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Im not trying to start anything... I just didn't know you were so wary of people.. Do they all bother you?.

Alright… well. i have some cis friends, and i dont hate them, they’re my friends. but i mean, being cis they’ve not experienced transphobia or anything like it, so they have a generally transphobic way of thinking. cuz it’s kind of a learned thing u feel? like i used to have and still have transphobic thoughts i need to unlearn. aand i kinda got off topic but the point is, i am wary about cis people yes. i have a few cis friends, they are not an exception to anything however. so i guess… automatically i am more trusting of trans people then i am cis people, because trans people know more what I’ve gone through while cis people do not

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she tries to figure out who she is... like referred to trans stuff? (i have one friend who's gone through this so sorry if this is completely off-topic for you but for me it is kinda near..)

i don’t know.. she didn’t tell me (so far) but i’m not saying that it isn’t possible… she said once something about her sexuality but we didn’t talk abaout it because i’m kinda having a phase with that so i couldn’t.. but it might be possible yes

okay so my chemistry class gets really off topic really fast so my teacher was like “sometimes i get really random thoughts like i once asked my husband if whales ever get bored” and for the next ten minutes we actually had a conversation abt that using science and we found out from google that whales don’t really understand emotions

I just can’t look at anything anymore. It’s too much, there’s too much.
I don’t know why I say that exactly, what is too much? 
I guess I just mean that I’ve got this hole in my chest and for some reason I can’t find what I’m looking for to fill it with.
There’s a thousand things in my life that could easily fill a heart. Especially my own. I have friends and family and a place to sleep at night. I have support and love and even birthday gifts waiting for me. 
And yet all these things just sit like rocks in my heart. I fill the hole in between my ribs with words like, should. could. would.
I should be happy. I could be happy. I would be happy if I opened my fucking eyes.
If I was a better person, maybe I’d be happy. 
All these beautiful things are going to waste on a heart that’s still empty. The love I get is getting nothing in return. I’m just taking in goodness and light and spitting out nothing. I’m giving away nothing.
At this point, I would prefer to exhale darkness. It’d be better than this pure nothing. 
Let me try and explain. 
If I received light and in return gave back darkness, the light would stop coming. I’d get what I deserve. No one would love me anymore and I wouldn’t have to have rocks sitting in my heart buried under what could’ve been, if only I was a completely different person.
That’s all I need.
To be a new person. I don’t want to be me anymore. I want to be someone who can fall and get back up. I want to stand up.
—  There’s too much but I’m not enough 

I enjoy a lot of their videos/podcasts as well as their points of views, and I thought I’d share one of their videos with you guys.

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Thoughts on the Rick/Jessie "No." debacle

It seems there’s a lot of disturbance over the whole Rick/Jessie “No.” incident on tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead. It seems that interpreted it differently than some, so if I may, I’m weighing in.

Now, I am not a writer for the show, I don’t know what they actually meant with it (no one but the writers will with any certainty), and I can’t assume I’m right with what I’m about to say, but for the sake of playing devil’s advocate, here it goes:

The scene in question goes something like this:
-Rick’s talking about how he could keep Jessie and her sons safe if she’d leave her husband and join him (off topic, but it kinda sounds a little like someone we recognize from seasons one-two, doesn’t it?)
-Jessie asks him something along the lines of “But would you do this for anyone (else)”?
-Rick, after hesitation and a pause mutters “No.”.

What I took from this was this:
Jessie asks Rick if he’d go over the top to help someone if it wasn’t her, and Rick says no, he’d only go this far for her. It wasn’t a matter of “I wouldn’t help anyone else?”, but “I wouldn’t do THIS for anyone else.”

People seem to be freaking out because they inferred that Rick said he wouldn’t help anyone else. As we know from his past actions, that’s dead wrong, and I believe that a simple misunderstanding of context in the scene is to blame. It’s definitely a weird scene, shit happens.

What I think needs to be addressed here is the context. The scene involves a surprise visit, Rick, an inadequate amount of personal space for avoiding a sense of intimacy, Jessie (who undoubtedly have some sexual tension together), and an empty room (until her abusive husband creeps in like the #porchdick he is). It’s a very intimate scene (well, until the two gents start trying to viciously murder each other, that is), and thus, shit gets serious.

