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So what happens to people who don't work in communism.

Uh, under capitalism, the bourgeoisie refuses to work and they are permitted to steal the surplus value of the working class. In this way, capitalism maintains and perpetuates the exploitation of the working class and myriad forms of petty oppression- homophobia, transphobia, white supremacy, ableism and the like by means of wage slavery, poverty and imperialism. 

Now, communism, on the other hand, is based upon the notion of “to each according to their needs”. Unlike capitalists, we recognize the reality that human life is of inherent value that goes beyond the simple capacity to render a profit for the bourgeoisie (an incredibly ableist notion, BTW). This is a reality that can only be made possible by the abolishment of capitalism and the class society that issues forth from it. 


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It was my first attempt to convert The Sims 3 hair to The Sims 4 and it wasn’t a successful one :(

I’m a beginner in this ‘meshing’ thingy because the one and only meshing I’ve ever done is edited these glasses and it’s very bad too xD

And if you’re wondering, I won’t post this converted hair because of the issues that I can’t fix – at all. I don’t understand Milkshape and I tried to fix with Blender but I can’t figure out how, even after using Edit mode and Sculpt mode. BUT if someone out there willing to help me then I fix all the issues, maybe you’ll get the hair as 400 followers gift *wink* *wink*

Btw the original hair is by Agustin for The Sims 2 and converted to The Sims 3 by Anubis360~ And thank you grilledcheese-aspiration for tutorial ~

^I know my english is bad so sorry for any mistakes


Also, Eridan doing -anything- since MNISTRIFE (panel 007327), which was only one dialoglog since his death (panel 005437).

We’re on panel 009859, btw. That’s 4422 panels without Eridan doing anything at all (2532 if you want to count MINISTRIFE in).

(Feferi at least had silent cameo as part of blown Fefetasprite)

Overall thoughts? I don’t -CARE- about (Vriska)’s happiness, but I know that she had to be tied to Pyrope in some way and I guess this is good resolvement of this issue. However, Terezi and Vriska cannot work on moirail terms, cause, as we saw, Terezi didn’t go along with it in healthy way, mostly because of too much admiration, letting herself to be exploited because of it. It’s good these things are falling into right slots after all.

In the end I hoped we’re not gonna see more Vriska before Omegapause, cause she is gonna be later on a lot (such overwritten character has to have big blown conclusion to her story), but here we are.

Also, I wonder if Gamzee in the fridge is really as hurt by being held there as everyone keeps being scared that he is. I have unclear suspicion that he actually enjoys himself there and these small honks are just sign he is having fun despite corpses all around and lack of air (or maybe because of it? I don’t even wanna go into sexual asphyxiation theory again, but it does make for a good metaphor that he needs to breathe/Hero of Breath, lol). Just a thought, overall his situation is still horrible and we don’t know what’s happening there.

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(Please excuse me if this is too personal) If your boyfriend is transgender (a female) doesn't that make you a lesbian if you still want to be with him/her? I'm really naive when it comes to transgender issues, I'm not being arrogant. Love your blog btw xx

shawn isn’t a female, he’s a male. im female. we are both straight haha, just like any other girl and guy couple. im not a lesbian, because that would insinuate that I like girls, which shawn is the exact opposite of. the only thing ive ever viewed shawn is 100% male. I hope that cleared things up for you? thank you <3

my fave female fronted musicians for anon!!!!!

-lady gaga
-chantal claret
-ariana grande
-jack off jill
-nicki minaj
-angelspit (just started listening to them)
-katy Perry
-natalia kills
-bikini kill
-partyline (don’t know them that much)
-dirty little rabbits (also don’t know them a lot)
-morningside (look up msi issues cover! I’ve only heard their stuff on you tube btw so not super popular band!)

babbling about weird attachment and attention junk under the cut. feel free to respond or send asks, but please keep it on this blog & don’t rebl9g

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Hi there! First, sorry for my grammar issues, I´m from Latin America (the-land-that-nobody-cares-about *sobs*) and English is not my first language. Now, to the request (only If you feel comfortable writing about it) What If BigHit tries a marketing strategy by making Taehyung date a famous singer or actress (Y/N) but in the process, V falls hard for this girl but they cant' have a long lasting relationship and bla bla. The ending and details are up to you, nice blog url btw & thanks!!

