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I believe they’ll start dating not long after He Tian’s confession

They won’t feel the need to name their relationship, it’ll be natural

Guan Shan will wonder why He Tian doesn’t touch him as much anymore but He Tian is just nervous and doesn’t want to scare him

Guan Shan will reach for He Tian’s hand while they’re walking down the street at night, blushing and looking away

He Tian will be so surprised and happy that he’ll not hold his hand back at first

Guan Shan’s insecurities will hit him but 2 seconds later, He Tian is kissing him passionately

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So is Sonic the only one of his siblings not to style his spines? Like just goes all natural? Where as Sonia and Manic seem to have styled there's somehow?

Yeah XD i figure Sonic wouldn’t have the patience to sit still to get a cool quill style. I bet it takes a longer process to style because quills are pretty hard 🤔

Sonic’s quill style is as default as it gets.

Don’t you just love Korogiri

Sorry for the inactivity life is just sorta kicking me, but hey I can get you some more memes for the time being, I still have some asks that need to be sorted sorry!

Also next chapter of Let The Games Begin is up!


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pit/cest and mag/pit shippers dont interact

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Wenwu, number #3, shamelessly fluffy headcanon

I always envision WenWu as one of those couples who can have an effective conversation without uttering a single word. And they are never boastful about it. They know how damn lucky they are. They cherish it, couldn’t bear to squander a single second needlessly like some university couples do. While they understand that they are young, they know the hurt and pain they’d to bear to arrive at this stage.

The future is uncertain, nobody can predict who they will be ten years from now. So they will stay true to themselves, love each other without limit (as much as their hearts can allow) and pray that they are able to withstand the test and pressure of time.

I have headcanons over headcanons of how they dance - how Keith thinks he can’t dance but Lance proves him wrong every time, and how Keith dances like he fights, and Lance is a very good lead because he reacts to his dancing partner and makes sure they feel comfortable– and he happy dances so much, Keith at some point just KNOWS he is going to get dragged to a dance before it happens - he hears Lance is happy in the distance and just leaves his cup and extends his hand to be swept into a dance. And he starts to be so happy that Lance chooses him to share his happiness with. And they can stay on the dance floor all night, flushed and hair sticking to foreheads damp with sweat, but still smiling like lunatics, and when the sun starts rising and most people are too tired to even stand up, they are still on the dance floor - tired but grinning and slow dancing. And every time they dance - time stops for them and they just bask in each others warmth. And their wedding dance? Keith voted against having one, because he doesn’t want to dance in front all of their friends and family like it’s a show, but he smiles widely when the music starts playing anyway and he watches as Lance asks for the dance and his response is automatic, because his lungs are filled with such joy that he grabs his husband’s hand and time stops for them again. 

Catch me crying in the club 😢😭😭

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Happy Pride Month! I’ll actually be going to my first pride parade this year so I’m super excited to meet more people and maybe make some more friends!

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5 aetin

Tin is the arrogant, demanding and stubborn CEO of a multi-billionaire empire that he has build from scratch while Ae is the new intern hired to stand in for Makt (his beloved secretary) who has to go for a 3-months maternity leave. Cue hilarious conflicts between them.

(“I know it’s not in my place to say this but … are you having one of your supervillian monologues in front of the mirror again?” A pause. “You know that’s why the whole office is calling you Mojojo Tin, right?”)


Imagine the first Halloween after Virgil was accepted, and the sides are having fun planning Halloween night for themselves- with lots of candy and food and games and a movie marathon and, of course, dressing up.

At the mention of costumes, Patton bounces up and down, clapping his hands together because “Oh, that’s my favorite part! There are so many things I want to be, how can I possibly narrow it down?”

And Logan rolls his eyes but smiles fondly, “Patton, you say that every year, and every year you wear your cat onsie because, and I quote, ‘there’s just nothing better than cats’.”

Patton giggles, and Roman strikes an extravagant pose, “Indeed, finding the perfect costume is the greatest quest of all! Clearly I must outdo you all, as I do every Halloween,” he smirks, “but more importantly I must outdo MYSELF! It may seem daring, but this year I will do even better than last year’s Aladdin costume!”

