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Draw my boy Raz being rad

You asked for Rad, but somehow my brain jumped to bring your son to work day two nerds in lab coats. I’m…so sorry;;; I hope you can still get some enjoyment out of it lol


Personnel of the JGSDF 2nd and 3rd Rear Support Corps (Senso), supported by emergency rescue elements from the JASDF conduct Search and Rescue / Disaster Relief operations in Fukuoka and Oita Prefectures in Northern Kyushu, after extreme flooding and landslides have left many civilians trapped by floodwaters and debris, and entire neighborhoods isolated.

Photos from July 6th, with the most recent being the top photo, taken yesterday on July 10th, 2017.

“Morrigan has every right to explain to your Dalish Inquisitor who Mythal is, since Mythal is her mother”

*rubs temples* *deep breath*


She doesn’t find out until LATER who her mother is (and “is” is even a strong word here - Flemeth carries Mythal “with her”, and they aren’t QUITE the exact same person - Flemeth is still Flemeth, just bonded to Mythal enough to blur the lines a bit)

And she, in this scene I’m referring in my comic people are saying this about, is JUST explaining who Mythal is in general, not some kind of big secret the Dalish didn’t know - and your Inquisitor has a damn dialogue option to ask “who is that” because apparently Bioware just kinda dropped the ball there (my Dalish had Mythal’s fuckin’ vallaslin* and she’s gonna ask a shem WHO MYTHAL IS?)

Those who are commenting on this comic with “but that’s her mom” OKAY? SHE doesn’t know that, she just goes on about how she (and later Flemeth) know more about elves than you do and if you try to call them out on not SHARING that knowledge they just kinda blow you off and the topic never comes up again… same with Solas, really. “I know more than the Dalish” “Well okay, we’re trying to KNOW more, so how about sharing some of that history so we can be better” “Nah, I’ll just continue to look down on you for getting history wrong and not bother correcting or helping you in any way”

They seriously dropped the ball on non-human races in Inquisition, as much as I adore the game (another example, how the fuck is your dwarf inquisitor not screaming “WTF” at Solas for chatting casually in a dream… you know, DREAM… dreaming… the thing dwarves don’t do)

The Dalish don’t know as much as they should? Yeah okay, but people like Flemeth and Solas and Morrigan keep the knowledge to themselves while mocking the Dalish for not knowing any better. HOW COULD THEY KNOW ANY BETTER? They have actively had their history RIPPED away from them, both by Fen'Harel and the Chantry, and the VERY few characters who have any knowledge of elven history keep it to themselves while having a laugh at the Dalish who are trying their fucking hardest to keep ANYTHING about their history they can find


(*PS the whole “well the vallaslin are slave markings so the dalish are stupid” falls under this rant, because guess who knows that? Solas. Guess who he tells? His elven girlfriend. NO ONE ELSE. Even if you are a Dalish with FULL approval from Solas, total BFFs, he doesn’t fucking tell you what the vallaslin used to be unless you’re romantically involved. HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT)

Okay, I really like this episode (for many braven reasons) but I feel like this scene is kind of underrated.. I just love it because Bellamy wasn’t even Near Raven but once he saw the possibility of that guy getting hostile with her, he fucken bolted over to her side. Everyone’s over here trying to keep Raven away from the guy, but not Bellamy.. Instead, he pushes the guy away from Her. This whole episode he was nothing but supportive towards her. His eyes were always on her, his body moved with hers. He tried all he could to keep something from hurting her. Bellamy and Raven are such a good pairing and it confuses me how people don’t want to see what they have??? Like, not only do they look Great together (physically✨) but to top it all off, they bring out the best in each other. Before Raven got to the ground Bellamy was such an asshole, no one could get him to listen to anything! Not even Octavia. Raven was the one that made him bring out that good leadership she knew he had. Whenever Raven is doubting herself, Bellamy’s the one that reminds her of everything she’s capable of doing, that without her they would’ve been dead a long time ago. These two have so much respect/admiration towards each other, they don’t use manipulation to get the other to do something, they give each other support when they most need it and that s4 finale just showed that they’re about to give so. much. more. They promised each other loyalty and I am ready for everything to finally blossom (which is long overdue btw) and if you’re not with it, then too bad because braven is endgame bitches

would anyone be interested in transcriptions of different roster teeth shows like the podcasts? I know I have a lot of trouble because their videos don’t even have proper CC and I’m curious as to whether or not anyone else is interested !