Originally posted by nawonn

“This is so fun,” Taehyung says with wide grin as he kneels down “I can’t believe I’m actually feeding pigeons with you now,”

You smile lightly, not joining in.

“Have I told you that I wanted to come here, to the zoo, and feed pigeons in 10 years with my 2 years old son, Taekwon, and my 7 months daughter, Taeguk?” he says while throwing more crumbles to the birds “And yet here I am, feeding pigeons with you,”

You bite your lower lip, “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”

“Good thing of course!” he says while chuckling happily, standing up now to come for a kiss on your cheek “You’re my girlfriend,”

Fake girlfriend, you wanted to correct him but could only come up with a smile.

“Ah, I ran out of crumbles,” he says while clapping his hand to clean them “Shall we go see the other animals?”

You nod slowly, turning your body to head to the other animals.

“Why’re you so quiet?” Taeyung asks, sliding his left hand to hold yours “Do you not like visiting zoo?”

“No, that’s not it,” you say weakly and take your hand away before shoving it deep into your jeans pocket “There’s no one around, I think we can lay down with the skinships,”

Taehyung has a slightly hurt expression plastered on his face, “Alright,”

You curse your own being as you see his offended expression. You didn’t want to hurt him but you honestly can’t figure out what to do now. Taehyung had been a very nice fake boyfriend. He’d been taking care of you, texting you frequently to remind you to eat and rest well, sending you small gifts, and he even come for your fansignings despite being a very busy idol himself. He’d been nothing but a dream boyfriend and to be really honest, you’re starting to fear the outcome of it.

Almost a year ago, your company and BigHit came to an agreement to pair one of their representatives and use it as a marketing strategy. You were a rookie actress and model with raising name and popularity, while Taehyung’s an already shining star. He stumbled upon some rumor with a girl when he tried to help a stranger on the street, but things went pretty wild and to clean his name, the company wanted to find him a ‘real’ girlfriend.

That’s when you step in the frame.

It was honestly quite a big risk for BigHit to make, remembering how they themselves have this policy to ban their idols from dating. It surely contradict their own policy but seeing how popular Bangtan is lately, the consequence of one of them to be in a relationship is much smaller than to have rumors spreading out. At least with one of them being in a fake relationship, the company could still control and manage what would their representative do for public.

When you firstly heard that it was Kim Taehyung who’s gonna be your fake boyfriend, you couldn’t help but to feel a bit giddy in the inside. You weren’t such a big fan but you’ve heard about him a lot. Who hasn’t, honestly?

When you look him up online, you actually feel really curious as to how this relationship would work out. He looks like a very childish man who looks like he’s 8 with a mind of 3 years old. Being in a relationship with such person must be a very fun ride for you to be involved at.

And you were right. Everyday, Taehyung seems like he always have the way to surprise you, whether to send you a bouquet, call you at unexpected moments, mention you on his online broadcasts, and other stuffs you didn’t think anyone would do for you. He was being a real sweetheart, indeed.

You expected to have a very immature relationship with him, espcially since this was based on contract not real feelings, you thought he would do this half-heartedly. But my, how wrong your thoughts were. Recently Taehyung has been treating this even more serious than any relationships you’ve had before. He’d even introduced you to his parents and siblings, telling them how much he adores you though they know about this contract relationship.

As much as you love it, you know that you can’t feel too comfortable with it. Everything that started off with tainted means on it would lead to nothing but a gushing red painting. At this rate, you’re already falling hard for him but you know that you can’t take this to any step further. Your company won’t allow you, his company won’t allow you, and you wouldn’t allow yourself to risk your and his career.

“Hey, come with me,” Taehyung suddenly says with much excitement and pull you away to a different path “Let’s get some churros,”

As mentioned, Taehyung might be very serious about your relationship but he still has his moments. Just like now, though he’s not that hungry nor does he want to get any snacks, thinking to eat churros with you gives him some kind of butterfly in the stomach. These days it doesn’t really matter what he does, as long as you’re involved in it, he’ll join in gladly.

