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it is so extremely weird how much me and pewdiepie are alike

and this is off topic kinda, but he’s currently having a competition contest thing where he’ll give shoutouts to people who he thinks are original and creative so they can have recognition for their work (on youtube).. but there are rules of course and one of them is to post regularly and have at least 500 subs. interestingly enough, i have exactly 503 and my channel is as old as 2007… but i don’t post as regularly as i’d like to and i don’t feel like my channel is original and/or creative to be submitted…

decisions, decisions…

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You should cosplay Amethyst from su because I associate you with her and sorta subconsciously think you look like her because she's your icon. (I always believe people look like their icons until proven otherwise) (also my autocorrect changes cosplay to Coldplay lol)

amethyst is my fave i think i’m crying lol thank youuuu (also kinda off-topic, but I went to the state fair last weekend and there was this stand with a bunch of gems and stuff and I bought an amethyst necklace and it hangs down right exactly where amethyst’s gem is… it makes me stupidly happy hahaha)

Get To Know Me Better Meme

ALSO, i got tagged in a thing? to find out more about tumblr folks? and i’m gonna do it on this blog; i’m also over at thetevintersoldier if you ain’t seen my main. it’s a big ol multifandom hodgepodge. orz ANYWAY THAT’S AN ASIDE LET’S DO THE QUESTIONS

i was tagged by honey-tongue-you​! thank you!

Name: Chex
Nicknames: Chex, Chexmix, Grim
Birthday: it’s in july; i am 27 now
Sign: no!! 
Gender: a lady
Sexuality: really gay
Favorite Color: Maroon
Time right now: 11:08pm
Average hours of sleep: 7 hours and 48 minutes is my average over the past 157 days; don’t have longer-term data available at present; hope this helps???
Lucky Number: 108
Last thing I googled: “iron bull sera banter” for that last post. right before that was “ ibooks not syncing epub.”
Words that come to mind: ??????
Number of blankets I sleep with: Depends what part of the year it is. Right now? Varies between just a sheet, or a sheet and a single blanket. Later more blankets’ll get added into the mix.
Celebrity crushes: uuuuuuuhhhh, heck. i feel like i have an answer for this but i don’t remember? most of my obvious crushes at the moment are fictional. 
Favorite book: Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy, probably.
Favorite Bands: this question is very difficult please spare me this indignity. i don’t know. so many bands are good. i want to say ‘queen’ just to be contrary. the protomen? 
Dream Trip: this also depends what part of year it is. right now i’d like to go camping/hiking up in wisconsin or canada someplace, i think. later in the year when it’s cold? florida or thailand or something sounds good.
What I’m wearing right now: i am wearing an air of contented weariness as i prepare myself for sleep. good night

the rules say to tag other folks i’m curious about but i am too tired to do this thing. BUT i would not mind learning more about any of you?

In Plato’s Cave

Sontag makes some good points about photography, like how even a seemingly 100% factual image is still biased in some way, but most of the good is choked out by a seeming hatred of what photography is and what it brings about. Also, she makes gratuitous amounts of sexual analogies for some reason.

Other good points that can be extracted from this reading include the active passiveness of photographers, what kind of photographs get spread around and when (for political and other reasons), and social desensitization to tragedies. There is also the issue of reducing people who are subjects of photographs to simply subjects, objects to be looked at. A photographer can visit a different country, take a picture of a starving child, come back and win awards for his efforts, while no one even considers what happened to the child and how they are either still suffering or are possibly dead.

I honestly can’t stand all of the cynical worldviews about technology and “What is the World Coming To”s. Things advance and change and human beings are disposed, for whatever reason, to be resistant to change. People waggle their fingers at the current generation and shout about selfies, Snapchat, and “The Twitter,” puff out their chests and proudly exclaim “back in my day…” but they don’t realize that “their day” wasn’t as great as they remember it. In a generation or two, the current generation will likely look at their children’s and grandchildren’s new holographic virtual reality technology and waggle their fingers and be lost in a wave of “90s Kid” nostalgia, while all of the current technologies will be taken for granted and accepted as The Way Things Are.

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(Kinda off topic: is it just me does kurt have two girlfriends at the same time in that run? //WHAT THE HECK WERE THEY THINKING

Yep. He does indeed! And it’s terribly, terribly done. 

So first he’s all making out with Amanda, then he’s all tied up with Bloody Bess, and there’s no real explanation for how he suddenly became polyamorous? Because he never broke up with Amanda. And then when someone asks him about it he’s like, “eh, fate will take care of it” and I’m just like “Did either woman agree to this arrangement?”

It’s so incredibly weird to me and seems super out of character. 

I mean, also Chris Claremont writes romance atrociously so then there were twice the number of scenes where I had to stop my eyes from rolling out of my head multiple times an issue.

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my friend would be classified as a sex witch. But not only does she feel a cosmic flow from sex, but just by contact with another person. She can be weak and feel horrible, but once she touches someone she kinda comes back to life in a sense. What is it that makes him feel better, honestly? And I apologize my words didn't really work together well. I didn't come to bag on those who have sex, because sex is a beautiful thing.

