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Mo Dao Zu Shi fics that have changed my life in the past week

They’re all WangXian because I’ve only been reading those so far. 

Completed fics:

Ongoing fics:

  • “u got kik? WWX and LWJ are both oblivious idiots on a dating app, slow burn college AU
  • Blink“ WWX goes on a blind date impersonating Mo XuanYu

NSFW fics under the cut

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Past me was a goddamn GENIUS at drawing facial expressions holy shit.

some of my absolute favorite gems:

Coco laughing at Sun’s misfortune

When you say something really stupid out loud and instantly regret it

When your FRIEND says something really stupid out loud and you question their life choices


When ur friend says dumb shit and they’re on SPEAKER PHONE

a sloppy sketch of “Lie Ren looks at the camera like he’s on ‘The Office’ because Jaune is dumb” shouldn’t be such a big mood and yet. It is. Amazing.

this one was my tumblr/twitter icon at one point because it’s still fucking good. Look at her. She’s like an agent of chaos.

RWBY volume 2, episode 1, oil on canvas

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Seth fondling Dean's hair is my absolute favorite thing these days. It's a Dean exclusive thing and i love when Seth does this. So cute. I also love how Dean kisses him from time to time. Yes it's brief, but my heart is melting always and correct me if i'm wrong, but that's a Seth exclusive, right?

i think seth did only once the hair thing with finn when he helped him against mcintyre and ziggler, otherwise he has done it only with dean if i’m not mistaken (and several times, like ↴ )

also, dean probably kissed other people on the head (mostly roman during their run as allies against seth i guess) but yeah, i think he did it only with seth since the shield reunited last year. 

it’s so cute that you pointed it out because they have been quite exclusive with each other in many ways and these two things are the nth way to highlight how special is their relationship. after all, do you know anyone else who called TWICE their buddy their wrestling soulmate? hehehehe :)))))))

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I just want to say how excited I am for the new season!! the animation in the trailer is absolutely beautiful. bee and puppycat is my all time favorite cartoon and im going to binge watch the new episodes the second they come out!

We are happy to hear that you are excited! And just to clarify, it is a new series, not a new season. - Alyssa

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Hello! I absolutely love your writing, and my all-time favorite story is The Gilded Cage. Have you ever considered publishing any of your fics in a bound copy? I’ve been dreaming of having a bound copy of The Gilded Cage for a while now and was wondering if it’s something that might be an option in the future? If not, do I have your permission to use the downloaded .pdf from ao3 to create a bound copy? But I totally understand if you don’t want that. Love your writing, you’re really talented <3

Originally posted by adventurelandia

Thank you, lovely! You know, there must be some energy out there in the universe, because I was thinking about this only last night - wondering if I could make a bound copy/collection of my works and if that’s something that would interest people.

I’d have to look into it and price it up etc. 

(To everyone else - bound copies of my work. Yes/No?)

For my doodle game, @friku8706 asked: Hmmm…. snake or spider? :)

I LOVE snakes but spiders are actually some of my absolute favorite animals! In fact I have a pet tarantula :D 

Drew the friendly tarantula on a blank bit of unused space without thinking too much about it then realized that drawing of Frieza from a week or two ago looked like he was reacting to it so I had to add the dialog XD

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i want to let you know that israfel is one of my absolute favorite characters in the story (so far, but he'll probably stay on the top 5 list throughout). i crave loving sibling relationships and his relationship with gabriel hits that spot very nicely 👌👌 thank you so much for all the work you do!

Thank you for this lovely ask! I’m glad you’re enjoying Israfel! As much as I know some people would love to romance him, I really wanted to focus on a sibling relationship with him, so it’s great to hear that’s something people are enjoying!

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Did you actually do stuff in paris (sightseeing, museums, etc) or were you just there to shop/absorp the culture ?

ya i flew halfway around the world to shop and absolutely definitely not come back with thirty reinterpretated sketches of art pieces hanging in my favorite galleries, and absolutely not at all to work on my writing and finish the rough draft of my first zine, and god forbid i’ve gone out and made friends whom i adore and spend exploring the city at night or drinking on the seine, ugh yeah just here 2 spend all my money on materialistic things ! glad we cleared that up phew

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Do u know the name of a Bucky x reader fic, where Bucky is a tattoo artist and the reader is a florist, and their shops are right across the street from each other, and he goes into her shop everyday to draw the flowers there?

Oh, darling! I do know that fic, it was Freah Ink by Emmy, but the story is no longer on tumblr, unfortunately! It’s without a doubt one of my absolute favorite fics of all time, so I understand you wanted to read it ❤️

ok. ok listen. everything about this. the posture. the outfit. the gaze the jaw the EVERYTHING god of course he wears converse………in this house we stan converse what the DUCK are vans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes we are going to work our way up now. his. HIS LEGssadjh. his LESGSJHG. his Llgess. legs. HIS LEGS are my absolute favorite listen boys and girls they didnt put him in shorts since fire truck era FOR NOTHING……………………..they know. his calves are the peak form of tried and true calf subsistence ive said it BEFORE i will say it over and over again………not to be like. weird but he has the prettiest legs his THIGHS im not even going to elaborate on we wanna leave room for breath we can only swallow so much at once but on a sidenote his knees are michelangelos greatest piece you can visit them in the sistine chapel….ok. this outfit. UMMMm thats a boyfriend for night ins this whole composition of garments is a statement HES UP FOR A CHILL NIGHT IN WITH BURGER KING AND AN THE OFFICE MARATHON *** * ******* ** *** ******* ***** BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes. giving me “ill pick you up from work and we will get taco bell on the way home”……….also cuddling on the couch…listening to tunes together……….fuuuuuuuuuck ok im getting hung up MOVING ON!!!!!!!!!! his jawjaskjdhakgjhfmd faajj jaw. his jaw!!!!!!!!!!!! WHATS NEW his creator put his fucking stamp on that because he was so proud of how it turned out……..his gaze. like. generally. throughout that whole dance practice. he dances with SUCH focus his eyes have something so. strong. its corny or whatever BUT I ALWAYS STRESS THIS HIS GAZE IS SO HGDKASJHGDKJAHGSD ITS. THAT WEIRD MIXTURE OF SUPER focused and intense with. a soft edge. mystery. like he whips it out during shoots if needed like hes starting to REALLY take control of it but when he performs its a subconscious thing like. when hes serious about shit its RAW magic hes so captivating……..watching him is SO interesting like hes super into what hes doing and doesnt get distracted and then he goes to the sidelines and just. SNAPS OUT OF IT???? GOOFS AROUND???? IS THE FUNNIEST PERSON on EARTH LIKE HELLOOoO!!!!!!!!!! DUALITY IS HE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its seriously baffling how someone can. hold this much power in his tiny baby fonger hands. please …

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Ok so my family tends to do early Christmas shopping, so I went with them to help get it done. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. But I’m pretty much atheist. I’m not really sure if I believe or not and I heavily lean to not believing. Everyone says you can’t be atheist and celebrate Christmas. But Christmas is my favorite holiday because I love giving people gifts, helping those in need, and being close. I can’t help but feel guilt since I’m not Christian though.

There’s nothing to feel guilty about. Christmas has had secular aspects since forever. Plenty of people enjoy celebrating it despite not being faithful Christians.

Any story claiming to be a deconstruction of fairy tales but has nothing to offer except new types of violence, more explicit sex, and a general attitude of “lol happy endings aren’t real” is like. such a cultural waste of time tbh