“Oh my God, it’s V and ___!” you heard someone said as you wait for Taehyung to be back with the snack “Unnie, can we take some pictures?”

“Sure,” you smile, thanking God to finally send you someone that could distract your mind from Taehyung for a while.

But well, you thought wrong.

“Unnie, you look very cute with Taehyung oppa,” the girl says between the pictures “I really like the both of you together. Even my Mom loves you both,”

You smile weakly.

“My Mom even said that she hopes the both of you could take it to another level. If possible a marriage but I think it’s enough for you both to be engaged first. You’re still young, anyway,”

You bite your inner cheek at the comment. Boy, how sweet would it be to be in a marriage with him. Taehyung had shared all of his marriage plans to you and up till now you’re actually agreeing with all of it. From what age he’d want to start a family at, to how many children he would want to have, they’re all very similar to your life plans. He always used the word ‘us’ and it really doesn’t help a thing with your feelings because it made you feel like you’re involved in it. Like you’re involved in his marriage plans.

“I hope we could take it a step forward too,”

“What is this?!” you heard someone shouted and barged into your dressing room. You didn’t need to came out of the changing room or to open the door to take a peek. You recognize whose voice it was though you’ve never heard him this mad. Anger seem to make his voice huskier and deeper, making you flinch a bit at the bad scenarios that might happen later.

“Where’s ___?” he asks rudely to your coordi unnies.

“I’m here,” you say, stepping out of your comfort zone after taking a huge inhale to brace yourself with the tidal wave of arguments that’s coming your way “Unnies, can you please leave the both of us alone? I think Taehyung-ssi has something in mind,”

Everyone stared at you with confused look. What’s going on? No one had ever seen Taehyung this mad and boy, he surely scared the life out of everyone in the room. And why did you address him so formally just now? Aren’t you two dating?

“Taehyung-ssi?” he asked with a dark chuckle once everyone was out of the room.

“You’re my senior, I should’ve addressed you as such since the beginning,” you say softly, trying to sound calm and steady when in the inside you’re just as conflicted as him “What is it? Why’re you here? Aren’t you supposed to be getting ready with your group for the show? The show would start any minute now, if it’s nothing important then I suggest you wait until the show’s done. I’m today’s MC, remember?”

“This girl,” Taehyung clicked his tongue and shook his head, clearly looking frustrated at your sudden change of attitude “What is this, ___,”

You glance at the few sheet of papers on the table he tossed and said nothing.

He shouts, “Answer me!”

“It’s our new contract,”

“Exactly! Why would we need a new contract? And why did it state that our relationship would only last for another week?! What happened to the old contract?!”

“I paid myself out of the old contract,” you answer while staring at the papers, not daring to meet his eyes “I changed my mind. I can’t go on with the last contract. The period of time for our relationship conflicted with my plans, I had to bail myself out,”

“Conflicted with your plans?! What plans?!” he yells, taking angry steps closer to you “Our last contract was perfect enough for us to work with, why would you want to cut down our time?!”

“I have new plans, Taehyung, I told you,” you compile the papers and hand them to him “You need to sign it,”

“I won’t sign it!” he grab it harshly before throwing it away “I’d never sign it, never,”

“Stop being so selfish, Taehyung! I need to live my life and you need to live yours! I have plans I want to work on, why can’t you understand that?!”

“Plans, what plans?! What could be so important now that you want to call our relationship off?!” he yells, veins visible on his neck and breathing uneven as he spat “You’re calling me selfish yet you’re the one terminating our contract from one side,”

You stare at his angered face with blank look. His eyes were locked on yours, giving you the worst fear you’ve ever felt your entire life. There’s no more childishness, love, and warmth radiating on those orbs. Only disappointment, pain, and hate that you could reflect from them. It was as if you’re looking at a whole different person now.

