this is me ranting

Reasons why i never finish writing a fic

  • I forgot about it
  • Procrastinated too hard
  • Writers block which eventually leads to forgetting about it
  • Got confused with all the plot holes i had
  • Forgot to save when writing and now its all gone
  • Procrastinated
  • Basically a lot of procrastination
Class 1-a youtubers headcannon

Okay, I see a bunch of things where the kids of class 1 a have their own individual Youtube channels but what if they had one Youtube channel together.

The channel icon is a picture of aizawa asleep in his caterpillar cacoon or whatever and the header image is just all might bench pressing the entire class.

Most of the videos would probably just be fucking meme videos that kaminari makes for no reason and videos that sero has taken of the other kids at random moments. Or sometimes they work together to make embarrassing garbage that lasts on the internet forever.
For instance, sero was video taping everyone asleep in the common room after movie night and he caught this one clip of ojiro hitting himself in the face with his tail and kaminari made every meme remix possible with it.

But there are other things as well;

Jirou probably makes song covers and talks about bands and stuff.
Satou probably makes baking tutorials
And Kirishima has three minute long videos that are just him weight lifting.

Uraraka secretly videos whenever the class goes out on the town.
There is probably a complation one of the girls (or guys haha) made of todoroki being a very beautiful boy (he doesn’t even know what’s happening tbh) .
Midoriya talks about heroes and fanboys over nearly everything
And then there is probably a whole series that is dedicated to (and secretly taken) tokoyami and the wonders of having a bird head.

Most of minetas videos are either taken down, or not allowed to be posted in the first place.
Kouda just has short clips of his pets and other animals he finds.
Aoyama has a little series where he tries to set up some of his classmates (and fails. These kids are too oblivious)
Ojiro has a martial arts series
Momo makes a wide variety of videos. From her trying to create things without using her quirk to tutorials on how to be a straight a student
Tsu has people ask her questions and she gives really blunt but very helpful answers
Hagakure is the one who takes most of the secret videos, but she also does makeup tutorials
Ashido dances / pulls pranks on people
Shouji gives people tips on various things, but mostly stress management
Iida doesn’t really post anything he just monitors what everyone else posts
And bakugou has five second long videos of him screaming at various things

All of their individual posts are sorted into playlists that are titled with their names from the class 1-a groupchat (which they post voice over videos from all the time)

And they have this weird continuing series they all do together where they dress up as each other and try to reenact things they’ve done. (In a much less serious but dramatic way) The most popular one is a weird remake of the todoroki/ bakugou fight in the sports festival but with hagakure as todoroki and sero as bakugo)

Basically these kids are meme lords and their is no stopping them.

Stomach: im so empty..please feed me

Me: *drinks water* no u r all good

Stomach: *growls loudly in disagreement*

Brain: *sends these crazy urges to binge*

Me: N O *drinks 0 cal coke* *burps* see you burped, youre full

Stomach: im…full….

The great thing about fanfiction is that it’s Fan. Fiction.

You wanna make it non-canon compliant? Do it, boo. It’s your story. Write the way you wished it had gone. Write the characters making a different choice. Fix the universe where you think it failed. Follow the guidelines or don’t. This fanfic is yours! Write and have fun with it.

You wanna make the story canon? With all the history and pairings perfect? You do it, darling. Figure out what happens after the main storyline is done. Figure out what would happen in that unseen/unwritten moment. Come up with a brilliant story for the characters and have them work it out with the history they’ve already been given. Write that fanfic the way you want to and have fun!

You wanna write an AU? You do just that, my dear. Write the characters in a world they’ve never been in. Use all your favorite tropes, or create something new. Have them act differently to things because it’s a new experience. Write a world you wished they’d lived in. Write your fic in whatever world you want because it’s your fanfic and you should have fun with it.

You wanna write a crossover? Freaking do it, babe. Have your characters meet characters from another story. Make them friends, enemies, roommates, or lovers. Make them all of the above. Combine two universes or set them up in one.

Write characters who are OOC, or write them in character. Write them in a way that fits your headcanons. Write them in a way that makes them come even more alive in your eyes. Write scenes that make your soul ache. That make you smile and laugh so hard you cry. That make you excited to keep coming back to these characters.

Too many people out there will criticize and judge you on how you write your story. But it’s yours. Not theirs. It’s your Fan. Fiction. You are the fan creating the masterpiece. Nobody is allowed to tell you what you can or can’t write for your story.

Tldr: Write the story you want to write. Have fun. Fan Fiction is for you to write the story you wish had happened.

So, Critical Role, first campaign. Trinket. Mother hugging Trinket. He is amazing okay. Just amazing. And yeah the joke is he never contributed to a fight. But that is a flat out lie. He has made contributions to fights. He has attacked dragons. Or at least one dragon. So yeah, he’s useful. But but that’s not what’s important or special about Trinket. No, what makes him special? Love. That bear is made of 100% love for Vex. He would do anything for her. ANYTHING. That’s how much he loves her. Like it doesn’t matter what is if it is for her. He’s just a good bear. Like are any of us as loyal as Trinket. HECK NO! We need to be more like him I think. But yeah if he met Frumpkin, he’d probably try to eat him.

I know that the YA genre has still a ways to go before becoming truly perfect (if that’s even possible) but can we just acknowledge how far it’s come in just a few years? When I first got into it, when I was around 12/13, it was full of books like Twilight, Hush Hush, Vampire Academy, or The Fault in Our Stars: completely white and heterosexual, a lot displaying abusive relationships, misogynistic ideals, and/or racist tropes.