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Hey, would Red find the cracking of knuckles and spine and stuff disturbing? Like if his S/O just stood up and leaned back and their spine went crack-a-lack and they stretch their arms and elbows crack too and stuff?

i actually kinda headcanon the bone cracking in humans to have different meanings to the skels. (y’know, after they got used to the whole “you can crack your bones without breaking them???” thing)

if it’s a stranger or someone who they think might be dangerous, they may take it as a threat or a warning to back off. they will probably rattle their bones in an equally threatening manner, wether they mean to or not, it’s just a natural reaction.
if it’s a friend, they will most likely take it either as the friend just being playful, or possibly as a threat. more likely the former. they might still rattle their bones in reponse, but it depends on the skel (blue, for example, would probably rattle back, considering that he’s very playful and energetic most of the time)

if it’s a significant other/datemate… uh.. there’s an extremely high chance they’ll take it as an, uh, ‘invitation’.

so uh. the s/o in question might want to watch out for that.

Mockery- JB (GOT7) One Shot

Here is another oneshot, this time requested by @ohmyjaebum “I was wondering if you could do a fluffy senario when the boys notice that the reader makes jaebum all soft and they end up together at the end.” I kinda strayed off topic a little but I hope you enjoy it. Sorry if it sucks. :-/

“Come on guys! It’s not that hard. We have to nail this dance for the next performance. We still haven’t perfected the new choreography and the award show is coming up in two weeks! JB help me out here!” Yugyeom called, looking frustrated. JB was smiling at his phone screen, not paying the slightest attention to Yugyeom or the rest of his group. “JB?!”

His head snapped up from his phone, and the smile turned into a blank stare. “What?”

“You’re supposed to be the bossy one JB, you’re the leader. What are you doing anyways?”

“Oh, I just got a text from Y/N. She just sent me this funny video of Nora doing a…”

“Really at a time like this you’re focused on your cat and Y/N?” Jinyoung questioned sitting down on the ground, huffing and puffing from the dance.

“Well she’s taking care of my cats, and she said she was going to come by the studio in about five minutes and bring us lunch. Though she can just bring something for me if you guys are going to be this way.”

“We love her; bring us food!” Jackson yelled into the phone, as if you could hear him. The rest of the guys sat down on the floor surrounding JB. All of them were flushed red from the intense dancing they had been doing for the past 3 hours. Everyone was tired, hungry, and just a little annoyed; everyone except JB of course. Jaebum was the only person who was smiling so big, and couldn’t stop staring at the background of his phone. The picture was of you and him on his birthday when you had given him a huge kiss on his cheek. You two had been best friends for a few years now, but he developed feelings for you over time. He always teased you with the photo, knowing that the both of you were a little tipsy that evening from partying. His intentions had always been pure, and just to get a laugh out of him whenever he saw the photo. Though the only thing was that the guys often teased him how he just liked “always having you in his pants” because his phone was constantly in his pocket or in his hands. Trying to make his intentions a lot dirtier than what the real reasoning behind it was.

There was a slight knock at the door, and then with a gentle push you opened the door, revealing the guys sitting around JB. You held the brown paper bags of food tightly, as you smiled and greeted everyone. “Hey guys, I have lunch for everyone!”

“Oh, thank goodness, I’m starving” Jackson exclaimed, grabbing the bag from you.

“Thank you” JB smiled, hugging you lightly before turning his attention to the guys.