Yeah, your words really didn’t seem well put together there… Sorry that I got snippy as well, sex shaming is a sensitive topic around me and I kinda go off the handle xD Maybe it has to do with the energies, how they can pick up on them and what it does to their bodies. Maybe it has something to do with a lack in the rest of their life and sex, for whatever reason, helps “fill” that or temporarily relieve them of something. I couldn’t really say for sure, since I don’t know them myself and haven’t “experienced” them (energetically, not sexually, let’s try and keep our minds out of the gutter xD).

I’m a firm believer in treating your woman like a queen and buying things for her and doing all this nice shit and basically spoiling her and stuff, but what i do not endorse, is when your woman isn’t doing the same for you.
I believe that both parties must spoil each other. It shouldn’t be one sided. It irks me when the woman in the relationship can’t do things for herself and always asks her man to do everything. I mean, i get the fact that if you love her than you’d do anything for her, but if she’s constantly asking you to do shit when she can obviously get it herself and she’s just too fucking lazy, then that’s where i think it becomes a problem.
Don’t worry ladies, this goes the same with guys too!

I find it very fucking attractive tho when girls don’t always rely on a man to do everything for them. When a girl can get shit done herself without having to ask, is a girl that cannot be stopped. A girl like that is powerful, and that is the kind of girl i want in my life. I want the kind of girl that if anyone did something to her that she didn’t like, i.e sexual harrassment, she would be the one kicking someone’s ass. Not that i wouldn’t already be partaking in the kicking of ass with her of course, but I just love a girl with a strong drive, and a will to succeed.

The point is, if you’re doing a lot for your significant other, and they’re not doing much back, maybe it’s time to rethink your relationship.
The other point is: girls that can kick-ass, are bad-ass.

~rant about fake anxiety~

okay i know this is off topic (kinda) but i HATE when people who dont have any stress in their life at all complain! like “omg i have panic attacks all the time!! im so anxious!!1!1!1!1” LIKE NO!? u are super attractive, popular, and live in an upper middle class suburban home! just because u get scared sometimes does NOT mean that you have anxiety issues! anxiety issues are when you cant breathe, cant think, cant sleep, and cant feel. its not being the shy little giggy girl in the back of the room with her tight shirt and short skirt. its being the kid in the class who is bullied EVERY. GODDAMN. DAY. not the popular chick/dude who gets scared “around them” like grow the fuck up i have to deal with buying my own groceries and putting of suicide because my family would have to live on the streets. shut the fuck up and grow a pair.

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Do you think you could put ask binges into one big collective post with one of those read more things? They kind of clog things up, is all.

Of course! I’m gonna start doing that from now on and have bigger gaps between posts. So if you send in a question after this, you’ll have to wait a while. I will also be answering questions in order of relevance, so Homestuck related things go first, then any kinda Homestuck related things, and then off topic things so people don’t have to keep reading if they don’t care.

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You mentioned popular blogs & it reminded me of a question I've had about how specific tumblr blogs come up on Google searches. Do you think the tumblr gods have a way of affecting the prioritization based on who pays for the extras and who doesn't? Is it based on longevity? Because I know of at least one blog with only a dozen followers that comes up right away & mine doesn't. (I have 100+ followers). I don't actually want to be easily Googled, but am curious as to the science behind it.

That’s a good question! I’mma put this behind a readmore cuz it’s kinda off topic for this blog.

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It's crazy how different Bella and Edwards relationship is in the books to the movies. I haven't read the books in a long time but in the movies it seems like it's all just stalker glaring. And you always make posts about how cute they are in the books. It's kinda sad they ruined such a big chance to show it. :/

It makes me sad, too. And I think a lot of it is because that first movie got it so, so wrong, and since it was the first it kind of set the tone for the series. I have nothing personal against Catherine Hardwicke, in fact I think out of all of the directors she might have been the one who liked the story the best, but I don’t think she was a good choice for director because her movies just always have a different feel to them than Twilight should’ve. I don’t think she was purposely changing the story, I think she just read it differently than most of the fans. And I think she was excited about the vampire thing and wanted to play it up, which I personally think was a mistake because the Twilight vampires are just about the least vampiric vampires out there, and the Cullens are even less creepy than the average Twilight vampire.

And I feel that it was because of that sort of gothic, action, vampire-flick that Hardwicke wanted to make that a lot of the sweetness and softness of Edward and Bella’s relationship fell to the wayside. 

And, in all honesty, I like to think that I’m not a fool. I’ve been around this block a few times (block being book-to-movie conversions) and I am aware that you can’t keep everything from a 500 page novel in a two-hour film. But, there was a lot of stuff that was add or kept that I felt unnecessary. For instance, that whole scene in the woods. Cut that, add the ‘vampire’ conversation in the car, and then you can have an actual meadow scene. I just feel like the cutting and adding could have been prioritized better to closer mimic the book in both content and atmosphere (gods I’m not going to even get started on the atmosphere)

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im a gift and ur welcome because this fic is going to be amazing (the six sentence sunday clip is the aftermath of them kissing lmao)



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Why do u love black culture so much? Not tryna roast just curious

Most of the shit on my blog is just what i was raised on man i was 12 rockin g-unit clothes, the first cd i ever bought was get rich or die tryin. Shit you grow up on becomes a part of you. Back then it used to be just cause i liked the sound. There was nothing behind it. Now i understand more about it, see how white privilege and racism work. Obviously i dont consider myself a part of black community but i think white people should stop ignoring all the beauty and pain behind it and stand up against discrimination since were the fucking problem and our voice is more likely to be heard