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20 Moments Stephen Strange Thinks of Often

1. Chasing his sister in the rain. Not yet being old enough to care that he was wet or that others were watching.

2. Holding a scalpel for the first time. Making a clean, straight slice on smooth skin. 

3. Kissing Tony on the icy sidewalk outside the Sanctum.

4. The first time he saw magic. The moment he felt hope for the first time in months.

5. Tony, clad in the Iron Man armor, landing in front of his fallen form. Tony fighting Thanos. Tony being stabbed, his blood dripping onto the sandy ground of Titan. “Stop.”

6. Dozing in the warm bath water. Tony’s back against his chest, fingers tracing patterns on his palms.  

7. Dinners and dancing and drinking. An empty smile on his face as he hurriedly shakes hands, rushing to move onto bigger, better things. Everyone wanting to stop the talented Dr. Strange.

8. Agony. Overwhelming. Consuming. Instantaneous. Gone. “Dormammu!”

9. Futures racing past his eyes. Tony dying. Peter dying. Him dying. All of them dying. Over, and over, and over again.

10. May sobbing hysterically at Peter’s graduation. Tony smiling proudly, hand squeezing his tightly.

11. Rolling. Spinning. Falling. Glass. Blood. The scent of fuel in the air. The sound of a car horn droning on in the background. Pain. 

12. The library. Unread books being shoved from the writing desk as Tony suggested a much better use for the surface. 

13. Dark eyes, wide with fear and pain, fixing him with a pleading look. To fix it. To say it’d be okay. “It was the only way.”

14. Snow collecting in his hair. Ice biting into his bare flesh. Frigid winds ripping through his thin grey garments. The cool metal of the sling ring freezing his skin as he desperately moved his hand in a practiced circle. 

15. Tony pulling gloves from scarred hands. Warm, tender kisses pressed into every finger.

16. Darkness and despair and drinking. Cerulean eyes staring emptily at the filthy stoop in Katmandu. No one stopping, no one caring about the broken Stephen Strange. 

17. Gasping sharply, lungs begging for air. “You’re alright, douchebag” Tony reassured, slipping the Time stone back into the Eye. “It’s over.”

18. Flakes of snow hovering in the sky, a sense of dread pulling at his heart. “It’s not about you.”

19. Warm summer sunshine streaming through sheer drapes, bathing their nude forms in golden light. The breathtaking beauty of tanned skin glowing against white sheets. 

20. “Stark-Strange!” Tony protests. “Strange-Stark,” he disagrees with a grin. 

evillfemme lied about what happened.

tm not going to name names or urls because these people have been attacked enough, but after making posts about the incident (evillfemme is a terf who says she was attacked by trans people at an lgbt bar) one of the people involved contacted me privately. not only did evillfemme leave out a lot of what happened that night but she also straight up lied.

the people involved were a cis lesbian, her nonbinary partner, their trans man friend, and evillfemme. evillfemme was drunk at the time, but the other three had not been drinking. it all started when the trans man approached evillfemme, asking her why she was there and saying that he was uncomfortable with her there. she got in his face, like a few inches away, and said “why, because i know youre female? female, female, female.” this greatly upset the trans man and he went outside in order to calm down, with the nonbinary person following him to make sure he was okay. the cis lesbian and a drag queen who was doing a show at the bar when this happened informed the bartender of what happened and evillfemme was asked to leave. 

she went outside, followed by the cis lesbian in order to make sure she didnt say anything else to her partner or her friend. evillfemme went across the street and started shouting transphobic slurs across the road (including tr*nny) and also shouted the trans man’s and nonbinary person’s deadnames many times. the trans man ran across the street in response, but the cis lesbian got in between them before anything happened.

it was at this point, while the cis lesbian was keeping them separated, that evillfemme swung her fist and hit the cis lesbian in the face. the cis lesbian grabbed her and began hitting back, while her nonbinary partner tried to stop the fight. the fight was broken up after about a minute. evillfemme was permanently banned from the bar.

