rubbed his hand over his neck and sighed. He couldn’t do this anymore, he didn’t want to care. Caring about what his family felt, what his family saw him as… it meant Connor had to look at himself and admit there was something irreversibly wrong with him. He rubbed his hands together. They were icy. He looked down at his pale, slender fingers and kept rubbing them. Naturally friction would warm him up. Nothing still, he rubbed and rubbed and his fingers were like ice. Ice that wouldn’t melt. They were dead cold…

His gaze went to his bedside drawer. A wooden piece of furniture that had deep etches along the surface were his nails had absently scratched and marked up. He pulled the top drawer and took out a bong that had been sitting there. He ran his hand down the glassy bowl, checking for any left over cannabis. He thumbed it a bit debating.

Connor always took a second to wonder, did this make it better?

No. It never did. It just made it easier for him to swallow. It made it easier for him to scream and lash out without feeling anything afterwards. It made the truth, that he was…whatever this was, and there was nothing he could do tolerable.

Connor lit one end of the bong and took long deep drags. He didn’t stop until his lungs pushed all the air out and replaced it with smoke. He didn’t stop until his head began to spin along with hisroom. Until the world was paper thin, 2-dimensional. He held it all in, slowly exhaling through his nose. The smoke wafted up and danced along the space between him and the ceiling. He flopped against his head, his eyes following the smoke. Fixated on the way it’s wispy body danced and coiled up, higher and higher until…Poof it vanished.

Just like that, it was gone.
So sound, no grand exit, it was gone.
His eyes searched for something else to anchor too while the drug invaded his mind and blocked out all sense of empathy. This family and their emotions were lost under a cloud of pot. Hushed over the smog of the suppressant drug. That didn’t make him better.

The weed sank him down into his bed. He felt stuck, even if he wanted to get up his body wouldn’t move. His mouth couldn’t muster a sound. He was frozen under his high haze for forever.

“…” He sighed and closed his eyes. He inhaled the weed scented air that still clung to his room and walls. “Just go away…” He groaned pulling the hoodie up to his head. His fingers grasped on the draw strings and tugged as hard as they could. The black hood shrank around his head and masked his eyes. Nothing but miles of darkness.

Nothing but an endless abyss.

Here he couldn’t hurt a soul. No one would look or cry. He could just sit here in this pit.

He could just…

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Word of advice: the only thing your post about shipping Credence/Grindelwald (=/= Graves, btw) will get you, is annoyance. No one who ships them will stop because you said so, mostly because people can tell fiction and fact apart. If you can't, fandom isn't the place for you to spend your time. So don't look at what you don't like, because just because you take issue with something, doesn't mean you have the moral high ground.

I feel you on this, I get that it likely won’t get to anyone. Just kind of wanted to put it out there a) the off chance that somebody might seriously consider what I said and b) I just needed to get it out of my system.

I respect that people can say what they want online, and I don’t have a problem with seeing it on my dash, but I figure they have as much a right to post about it as I have a right to post about my grievances with that ship. (I also recognise that it’s Grindelwald, not Graves, but it’s always presented as Graves when I see the ship)

Thanks for your message, though, I trust it was in good heart.

Thanks for the ask :)

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Btw, the anon that was confused about Phob's Besoboi, aka Demonslayer comics should be aware that the English translations are being released simultaneously for Demonslayer (50 Russian issues, 8 English issues ) and the newer Demonslayer Vol 2 (4 Russian issues, 2 English issues). Lol I know that ask was from March, but I saw that when I was browsing Besoboi stuff & I know that when I was 1st looking for the comic not that realizing the newest one was Volume 2 had initially confused me :)

Of all the new series, Demonslayer is the only one that didn’t get a new title so I don’t blame you for the confusion! For the most part, people call the new era Demonslayer Vol 2 to distinguish it from the first era but it’s not written anywhere on the comics so the only way you can really tell is by how the title looks like on the cover.

The one with the cute little demon in the O is Vol 1 and the one with the claw marks for the E is Vol 2.

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Are u against all kin or only the disrespectful and immature kin

i’m against all of it, but especially the super immature ones. I mean, therian is tolerable and honestly p tame when compared to the rest of this stuff, so i don’t take as much issue with them. 

fictionkin, though, is so unbelievably disrespectful to creators. check out my main (’important notes” link) if you wanna know more about why it’s offensive. 

I just created this blog to highlight some of the silliest stuff the kin “community” has to offer. 

btw, it’s such a terrible community. they constantly attack each other over doubles and problematic kintypes, then turn right around and say they accept everyone. idk… 

yeah, short answer: I don’t like any of it but stuff like #actuallydivine and fact/fictionkin is the worst 

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I'm glad you explained the whole mental age thing. I would never treat an adult like a baby/kid. Yes I might be sweeter or more patient to them but I would never say: "He's 25 but mentally 6". But I do say my mental age because I don't feel somebody my age and I'd rather people treat me like if I was younger. I can't think or behave like someone my age but that's just my case. (Btw, your blog is amazing! xo)

Thanks! Butterflies flap and so do I. :P

I personally don’t think it would be such an issue if the person themselves wants to use a mental age only in reference to their own self. 

It’s when other people slap it on them as an excuse to not treat them like adults or respect their views rather than going ‘oh that’s cute, they like physics’.