Tears started to form. It hurts you to know that you’ve changed the liveful Kim Taehyung to someone who’s filled with seethe and sorrow. His eyes show more than enough evident of how much your decision hurt him. The pain you’re feeling in your heart now is much less bearable as you spend another second staring at him.

You turn your body before he could see your tears. No, he can’t see how much this hurts you too. If he knew that you didn’t do it with full favor and heart, he would never sign the contract.

“___,” he calls softly, trying to reach you but you only take a step further “Baby, please,”

“Just sign the contract Taehyung. Why is it so hard for you to understand?!”

“I can’t! I can’t sign the contract even if someone threaten to hurt me,” he yells, sounding even desperate now “I love you, ___. I don’t want to lose you now, please,”

Your body froze. No, no he did not just say what you thought he said. He can’t be. He can’t be in love with you. He can’t have the mutual feeling as you do. It wouldn’t help a thing with his career, his company policy. Being in love with you would only lead him to nothing but harm to his career. No, you can’t let him ruin the life he’d been building so hard over the years. You just can’t.

“I fell in love with you, ___. I fell hard,” he continues as if the three words he said weren’t enough to be your worst nightmare “I love every single thing about you. I just— I didn’t think that I could ever love someone this much, but you proved me the otherwise,”

“Taehyung, stop,”

“No, I won’t stop, listen to me!” he yells, spinning your body so you can see how in tears he’d been too “I don’t want to end what we have now, ___, please. If anything, the only contract I’d sign is us terminating this fake relationship to continue for a real one. This is the only thing that I have for us, I can’t let this go, please,”

You close your eyes, not having the energy and heart to see his broken state.

“I love you, I really do,” he cries “Don’t let me go. Fight for me, please,”

Your body whimper. If Taehyung doesn’t hold you tight right now, you’d definitely fall down to the floor, crying your heart out. You feel conflicted. You don’t want to let him go. You don’t want to stop the sweet fantasies you have with him. You don’t want to erase his scent and touch. You don’t want him to leave, but this is for the best. What good would your love do if he has to sacrifice his dream and life being an idol?

“I can’t, Taehyung, I’m sorry,” you say with hoarse voice as you peel his fingers off your shoulders.

“Why? Why can’t you fight for us? Have I not treated you well enough?” he asked, sounding like a little kid in despair “Did I make any mistake? Did I not make you happy?”

You made me the happiest, oppa, you thought. You wanted to tell him, hug him and kiss his tears away, but you can’t. It’s too much to sacrifice and too little to give if you were to let him continue this. You can’t let him destroy what he has now, you don’t have the heart to.

“You only did everything based on contract, not love,” you spat all of sudden, staring at his eyes deeply as you try to compose yourself “The feeling you’re having now, it’s not love. It’s just the comfort you feel to have someone beside you. You can easily feel that with anyone. Once you sign the contract and we’re officially done, you can easily regain this feeling with other girls,”

The words rolled out of your lips with full venom. They hurt your feelings and cut your heart deeper than you intended. The hurt plastered all over his face was making everything harder but you continue on, using this as your chance to slip off of his fingers though it wound your heart real bad.

“If you thought that what I did all this time was based on love, was based on pure feelings for you, then you thought wrong. I could easily act the same way I did to some other guy if I were to be in a contract relationship with someone else,” you said in monotone and much coldness “I’m an actress after all,”

Your last words seem like a wakeup slap for Taehyung as he blinks and suddenly take a step back, nodding to himself. He looks away, biting his lower lip as tears threatened to fall even more. It was as if your last words were an even worse nightmare for him to face than these new contract papers.

“You’re right. You’re an actress after all,” he says, slowly chuckling as he laughs over his own stupidity “What did I expect in the first place, honestly. You’re too good to be true. Our relationship was too perfect to be brought alive,”

You stay silent, watching him as you try to held in the tears.

“I’ll mail it to you first in the morning,” Taehyung says as he pick the papers up and head to the door “It was nice knowing you, ___-ssi,”

I hope this is what you expected ?? I’m sorry it took me forever to post this .