the person who contacted me told me them tweeting about what happened was extremely stupid and they have all since shut down all or almost all social media.

evillfemme lied and said that she was attacked by trans people, mainly the nonbinary person, when in reality the only person who hit her was a cis lesbian.

as you all know, evillfemme’s post has gone viral. the nonbinary person’s deadname and personal information was leaked and spread. they were fired from their job after hundreds of terfs and terf supporters called their place of work. them and their partner (the cis lesbian) have received numerous threats in phone calls and messages.

a summary/key points:

evillfemme was not attacked by trans people. the only person who hit her was a cis lesbian.

evillfemme was not attacked because she misgendered a trans man. she threw a punch at someone and the person retaliated.

me, drinking a glass of $12 wine in bed with my phone and computer both charging and nothing to do for 8.5hrs: “this is the height of luxury”

Signs as shit Loki has said

im just making fun of the signs im not trying to offend anyone so don’t take it personally 

tag urself

Aries: now fight me!

Taurus:  if it’s all the same to you, I’ll have that drink now

Gemini: surpriiiiise

Cancer: *with a straight face* destroy everything

Leo: i am burdened with glorious purpose

Virgo: *looks at their sibling* i’ve never seen this man in my life

Libra: Handle me?! who are you?

Scorpio: I’m asking for safe passage through the anus

Sagittarius: your savior has arrived!

Capricorn: You’ll kill me? Evidently there will be a line

Aquarius: i have to get off this planet

Pisces: damn……………

ok i’m pissed

ok so yes i’m only on episode 3, “the way forward”

but like what the fuck?

so keith tells lance to take charge and lead the team while he goes to find acxa. look at lance’s face when he’s told keith’s leaving again.

just look

he looks heartbroken, upset and worried.

and immediately afterwards, we see keith fighting alongside acxa while zethrid and ezor tease them and call it ‘true love’.

like??? what??? the??? fuck???

i’m honestly really triggered.

and then you got all those scenes with them together and like. how can they just do that immediately after showing lance so upset

idk man i guess my lance and klance stanning side is triggered about this

but seriously though you can’t tell me keith is straight and meant to end up with acxa

like i stg if they pull the ‘like father like son’ shit and make them both end up with aliens then fuck

When Thor approached Gamora like “Your father killed my brother” I was SO FURIOUS like oh god they’re gonna mess up his characterization in this film and make his unreasonably angry with her even though she had nothing to do with it. Then he nodded understandingly and told her “Families can be tough” and I smiled so hard. That’s our Thor.

Looking back, it was a clever choice to include the first bit of dialogue that implied he was about to threaten her since it’s like a slap in everyone’s face who thought Thor is just this mindless huge buff angry man, which surprisingly is how a lot of people interpret his character. It’s like the scene is like, you thought this was going elsewhere, haven’t you? But no, Let me get one thing straight.. Thor is a kind and understanding character and he keeps proving it, over and over again.

Same thing with the beginning scene with Loki, when Thanos gave him an ultimatum. “The tesseract, or your brother’s head. I assume you have a preference?”

There’s still a minor part of the fandom who would think Loki couldn’t care less about Thor, that he would give up on his life for the tesseract any day.

And he did! For a brief moment, he nonchalantly went like “Kill away.”

Sure, if he had broken down in tears the moment Thanos touched Thor, and begged him to spare his life, it would’ve been cool and all, but, that’s not Loki. He doesn’t wanna show Thanos that he’s weak or emotional. He almost smiled challengingly when he tells Thanos he’s free to kill Thor. Like he didn’t care. 

And he keeps up the facade for a short while, before slowly, bit by bit, it all comes undone and he yells at him to stop in terror.

That’s a more accurate representation of Loki, because Loki himself might think he’s able to give up Thor for a bigger cause. He might consider that the tesseract is too high of a price, and decide that giving up on Thor is the best course of action.

