this is not good pizza

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Whenever I remember Chihiro is a boy I get sad, because I thought it was so cool a girl got to be the programmer because boys always get to do the computer stuff! But no they tricked me the programmer was a boy all along

i was so excited to see nanami but then she had no personality… but finally, in 2016… im so proud of her…

Okay, let me help you help me on this beautiful Saturday. This only works if you haven’t tried out Uber Eats. Use the coupon code scottd2237ue for $20 off. Do u know what $20 off can get you??

- like a good size pizza, there’s this mac n cheese pizza I’ve ordered twice with these smores ravioli things omg

- 3-4 milkshakes, one for now and the other three for right after

- a few bar food appetizers like mozzarella sticks and fried pickles. Basically fried food!


Family Day! The end


Tons of people.

My FIL stuck his dope right under the tv and everyone could smell it.

No one got totally drunk so that was good.

It was so hot we all got in the pool.

I hung out with a cool kid most of the day who I think feels like an outsider to my family. He’s gotta realize he’s part of it now and I think he gets it. Now.

We started setting up everything at 8am. Long damn day.

Michele stayed til 11pm! Sure she was asleep at 9 but she tried.

My friend made BBQ pizza. That was good.

The kid who started Family Day. His goal was to get 10 people in the pool at the same time.

We got 13 in. That was hard.

But that was Family Day!


Bit sad

I’ve had an anon message me very angrily, asking why I didn’t update today.

Guys, I have a life outside of tumblr. I enjoyed one of the warmest days since forever today.I hung out with a friend and played Basketball. I had pizza with my family and had a good day.

I want to do this blog because it makes me feel happy and I love writing for Overwatch. I just loads of requests, and so I’m closing the askbox soon!

But please have patience. Writing headcannons and scenarios don’t just take 10 minutes. I invest at least half an hour into them. So please just let me have at least one day off or something. I don’t want a blog to rule my life.

This is no good. You did a really bad job. This is not a good job. This is not good pizza. This is terrible. You did it wrong. You are not good at this. You need to quit. Don’t ever do this again. Go to your room and go to bed. 

Thanks for the submission, Magnus

Bad Occult Cleansing Tip

In need of a cleansing or purification, but lack the tools or motivation to do a proper cleansing ritual? The fast food industry has you covered: just grab a high-sodium meal on the go! You get the purifying properties of salt, plus deliciousness, all in one convenient greasy package!



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Somehow I Mess The Colour(?)

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