“You can join us if you’d like Y/N?” Youngjae offered.

“Thanks.” You sat down beside JB who grabbed your hand and pulled you in front of him. He rested his chin on your shoulder as you started unpacking the lunch you brought from home for yourself. You popped a few grapes into his mouth by reaching over your shoulder, as he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you into him a little more. “I hope I got the right sandwiches for you guys. I really tried to remember who liked which kind…”

“You did well Y/N, thanks” Mark smiled at you.

JB’s attention was completely drawn away from his food, but rather hiding his by your ear, using your hair to conceal him chewing grapes. As much as you loved the attention from him, you weren’t that huge of a fan of the attention the two of you were getting from the other guys. Jinyoung was giving a weird look as if he had lost his appetite due to the major cuddling JB was doing. You pushed JB away, and his face went into a puppy dog pout.

“I think we’re disturbing the guys” you whispered.


“Have some consideration for our friends.”

“Okay…” JB huffed looking at the guys who had stopped eating.

“Wow she really has you whipped, doesn’t she?” BamBam laughed.

“What? No, she doesn’t” JB protested.

“She totally does. You’ve become a big softy ever since you two started becoming super close!”

“I was always nice!”

“There is a difference between being soft, and nice. You’ve always been nice, but you’ve also cracked down on us when we needed to get stuff done. Hell, you use to threaten violence and chase after us when we teased you. Now you just let it happen” Yugyeom replied shrugging.

“You want me to chase after you and crack down on you guys?”

“Just come to the realization that you’re soft now because of Y/N being such a nice girl. I mean, don’t get me wrong Y/N, you’re a great person and we love you.”

“Ooo let’s see how long it takes to make JB angry now.”

“Guys do you really think that is a good idea?” You hesitated.

“Nope, but it’s to prove a point!”

“What are you trying to prove by making him angry?!”

“He doesn’t get annoyed by little things, only if we make shots involving you” Yugyeom smiled.

“It’s because he totally like you,” Bambam smirked.

“I do not!” JB got up, charging at Bambam like a bull. Bambam couldn’t help but laugh while trying to dodge JB’s kicks, landing a solid kick straight to Bambam’s butt. He toppled over with a combination of laughing and wincing.

“She may make your heart soft, but she makes your…” Yugyeom smirked, but before he could finish his sentence he got a smack to the back of the head.

“You know you really are not helping yourself JB, you are just proving their point even more by attacking them” Jinyoung said rolling his eyes a little.

“JB, do you like me?” You asked a little puzzled.

“What? No way, we’re best friends. I’m just protecting you from these perverts.”

“Are you saying if some other guy made a sexual advance at her, you wouldn’t get angry Mr. Softy?”

“Yeah, you’re turning soft like Jackson now” Youngjae laughed while pushing on Jackson’s arm. Jackson looked a little displeased as Youngjae continued to shove him while he tried to eat.
You began to fidget with your hair a little, starting to become a little uncomfortable. Even though you hadn’t even expressed your feelings for JB, you started to feel like you didn’t have to after he kept denying feelings for you as well. It felt like you had already been rejected before you even had the chance to confess.

“A horror film won’t be the only thing that’ll make you scream tonight Y/N” Bambam winked. Everyone stopped and looked at him with the most unpleasant look ever. It wasn’t even because it was a sexual joke, it was just such a terrible pickup line.

“You’re going to scare her?” Youngjae asked.

“No, I mean like…”

“Bambam, he knows what you meant, but that so was poorly executed, and he could be correct in theory. You just compared sex with you to horror films. Are you that bad in bed?” Jinyoung mocked.

“No! I just… Shut up!”

As much as you loved hanging out with the guys and watching them joke with each other, you just started to feel uncomfortable. “Um, you know… I think I’m going to go home now.”

JB started to protrude his jaw outwards, showing that he really was starting to get angry.