But he can’t, even if he wants to. He just can not let it happen, because Loki is defeated by his emotions.


Blow A Kiss, Fire A Gun | Pt.19

Teaser Pt.1 Pt.2 Pt.3 Pt.4 Pt.5 Pt.6 Pt.7 Pt.8 Pt.9 Pt.10 Pt.11 Pt.12 Pt.13 Pt.14 Pt.15 Pt.16 Pt.17 Pt.18 (If the links don’t work then please go to the masterlist in my bio!)

Summary: You’re arranged to marry Tom Holland, Londons most feared mobster, but it’s never easy. He doesn’t seem to want you and you don’t want anything to do with him.

Words: 2.9k


I APOLOGISE IN ADVANCE IF THE ‘READ MORE’ TAB DOESNT WORK! + This amazing mood board was made by @lilac-skylight

With a deep, unsurprising sigh, you placed the phone down beside you, staring at the array of tubes and needles that were currently hanging around you and your frustration only grew. You felt weak, useless. Unable to even reach over and grab a glass of water without wanting to keel over in pain.

The nurses checked up on you every so often, and not long after you woke up one sat on the edge of your bed and explained your condition, your options. You were lucky to say the very most. But you were shocked at what she’d told you, filled with disbelief for a moment also but everything was all too real.

He was dead. Tom wasn’t there and you previously had been close to death.

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Aromatherapy - Part 1 [Jungkook]

When your holistic hippie friend offers you a free massage at an unheard of health shop, you’re skeptical. But as soon as your masseur Jungkook walks into the room, you realize your outlook on massage therapy is about to completely change.

Warnings: oil massage, brief nipple play, fingering, semi-public sex, unprotected sex.

Moodboard by the fabulous @just-let-me-be-your-lover .

The ambiance of the room is soft,warm and inviting - the dim lights and quiet, soothing shift of the tranquil music humming lowly through the space. The scent wafting from the mist diffuser is a blend or aromatic oils you can’t place - heavy lavender and a combination of other herbs no doubt merited to relaxation.

You’d never been good with this kind of stuff. Never given in to the holistic beliefs that your best friend stood by so fully. For christmases and birthdays, she’d purchase bottles of the latest super vitamins for you to consume, strong in her conviction they’d cure your health. Casual coffee dates with her would be full of advice on what foods were rich in omega and essential acids, all because you’d added a chocolate brownie to your order while she was sipping green tea. It never mattered though because all of it, you chose to ignore.

So when you found yourself sharing about the stress your work was bringing you, you’d surprised yourself at the interest in the advice she’d given that had lead you hear, standing in this very cozy room in nothing but a tiny paper bikini handed to you by the receptionist on arrival. And when she’d text you a time and place for a prepaid appointment at the massage parlor, you’d thanked her with every intention of using it.

The outside of the building was unassuming - small, grotty and with the neon word ‘Nunchi’ and a hanbang sign out the front suggesting it sold traditional Korean medicine. But on entry, the luxurious decor told you you’d found the right place straight away, marble counters and plush seats indicating just how upmarket it really was.

A short knock on the door draws your attention to the present once more, a low, docile voice calling out in honorific language.

‘Excuse me, Madam. I’m about to enter. Are you dressed?,’ Despite the soothing tone, you’re struck by a feeling of butterflies shifting through your stomach. When your friend had told you you were going to have a great time, she’d never mentioned that you’d be basically naked in front of a complete stranger. The paper tissue cut outs barely concealed your most intimate parts - mere circles over your nipples and a tiny triangle over your core. ‘Did the receptionist ask you to wear the garments?’

‘Uh… Yeah, I’m dressed.’ You practically bite your lip to prevent yourself adding the additional ‘barely’ that you’d wanted to slip in. You were committed to this. It was too late to pull out now.