Virgil smiled, so excited already for the end of the month, and turned to Logan, “What are you gonna be?”

Before the logical side can answer, Roman rolls his eyes, “He always steals his costumes from The Office.”

Logan huffs, “Jim Halpert mastered having simple, clever costumes while still maintaining professional attire.”

As they all chuckle, Patton turns to Virgil excitedly, “Oh! I can help you pick out a costume if you want!”

But Virgil looks away shyly, “Actually, I already picked my costume for this year-”

“Oooooh I bet tall dark and dreary will have the scariest costume!” Roman grins, “Five bucks says Logan screams the loudest!”

“I beg your pardon??”

Patton interrupts, gasping in excitement, “You’re right! Oh, you probably have the best scary outfits! I’m so excited! And nervous. But mostly excited!!”

And dear sweet Virgil blinks at them for a moment before recovering quickly by giving them a sly smirk, “Yeah, gotta keep you guys on your toes, right?”

“So what are you going to be?” Logan asks.

“Well now I want to keep it a secret. Then I can really scare you on Halloween.”

And Roman groans and whines but eventually give up and they all go back to picking out games and movies.

So they continue planning stuff, and slowly decorate the mind palace over the month, and as time passes they start to notice Virgil pulling away, spending more and more time in his room, being quieter, snapping more easily, etc. And the others are concerned, but they don’t really know what to do about it.

Then Halloween arrives. And Patton is in the kitchen making pumpkin pancakes, dressed in his cat onsie with an apron over it. And Logan comes down wearing a white dress shirt with three black circles taped to one side and a long black tie, followed shortly by Roman, gliding down the stairs in a legit Belle ball gown, twirling to show off the rinestones and sparkles. Half an hour passes, and they start looking worriedly towards the stairs.

“Strange, Virgil is usually awake by now…” Logan starts.

“And it’s Halloween! We can’t start the festivities without him!” Roman chimes in with concern.

So Patton decides “I’ll go check on him,” as he throws his apron onto the counter and bounds up the stairs. When he knocks on Virgil’s door and calls out to him, he hears the anxious side reply, “Go away,” his voice soft and shaky, which does nothing to lessen Patton’s worry.

“Kiddo, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, just go away,” Virgil responds, sounding Not Okay at all.

“It’s Halloween! Don’t you want to come downstairs? I made pumpkin pancakes, and if you want we can eat on the couch and watch some of the movies on our list before we start the rest of the party!”

“I’m not coming.”

Patton’s face falls, “What do you mean? You were so excited before- did something happen?”

“No, I just….” Virgil sounds a bit choked up, “It’s dumb. I’m not going. I’m gonna ruin everything.”

“Virgil, I promise you wont,” Patton doesn’t get a response, “Can I come in, Kiddo?”

And Virgil takes a minute to answer but finally Patton hears a soft “okay” and so he pushes the door open to enter Anxiety’s room. And he’s startled because there are clothes scattered all over the floor and the bed, different monster masks scattered about, and some bottles of fake blood on the desk. It takes him a minute to find Virgil amidst the chaos, but eventually he notices him sitting sadly on the floor in the center of a pile of discarded fabric, eyes red as if he’d been crying.

So Patton immediately rushes over and pulls him into a hug and asks what’s wrong, what’s going on, what is all this about?

And Virgil breaks down and explains, “You all expect me to dress up as something scary, but I don’t want to! I spend all year being scary, and I’m so tired of it. Halloween is supposed to be the one day I get to be something else. But now you all expect me to be something scary and I really tried to put something together and come up with something scary but I don’t want to be scary anymore and now I don’t know what to do.”

And poor Patton is practically crying he just feels so bad. He is quick to pull Virgil into another hug, explaining that Virgil isn’t scary all year long- he’s barely scary at all! And even if they spoke carelessly before, it’s all for fun and of course he can be whatever he wants for Halloween!

“Before we all talked over you, you said you knew what you wanted to be.”

Virgil nods, but he looks shy, “You guys are gonna laugh at me.”


So after some gentle and also not-so-gentle encouragement, they both stand up and after one last moment of hesitation, Virgil snaps his fingers to change into his costume.