“Hey we were just kidding Y/N! No need to get uncomfortable, don’t worry, we’re just teasing. If he says he doesn’t like you, then he doesn’t! It’s okay.”

“Thanks Bambam for clearing that up for the 100th time. I get it, he doesn’t like me. I’m going home.” You started storming out the door, grabbing your lunch and walking off. The door slammed, and shook the mirrors.

“Wait, Y/N come back!” JB called after you as he tried to follow behind.

“Hey guys… Did you ever stop to think that maybe Y/N likes JB? Then you guys keep joking about their feelings hurt her?” Mark asked. The guys put their heads down in shame a little, starting to recognize what they had been doing.

You wiped a tear away with your sleeve while entering the elevator. You felt a humiliated, and crushed. The worst thing that could happen from a love confession is a no; but what about not even getting the chance to confess, and just getting your heart stomped on and your feelings being the punch line of a joke.

“Y/N wait!” You heard JB call. You instantly started pressing the close button in a panic; hoping that if you pressed it a bunch it would close before he could get in. He ran full speed, throwing his torso in the way of the elevator to stop the doors. The doors bounced off his body, and let him into the elevator. “Please don’t go home! The guys were being assholes, and I know it’s probably uncomfortable thinking that your best friend has feelings for you but I promise they’re just joking around!”

“That’s not why I left! I’m not uncomfortable with it.”

“Then why are you leaving?”

“I’m leaving because I’m getting rejected before I even got a chance to talk about my feelings for you! I understand that you might be uncomfortable with the thought of us being more than friends, and that’s why I didn’t say anything. Just forget it. Get off on the next floor and don’t call me again. I’ll leave your spare keys in your mail box tomorrow morning,” You said sternly while pressing the button for the next floor. The doors opened, and JB didn’t get off. “Can you just leave while I still have an ounce of my dignity left?” The doors opened again for the next floor and JB stepped out, but he grabbed your wrist pulling you out with him as well.

“Can you please just stop and listen to me?” JB asked. You nodded your head, not moving your eyes off the ground. “The guys were right, I do like you, okay? I just thought you might not like me back so I kept denying it. I wasn’t ready to tell you, but now that we’re at this crossroad I don’t think there is a better time than this right now. We’re in our 20’s, yet we still act like children when it comes to relationships. Wow, we’re immature, aren’t we?”

“Are you just saying this because you don’t want to lose me as a friend or are you being genuine?”

“Why would I act like a softy around you, but my normal joking self around the guys unless I wanted to impress you? Trust me. You making me soft is the reason why I didn’t slap Bambam into the next century when he did that awful sexual pick up line towards you. I didn’t want you to think of me as a bad dude, and realize that I’m trying really hard to deal with my frustration,” JB laughed awkwardly.

JB took your hand, and started pulling you up the stairs towards the practice room again. A smile started to break past the frowning. “I’m getting the guys to apologize to you.” His arm snaked around your waist as he pushed opened the door to reveal all the guys rushing towards you. An array of apologies started to erupt from their mouths, finally understanding what they may have been doing.

“We’re so sorry! We were just trying to get JB to confess but once he started denying it we realized that maybe he wasn’t ready, but we didn’t think that maybe it would have affected you, and we are so sorry Y/N!” Jackson apologized, grabbing your hand.

“It’s none of your business if we confess to each other or not, but I do have to thank you, a little bit. After all, you guys basically forced our confessions for each other” you said sighing.

“Wait, you guys confessed? Does that mean you guys are going to start dating?” Youngjae asked.

“We’ll have to see. I have a good feeling about it though.”

“Anyways, we’re going to head out for the day. You guys keep practicing the dance,” JB laughed taking you by the hand and leading you out.

“What do you mean?! You’re part of this team too! Where are you going?!” Bambam called out.

“I’ll practice later, but for now… I think I’m going to take her home, and a horror movie won’t be the only thing making her scream tonight.” Bambam glared at JB unamused as he just kept laughing at bam’s failed pickup line.