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Hey all~ I was wondering if you could answer a question for me... what is Tenjikus' captain's name? I watched the dup episode with him in it and it sounds like he's saying "Sano" but when I looked up pictures of him, in a panel from the manga it's saying "Kino".... (I'm not sure if the panel was edited or not so...) Do you happen to know which it is?? *Love your blog btw, keep spreading the AO love plz~)

I actually just re-watched that episode and I see what you mean. I only watch it subbed so it wasn’t mis-hearing anything. I also double checked the official website and it does say Sano Hikaru (but google translate may be horribly wrong as well) and some of the members calling him Hikaru (their wing and number 8) in later episodes. I think it may be a panel issue or it could be a dialect mis-translation as well

Mod tissue

RULES: Make your own aesthetic based on your personality and interests using ONLY images saved on your device. You cannot browse or download any images before you do this.

Thanks for the tag @webcricket – I love writing (duh), red roses, being a total sassafras, sunsets (I took that pic, btw. I’m pretty proud of it), and inspirational quotes. This one (from Albus Dumbledore) really hits home for me. I suffer from a chronic illness, and have issues walking, so reading this quote when I’m down really helps lift me. It’s also from Harry Potter, one of many fandoms I love. <3 Anyway, that’s a tiny snippet of my personality. 

Tagging @fandomsanarchy @tomorraw @marisayouass and anyone else who wants to do this! Sorry if you’ve already been tagged by someone else!

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lbr if you go into any place and ask them to start a damn new batch of fries for your order they'll all hate you immediately

lol I used to work at McDonald’s (worse job ever btw) and when ppl would ask for fresh fries it wasn’t an issue for me bc they only take 3 mins to cook anyways and people ask for fries, nuggets, burgers etc fresh too so it’s like whatever. I think the ppl who get pissed are just honestly probably either too busy to do it or lazy lol it’s not hard.

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Your post was fantastic. Now, with bringing up those issues, will you still watch the show? Because that's what I have a hard time with, people pointing out the immense issues TO has but continuing to support the show by watching it. It just seems like a lot of talk and no action. (Btw I stopped watching in S1 due to issues I had with several aspects of TO)

thank you for reading anon :)

I was already a non dedicated watcher of the show this season. I was pretty frustrated with how it all ended last season so I was like yeah I quit but I still kept tabs on it when the season started. I’ve only seen one episode live all season. 

With that said I haven’t actually made a decision about how much I will watch or invest in the rest of the season. 

You seem to believe that the only action you can take is to quit the show, but I actually think that sometimes watching and continuing to try to hold the writing staff accountable for their writing is also action. This talk isn’t here for my own personal gain, it’s happening to open other people’s eyes and start a much needed conversation on the topic and hopefully make more people in the fandom and the writing staff more aware. So I disagree with the notion that calling out racism but not immediately stopping a show is all talk and no action. I was put in the same predicament with Laurel Lance on Arrow and eventually I did say fuck this shit and quit even more she was killed off. Maybe I’ll do that with this or maybe I won’t just yet. 

Ultimately I haven’t publicly supported the show all season outside of my occasional fangirl moments over my ships on the SM.  I can’t say if I’ll watch further, a part of me wants to watch because I want to see if they fix what they have done with marcel but a part of me wants to just wipe my hands with it. I’ll know when if i’ve reached my breaking point with this show soon, and if I have then I’ll gladly let the show go. 

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Do you know any good places to buy kitten gear from? I LOVE your blog btw💕💕

Thank you!!
These are the places I know that they sell both collars and other kitten gear:

Kitten Sightings
Kitten’s Play Pen

You can also go on Etsy to find really nice collars for a cheaper price if price is an issue. I recommend LucidArray on Etsy for collars and cuffs, because their collars are long lasting, bondage proof collars.

I have only bought from Kitten’s Playpen and LucidArray, but have heard good reviews on the other two shops listed.

Kitten’s Playpen, in my experience, is not one that I would highly recommend. I have had problems with their customer service quite a few times to where they haven’t responded or their items have been poorly made and have broken on me after a light use(2-4 times)

If time is an issue and you wish to have your gear soon(within the next couple months) I once again would not recommend KPP because of my experience with KPP.

I cannot say if they have changed in the couple years I have not bought from them, but my last experience with them was not terrible, but it wasn’t good either.
Hope this helps! 💕

At least I’m getting further in my GTA Online career. Finally got my motorcycle club up and running, only issue is that I can’t afford the forgery warehouse. Well I can, but I’m saving up for better houses, cars, businesses, warehouses, a yacht, planes, helicopters, more clothes…etc

My club’s name is ‘Bike-Curious’ btw

In an odd way GTA Online is a more gritty, death riddled Barbie simulator. Save your hard earned and literally fought for cash for those killer shoes you always wanted!

Still would rather have my f***ing cintiq drivers bloody work…. >: (

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in fact you don't ship romione because you already have your red hair with his brown hair

hahahahahaha exactly! 

ok no. tohru is very different from hermione tbh. and I have other ships with ginger boys… like.. Bill and Fleur (aka “the weasley yard ship”) :D 

but I guess Kyo can get as awkward as Ron

I mean:

lol. xd he has insecurity issues like ron too, btw. He’s less passive, though. and he cheers her up and protects her as she’s so naive, so angelic, and also she’s definitely a little cinnamon roll. and such a sweetheart.

the only reason I don’t ship romione is because I prefer them as best friends and I don’t view them in a romantic way, or at least not when they’re adults. they both deserve better for each other. they’re both amazing characters, I just don’t really like them together. I want them to be super super happy and I want them to develop all their potential :)). I don’t feel like they’re on the same wavelength, romantically and emotionally that is. sarcastically maybe though XD. (except on the fan art I just reblogged. they’re actually cute on that one; but yeah, fan arts).