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Bow Down - Black Panther/T’Challa

Originally posted by manyfandomsonefan

( @totallyteiriaaa ) Request: How about a Black Panther x Reader set during T’Challa’s battle with Erik? After his ‘death’ Erik tries to take the reader as his own, but T’Challa comes back to take what’s rightful his, his kingdom, his people, and his girl.

Please don’t plagiarize my work - I spend a lot of my time writing, copying and pasting destroys that. If you want to repost my work. please ask first - but even then I might say no.

Requests are OPEN for Black Panther and Erik Killmonger ONLY!

The sound of the door opening shook you awake from your mourning. Your body went eerily rigid, back straight and fists clenching together tightly. You knew who had just walked into the room, a man you currently never wished to see in this room ever again.

“Stand up.”

You heeded to the man’s words, despite your better judgement, and faced your new King.

Stood in none other than T’Challa, the rightful King’s room, stood Erik Killmonger, the man who had killed him. You narrowed your eyes darkly his way, a threat hidden in your gaze as Killmonger walked about the room, a smirk on his lips.

He disgraced the title King.

“You sicken me,” you spat, eyes following his figure as he paced. Killmonger only continued to smirk, as if your words and your threats were nothing but amusement to him. “You do not deserve the title of the King.”

“Threatening words for someone in your position, Y/N.” You despised the way your name rolled off the tip of his tongue. “But you’re mistaken. I do not want to hurt you.” You weren’t oblivious to the fact that Killmonger was now making his way towards you, threateningly and intimidating as he strode towards you.

“Then what do you want with me?” You rebooted, gesturing around you. “Why have you locked me in his room? To laugh in my face? Remind me that he is dead?”

Killmonger than reached you and you backed up as he stepped forward. You mentally cursed when you felt your back touch the wall behind you, meaning that you were now trapped between that of a wall and Killmonger. A place you had no desire to be in. You were utterly defenceless given the fact that Killmonger had had your weapons taken away just before he locked you in what had been T’Challa’s room.

“I want nothing,” Killmonger stated simply, though you knew he wasn’t finished. You turned your head to the side as he raised his hand. “Nothing but you.”

You laughed, loudly and obnoxiously. “You are insane if you think i’d ever betray T’Challa like that.”

“Your kind is dead!” You flinched lightly at the sudden raise in volume. “Your love is dead. There is no one here for you but me.”

You met his gaze with striking defiance. “I will not bow down to you, Killmonger.”

Despite your better judgement, Killmonger grabbed ahold of your chin, pulling you closer. His lips were but a breath away and you did everything you could to defiantly fight his grip, but it was fruitless. “Erik,” he whispered, “my name is Erik.”

“I will not bow down to you.”

Killmonger than took another step forward, pressing his chest against yours so you were now truly trapped. Your eyes widened as his hands moved to cup your cheeks rather than hold your chin, bringing his face so close to yours you could feel his breath fawn over your face.

You hated it.

“You will.” Killmonger whispered, lips so close to touching yours. “You will submit. I’ll make you.”

“You’ll have to kill me.” You spat.

“That’s not entirely impossible,” Killmonger smirked and your brows furrowed, eyes widening with a trace of fear. “Though, you will not die. Other methods are avai-”

A sudden loud explosion caught the attention of both you and Killmonger. He was gone from you in seconds and running to the door, hope in your eyes and anger in his own.

“Stay here.”

And you did. For what felt like hours. All you heard was the distant sounds of guns and explosions until finally, finally, the door opened.

You almost didn’t want to turn around, knowing who you’d find. And you didn’t have the heart to see him, because you couldn’t live with the fact that ultimately he’d get his way.

But it was Killmonger.


That voice was undeniably familiar and you almost felt your breath leave you when you spun and met his eyes. 

“T’Challa?” You screeched, standing up from the bed in utter surprise. He was still in his Black Panther outfit but the helmet came off and you saw a smile on his lips. You didn’t think before you ran, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and pulling you against himself.

When you pulled back all you could was stare in utter shock.

“How are you…” You whispered, eyes wide. “How are you?”