I interpreted Jessie’s question not as “Would you only help me ever?”, but as “Would you go to this extent with anyone, or am I special to you?”, which hints at asking if his interest in her is genuine (in my eyes). If he said “Yes”, then he would have been implying “No, you’re not special to me.”, which isn’t true. He had to say yes if he wanted to confirm his romantic interest in her. Could he have said “I’d do this for you because I love/care for/have feelings for you”? Yes. Would that have been totally out of character? With 99% certainty, yes. Rick is undoubtedly a passionate man, but he isn’t one to get all soft and pretty with words like that. He’s a man of action, as we all know.

Because he’s a passionate man, he has done special acts for specific people special to him before. Would he bite out a dude’s jugular to save Tara? Probably not. Would he still try to save Tara? Absolutely. He went above and beyond to protect and save his son when some idiot threatened to lay an ugly finger on the son of Rick Fucking Grimes. That’s what love does to people. We go above and beyond because we love love them. It doesn’t mean we wouldn’t help others, it just means we’d give an extra 10-7 billion (biting into a dude’s jugular etc.) percent when it’s someone we love.

It’s the “train switchbox” moral dilemma where you have to cloose to save x strangers (usually 1-5) or your lover/mom/dad/sibling/grandma/etc. all over again. It’s human nature to want to save those dearest to us more than the average person. If you wholeheartedly believe you’d save a stranger or two over someone (or give the same level of commitment to saving both) you love if you found yourself forced to choose, then
i) you probably don’t really love the person in question
ii) are totally lying to yourself or
iii) are more akin to Spock’s folk than ours.
Love clouds the mind/judgement of a human like nothing else (except maybe hatred). We go above and beyond when we love someone (or feel like we love someone), and Rick was admitting to that tonight.

So my conclusion is this:
Rick didn’t say that he wouldn’t help other people, but rather that he was putting in extra effort for Jessie because of his feelings for her. He’s still Rick Grimes, he’s just added the words “in love” as a suffix to his name.

Should he be doing this while still wearing his old wedding ring for Lori? Nooooooooooooo, but that’s a topic for another post.


People who may read this are probably people who know how much I like sweets XD;;; Palacinkáreň!! <3

Lol it was so good tho and so pretty, basically on the beach with a nice view… In the 3 months I was with that times’ host family (Nov, Dec, Jan) I used to sometimes go to hula-hula dance classes with my host mom (I loved her so much!! I can’t anymore say that the reason why the relationship with my real mom is so rocky is just because age, because the host mom was 60 and she was just, I loved her sooo much!! Getting off-topic) and so it was kinda like “OH I KNOW THIS MUSIC WE DANCED TO THIS”, haha. 

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Well, I'm not a fragment. I may have mentioned that already. It's hard to explain... I'm technically like the Alpha, being whole and all, but I'm not technically a copy of a person, either. It's more like a mix and match.

Let’s.. go ahead and leave the Alpha out of this. He’d wince just a little before sighing and giving a nod. 

That’s an even worse subject than Metastability. God, there’s so many things that could go awry nowadays.. 

But that’s off topic. 

“I get it. Kinda. I’m still iffy on the.. yeah, that.” York isn’t going to say it outloud even though thinking of the word is almost just as aggravating. “D’you still function the same way? Like, with the shields and all?” 

OKAY! Actually online! I managed to weasel my way outta a big chunk of the work I was supposed to be doing. Really, I’m just clueless, but GOOD EXCUSE TO BE LIKE “UH, WHAT AM I DOING? I CAN’T DO IT. I SERIOUSLY DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT I’M SUPPOSED TO BE DOING SO I’M NOT DOING IT.”

I’m going to work on some of the more recent threads *cough* sweethearthale *coughs*, then dive back into drafts or starters. 

EXCEPT THE FIRST INDIE VERSE TO BE UP SOON! Me n’ dereksalingerhale are discussing it now. (kinda we’re getting off topic a lot too)

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kinda off topic. but where do you see the kpop craze going? it's dying down in japan. do you you predict for it to be successful in china? or maybe a resurgence in japan?

It’s dying in JP only to general public. Established Kpop groups still make more money there than what they could make in Korea.

The thing with penetrating Ch market, if the first attempt isn’t succesful, big corporates like SM & YG would spend even more resources to make it there, esp if their groups already have good potentials there.