Patton squeals with delight at the sight of Virgil in a perfect replica of Lapis Lazuli’s dress, the purple in his hair changed to a dark blue. Virgil blushes as Patton raves at how perfect and beautiful it is, and makes him spin a couple times to see how the skirt twirls around him, and to see the drawn on gem on his back.

When they finally go downstairs, Patton is wearing Thomas’ Steven Universe shirt, with a pink gem drawn on his stomach and his arm linked with Virgil’s. Roman gasps at the sight of them.

“No one told me we had a theme this year!! Now I look ridiculous!!” And with a snap of his fingers the ball gown is replaced with Amethyst’s shirt and leggings, skipping over in white boots to admire Virgil’s costume. Sighing in defeat, Logan quickly shifts into Pearl’s dancer outfit, a decision he immediately regrets when Roman shouts “FORM OPAL” and pulls him into an overdramatic waltz. Virgil and Patton laugh, and Virgil gives Patton a piggyback ride as he “flies” around the living room. The rest of the day is filled with games and movies and far too many sweets, and at least one dramatic performance of the Crystal Gems’ theme song. And they all fall asleep on the couch together, surrounded by candy wrappers and still in their costumes. The next morning they all agree that they should do group costumes every year.

After all, it’s more fun as a family.


Whenever Virgil wants to hug one of the other sides, he says “yeet” and throws himself at them.

Virgil: *feeling anxious*

Roman: Are you all right, Virge? Can i hug you, my love?

Virgil: Yeet *throws himself into Romans arms*

Roman: *chuckles*


Patton: Heya kiddo, i made you some cookies!

Virgil: *tearing up* YEET *throws himself at patton*


Logan: Virgil, I heard about what happened and brough you some Crofters–

Virgil: YEET *Throws himself at a perplexed Logan*

Reveal Idea

Marinette finally gathers up the courage and confesses.

‘I’m sorry,’ Adrien tells her. 

She can’t say she’s surprised. Funny, she should be breaking into pieces right about now. She can’t face him properly (not that she could before), but there’s something about his voice that makes her look up. 

He looks as wrecked as she feels. And she remembers that this isn’t just about her and her feelings. Adrien has lost so much already. He’s lost his mom. In a way, he’s lost his dad too. He grasps people like a kid with toys he doesn’t want to share, as if that could prevent them from leaving him. She won’t leave him, she vows. She tells him as much.

Smile watery, but composed, it’s as eloquent as she’s ever been with him. ‘We’ll still be friends Adrien, don’t worry.’ She means it, but why doesn’t he look happy?

It’s a bit unfair she thinks. She’s the one who got rejected, so why does he look like the one who had his heart broken? 

But Marinette has been selfless for other people before. She can certainly be selfless for the boy she loves. 

Later, Chat Noir comes to visit her on her balcony. The same balcony he inadvertently confessed to loving her, or loving Ladybug at least. Ironic how that works. Her chaton has impeccable timing. How does he always know to appear when she needs saving?

At his lost look, she shatters.

The dam breaks open, the floodgates let loose, she grasps at him, hands scrambling trying to hold on to something or else she’ll drown. She just might with how hard she’s crying. It’s near painful, it feels like she’s coughing out her own soul.

She needs something solid to ground her. She needs her partner, the same boy she’d trust with her life, the person who can understand perfectly how she feels. She’d made sure of it. 

Chat Noir is without quips, without puns, only holds her tight and strong, as tightly and as desperately as she’s holding him that it would have hurt to breathe if everything hadn’t been hurting already. He’s silent, except for mutterings that are too low for her to hear. 

‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry…’

She meant it when she said that she and Adrien would still be friends. She would never give his friendship up. She tries to move on. Marinette owes it herself and to Adrien. Tries being the operative word. Whenever Adrien smiles shyly at her or casually brings an arm around her shoulder before hastily retracting it as if forgetting himself, Marinette’s breath catches and she has to start all over again. But she’s a tryer by nature. 