— dee .

clemvevo a réagi à votre billet :listening to music / sounds actually makes my ears…

Roo maybe you should check that out?

I think I’ll have to :/ it actually feels like i hear my heart pulse at a loud volume

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WHAT??? How can this people paint Tao as a Lil innocent butterfly and at the same time talk shit about the cute as hell post chanhyeol made? He didn't do anything wrong. He was really cute. People need to sort their thoughts out, tbh. (Btw, I totaly agree with you on all the Tao issue)

That’s what I’m saying!

Chanyeol literally just told fans “say only nice things” because K-fans were raging at TAO’s solo and trending “ 타오새끼” (Tao Son of a bitch). Basically he was telling fans to calm tf down. If anything he is just playing peace maker.

How tf can you even turn that into anything remotely negative??? The delusion is strong in some fans..

Meanwhile they ignore all the legit shady stuff TAO did while acting like he’s a saint..

Hypocrites stanning a hypocrite..

Be interesting to see how long it takes Tumblr to process this one.

Anyway, I had some ‘issues’ as they say, the the Hubsan. Had it up to around 100 feet or so trying to get some panoramic video of the neighborhood when it started oscillating, twitching back and forth and acting like it was in a stiff wind, only there wasn’t any wind. Then the signal started breaking up. Never really lost control, but it sure was twitchy and I got it down fast. (takes a surprisingly long time to get a drone down from 120 feet without crashing it, btw)

The unit checks out fine, flies fine… no idea what happened but now I’m nervous about taking this thing out more than the length of a room. Hmph… Started to lose the video signal, everything was degrading. Interference from some RF source nearby? No idea.

Anyway, this is the reason I’m upgrading to a different model with better stability control and much better video capabilities.

Note to regulators, FAA, material thieves, etc - Videos are my own, shot by myself using my equipment. All drone videos are done on a hobby basis only without financial compensation if any type. The drone never left my own property, and never exceeded FAA flight specifications for hobby aircraft use.

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The reason we frustrate them is because we never sit down and take their shit. I know it seems like I like drama but as long as this shit persists I will never shut up. The minute people let them say their shit is when everything goes to hell in a hand basket. That's why they act like this, because people allowed the equal girls, equal everything, NH has more, SS has issues, bullshit for too long.

SAME, I am not going to keep my mouth shut just so people will think i am “nice” and that I must agree with everything they say, 90% of what they say is total bullshit, ironically the only thing they were right about in the manga is that Sakura loves Sasuke (we all know how they couldn’t defend in any argument without using that card btw) so i will not agree with what they say just so there will be peace, if there is bullshit i will defend, simple as that. EXACTLY people allowed the equal thing way too long and it was always NH that allowed it lol I wonder why, i seen SS say SS is the most developed pairing over the years because it was pretty obvious but they did not mention NH or say anything bad and NH would reblog or reply to it telling them how they’re equal and even many NH fans before The Last got to their head admitted SS had more development and I even seen people like CK reblog their posts telling his own fandom how they’re equal or NH have more lmao while trying to equate everything we have to them. Hilarious. We’re not the ones who see this as a competition, if stating facts makes these people feel inferior then that doesn’t say much.

Again this is to whoever it may concern but honestly it’s like 80% of their fandom at this point.

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i dont think anyones inherently being racist? at least not on purpose. like if we actually saw alyssa in the series itd be different, except some people probably havent even seen the skin or didnt realize its the official one. and the first time i saw her skin, i thought she looked kinda pale. idk if she was actually that pale though, i only saw the skin once or twice (im sorry for getting involved btw, i dont like to join arguments but i thought i should say this. sorry if i was rude!)

i really hope no one is trying to be racist really, i get the whole ‘artist interpretation’ but white-washing is still a serious issue and is quite racist tbh. i mean yeah, alyssa’s skin isn’t that dark but it’s not white either. she’s a person of colour definitely honestly.

(nah you’re fine, anon!!)