“Doesn’t matter,” T’Challa shook his head, cupping your cheek. “Did he…”

“No,” you shook your head. “No.”

T’Challa nodded and smile fell on your lips as you fell back into his arms.

“Thank God.”

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Here you are sir.

So this just happened and this is a long story;

I was at my work ( I drive delivery for a pizza place) and I was ready to collect my tips and count out for the night. As my manager ( let’s call him Max) was going through the cash bag to make sure everything was accounted for and put everything in the register an older gentleman walked in. This was a bit after closing time and the normal cashier had left early that night which was no big deal and due to Max being the best, he just took over for her.

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You Got That Somethin’ by styleandsin (5k)

“How are you? Having a good time? Got a couple of beers in? What are those?” Louis hears him ask in quick succession, the loudness of the microphone making him jump even though the screams around him have yet to cease.

“It’s vodka,” Louis says, slightly unsure.

“Vodka! Oh, straight?” Harry asks, louder this time and with a growing smile.

Phoebe and Daisy have turned around to face him, huge smiles on their faces.

Fuck, this man is really going to be the death of Louis. He can physically feel his brain struggling to make his body cooperate and answer the question. He is so gay.

“No, gay!” He shouts, immediately getting an elbow to the side by his sister.

Or, the one where Louis attends a Harry Styles concert and makes an absolute fool of himself.

The Unusual Usual

“Draco, quit drooling, it’s beneath you.”

Draco huffed but said nothing to Greg as he continued to stare at a trio of strangers that were laughing animatedly.

“Honestly, just go over there and ask him out.”

A scoff left his mouth as he begrudgingly took his eyes away from a stunning man with black hair tied in a bun, green glasses that framed his face nicely, and a joyous smile that did things to Draco’s stomach—things that shouldn’t happen.

“Right, because hitting on straight people is exactly what I should do.”

Greg grunted, and the tone let Draco know that he was annoyed. “You don’t know that he’s straight.”

Draco supposed he had to give that one to Greg, but the odds were never in his favour. Straight men, unfortunately, were everywhere, and Draco had lost count long ago the number of times hitting on them got him nowhere.

“He’s gorgeous,” Draco whispered as he looked once more. His eyes widened when the man stared back, head titled and a small curious smile on a handsome face.

Draco looked down and shifted till he could half-way block the stranger out of his vision.

“He’s staring at you,” Greg pointed out, tone tinged in amusement.

“I know that, idiot,” Draco snapped without heat as his cheeks began to feel hot. “He better stare, I’m stunning.”

Greg laughed in surprise before he started eating his scone, the whole reason they came in the first place.

“I don’t think he’s straight, not with the way he’s looking at you.”

Draco had to fight the urge to look.

“I don’t get you sometimes,” Greg continued with a grunt for emphasis. “You always take charge in everything, but the second a pretty boy comes along, you choke up.”

He glared at Greg and lifted his nose in the air.

“You just wouldn’t understand.”

“What are you on about? I’m gay too, in case you have forgotten.”

“Oh, believe me, I haven’t forgotten,” Draco began with an eye roll. “Not with being your third wheel all the bloody time with Neville. I’ve seen more action with you two than I’ll ever get in a year. Bloody unfair is what that is.”

When Greg smirked, Draco wondered if it would be best to leave, gorgeous boy be damned.

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undercover love ➹ bang chan

→ genre: action, romance, mafia au

→ pairings: reader x chan (ft. stray kids)

→ word count: 4,641

→ description: As an undercover police officer, rule number one is don’t fall in love with the leader of the top mafia gang.

→ parts: 01 02 03 04

“Speeding!” he slammed his fists on the desk as he stared me glared at me furiously.

“Running red lights!” he shouted. I flinched at the sudden raise in his voice, and I bit my lip guiltily.

My chief ran his fingers through his hair and let out a deep sigh before turning to yell me again, “Shooting in public! Without warning the pedestrians!” 

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