“He’s kidding, that’s not happening…”

“Of course I’m kidding, remember, I’m a big softy now and it’s all your fault” JB smiled placing a kiss on your lips. “You make me the happiest man alive. I’m glad I fell in love with you.”

Ha. Hahahaha. HA. So I guess I kinda nailed it with naming Damian’s daemon “Alexandra” of all things after all?? Since Dami’s mom apparently had “Alexander” in mind while naming him??

Not to mention Alexander the Great was a famous conquerer, something implied in Damian’s own name (”to tame/conquer”) and likely what his mother/grandfather wanted for him. But Alexandra can be turned right around to mean “protector of man” or “one who comes to save warriors”, symbolizing the vigilante lifestyle he eventually chooses (after learning from his father and brother/family in general). 

I’m just stupidly proud this came up in the canon comics haha I really did not see this before naming her.

9 tips to get your s*%# together

1. Get more sleep! No more falling asleep reading, or messing around on my phone. I’ve picked up this bad habit, and it is hard to break. It seems like I cant fall asleep now without checking out new lists on listverse, reading the news, or scrolling through Tumblr. I am also WAY guilty of exercising zero self control when it comes to recreational reading “one more page…one more chapter…” until its 0300 and I have to get up in a couple hours. I need to turn those electric devices off by 2230. 

2. Snooze less. This one sort of goes hand in hand with #1. I have ALOT  to do, I am supposed to get up at 0500 everyday and walk my fur-babies for an hour, then get ready and go on with my day. Lately, I have been snoozing my alarm until it wont snooze anymore. If I went to sleep when I am supposed to, I would probably have no trouble getting going on time. 

3. Using a 24 hour weekly schedule to record what you are actually doing with all of your time can be VERY eye opening. I need to be better about following through with my plans. I know how to manage my time, but lately I have been quite lax with the execution. Being better about this would help reduce stress, and increase productivity- both things that most students care about. 

4. Less T.V. During the semester I try not to watch more than 3 hours of T.V. per week. It is SO easy to get sucked in…GOT anyone? 

5. After a 4 hr lecture, 2 hr lab, and 8 hr shift at work I feel like going home, falling into my bed and passing out so that I can repeat the process the following day. If you wear makeup, washing it off before bed is HUGE. No matter how tired you are, just do it.

6. Prep- all kinds of prep makes life easier. meal prep, prepping what youre wearing, or taking with you the following day, etc. 

7. Set aside time to do stuff around the house everyday- do not let things pile up until your day off! Make a daily task list and check it off everyday.

8. Exercise for you and your pets. I have 3 big dogs, they need structured exercise, not just running around the dog park or in my yard. They each have a pack they carry and we (normally) walk every morning. Some mornings I may not feel motivated to get up for that 3 mile walk for myself, but I will do anything for my dogs well-being, so I’ll get my butt up and go. (Kinda off topic- but let me throw this out there, if you have pets, they need you. They depend on you to take care of them, to give them what they need. They do not just need food! Dogs need affection, discipline, and exercise. If you’re stressed because your dog is misbehaving- look at your own behavior.What does your pet need that you are not giving them? Dogs are not born bad, humans make them what they become. ((Just saying no pit bull was ever born a killer)) unbalanced dogs are bound to do things you dont want them to do. Large, high strung breeds, or working breeds are going to need more than a dachsund. Dont just love on your pets, also give them what they need. If you cant make enough time, or muster up enough patience to give them what they NEED, then you need to rethink your priorities, or your status as a pet owner. Dont be selfish, pets are not put on this earth for human amusement.) 

I also need more exercise than a walk, so I do indoor cycling 3x a week, interval/strength training 2x a week, and yoga at least 2x a week. 

9. If you enjoy getting your hair and nails done (or if you enjoy doing your own) then make time to do this. If these little things  make you feel good about yourself, then it is important, and not frivolous. 