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mal I need your help. I have a crush on a blog that only knows me as anon and I'll what to do. like she wants me to come off anon but I'm so scared she won't like me and she'll block me or something. plus I'm three years younger than her and that doesn't really help. btw the blog is guitarst

omg !! kayla is so lovely she wouldn’t block u or be creeped out or anything. the age gap might be kind of an issue but im sure she would be ur pal

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tbh though, I'm not the best person to really discuss this with, because I'm really that bothered by how they were treated in UBW. I don't think they fit UBW thematically, and ufotable made the right choice in giving more focus to Saber, who does fit the themes of the route and who won't get resolution in HF. (I wasn't the anon who replied to you earlier, btw? Didn't realize someone else had replied already)

There are more asks about my post that there are notes on the post itself. Still, if you didn’t mind the way UBW did things, I’ve got no real issue with that. Not like my (pretty biased, honestly) opinion’s the only valid one out there. It’s been pretty cool talking to you guys, though.

we’re just gonna pause for a minute to appreciate my mother okay.
so this summer i’ve been living with my dad and brother in montana while my mom has been in minnesota. and this last week was really difficult for me because my (slightly workaholic) dad has been having issues with kidney stones. suddenly was i not only making sure my brother was getting some sort of food at normal mealtimes and getting us to work on time, i had to also make sure my dad was y'know… not dying. halfway through the week my brother left for camp (which sucked anyway bc he’s my best friend & we’re bad at being apart), leaving just me and my dad. he’s been in pretty much constant pain, but sometimes it’ll worsen and he won’t be able to do anything. wednesday morning when i got out of the shower i found him on the floor in a bedroom and he said to me “i’m gonna be okay, but i need you to be here in case i pass out. if i pass out you call 911.” i sat with him for half an hour helping him take deep breaths and holding his hand. it wasn’t until it was mostly over that he noticed i was still in my towel.
i am someone who has been fortunate enough to always be taken care of. i’ve had to worry about a very small number of things in my life. so i think you can understand how hard it was to suddenly become the primary caregiver and breadwinner in my family (this excludes my mom).
anyway, back to appreciating my mother.
i’ve spent a lot of the past few days thinking a lot about how much i just needed a hug from her. from the only other healthy person in my family. and i got that hug tonight when she flew in for the weekend. when we were finally snuggled up on the couch together, she looked at me and asked “so are you gonna cry now?” and i burst into tears. i wasn’t really planning on breaking down over my current situation, but she just knew that i needed to let it out. and it felt so good and i’m just so happy to hug her again.

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We are all uneducated in some stuff, we all are still learning, so don worry, now you know and btw its great that only being 13 you know all this stuff and are educated in so many other topics! Keep learning

Thanks! I myself am very concerned with social issues and learning to be as unproblematic as possible. Ableism, sexism, racism, homophobia, biphobia, any of those kinds of things, I make sure to educate myself well on. Thank you for the encouragement, I hope you have a wonderful day! (\^_^/)

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I LOVE that new hair but for some reason my computer wont let me download it I always have problems downloading that creators hair for some reason >_< and I really want it I also love your sims so do you think you could make a quick base sim with that hair on at one point so I can have that beautiful hair and a beautiful sim of yours D: T_T thank you x

ahh well hello sweetums <3 ok, first off i completely and totally feels you with the issues ok my game does weird stuffs like that too. butttttt bby this hair actually isn’t the only one! the lovely julykapo has a retexture of that hair right here (their hairs are amazing ok) and for the sim part babes (thanks btw i love you for the interest angel squiggles   ・ˇ∀ˇ・ ) but yes i totally plan on putting one up for download ok and it might as well be a base sim cuz’ that takes less time and i really really REALLY needs to get to it bc you loves deserve a followers gift soooo badly. if you have ANY more problems hubun, ask away ok <3 

BTW I’m still here, still alive, and still trying to resolve these issues with Google. They’ve given several stupid answers as to why stuff isn’t working and their fixes aren’t fixing it. So don’t worry, this just means you get to hold only your money for a bit longer. At this point I might just wait till the next set comes in anyways. >.< but again if you have open orders please get ahold of me, if you’re just waiting for the new stuff that’s fine too but I don’t want you to be forgotten.