this is mostly a joke

someone in the ml fandom probably: ladynoir is better than marichat! marichat is better than ladrien! adrienette is better than–”


Is Katie McGrath a vampire? A theory.

1. Nobody knows when her birthday is, her brother confirmed she doesn’t have one and if you ask her she will avoid the question.

2. She said she hates the sun and usually stays out of its way all the time.

“[Talking about filming Jurassic World in Hawaii] I have to say, I hate the sun so it wasn’t much fun for me…”  (x)

3. She’s super pale.

4. She hasn’t aged in 10 years.

5. And we haven’t seen pictures of baby Katie. We only have this one and I mean, that could have been taken 100 years ago for all we know.

6. She played a vampire once and was pretty convincing.

7. She has those hypnotizing out of this world eyes.

8. She always wears sunglasses to cover them, even inside.

9. She’s alluring and inhumanly beautiful.

10. She just looks like one…

11. Also, she loves meat, she wears mostly black clothes that cover every surface of her skin, loves cold weather, is highly intelligent, knows a lot about history (’cause she lived it) and loves it, doesn’t have any social media so she won’t be ‘out there’ and when she’s not filming she disappears for long periods of time and she barely leaves her house. I know there are more things that I’m forgetting. I’m just saying… 

the signs as songs by brendon urie written about ryan ross

aries: hurricane
taurus: collar full
gemini: bittersweet
cancer: nearly witches 
leo: i wanna be free
virgo: the calendar
libra: girls/girls/boys
scorpio: nicotine
sagittarius: i have friends in holy spaces
capricorn: c’mon
aquarius: casual affair 
pisces: folkin’ around

Why do ppl make draw mermaids with seal’s tail and say it’s a selkie. Like no. Commit to the mystical ridiculousness that is the legend of the selkie. Beautiful ladies disguised as sentient sea sausages. Dead ass. You gotta commit. Bronagh comes out of the ocean and snakes out of a seal skin like a goddamn snake. Give me that Gaelic bodyhorror folklore or leave

Ya’ll ready to heck the monsters when they sleek, “sexy” “pretty” sensual ones but when I say I wanna heck a monster I mean a big scary fucker. I mean huge, two sets of arms the size of tree trunks, sharp teeth in each of his/her multiple drool-dripping, blood covered, mouths, big ol’, demon from Satan’s nightmares, hundred eyes, can pick me up with one hand like I’m two grapes, 600 lbs of soul devouring, animalistic horror movie monster shit. We don’t play those games in this house. Go hard or go home.

fallout: new vegas, as written by bethesda
  • male characters have flirt options with veronica. female couriers do not.
  • while youre away from vegas, a runner comes up to you with a message. you read it and find out the king was ambushed and has died, oh no! you become the head of the kings
  • vulpes inculta is marked as essential. caesar is marked as essential. easy pete is marked as essential
  • julie farkas is actually evil! she runs inhumane experiments on freesiders! you have to kill her, and then you become the leader of the followers of the apocalypse. also, the followers are badass soldiers for some reason.
  • everyone in vault 3 is always hostile. there is no speech check at the beginning.
  • upon completion of How Little We Know, you become the manager of gomorrah and leader of the omertas, just because
  • if you bring swank three pieces of evidence detailing benny’s actions, swank solemnly says, “now aint that a kick in the head”
  • vipers? jackals? fiends? i think you mean raiders, raiders, and also raiders
  • selling arcade into slavery nets you bad karma but is ultimately considered the “good ending” for arcade
  • you go to the great khans in red rock canyon and they ask you to clear out a camp of three (3) ncr troopers. you become the leader of the great khans.
  • all the white gloves are hostile to you unless you have the cannibal perk, for whatever reason. once you kill them all, you become the owner of the ultra-luxe
  • goodsprings has victor’s shack and easy pete’s bed. you have to build the rest of the town yourself
  • upon completion of the main quest, if you sided with the legion, caesar fears you have surpassed even him, and orders you killed. you kill caesar, and take control of the legion. you own new vegas
  • upon completion of the main quest, if you sided with the ncr, president kimball thinks youre a swell guy and gives you control of the ncr. you own new vegas
  • upon completion of the main quest, if you sided with house, he gives ownership of vegas to you, considering his work complete. you own new vegas.