She would have thought in this scenario, she’d be more awkward, but it’s as if their positions have reversed. It’s Adrien who stumbles over his words now, trips on air, when around her. But she thinks their friendship will survive her disastrous confession. Now when Adrien smiles at her, she can smile back without having to think about it. Their hands had touched for a moment before he’d tangled their fingers, looking confused at having done so. She squeezed his briefly before letting go. It’ll be alright. They’ll be alright. Whatever this was might not be love, but this was good. 

Alya tells her that the best way to move on is to find someone new. She’s adamant that Marinette find someone who sees her for how special she was, and though something still lances up her chest whenever she looks at Adrien, she gives it serious consideration. With Adrien, her heart squeezes, and with someone else, her heart lightens.

Falling in love with Chat Noir was easy, easy as falling asleep, done in an instant that she scarcely knew when it happened. Or maybe she had always been in love with him. 

Time passes. Her heart has been bruised once, of course she’s scared, but she’s not one of Paris’ greatest heroes for nothing. She trusts Chat Noir with her life. Couldn’t she also trust him with her heart?

So, she tries again.

‘Chat Noir, do you love me?’

‘Always Milady.’

‘I think..’ she heaves in a big breath as if preparing to jump off a roof, ‘I think I might come to love you too.’

He looks stunned as if she hit him with his own baton. He clenches his fists so tight, she’d be worried he’d hurt himself with his own claws, and screws his eyes shut. He grits out, sounding broken and defeated,

‘I’m sorry.’

Whatever remains of her shattered heart breaks into a billion pieces. Will she ever be able to put it back together again?

She’s surprised. When she was Marinette, she had been resigned. She’d been expecting it, but she didn’t expect this. Had she been so cocky? Pinpricks of shame and sorrow grip her heart. She’s in such turmoil that she almost doesn’t hear Chat Noir, until he laughs. Hysterically.

It’s the kind of laugh that’s actually a sob, and when she looks up, Marinette sees tears streaming down her partner’s face, painting silver lines on his black mask. Her chaton’s sorrow cuts sharply into the fog of insecurity and self-doubt she’d been drowning in.

‘You shouldn’t Milady.’ He grips his blond hair tightly in both his hands. He looks almost half-mad. ‘I don’t deserve you. Either of you.’

Oh, there’s someone else, she thinks distantly.

He looks at her, pleading, begging for something through his eyes, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to, but I fell in love. I fell in love and she confessed to me but I couldn’t say yes like I wanted to. She doesn’t deserve one-half of a heart, and you don’t either.’ He looks down, stance tense, waiting for her divine judgment.

Marinette softens. Despite his self-flagellation, she knows her chaton is good and kind. Her friendship with Adrien weathered unrequited love, and her partnership with Chat Noir will too. But her heart still feels like lead. Trying for levity, to bring back their normalcy through banter, she asks jokingly, ‘So who’s the lucky girl?’ If her voice stutters and breaks, she hopes Chat Noir ignores it.

Of course he doesn’t, but he obliges, ‘I don’t know how lucky she is having been cursed with me, but she’s been lucky for me. You actually know her Ladybug,’ he pulls out something from his pocket, ‘I fell in love with the girl who gave me this charm. I fell in love with Marinette. The both of you have been the lucky charms that have kept me going all this time. Thank you.’ There, lying innocently in his hand, something pink and familiar. 

For another time once again, Marinette has her whole breath punched right of her. 


There are no adequate words to answer him. Hands trembling, whole body trembling, she draws the matching blue charm from out of her own pocket. Side by side, they look like yin-and-yang. He gasps.


She’s the one crying now. No, they both are. Laughing, and crying, and sobbing, they can’t reach each other fast enough, until they finally do, twin charms crushed between their bodies, between their hearts, no longer broken, but merged into one. 

hc that midoriya only says ‘katsuki’ when he’s in deep shit

the first time midoriya yelled katsuki and not kacchan the entire dorm just - stopped. kaminari hid behind kirishima and todoroki left bakugo’s side as midoriya came into the common room

it was the first time they had seen bakugo gulp and avert his eyes from anyone

now every time midoriya says katsuki everyone within a five mile radius hightails out of the vicinity as bakugo tries in vain to keep someone with him for moral support

*tapping incessantly at your window*

Listen. Listen. I understand wanting to stay true to the canon characterizations of the sides but I think we’re overlooking a great opportunity within AUs to make those characterizations something that developed as a result of their background as opposed to something inherent.