**Sorry about the weird timing of the pet rant- it’s just one of those things that I feel so passionately about, and I feel like too many people dont give it enough thought. It is not just a pit thing, its a pet thing. My dogs are all pit mixes, and they are all mixed with a working breed,  they were all abused and rescued. One of them was used as a bait dog in a fighting ring a few miles away in Tuskegee. They have helped me through some of the toughtest times in my life, and I owe them to give them the best lives. I feel painfully passionate about treating animals the right way. To be quite honest, I tend to like animals more than most people. 

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How about child gajeel D7

I tried to change the style a little so now it looks more like a pre-teen than a child. Oh well.


my only question is: are Metalicana’s scales edible??

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thanks for being realistic. the fact u think of the % of how many real ships we might have within 7 guys got me. honestly, i ship km really hard, but sometimes the reality hits me harder. like i know many shippers are actually overhyped a specific km youtuber, but for me, half of her stuffs might be a little reach. don't you think jm is a little hard to read. i totally down for jk, but sometimes jm makes me think he's doing fanservice, or maybe not, bcz he's such a tease and unpredictable.

hi anon~, welcome back (I guess you’re the one who asked about that particular ask) ^-^~
I’m sorry for my late reply again, I’m so wrecked today too and I needed time to think about it.

Okay~, I dunno if it helps, but here is what I tell myself a lot (as much as I love them, ship them, basically root for them, want them to be happy together if possible of course): “My ship ain’t real until they confirm/say it themselves that they’re real”. And even until then, there’s still sth to consider, called “marketing strategy”, since this is the Kpop world we’re talking about (there have been idols dating simply for promoting their groups). However, with all my honesty, and my (biased) belief, BTS and Big Hit will never go that far. The members treasure the members themselves, and the members also treasure us fans.

This is getting so heavy somehow so lemme insert a gif to make things a little bit brighter 

Originally posted by rapmonsexpensivegirl

Okay I’m good to go. So does that mean they don’t do fanservice at all? Of course not. But they’ve toned it down throughout the years. I don’t follow other members as much as Jimin (it’s the truth, I’m a Jimin stan afterall), so I can’t really tell you about it. But for Jimin, I agree with some other people, that the Jimin now we see is more like the real Jimin, not less than the Jimin back in 2013-2014. That, by no means, implies that he was fake either. He could’ve been himself, but at the same time, he had to push himself outside his own norms too. It’s nothing unusual, since they just debuted, plus he was young, they needed attention, they needed to be entertaining, as rookies, they needed to do a lot of stuff. 

Back to our babies Jimin and Jungkook, to be honest and realistic again, of course 100% things they do to each other can’t solely be on their own accords, without being driven by what we call fanservice. However, honestly again, has Jikook/Kookmin always been a popular ship? No, not until recently. Imo, the more popular ship has the tendency to do fanservice more. I think Sajeon-nim also talked about this somewhere in her asks. And one more important thing, Jikook/Kookmin is mostly known for being subtle (but probably not until recently, thanks to our Jeon Jungkook-ssi being so whipped and seems to have no intention of hiding it or toning it down. Well, not that I don’t encourage you, keep up the good work, baby bunny ♥). Like you really have to pay attention to it to actually know it, but once you notice it, you notice it all the time, it’s like a pattern, a series that never ends.

All the “I got my (heart) eyes on you” here, here, here and there:

Originally posted by jikookdetails

Most of the time, there’s basically no reason for them to do fanservice at all, because it happens too fast (for a few secs, or not even 1 sec), and basically no one is really watching, they’re not in the center of attention etc. …

All the time Jungkook made fun of himself simply just to make Jimin laugh, and he even checked if Jimin actually laughed…

The time they got caught walking together in the back in Bon Voyage, ate with the same spoon (I’m sure they have plenty of spoons in airbnb houses) even tho Jungkook tried not to drink directly from the same bottle with others (no offense to any ship really, I just can’t find more examples in my rusty mind)

Originally posted by theseoks

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