He Helps You With. . .

Harry: … getting things that are too high for you to reach. He always puts things on the highest shelf he could, just so you would have to ask; or grab a chair. You never gave him the satisfaction of asking for help.

Zayn: … your hair. You always teased him and laughed at how he do hair better than you could. He also loves playing with your hair. Like if it’s curled, he’ll tug on your curls, making them bounce. If your hair was straight, he would twirl it between his fingers or simply run his hands though it. You loved when Zayn did this. (Kinda off topic haha oops)

Louis: … picking out something to wear. You never really had trouble, Louis just insisted he do it for you. Finding it cute, you let him. He always put a lot of thought into the pants, top, and shoes. He wanted everything to be perfect and match, making you laugh at his concentrated face. 

Niall: … cooking. He always fails, but you love how hard he tries to help in the kitchen! You loved Niall, but the disaster he made! No matter what, he always manages to get something on himself and the floor.

Liam: … homework. You’re going to college, and math was the worst! Luckily, your amazing boyfriend, Liam, was sweet and helped you whenever you needed it. He was a good teacher too. When he explained a math problem to you, you understood it! It was yet another quirk to loving Liam.

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11, 3, 43

11)  What’s stopping you from going for the person you like?

You know what’s weird? i don’t think i even have a crush on someone right now and i don’t think i have in some time. There’s one person who kinda cute but idk (that was kinda off topic oops)

3) Have you ever lost a close friend?

yeah definitely it sucks

43) Who’s your best guy friend?

Uh i guess it would be this guy irl i know named andrew 

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ok ok so, I'm 5'7, I have dyed teal/green hair, and I have green eyes. I write, like a LOT and I'm such an awkward piece of trash you have no idea. Music is basically my life ngl, and I want to be an author so badly. Like, I don't care if I get famous from it, I just want to inspire someone. Even if it's just one person, I'll be happy. I kinda went off topic there lmao sorry, I do that a lot B)


Send me a description of yourself and I’ll ship you

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can't stop cutting because my life fucking sucks. i miss when we were friends. Nobody wants me here and you answer everyones questions and i just had two simple ones that you wouldn't answer lol kinda off topic but yeah. sorry if i sound rude /:

im really sorry :/ your life does have meaning i promise. ive been in your place and it is complete shit. you deserve to feel good about yourself

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12. (adulthood) How far have they come?

age: 46

Georgia Thomson, NCR Ranger Veteran, twenty years service. Now here they were, up in the unexplored north, on a secret mission for President Peterson. They supposed they were the right person for it, no living family, no real friends, just the Rangers.

She had passed Klamath yesterday, the only people she had seen since then were a few tribals here and there. The target should be nearby, a science facility hidden underground. No vault, but still pretty secure.

She looked down at the ring on her finger. Her father’s given to her when she left to join the rangers. Long time since then, but it was the only thing she had to remember them. She’d loved that village, but she’d always thought it unsafe, especially when the raiders moved in at the old car factory. She’d told them it wasn’t safe anymore, that they should move out, but they hadn’t listened.

Now look what had happened, burned to the ground eight years ago, everyone there dead or dragged off by the raiders, no hope of seeing them again.

No point dwelling on the past though. She were better now, a better sniper, a better fighter. If her, or anyone she cared for was threatened again she could defend them. 

She arrived at the crater where the entrance to the facility was and headed down, hands holding the rifle trembling slightly. Aye, she was stronger now, but not strong enough.

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Okay this is kinda off topic but… How awesome is the song The Kids Aren't Alright tho???

Ugh, it’s my obsession. One of the many favorite songs off the album!

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(again the dub anon)I remember the guns, they cover every cleavage(women don't have on what are you talking about) and now I think of Bakuras blood but even the sub censored it manga-wise,sometimes I feel the manga is on a whole other level tbh,oh,or the stuff with Mariks father,skinned(manga)-stabbed(sub)-shadow realm(dub),the whole shadow realm is a dub thing I still can't get over tha,But wait, this is kinda off-topic And I've never actually seen the abridged series just gifs of it(I love it)

The invisible gun was a classic lmfaooo.

Really never :O. My brother was the one to show me the abridged series. The first one I watched was the season zero and I was laughing so hard at kaiba LOLOL. You should watch YGOTAS. I recommend it :)