Now some of the most popular young adult novels are about a Black Snow White and a Chinese Cinderella, or women like a bisexual plus-size girl that’s still considered beautiful and badass by everyone who meets her and a brown girl with an incredibly deep backstory that’s usually reserved for white girls. A bisexual black guy with “superpowers” and a disabled boyfriend. We also have lesbian!Cinderella, lesbian!Hades and Persephone, a disabled MENA anti-heroine lead with a black romantic interest, a Chinese dystopian heroine, and another dystopian couple that includes two geniuses: a Native American girl and a Mongolian guy. A series inspired by West-African culture and religion. A reimagining of London where it’s brown/black people ruling. A magical, dystopian society where the heroine is a brown latina.

And that’s just off the top of my head! I’m not even thinking a lot about it! I read like half of those only this year. I KNOW that a lot of them are far from perfect, but do you guys know just how much all of this means?

Young Adult literature is always looked down on because it’s just that thing nerdy teen girls enjoy, and it’s hilarious to make fun of them, but do you know how much more enjoyable and relatable it’s becoming now, for TONS of them? YA lit has become one of the most diverse types of media out there, and despite the very real need for improvement, I’m just so happy to see it get better all the time! ~mod ara

How to Write a Twist

I’m finishing up Detroit: Become Human and I’m going to have some story-writer thoughts on that later but here’s a non-spoilery, writerly, unrelated to DBH rant about How to Write a Twist (according to Avelera):

- A good twist should illuminate the story backwards and forwards in time.

Example of a good twist: (Spoilers) Shyamalan’s “The Sixth Sense” reveals that our main character was dead the whole time. This recasts the story and invites us to take a second look at the nuances of the scenes before the reveal. We become suddenly aware of elements we were willing to ignore before because of storytelling conventions, such as camera angle, leaps forward in time, and who Willis’s character has spoken to throughout (Hint: no one except the little kid except in flashbacks). The director invited us to ignore these elements the first time as mere film conventions, playing with time and POV. The movie is re-watchable beyond the initial shock of the twist as we look for clues that we missed the first time that reveal the story from an entirely different angle.

Example of a bad twist: (Spoilers) Shyamalan’s “The Village” reveals that the monsters that have terrified this village throughout the story were always in fact the elders putting on silly costumes to scare everyone. It’s a Scooby Doo style “It was old man Jenkins in a mask the whole time!”. This makes the film un-rewatchable, because all the tension has fled. Scenes that scared us initially because we thought there was a monster become ridiculous in retrospect. We also learn that we were never in the past, this is a weird commune of hippy LARPers who decided for some reason to pretend they were living in the goddamn 1600s and decided randomly to talk as if they lived back then, meaning besides there being no supernatural element there was actually never any danger to this community at any point that they didn’t bring on themselves by being dumbasses.

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Let me tell you about something you should never do.

When someone says, “No, I am uncomfortable and don’t want to do this”, your first instinct should NOT be to say they’re wrong and then “try to prove them wrong”.

I, unfortunately, had to deal with a man like this today. Now, I’m a VERY outspoken person and I will not fear people, especially those acting like self-entitled man babies who think that a woman should be GRATEFUL of their presence.

Some guy scouted me for voice acting work; it was mature. I asked about it because I don’t mind doing some mature work (like raunchy jokes or sexy, whatever) and he told me it wasn’t hardcore stuff, just a little dirty.

It was super hardcore stuff and I politely said I’m sorry this project isn’t for me. He questioned me, I responded saying I do not judge the content and I think the voice actresses already on it are good but personally it is not for me.

That’s when he turned. He suddenly started questioning everything, trying to PROVE why I personally was uncomfortable with doing it was wrong. (For me, I use my voice on everything and it is recognisable to people so I didn’t want to be connected with the subject matter even if I used an alias.) 

Suddenly I was “not even good anyway” and “HIS actresses were part of BIG NAME INDUSTRIES” and all that. He “totally respected my opinion even though it was wrong.” I told him if he was angry for me not wanting to do the project then that was his problem not mine and he wouldn’t stop so I cut the conversation off.

You’re not entitled to any woman’s time or skills. Respect the No and leave.

sometimes folks make minho out to be a really tough and competitive person and limit it to just that, when he’s so much more. he literally has a fridge full of capri suns, banana milk, winnie the pooh branded chocolate and strawberry milk. he tried to feed a squirrel in a park, got bitten and all he did was look pleased about it and start imitating it. 

he tries to go to every significant event his closes friends partake in, even deeming a favourite season to love every one of his members. he hung out with kids for an afternoon and let them stick unicorn stickers on his hands. he was genuinely concerned that he was coming across as a mean person in a show that he seriously asked one of the mc’s if ‘he really seemed like that’.

he’s literally the Softest™ person alive.


my sweet mother, losing her goddamn mind: we have to find her headphones to shut her up please god help me now

S A V E    T H E M   (some pizza to eat cause they’re hungry)

speedpaint here ( X )

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Bryan rants about pineapple on pizza for 3 minutes

i can’t believe people refuse to see louis as the fashion icon he is… his style has changed every era because he is always. on. trend. the athleisure look he rocks now is absolutely everywhere and i know y’all know it. you can’t tell me you haven’t seen every model and a-list celeb rocking sportswear constantly. and his commitment to matching his outfits down to his shoelaces is incredible. he creates full Looks™️. louis tomlinson is as fashion conscious as they come and that’s just a fact