For example: I can’t stop thinking of a human au where little kid Logan is absolutely enamored with fairytales, and fantasy, and romance. He soaks up every story of true love, uses magic to explain anything and everything, looks at every challenge as a wicked beast to conquer. But as time goes on the magic is slowly snuffed out of his life.

His mom gets sick. And then she gets sicker, and sicker, and eventually no amount of desperate, tearful kisses from his father can make her wake up again.

He gets bullied at school, taunted because “fairytales are for girls”, told that all the things he wants to believe in aren’t real. He’s pushed to the ground and no one comes to help him up again.

He realizes he’s gay, and there are no fairytales for someone like him.

He finds himself in a relationship that is manipulative, and unhealthy, and abusive, and love doesn’t save him, love blinds him and keeps him trapped for far too long.

And so Logan turns to logic, because he’s tired of having his heart torn apart, and there is comfort in the things that can’t be taken away. He buries himself in math, and science, because those aren’t things you believe in, those are things you know, and Logan holds onto that like a shield. He donates all his story books and starts carrying textbooks.

By the time he gets to college you would never know he had ever been anything other that the stiff, hot headed nerd he is now. That’s certainly all Roman knows him as when they move into the dorms and become roommates. And more than that he’s an insufferable nerd, always correcting Roman on everything, practically every other word out of his mouth is “FALSEHOOD”, although he’ll begrudgingly admit to being impressed with how the boy can rattle off sources like a wikipedia article.

They butt heads a lot- Roman with his head in the clouds and Logan with his feet firmly on the ground and both with passionate souls. They spend the whole semester bickering and arguing until finals come around and they both find themselves run into the ground preparing for exams. It’s past midnight, both boys studying quietly, and Roman is two seconds away from banging his head on his desk so he decides a snack is in order. As he stands to leave he happens to look over Logan’s shoulder and sees a astronomy textbook open to a picture of a stellar nebula.

Roman points to the picture curiously, “What’s that?”

Logan is surprised, but too tired to really think about it, so he quietly explains, giving a condensed but still comprehensive outline of the places in the universe where stars are born.

Roman’s eyes are wide with wonder, “That’s magical.

Logan frowns, not in anger, just confusion, “It’s not magic. It’s science.”

But Roman only shrugs, “Why can’t it be both?”

And Logan doesn’t have a response to that.

So that becomes their relationship- Logan shows Roman all the wonders of their world, all the things so much stranger than fiction, and Roman shows Logan how to see the magic in all those things. They’re walking back to their dorm one night at the beginning of summer and as they pass through the quad they see dozens of fireflies floating gently above the grass.

Roman gasps and starts slapping Logan’s arm, “Lo! Lo! Look!!”

And Logan nods, stopping to appreciate the sight, “They’re called lampyridea.”

Fairies.” Roman whispers. And before Logan can correct him, or make any sort of comment, Roman dashes into the field, twirling and giggling amongst the glowing insects. And when Roman cups his hands around one of the tiny lights and gazes at it in absolute wonder, smiling wide and too distracted by the one in his hands to notice the two that landed in his hair, Logan believes in magic again, if only for a moment.

He believes in it again the first time Roman kisses him, even as his head screams at him not too. He wants to run away, but he doesn’t want to either, so he compromises by telling Roman everything. Swallowing back the shame, he admits that love feels more like a horror story than a fairytale, and how hard it is to believe in a happy ending, and how scared he is of being trapped again because God he loves Roman and it’s terrifying.

And Roman holds him close and says, “Let’s write our own story.”

And they do, and it’s better than either of them could imagine because it’s not a fairytale. Their story doesn’t end after falling into each other’s arms, they get to wake up in the morning and do it again. Their love is more than grand gestures and adventures and flowery poetry, it’s sitting quietly together because that’s all they need to feel loved. It’s bickering playfully, arguing and butting heads, actually truly fighting with slamming doors and everything but coming back and working through it because their love is stronger than their anger.

So they both grow up believing in science, and magic, and each other.